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>be poor collegefag >be gunless loser >check surrounding

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>be poor collegefag
>be gunless loser
>check surrounding shops
>no reliable handguns or shotguns for under $400 in stock
>wait to be lynched by liberal mob or bottled in your sleep by the local welfare slave population

I guess what I'm trying to ask is, does anyone on /k/ know of a good how-to on constructing your own rifle? I don't need anything fancy, but I can either build something in a few weeks or save money for a few months (assuming I'm not gypped out of my savings by game day towing) to get a gun right about the time all of our criminals go into hibernation for the deep winter.
>no reliable handguns for under $400

Order a Bersa Thunder .380
If there's nothing local, order online and ship to local FFL.

>no reliable
Look harder.
They don't have Hi Points?

You need industrial machinery to make a make-shift gun that works well, if you have access to that download Ragnar Benson books.
Order online.

Canik TP9, EAA Witness, Ruger SR9.

Why can't you save up another $50 or $100 and get a M&P, Glock, etc?
1. There are reliable weapons for under $400.
2. Even if there wasnt, (which there is) I suppose an unreliable weapon is better than no weapon at all.
What the fuck? Why wouldn't you get the most reliable shotgun on the planet - the Remington 870 for $300?
>Non-shit guns under $400
Zastava M80
Police trade-in/used Glock 19/17/21 (Get 9mm)
Bersa Thunder
Ruger SR9
S&W M&P 9
There are tons of preowned M&P 40s in various sizes for right at $400. 9mm might be a little more but if you're that desperate for a common service caliber handgun and you can't cough up another $50 to $100 then harden up and get a .40
Because he could get a new maverick 88 for even less and not have to gamble getting a lemon
Oh god
Get a mossberg 500 or a remmington 870 dumbass
Tons of shotguns for less than $400
Sig p250s are like $350 now.
Save your money dude

>lynched by liberal mob
>local welfare slave population

Fucking paranoid shit head. Even in a Ferguson/Baltimore situation, you would have to go out on the street and start some shit with the niggers to get them pissed off.
And you think fucking college girls are going to hang you? The fuck is a liberal lyncing?
Honestly this
Hijacking OP thread to ask a dumb question.
Earlier today a bird shat on my head while I was walking my dog around, but I don't want to kill it because it's a pretty petty thing, I do want to punish it though.

What is the most reliable tool I can use to get the bird down from its tree(it's roughly 5-6 meters from the ground) without killing it?
I want to piss on it after taking it down.
This guys gets it.

The most they might do is stop you from going to class with their slacktivist protest bullshit.

Tinfoilers like you are why the gun community has and will always suck.
He could also spend $350 and get a fucking Nova, the Cadillac of pump shotguns.
For extreme poorfag status you can build a nice single shot shotgun for about $50. I mean a normal shotgun, not a four winds shotgun. But if you are the poorest if poorfags, you can build that too. Hi Point pistols are about $100.
I dont doubt its mechanical superiority but that grooved plastic stock and toblerone-tier forend both feel like shit
This is the funniest thing I've read in recent times. Best of luck punishing that bad little bird anon, you glorious bastard.
Take a long pole and some eye bolts, and put the eye bolts in spaced about 3 feet (1 meter) apart. Run a thin rope or cord through the bolts, and tie a noose on the far end. Leave some lead out of the bottom.

Then, carefully place the noose over its neck while its roosting, then yank on the cord. If you release it quickly enough then you won't kill it. Probably.

Thanks anon.

That sounds like a good plan, but the little bastard now knows me and flies away as soon as I get close to him, I'll have to wear a mask because it's a Hooded Crow, so it's intelligent as fuck(they break pinecons to get their fruits by flying high and letting them fall on rocks).
I was thinking about an airsoft gun but the BB pellet might kill it.

I do recognize the bird from a pattern in its feathers though, so that shouldn't be a problem.
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Get an SKS you fucking faggot.

File: 1445284600945.jpg (4MB, 3900x5008px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>dat fucking mosin nagant column
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>paying $440 for an sks
>not saving $100 more and buying an ar like the mp sport

I know its /k and half the people here are clinically retarded, but even a retard knows not to do this. Fuck your meme guns kiddo
slingshot and chewed chewing gum rolled into a ball.
>>no reliable handguns or shotguns for under $400 in stock

I bought a shotgun from Big 5 for $199.

They have them on sale multiple times every year.


>Less than $400.

There you go, OP


Smith & Wesson Model S&W SD9 VE 9mm 4" Barrel w/ Two Tone Finish 223900


Is this a troll thread or is OP seriously a moron who can't find a weapon for under $400?

I found 2 for him in a matter of a few minutes.
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Op did you even try, i can go to any gander mountain/Gun store and easily find something like a Mosin/sks for under $400. Not to mention trade centers

>tfw I thought I got ripped off for paying $225 for a yugo at a pawn shop in 2011.
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Ok OP first of all this: >>27782765
Second of all if you already have $400 then save a bit more and get something really good that you actually want if that list doesn't serve your well.
Thread posts: 33
Thread images: 8

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