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6.5 x 55 vs 6.5 Creedmoor

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For long range applications say 1000 yards.
With equal rifles which out performs the other and why?
Creedmoor. Higher pressure max, higher velocity for same weight projectile, more efficient, true short action. Swede is pseudo-long action, kind of sits at a point between long and short action. A lot of people get autistic about having short, stiff actions, but it doesn't make that much of a difference for accuracy, depending on how the bolt locks up. But, still, it is a factor that the Creedmoor beats Swede at.

Swede is basically just better for cheaper factory ammo.
6.5x55 has quite a bit more potential if you load your own.
Assuming home loading for both
If you live in Northern Yurop

Get a 6.5 Swede

If US, 6.5CM or .260 Rem

They all do about the same thing, but in the US there aren't many good factory loads nor brass for reloading.
6.5 Creedmmor is already loaded to pretty much its full potential in factory ammo. 6.5x55 factory ammo is often (and in the US exclusively) loaded weak for liability reasons. with a modern action 6.5x55 can take the same pressure as 6.5 Creedmoor with greater volume. this high-pressure spec is sometimes called 6.5x55 SKAN and has its own reloading data.
I live in the UK
6.5 x 55 123gr projectile i have seen loaded to 3000 fps almost exactly same as factory 6.5 CM so do you think thats the max the CM will do or can you get more from homeloading?
Does anyone have any velocities and bullet weights homeloaded for either at max load?
don't bother with 123 gr. 139 gr is where you'll see the difference. 2900 fps is perfectly doable. 3000 if you go improved.
Looking at 6.5 swede loads they only seem to get as good as 3000 fps with a 120gr bullet. Once you factor in the fact you can use a shorter action with 6.5 CM and you use less powder while loading it, you've got a better round overall
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I'm thinking about a heavy barreled Tikka T3 Varmint in 6.5x55 with a few little mods and some (probably Vortex) reasonable glass for mid-to longish range precision rifle on the cheap. I won't go beyond 1000m I don't think.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I frequently am, but looking at some basic stats with well though out loads around max pressure the 6.5x55 should deliver as good or better velocity with potential for lower pressures. But the difference are small and I'm not an advanced loaded or long range shooter, go with which ever you like more and keep in mind there are better long range rounds than either.
Exactly why I began this thread choosing between Tikka t3 Super Varmint in 6.5 x 55 or Ruger Precision rifle in 6.5 CM
I've had a Tikka 595 in .308 before and it was a rock solid, extremely well made rifle; never would have sold it if it wasn't left handed. So I have high hopes for the T3.

I live in the UK too. If you're reloading it won't matter as much but I don't think I've seen 6.5 Creedmore here, whereas everywhere has 6.5x55 for sale.
Yeah im really keen on the ruger for its better performance and better looks and similar price, Only thing holding me back is no supply of brass so have to buy hornady factory or make it from another calibre.
I doubt there is much in it performance wise that's not related to the difference between the two different rounds.
If you're a shooter with the skill to handload and test for maximum accuracy in both cartridges, max out the accuracy potential of both cartridges, and objectively determine which cartridge is absolutely more accurate than the other, then you're using a rifle more expensive than all my cars combined and are a better shooter than anybody on this board.

If you're a hobby shooter or an amateur competition shooter, pick the one you'd rather reload for and spend your time and money building a load that's accurate in your rifle. You're not good enough to outshoot or be limited by the mechanical accuracy of a high quality budget rifle and good ammo.

For me, I went with .260 Remington because I also plan on building an ar10 upper in .260, which uses all standard parts except the barrel itself.
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