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Survival plan/supplies

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Okay /k/ so we all know the world will go to shit, whats the scenario and how are you prepared for it?
>whats your bug-out bags and locations? >weapons? ammo? survival stockpiles?
>plans for the re-population of the world with the strongest humans only?
>your dreams of a fortified compound to survive the dissipation of society?

this a queer-gear and weapons thread, and innawoods thread and a bug-out thread combined!
rowing facility east of me for access to fish, deer, and boat launches to travel
kill naggers, utilitarian society, if you don't work, you don't eat. Capitalism for everyone, make america great again
>fortified compound
capture the local school
>bug out bag
I bought one from my local prepper store and added shit that suited my own needs. As for a weapon. I have my trusty SKS with plenty of ammo. I also have a bow and arrows because I'm a fag.
An abandoned campsite along the ohio river. with a small row boat, If needed.
>Re population
If need be, I'll start a rag tag militia and kill anyone who wont join me.

... profit?
you would capture the local school and fortify it?
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R8 me

Bugout bag gear:
>wool clothes/camo/thermal
>various mini tools
>small crowbar
>firestarter magnesium + lighters + fluid
>mosin tools and gun oil
>hunting knife with window smasher
>pocket gerber knife

Guns and ammo
>mosin (plan to upgrade to russian sks one I can find one)
>50 stripper clipped rounds 7.62x54
>cz 75
>100 rounds 9mm

Planning on getting baofeng radios soon
What else should I get, /k/?

I don't really have a plan in place yet...
I'll probably just go to my survivalist friend's house in the suburbs wing it from there.
I would get some iodine tablets/drops ad some more food. Also you should get a knife sharpener if you don't already have one. I assume you have good boots and hats/face masks for looting ans such. I would also possibly have some kind of tear gas or anti-personel gas and have a gas mask.
Good advice, thanks
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Putting some beans and salt in there rn.
Gonna have to scrounge up my gas mask, I think my dad may have it...
Where can I buy tear gas?
Will pic related work to make some smoke nades?
Forgot to say I also have fishing line, hooks, and sewing stuff
Fuck, I need a compass too.

Good thread, op. You're helping me realize how fucking unprepared I am
I'm not bugging out, I'm digging in.
Never hurts to have a bugout bag just in case you get overrun.
i park muh dik in ur mom pussy and wait it out senpaidesu
If I get overrun, I'm dead.
>No fish hooks.
>No stakes for making a tent or hammock.

You'd die a week in.
Shit, didn't read your other post. Sorry friend.
yeah I bet those work, but if your going for the poison ones I would make sure that gas mask works. I kind of meant tear gas in a more laymans term for more of just a irritant gas that would deter invaders and niggers
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you think dragging along stakes for a hammock is really a necessity?
seems a little ridiculous when there's sticks and stumps everywhere.
Stakes ensure sure that you don't lose your stuff if it starts getting really windy. O would rather now my tarp is secure rather than worrying about it flying off. They don't take long to set up, and a couple of extra sharp things never hurt anyone.

[spoiler]Good taste in rifle tho to be honest family man.[/spoiler]
oh im retarded. i thought you were talking about more of a spear-type thing to lean a tarp on....
you meant camping stakes. duly noted. good idea
Nix the dumb match fuse and wasabi
b-b-but the wasabi serves a second purpose when i need to spice up all the fish i'll be catching.
baka shinji
Ooh, that reminds me. Bring seasonings in a bug out bag. After a week of bland leaves, roots, oatmeal, and rice (I bring dry food camping a lot) a piece of seasoned fish is heaven
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>bug out bag consists of 3 days worth of meals with rationing, 3 exceptional knives, one survival, one combat, and one pocket folder with window breaker. Also has mess kit, water purification tablets, fishing gear, 2 cantines, extra set of innawoods clothing, tent, and sleeping bag, and medical kit/extra supplies. One bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue and $500 cash for bartering if need be, plus 200 rounds of 10mm ammo for my Glock 20 and 200 rounds of ammo for my Scar 17s.
>weapons are the 3 knives in my B.O.B. plus the aforementioned Scar 17s and Glock 20.
>ammo is what I have in my B.O.B. plus what I carry in 6 15 round mags for my Glock and 10 20 round mags for my Scar.
>no survival stockpiles yet other than a shit ton of guns and ammo in my gun safes, but I wouldn't be able to take all of that with me realistically so my first choice is bugging in because I have a decent food and water stockpile as well.
>no plans for earth repopulation because I'm not a Mormon nor someone who believes that the earth/society will ever be that level of fucked.
>dream compound would be the military surplus store about 30 minutes from my place heavily fortified and guarded by myself and my team of fellow /k/ommandos.
So what do you guys thin/k/ am I well prepared.
>Forgot to mention magnesium fire starter and a zippo lighter. Plus in addition to 20 or so water proof matches and a compass in the hilt of my survival knife.
sounds like you based you load-out for situation of intense street fighting with long extend gun battles, is there a reason for that? or is it more of power in firepower in a world that has no laws?
A decent backpack would be a good start.
My Scar is in .308 so it can drop pretty much any game that I could hunt for food, and 10mm can drop game too, so the extra ammo is for hunting if need be, plus it never hurts to have the ammo for a SHTF gun battle situation if need be no matter how unlikely the possibility. Plus like I said my B.O.B. is absolute last resort if bugging in failed.
>10x 20rd 17s mags
>gun battle situation
>not hiding and getting away as quickly as you can
schools in my area are already fortified to shit
all you need is to break one entrance and hold it
most other entrances/exits can be barricaded or take an angle grinder to get into
>>mosin (plan to upgrade to russian sks one I can find one)

Snowflake ammo. bye bye bud.
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my bag is more of an INCH bag


fire piston fire starter x2
300 yards 20# test fishing line x1
pack of 250 assorted hooks x1
small fishing kit in box with bobbers x1
barometer, compass, thermometer x1
pocket chainsaw x1
fast knife sharpener x2
stone sharpener x1
sawyer water filter x2
purification tabs x30
waterproof documents on wild edibles, traps, medical needs and so on x 15
tree saw x1
hatchet x1
5 foot snare wire x3
spring trap x4
bottle of petrol cotton balls x 1
50 feet paracord x2
spare outdoor clothes x2
fishing net x1
10 by 12 tarp x1
2 person camo tent x1
hammock with mosquito net x1
stand alone mosquito net x1
water bladder x1
12 inch knife x 2
machete x1
ruger 10/22 x1
.22lr ammo x1500
9mm handgun x1
9mm ammo x350
3 day ration packs x7
military canteen x1
emergency blanket x2
all weather ponchos x2
nylon cordage 50 feet x1
sleeping bag x1
backpack shovel x1
local and regional map x2
ball compass x1
ferro rod with small mora knife x1
camping kit (2 pots, 1 scrubber, one utensil) x1
small gas burner x1
quick clot x10
one time use skin staple gun x2
one liter iodine x1
hemostats x2
hydrocodone medicine bottle x1
anti diarrhea med pack 20 tabs x2
epi pen x2
ibuprofen 50 tab pack x2
tylenol 30 tab pack x2
adderall med bottle x1
large gauze pads x15
bandage pack x3
liquid bandaid x2
cyclobenzaprine med bottle x1
benadryl 30 pill bottle x2
small 2 shot bottle grain alcohol x2
breath mask non radio x1
wool blanket x1
handkerchief x3
pocket guide to everything x1
magnifying glass plyable x1
goal zero solar panel x1
portable battery for solar x1
gps device x1
usb fan (for that comfort) x1
NOAA/FM/AM radio/flashlight x2
Beofeng uv5 radio x1
solar powered flashlight x2
crank flashlight x1
$200 cash x1
sewing kit x1
flex seal x1
patch kit x1
small scissors x1
emergency dental kit x1
solar wrist watch x1
shemagh x1
ammo belt x1
full container of salt x1
full container of sugar x1
boullian cubes x20
flavored vitamin c packs x10
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Im thinking about making some food caches and shit. I have a good bug out location as long as it isnt bombed off the map when the time comes.

any other thoughts on the bag?
>no bogroll
I've been meaning to get around to making my BoB, and am just now doing so. I've been looking at either the 5.11 Rush 72 or some kind of Belgian 120 liter pack. Are there any better choices out there?

I want to know what bag you are using to keep all this shit in and how heavy it is.
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>mosin (plan to upgrade to russian sks one I can find one)
>Snowflake ammo. bye bye bud.

He just have to kill someone or trade something for an AR and he will be set..
i have a vans back pack for school and its lasted 3 years, none of the stitching or zippers are fucked up so there ok.
>one forty-five caliber automatic;
>two boxes of ammunition;
>four days' concentrated emergency rations; >one drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills;
>one miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible;
>one hundred dollars in rubles; one hundred dollars in gold; nine packs of chewing gum; one issue of prophylactics; three lipsticks; three pair of nylon stockings.
No real but out options though have two individual bags for me and Mrs. Have two closets dedicated to peeps and deep stores. Our bottleneck now is mainly water. We have roughly 4.5 to 5 months of food to perhaps one month of water. Just picked up two cases of water bottles. Should stretch it out some. Also have life straws, a portable AC filter and water bob
Preparedness is dictated by situation
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>no one has PT belt in their packing list

All of you fuckers are not safe. You'll are going to die because of no PT Belt
>be gunless loser
>be surrounded by college liberals and niggers

It's simple really. Should I find myself in the most likely scenario for societal collapse in my area (ethnic cleansing). I'll arm myself with whatever stabby or bashy things available, paint up, and start swinging until I'm inevitably caught and lynched. You all can live in whatever kind of nightmare you like, I'm taking the Bifrost express
>whats your bug-out bags and locations?

Georgia. B.O.B consists of nugget food, cleaning kit bare essentials, 3 days of food and water, .22lr ammo, 2nd pair of clothes, radiation pills, fleece + tarp cover, and foliage cover for innawoods camo.

>weapons? ammo? survival stockpiles?

Nagant M39, BAR-22lr (tubefed), 3 days of food, water, and 100 bullets of 54r and 300 of .22lr.

>plans for the re-population of the world with the strongest humans only?


>your dreams of a fortified compound to survive the dissipation of society?

Local schools. Only time I will ever say thank god for black schools and their security.
Army Chain of Command pls go
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