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No spooky innawoods thread? Spooky Innawoods thread. NOPED the

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No spooky innawoods thread? Spooky Innawoods thread.

NOPED the fuck outta the woods once late at night when a screetching thing was following me parallel on the other side of a river.
Here's one.
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Fuck that shit.
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One time I was in SoCal, was shooting in the deserts and heard a huge boom in the distance, went up the hill and didn't see a soul.
i missed out on a few good ones in last weeks thread so bump!
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bumping for spoopy
Any with people living on the edge of a forest? Those always give me the creeps
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Recent one from /x/
fuck that. fuck everything about that.
Any about female skinwalkers?

I was hoping someone would ask that
any actual spooky ones that are maybe or definitely female? Not scorned future serial killer skinwalkers?

Nope, that's all I got in that regard. Nothing else I have definitively points to female
post more innawoods stories.
This dude was prob just wasted or it was really dark and he now missed out on more sex with a normal human female because he's a vagina.
bibity bump
scurry stories pl0x
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Heres another: Skinwalker
Thread is still live, I'm gonna read through it


>Hope I linked that right
Sonic boom most likely
Ok I've never shared this story with anyone outside of my immediate family and gf of 2 1/2 years.
I was born and raised here in St. Petersburg FL which is a beach town entwined with Tampa. I've been around in the mangroves and swamps since I can remember so I'm used to the noises of living on the bayou.

Well this took place when I was 14 which was 10 years ago, living on the 3rd story of my dads' town home that was the last building for 1 mile out to the ocean and highway. Nothing but mangroves for a mile straight in 3 directions of brackish swamp.

It was around 2-3am, I played WoW about 10 hours a day back then and this was summer break. I was sitting around working on tradeskills when I heard an ungodly noise from the mangroves.
The closest thing I can compare it to was the hacking throat clearing noise that Gollum makes in LoTR but it quickly turned into a few short roars. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I grabbed my sword I bought at the flea market because I was fucking 14 and I didn't think anyone would believe what I heard.

This is when I shit myself. I hear a THUD on the roof that could only be a person at least 100lbs jump on the roof.
I'm on the 3rd story here, it's a flood zone so the buildings are raised quite high and there's no ladders, roof access, or fire escapes to climb. Whatever it was had to either fly, jump 3 stories, or climb 35ft straight up.

I'm shitting myself even more now, holding my sword like it'll save my life somehow. I hear this thing walk across my roof, one single deliberate step after another.
Thump.. thump.. thump.. thump... CRASH
I heard it jump back down into the mangroves and run off. I still keep a gun close by at night because of that thing...

P.s. I told my dad after about 5 months. He laughed at me.
A month later he was on the patio at 5am and heard the same awful scream. He still asks me sometimes if I can think of what it might have been.

I don't live there anymore to say the least...
skunk ape.

Someone's escaped pet howler monkey... well is what I think it may have been.
Bumping with new stuff from recent threads.
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this one is from X, capped it earlier.
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Dire Badgers.png
335KB, 1891x2630px

Shit, sorry bro, got tired and fell asleep. Will contriboot whatever else I got
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Dire Badgers Pt. 2.png
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KGB Warbeast.png
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Devilman Inna CO.png
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Black Dog At Door.png
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Black Dog.png
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Back Into The Woods.png
843KB, 1273x3566px

This is the last of it I'm afraid. Still building the folder, but hopefully some of this is new to somebody.
Got sum OC

>be 14 year old me
>be camping inna rockies
>it's 12:00 at night
>need to piss
>grab dad's shotgun
>heard there were bears where we were camping
>facing dark forest, one hand on shotgun
>start pissing when I see a figure about 30 yards or so
>thought it was a bear standing up right
>turn on flash light and point at creature
>oh holy fuck
>no hair, no neck, stumps for arms and legs, no nose, really thick body, small beady eyes, and the teeth
>holy fuck the teeth
>shoot center mass
>holy fuck the shriek the creature made was unholy
>crawls at mach 5 towards the forest
>dad somehow doesn't wake up
>go back to bed
>wake up and examine the ground the creature stood on
>all of the grass is dead
>never go back to that campground
So call me new or stupid, but what is the whole covering the bullets/sticks in ash?
Gives it a spiritual quality or something, so that it can kill demons and such. Kind of like using mercury, Holy water, or blessed ammo.
Ah. Thanks for not being a dick or anything about me not knowing. Good to know as well, I have a story I'm typing up as we speak.
>Be innawoods
>Find skinwalker
>Tell him "Plz, no."
>He all like "Uh, ooga booga, I'm a skeleton."
>And I was still all like "Plz, no."
>And it goes and kills my friend, and comes up to me wearing my friends skin.
>"Friend is kill, do not worry about it."
Then I threw white ash onto them and got out of there. I scared now, this happen 5 minute ago.
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Don't Look.png
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God fucking damnit now i'm 2spooped and have my 870 on my back and my 1911 in my hand just to go to the bathroom
bump. I want more spoopy stories
Any stories about aliums?
Hey. fun fact thats the first spoopy story i read on 4chan when I discovered these threads.
>as though the sky itself was angry at our trespassing

I fucking love Eastern Europe
I just went to the bathroom with my glock in my hand. Came out and my roommate was in the hallway, just getting home. He asked me what I was doing and I just turned and ran back to my room. I swear he probably thinks I'm a fucking psycho. Doesn't help that I get rambling drunk every night.
damnit, this is a spooky thread, not laugh thread.

my belly hurts from all that vomiting yesterday...
Damn Soviets.
that was pretty good
Sorry. Here have a different jeepman story.
3spoopy5 me, anon
This thread. To think I'd spend whole days in western Montana woods alone as a kid. Not armed to boot.
We should get a /k/ommando raid going against the skinwalkers. Party of 5 ploz, go seek this shit out.
At least three teams of 4 guys each with reliable comms, FLIR, NVG's, and top-of-the-line battle rifles.

My priority is the dire badgers first. I can make a bitchin' coat out of one of those
In dense woods, x39, .300blk, 6.5 Grendel would be better choices. 6.5 Grendel being the best (and sadly most expensive) of them all. More ammo=more dead skinwalkers
Take flareguns and flares for them. Burning them puts them down faster than tearing their flesh, in folklore.
huh...reminds me of the place I used to live. I've got a story or two about it, anyone interested?
Go ahead anon, we're listening.
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Ok, sorry about 4evawait, had to feed the critters and make breakfast.

>Be living in Ozarks, St. Francois area
>Have gran'dad that lives a few miles outside Knob Lick
>Parents liked to to take me and sister out to his place 'bout once every few weeks to have supper and visit. Grandma died when we were little kids (me and Sis were 17 and 18 round this time, I'm 26 now), and I'm positive he enjoyed the company
>He always had sp00py stories to tell us, all of which were mundane enough to be true, but weird enough to frighten the shit out of us

I guess I'll just lay some of the ones I remember down right now and finish off with "the big one"

A few of these actually involve me and my sister at young ages. Things we'd see and dreams we'd have. I barely remember actually /doing/ this shit, but Gran'dad had a memory like an SSD.
>Be me, 3 or 4
>Walking with granddad and feeding chickens
>It's around six in the morning, early spring, mist and shit everywhere
>I tug his sleeve and say "gran'daddy, that rooster over there is scaring me."
>He asks "what rooster?"
>I point to one of the fence poles and say "The black one with the green tail and red eyes on top of the fence over there"
>he looks
>fence pole's got nothing on it
>turns out he used to own a black auracana rooster with a green tail. It was super protective of the hens and died when a 'coon bit its head in half

"The Old Man and His Buckets"
This one's similar to the last, features my sister
>Me, Gran'dad and Sis are walking around on the farm
>Sister points up to one of the nearby mountains and says "do you think the old man needs help?"
>Talks about a dream she had about an old hunch-backed man walking around on the mountain with buckets in each hand
>Gran'dad asks what was in the buckets, she replies "carrots."
>Turns out Gran'dad used to know a guy that lived up on that mountain
>He had scoliosis or something, nice guy apparently, but liked to keep to himself
>He had a farm up on that mountainside
>Guess what he fucking grew. Carrots.
proceed, ghost cock
Here one for you. Pardon English, is not original language for me.

>do not know age
>friends of mine make fun of me for wearing outdated things
>in woods alone
>walking down trail, thinking of new things to wear
>come across clearing that is usually open and calm
>see buildings made of cloth and strange metal animals in clearing
>this not normal to see
>lots of loud noises and yelling come from opposite side of clearing
>animals that I sometimes see in woods come into clearing
>large one with fuzziness around eyes and mouth sees me
>alerts other animals to my presence
>I run back into woods
>later that night when dark I return to clearing
>cloth buildings and metal animals still there
>other animals remain as well
>animal with fuzziness from earlier leaves group and walks to edge of clearing
>I see opportunity to approach and investigate
>fuzzy beast swings stick at me and hits me in the arm
>pain is very bad
>fuzzy beast coated stick in ash
>other beasts hear me yell
>fuzzy beast says to "dip boolets in ash"
>I run off before trouble starts
>mfw fuzzy beast would have made my friends jealous
>mfw no new thing to wear for me
>mfw scary beasts in cloth buildings try to end me for trying to find new things to wear
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morning bump before work.
Like >>24009273 said. It was probably flight testing or training from Edwards AFB.
more koffee pls
especially ones with yotsuba B
got a story, more Mother Nature than monster.
>be in NorCal
>work weird hours at my job, so I had Wednesday-Friday off.
>bro also had week off
>decide to go offroad camping
>load shit up, head off to this SVRA about 30 miles south of us.
>give cats food before I leave, they won't eat.
>freaking as we're driving out as we are headed for these massive storm clouds, supposed to be 4 straight days of rain
>get to campsite 2 hours before night
>Storm breaks, kinda cloudy but cold and nice
>decide to go slipping around in the mud, get dinner ready
>crash early
>it's quiet
>too quiet
>jump at every noise because there are no insects, no birds, no animals. Didn't see any deer, nothing
>know mountain lions chill in these hills
>eventually fade off to sleep, get woken up by buddy shaking me.
>"dude, wake up, wake the fuck up"
>suddenly entire world is shaking
>fucking earthquake
>shaking stops, entire earth comes alive, birds chirping, grasshoppers going nuts
>5 minutes later, stronger shaking that lasts a good 20 seconds
>stay up rest of the night freaked out.
These spooky threads have been on point the past week or so
All work of fiction, unfortunately. Would love to shoot some paranormal shit.
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Seriously nobody even gave a shit about this? Welp guess I'll never tell it again. So much for actual habbenings...
I've heard howler monkeys at the zoo, nothing like that, not even like it was from a primate. Also weighed at least 100lbs on the roof to make those loud of foot steps
Why did an earthquake freak you out?
Why did your idiot friend wake you up?
What the fuck?
>Seriously nobody even gave a shit about this? Welp guess I'll never tell it again.
Go slit your wrists and call your mom if you want attention. This place is for grownups.
>Playing WOW
>compares sound to LOTR character
Holy shit I've never laughed so hard. Have you ever even touched a girl?
69spooky420me. Seriously spooky.
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Kek I'm just surprised nobody had any explanation
A lot changes in 10 years brah, pic is my fiance
but I do all my caps in Tomorrow theme.
post more tomorrow caps then. Faggot.
I'll post stuff as I post stuff.

As I recall, the last time this one got posted some anon got all bent out of shape and was all "but that place isn't even close to the everglades" then claimed the everglades were a string of islands off the coast of Florida.
Duh, everyone knows that the everglades is another name for the keys :^)
I have never wanted to slap someone with a geography book as badly as I wanted to with that anon. I mean for fucks sake he claimed to live there.

Fresh content, right out of the /x/ven.....yeah that really doesn't work as well as it sounded in my head.
>happy memories
I thought that was happy merchants at first, dammit, /pol/.
holy shit. did the OP ever post anything else on the location?

Not sure.
most of that was fine to read, but the fucking picture at the end holy fucking shit
The Wendigo was gaunt to the point of emaciation, its desiccated skin pulled tautly over its bones. With its bones pushing out against its skin, its complexion the ash gray of death, and its eyes pushed back deep into their sockets, the Wendigo looked like a gaunt skeleton recently disinterred from the grave. What lips it had were tattered and bloody [....] Unclean and suffering from suppurations of the flesh, the Wendigo gave off a strange and eerie odor of decay and decomposition, of death and corruption.

Bullets in white ash, fuckers
That was probably a fisher cat or a red fox you fucking faggot.

File: elder_brother.jpg (235KB, 1314x650px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
235KB, 1314x650px
It's been a few weeks since I've posted the various philosophy posts I've collected, so gonna post those now.
This the most interesting thing I've read on /k/

have you not read an Oppenheimer thread?
this was believable, but If the OP wasn't arrested as a possible murder suspect due to the way his story sounds, then it's fake
File: More_philosophy.png (73KB, 1020x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 1020x768px
and one last bit of philosophy.
Wish I had the sequel to the one about Joshua Tree bro. Someone else ended up telling a story about his superior or some shit going off missing after going crazy about the boogeyman in the desert and then anons linked them together.

Oh fuck, this is one of the worst one I've ever read. Awesome.

Are you sure about that?

Also the one in the glades is one I'm investigating. Waiting on a lead I got with a park service employee who's been around since the cubans had missiles pointed north to pan out. Should know by Monday if there's any grain of truth to it.
This sounds vaguely familiar. Was that the one about the Marines? Like some Sergeant went missing in the desert near 29 palms and a week later a Gunny was posting asking about spooky shit that could be innadesert and someone posted some screen caps from the Sergeant's thread about how he was gonna go innadesert looking for something

Then the Gunny freaks out and was like, "fuck, that's my Marine, I'm gonna fuck up whatever got him."
I remember that, I do not know if I saved it.

If I did, it's not one I screencapped and it's probably un-categorized.

sounds about right.
I think I found it.
Alright, I think this is the one before the Sergeant goes missing. iirc the Gunny mentioned this story to the Sergeant, and the then Sergeant when out innadesert looking for it and posted saying what he was planning to do. And of course he never came back. That's when the Gunny came back on about a week later.

Here's my all time fave.....Goatman.

Most of you have probably read it of course; but if you haven't have fun.
You got it backwards. The gunny was first, and ran in to something fucky. The PFC/Private got worried when his gunny had bruises and injuries after his trip. The gunny told him to NEVER go out there or he would kick his ass and have him NJP'd (military punishment). Don't remember if the gunny went missing but I have the first one.
beat me too it
not the one I was thinking of.

that's the thread I was thinking of.

That one's good, but this one is one of my favorites.

I had one that irritated me. It was set on the Cherokee reservation in NC which is up in the mountains above where I live and half way through the damned thing dude starts talking about running from gators in the swamps.
This one is classic. Top quality.

Is that how it went? But the guy went out anyway and ended up going missing right? Then the Gunny came back here asking for more information to go out looking for his Marine and whatever got him. I remembering being in the thread when the Gunny came back all freaked out but it was so long ago I don't recall the specifics other than him freaking out when someone connected the two stories.

hadn't read this one before. It's good but this one is one of my favs.
Wasn't there also something about a connection to the dead marine wife too? Or am I mixing up stuff again.
I really need to convert this one into a .png
Like I said, I'm not too sure what happened after that. The gunny may have come back, and the younger Marine may have went missing, I'm not sure. The only thing I know, the screencap of the younger Marine's story looks like it's from a mobile 4chan app, and I can't find it.
File: if it bleeds.jpg (53KB, 576x241px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
if it bleeds.jpg
53KB, 576x241px

Iced tea says she saw the thread where someone posted a google maps screen shot and the cabin and surrounding area were visibly accurate to first OP's story.

If someone can get me those GPS coordinates I'll host a NuggetFest out there so we can look around for ourselves.

>Wasn't there also something about a connection to the dead marine wife too?

I can't remember anymore, wish I'd capped the whole thread.
It does look strange at first glance, but there is nothing pointing to anything other than jealousy from another person. The strange thing about it is the cause of death hasn't been released, and she was found at the bottom of a mine shaft, 100 ft down.

It wouldn't have been in that thread, it was years apart.
>being the guy in the suit
>praying to god you don't trip
I was going to post this one next. It's one of my fav's.

>quads speak the truth

Which was years apart, the Marine Wife death?
Alright gunfuckers, here's one that happened a few summers ago.

>Live out near Texarkana
>Parents have farm with a few cows, horses, and too many chikuns to count
>Farm sits on the boundary between woods and plains, trees are sparse but thicken up like crazy toward back of property
>Parents gone to Corpus Christi for vacation, so of course I have to take care of all the animals
>Tack the heat wave passing through on to that, and it's basically constant care making sure they're watered
>Closest friends are outtatown for the week
>Farm is about twenty miles outside city limits, so I can rule getting my dick wet out of the roster of activities
>split time up between feeding aminals and sighting in my new SIG 556 I got for graduation
>Wake up one morning, one of our older horses had died.
>She had plenty of water, but the heat must've just been too much for her, poor girl.
>I phone dad, he tells me to go to Neighbor Frank a few miles down the road, he has a backhoe.
>Go to Frank, tell him my situation. He follows me back home with the thing and fills me in on how to operate, not too different from a tractor so I'm set
>Tells me he'll be back the next morning for the backhoe
>Set to work digging Empress' grave, fill it in, offer a moment of silence, shed a manly tear
>Turn the backhoe back on and chugalug to the back of the property
>30+ acres and not a single berm for shooting? Madness!
>don't bother telling parents because they wouldn't give a fuck
>Start digging a berm, leave the trench forest-side.
>Suddenly smell this dank, shitty odor
>Panic and think I hit a sewer line
>hop down out of cab and search the trench for busted pipe, none to be found
>Suddenly feel uneasy, feeling of being watched
>Scan treeline and surrounding field. Zip.
>Chalk it up to dead horse and residual guilt, but still tactically back to backhoe
>chugalug back to farm, turn it off and head inside
>The strange thing about it is the cause of death hasn't been released, and she was found at the bottom of a mine shaft, 100 ft down.
wow....that's more than a little weird.


Is the beer there any good?

Anyway something a bit more humorous before I crash out for the night.
Sorry, I meant the Marine's wife. She died in the summer of 2014, and the gunny story was in winter of 2013, so it wouldn't have been in the same thread. looking at the dates of the events, it does seem too close for comfort.
>get up early next morning, make a big country breakfast and go out to feed some MOTHERFUCKIN' CRITTERS
>Go out to do the horses' routine, but with one less chunk of hay on the wheelbarrow
>suddenly waft a most unpleasant vapour
>that smelly smell from yesterday, mixed with rot
>head out on a hunch to where I buried Empress
>stagger and nearly puke
>the grave's been robbed
>her head has been placed, emphasis on PLACED, upright near a large-ish hole in the ground
>Tongue has been ripped out, eyelids gone, an eye's been popped, her cheeks and neck look chewed-on. Maggots crawling around the wounds. Vitreous humor dry and crusty running down one cheek
>Seen dead animals and scavenging before, this trumps all in my book. Plus, I loved that horse so this is disturbing on a number of levels
>hear squealing sound behind me, brick my shorts.
>It's Neighbor Frank
>He asks why I look so pale, tell him coyotes dug up the horse. (bullshit. I dug that grave at least seven feet deep)
>he nods and leaves with backhoe, I play car-shuffle again to get him back to his truck.
>Get home, carefully tip Empress' head back down the grave with a shovel and rebury her.
>go into garage, slop some coyote urine around grave to keep the fuckers away (it pays to have a family as into hunting as mine)
>Fast forward to that afternoon.
>Head out on four-wheeler with a few targets, my SIG and my moist nugget (trashy? yes. Cheap? Also yes) for a little sight-calibration
>Go to set up targets, realize I didn't bring anything to actually set them up on. Punch self.
>Go into trees to grab some sticks
>as I approach, get the same feeling as the day before. Go into trees, grab some suitable sticks, and do the nope-scoot back to my site
>whittle sticks into stakes, makeshift a few targets into side of berm, get my SIG calibrated to within acceptable parameters and Operate on the clean target for a few minutes with the nugget.
>After a while, realize it's getting dark.
File: Rahzar.jpg (11KB, 210x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 210x240px
>Is the beer there any good?
believe it or not, I wasn't really into underage drinking.

>decide to take targets and shit down, clean up my brass and head back
>as I'm taking the targets down, the afternoon breeze shifts and suddenly stank
>hear movement from other side of berm and nearly NOPE a small but sturdy wall in my pants
>decide not to be a pussy, grab my SIG and climb the berm to have a little peek
>See medium-sized black shape huddled down in the trench
>figure it's a black bear cub or something (they're more common than most folks realize) and back away slowly in case Mama's nearby
>clumsy hamhand accidentally a shower of dirt onto the "cub."
>It looks up at me.
>That's no cub.mp4
>lemme just say that while I'm not the original badass, "creepy" or "spooky" images and shit don't frighten me that easily. Shit, when I was little one of my favorite pets was "Delightful," an older Welsh pony with no eyes (her eyeholes were, in fact, sewn over and sunken-in. She made one of my friends cry just by looking at him).
>that being said, this thing was on a completely other level, spectrum, and set of physics from that sweet old pony.
>Best way I can describe it is comparing it to pic related: jaw was a bit thinner, eyes were beadier and darker, and the nose was more sunken-back, but the rest of the details are pretty close. Same drooly mouth, same slack-jawed "grin," same snargly-ass teef.
>At this point, my brain made an executive order to re-examine my previous decisions. Fuck the targets, fuck the brass, fuck the scouts, fuck not being a pussy, and FUCK SLOW-GOING
>I tactically back to the ATV, spent 0.0000001 of a second making sure my guns are stowed securely and GUN THAT SHIT back to the Garage

Damn, wish I could pin it down. It was good shit. Though the fact some other anons at least know the vague outline I remember is better than what I get in most "innawoods" threads.
I'd like to get the details behind it too.

Although I'm most interested in the Ruby Valley story with those big ass Dire Badgers.
As far as I can tell, the OP of that never came back, or never posted any further on the subject. The location could probably be found fairly easily, depending on the public records of Elko County, Nevada. It says "north of the road off hwy 93 going into Ruby Valley" and he mentions old towns and mines. There should be records of those things publicly available.
File: fucking monster.png (40KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fucking monster.png
40KB, 800x600px
>Once inside with a good 8 acres between me and the Fuckbeast of Pellucidar I realize that I have a sworn duty to protect my farm. I already let one of my charges die under my watch.
>It's time to nut up or shut up
>Grab my dad's tac-vest (have to cinch it a little tight) and his NightOwl5x, load up with three 20-rd AR-15 mags loaded with 5.56 NATO, slap the third into my SIG and sling my new gun over my shoulder
>My nugget takes mags, so I put one in with five to spare on my vest and shouldered that bad boy
>Fuck me, I even slipped a knife into my boot
>There are floodlights strung up about the farm for entertaining or night work, switches are in the garage and balcony
>I tactically through the house to the balcony and get ready for war
>Not a moment too soon, start hearing squawks and gurgles and - I still get the jibblies to this day - LAUGHTER coming from the chicken pen
>fuck this
>I slam every switch and light up the farmyard like Rockefeller Square on Christmas
>there it is, standing in the pen like pic related
>Its body was shaped like a fucking koosh ball, all matte black fur
>Arms and legs were thin, but looked powerful and wiry.
>It was holding one of the hens with its head torn off, and staring straight at me
>It was obviously a male of whatever-the-fuck species it was, and there was fucking BLOOD hanging off its shitty beastcock
>I unslung my SIG and magdumped, not worrying about hitting anything, trying to hit that black cottonball on stilts
>I remember thinking "I hope I blow your shitty cock off, you piece of slime" (yes, the words my brain used were 'piece of slime')
>I scored at least five or six good THWUCKs, my target being only about 50 yards downrange.
>It never moved the entire time, puffs of fur flying off of it.
>I ejected the mag, slapped a new one in, and took aim again. I'll never forget the look it gave me, framed by that green sight.
>It almost said "are you done?"
>I squeezed off a final shot at its fucking mouth
>I hit it. I fucking KNOW I HIT IT
>I remember it almost in slow-motion, the PUFF of fucking saliva and shit as my 5.56 NATO round introduced itself to its face at 3000 ft/s
>The thing started WHEEZING
>Like a rusty gate being swung back and forth, that kind of "EEEeeeh-eeEEEH-EEEEeeeh-eeeeEEH" sound.
>It dropped the hen and stepped over the chicken fence
>I swear to fuck that this thing has either retractible legs, or its body is mostly puffy fur, because when it stepped over the fence, that leg almost DISAPPEARED.
>I wasn't gonna let it run away
>I didn't score any hits though.
>Once it was over that fence, it dropped to all fours and scuttled off like some giant spider back to the crack in Satan's couch, all while wheezing that "EEEEEEeeeeh-eeeeeeEEEEEEH" noise.
>I stayed up all that night, waiting for it to come back
>fed the animals with my SIG over my shoulder, went to sleep, repeated the process until my parents came home.
>Never saw the chickenfucking shitweasel again.

So, /k/, what's your take?
Sounds like it fucked your chicken's headless neck.
yeah, no shit
My take is that your parents aren't your parents anymore.
I'm gonna see if anyone on /x/ has it saved. That's where I first saw it anyway.

>that's right...
>shapeshifts into tulpa body pillow
>I'm gonna see if anyone on /x/ has it saved. That's where I first saw it anyway.

Please do.


It's cool. I came to /k/ from /x/. It's like my old stomping ground over there. Just too many tulpa/succubus summoning/tarot reading/magick cancer threads in the last year or so for me stick around there much.
Has there ever been a /k/ innawoods skinwalker hunt? I feel like there should be. If not a skinwalker hunt, at least a innawoods camp out where faggots talk about their weapons or share spoopy stories.

I'm originally from /v/ then 8/v/ a recent 8/vk/ thread got me interested in weapons (as well as a few years of following people like Skallagrim on youtube)
Sounds almost like it has telescopic legs, but I've never heard of that organically?

>Has there ever been a /k/ innawoods skinwalker hunt?

About three or four guys said they were going to meet up and go on a hunt in Arizona then report back to us the next week; but they never reported.
I wouldn't worry about it.
Dear fucking Lord. I don't think I'd be able to sleep again after that

You find it, I'll bring the kitchen and cook at base camp.
File: 1417584029602.png (76KB, 748x426px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 748x426px
>Nuggetfest 2:Spoopy Boogaloo

Where was this?
Eh...I dunno what to make of it.

Doesn't fit the description of any known cryptid that I'm aware of.

And being in full light due to the floodlights rules out it being a second rabid carnivorous llama.
>Doesn't fit the description of any known cryptid that I'm aware of
Stiltwalker maybe?
File: deernom.jpg (133KB, 340x407px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133KB, 340x407px
>rabid carnivorous llama
Also, that isn't entirely accurate. Many animals that people think of as being exclusively "herbivores" are a bit more omnivorous than they think.

>I have friends who nearly magdumped on deer chewing on possum/squirel/cow carcasses thinking that they were possessed or some shit
>cows will eat small birds for an extra boost of protein
>tortoises and giraffes are both well documented scavenging skeletons for the calcium
>Deer will do that, too
>camels will resort to nibbling a bit of meat when other foods are scarce
I see no reason to believe that a llama wouldn't scavenge a readily available carcass for some easy nootch
I'm calling it a rabid carnivorous llama because it allegedly stripped all the flesh off a dead coyote, not because it was drinking blood for the salts.
I got one for you guys...

>Be me a little while back (AFA Cadet, bored on a weekend)
>Decide to go hiking/stargazing innawoods
>Rocky Mtn National Park
>Bring lady friend for woods fun
>Also my mossy 500 and an SKS for her
>Rifled slugs will put down anything on Gods green earth
>A couple hours of driving later we're at the trailhead
>Hike for a bit to the selected site, a big clearing because astronomy
>Set up camp, get done around sundown
>Set an alarm for later when the stars will be good

I'll skip some shit because this isn't /b/ and y'all don't care about what goes on in a tent

>About 0300
>Hear rustling coming from the treeline
>Eh it's probably just a black bear ignore it and it'll go away
>No exposed food so we're good
>Rustling gets louder
>Then the smell
>Kind of a metallic, magnesium burning in acid mixed with rotting meat
>Gets stronger
>Remember the spoopy threads
>Get an idea
>Grab shotty and leave the tent
>Tell girl to stay put but charge the SKS
>Go outside and yell indiscriminately into the woods
>Tell the rustling that we're just passing through and will be gone by tomorrow without a trace
>Also say we're well armed and trained (not too much of a lie) in case it's someone fucking with us
>Suddenly smell goes away and rustling stops
>Holy shit did that just work
>Back to the tent to calm girl down
>About 30 min later we're interrupted by a loud screech
>Like an elk but more guttural
>Smell is back and stronger
>Gagging and such
>Hear something big moving through the brush and grass of our clearing
>Decide to look out the tent flap
>My god what a terrible idea

>See the creature (definitely not a bear) dragging something huge
>Not too much light but it looks to be lanky, about 7 feet
>Mottled grey skin and patches of fur
>Doesn't notice me, or ignores me, either way I'm fine with it
>It's messing around with whatever huge object it has
>Does this for about 15 minutes
>Stops and looks directly at the tent, I can see its eyes
>Sunken, black holes that take all of the feelings of safety away
>It raised a big, clawed hand and lifted one finger
>I guess you can call it a finger... More like a long, scythe-like claw
>Pointed at me
>Then pointed at the ground, what it had been working on
>Fuck that, I'm not moving
>It does this wretching, twitchy motion for a couple seconds, still looking at me
>Then takes off into the treeline faster than any living creature I'd ever seen

>The next morning I decide to look at what it was pointing at
>It's a fully grown bull elk that's been completely dismembered
>Like, really really dismembered
>Its body parts, blood and other fluids are scattered in a pattern on the ground
>I took a step back to see it all
>Spelled "OK 1 DAY"
>Packed up camp
>Tactically'd the fuck back to my car and got out of there

So that's how I negotiated with a skinwalker...
File: 1413509041235.gif (411KB, 361x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
411KB, 361x180px
Popping over here from /fa/ and I feel obliged to contribute some novelty.

(possibly) a SW caught on camera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1kUeoTwnfo
Huh, never thought you could negotiate with a wendigo like creature.
Isn't the video from a Sci-Fi channel "found footage" ad, and pic related from a marble hornets-type video?
Got the idea from a thread a long time ago. Some of the ones out there want just to protect their pristine environment, others want to kill you. I got lucky.
Interesting. By every other Wendigo story I've, you would've been killed, if not for food then for territorial reasons.
So provided astronomer's story is true (sorry dude, I take everything with a grain of salt, which is why I investigate ones that probably generated reports somewhere), it means that the events involving wendigos could be based soleley around territory and the people involved not asking for permission to be in said territory, or something to that effect.

Ok I'll buy that a sapient forest predator might pick up human speech from listening to people over time but how the hell would it know how to write? in english? with numbers?
Writing is something that needs to be taught. Most humans didn't know how to even read before schools became prevalent.
Something like that. No offense to Astronomer but I'd consider negotiating with a Wendigo to be on par with negotiating with a Mountain Lion or Grizzly Bear. Two notably territorial animals.

But it's possible there is an exception to everything. Hell that one anon got laid by a Skinwalker. Wasn't expecting that.
Don't blame you for being skeptical, I fully believe that they're territorial other than just out for wanton killing based on this. Might vary by area/species though

Your guess is as good as mine. What I do know is that this is a well traversed area frequented by back country hikers and such. Signs are common enough that it may have picked something up
>implying Skainworkers are born Skainworkers
>implying they can't absorb the knowledge and memories of their prey, Alzabo-style
>Implying a Skainworker couldn't adopt Human form and infiltrate an elementary school for some booklearnin'
O shit nigga that red barn flea market?
I haveone. Nothing paranormal or too crazy, but it still weirds me out when I think about it

>Be 8
>Live in Southern Oregon
>Living in small cabin at the top of a mountain, pretty far innawoods
>Landlord lived right next door, weird tribal dude
>Dad used to take me on hikes innawoods
>Found multiple clearings with odd teepee structures in them. Like large logs. Can easily fit a car in the inside
>Seeing how I'm 8, I think they're cool
>Remember a couple had a rope hanging in the middle, like almost a noose or something
>Pretty sure landlord dude was like sacrificing animals or something
>Dad tactically nopes us out of there
>Remember parents telling me multiple times they found lights on in the house at night, thinking I got up and turned them on
>I didn't

Moved away from there pretty quickly. That place and guy were fucking eerie, dude
File: 1396918453706.jpg (53KB, 400x580px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 400x580px
On my phone so bear with me
> Be 16 in Eastern Townships QC
> Beautiful summer day
> Gonna grab Moss 500 go innawoods with battlebudette named Diva who's half german shepherd half doberman
> Tactically taking it easy strolling with budette, man i love the woods
> Pretty thick forest, helped dad cut all these trails and left alot of the dead wood lying to the side.
> Not very far from house...can still se clearing house built in.
> Very weird coppery smell innawoods today, oh well rained yesterday, NBD, tactically sit on stump and tactically 360 noscoped a smoke
> Somethings off.jpg
> Takes a little while to notice woods are dead silent
> Right around the time i noticed budette starts with this really odd keening noise
> stfu.webm you're creeping me out dog
> Budette begins this weird crying/keening/growl with her hackles all up
> God awful copper just ate a handful of pennies stench intensifies
> Budette has always been a great dog, always listens
> Still tactically sitting on stump but now tactically scanning direction budettw is scanning.
> With budette freaking like I've seen, decide it's a good time to rack one in the chamber and tactically reload one in the tube.
> 5+1 masterace.mp4
> Dem birdshot target loads doe
> Brgin to hear movement ahead.
> Vision blocked approx 50m ahead due to low lying copse of young trees+ferns+ underbrush
> tactically assume the getting up off the stump I'm sitting on position.
> The sound seems like its now coming directly from small copse. Branches snapping like someone was walking just behind it
> Budette still making noises that nightmares are made of.
> All noises stop
> Dog goes silent
> You could here a pin drop in these woods
> Budette choose this point to starscream off into the direction of the noise....no barking or nothing...she just took off
> Before i even have a chance to scream her to come back she's already reached the copse.
> Start literally screamin DIVA COME BACK PLEASE COME BACK
His English is pretty good
File: bear.jpg (9KB, 400x209px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 400x209px
Bearing with, Eastblocanon
> Literally one minute between enjoying a smoke innawoods to full on hysterics like i was crying and shit screaming for the dog i love.
> Budette reaches copse and enters it.
> Cue the scariest fucking noises i've ever hears in my life
> Like a mix between normal dog fight sounds and weird low keening almost below audible range
> Shoulder moss 500 and start walking towards it all 0darkThirty while my shitty CF milsurp olive drab pants fill with lovingly crafted kiln fired masonry
> I fucking love my dog
> get about 20m away all the while this dance of death is happening...keep hearing the growls interspersed with this weird what i can only describe as the "dry throat cat cackel" you know that weird meow they sometimes make when they stalk something.
> Reaxh the 15m mark when this high wail/shreek/warble/shittingmypants noise lets out.
> Welcome back to pin drop silence
> Tactically halt my advance
> Start calling for Diva wit tears in my eyes.
> No response
> Requiescat in pace sweet budette
> All of sudden rustling in copse
> Budette bursts through undergrowth coming towards me.
> Supreme elation thankyouOdin.gif
> Budette doesn't give me a second glance as she travels past me at 21.1 dogs per hour
> Hear rustling but it definitely aint jimmies
> 180 quick turn back to copse and begin to take trained careful shots at a practiced cadence
> LOL that's a lie....i unloaded 6 rounds as fast as my fear induced hysteria will allow
> 180 quick turn and begin sprinting the 1km back to my house
> Hear the weird dry throat cat cackle
> Feel like it's right behind me
> Full hind brain flight mode engage
> Tactically reloading on the bounce
> more like shells are flying out of my pockets as i try to reload in full panick like so much spaghetti.
> Trip on a root or fucking whatever
> TIMBERRRRRRR.imdeadforsure
> Throw hands out in front of me to block my fall
> Hands are attached to shotgun
>Tactically smash face off shotgun
A butterfly lands on a /k/ommando's hand, resting gently upon his trigger finger.

"Oh butterfly, grant me your wisdom and your strength." he says.

The butterfly floats gently upwards, resting on this /k/ommando's ear and whispers:

"Purge the Domain of Mankind of her enemies."

And so must begin the Great Crusade.
File: chechnya.png (753KB, 720x663px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
753KB, 720x663px


Butterflies really aren't all that peaceful. Fucking warmongers.
I once had a bipedal creature stalk me and my friend up an entire forested mountain on a night with no moon, nearly up to our campsite. We were armed and we didn't run, so nothing crazy happened, but it was an extremely tense and bizarre hour.

And the reason I say "bipedal" is because the cadence of its footsteps indicated that it was using two limbs to move. A rhythmic "one... two... one... two..." Even though we had high-power flashlights and actively searched for it as it moved around us, talking real loud and generally trying to scare it off, it just kept walking like it knew it couldn't be seen. We were in a meadow and the thing stalked us around the perimeter until we finally decided to leave.

But then after an hour of climbing we took a rest on an old abandoned fishing trail, we heard it coming up the mountain toward us, with that same rhythm of footsteps. That's when we started jogging back to the camp about 1/4 mile away. We were in old Navajo lands in the White Mountains in Arizona, so who knows what was going on that night.
File: 1401762127297.jpg (563KB, 872x1018px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
563KB, 872x1018px
> Felt nothing in my adrenaline induced state
> IAmEverythingThatisMan.littlegirl
>Flight mode is still engaged
> Solid snkae roll onto my back
> Unload in the Baker rifleman position
> mfw i almost blow off my toes
> mfw i have no face
> My eagle vision and superhearing detect nothing.....did i just unload at nothing
> Decide not to stick around to look
> Tactically nope all the way home
> Still feel like I'm being chased.
> Get to clearing where house ia built
> Nope into the door and lock it
> Mom is at kitchen table reading paper
> Takes one look at me and asks wtf???
> Catch my reflection and see my face is covered in blood with a gash on my upper lip from getting in a headbutt fight with my shotgun
> Look all wild eyed and crazy and shit.
> Wtf were those shots sonanon
> Only coherent answer that come to my mind
> It was monsters mom
> You'reAfuckingIdiotSon
> Where's Diva mom?
> Went upstairs son
> Go upstairs and there she is, in the fucking bathtub shivering and still making that odd barely audible keening.
> Get into tub and hold her like she was a puppy again
> Tactically reloaded shitgun and spent the whole rest of the day and night in tub with my budette......both just trying to process i guess
> Never had another issue ever again inna those woods

Kinda anticlimactic i know.... i rationalized it as it had to have been like a cougar or fisher cat......but it was that smell and that absolute fear that sometimes still keeps me up at night wondering just what the fuck it was....those fucking noises man

P.s. budette passed away a couple years later.....fuck i loved that dog
I've been considering posting this story in one of these threads for a while now. This happened in the summer of 2013

>Living inna Appalachia
>Not shit to do
>Decide "fuck it, I want to do something stupid."
>Get onna ATV, shitty WASR on my back
>Go into the woods about 5 miles or so from my house
>Get to the entrance to this old coal mine that's been abandoned for like 30 years
>It's really stupid to go into an old mine like that
>I figure "Fuck it, nothing better to do today."
>Start back into the mine, it starts to get really cold a little ways past the entrance (mines do this, nothing paranormal.)
>hike back into there for about an hour, my headlamp is bright as fuck so I figure if I run into any bears or anything back there it'll scare them off.
>Feelin' pretty S.T.A.L.K.E.R, so I decide to sit down on an old hunk of wood and eat some spam
>finish eating, start smoking a cigarette before I get up to leave
>As soon as I stand up I feel a massive burst of air coming from inside the mine accompanied by a loud howling/moaning noise
>tactically shit my pants
>Calm down and realize I'm being a pussy
>grab the wasr off my back and decide to nut up and check out what's further down in there
>Walk about 100 feet more back into the mine
>Hear the noise again, but no air this time.
>Feel like superman because I'm operating operationally with the wasr
>right as the noise ends my head lamp starts to flicker, which it should not do because when they go dead they usually start to dim first
>the noise starts again with a clear "GO" at the end of it
>Think it might be some ravenous pill heads who have set up camp in the mine
>my head lamp goes completely dark
>The only light I have is my lighter
>hear the words "LEAVE NOW" ringing throughout the mine
>start backing away slowly towards the entrance, worried I'm going to trip on something
>see light bouncing off the walls of the mine, they look like they're coming toward me
>hear what sounds like a bunch of people crying out in pain
>the noise is echoing around me and the lights are getting closer
>rack the bolt on the WASR
>as soon as I did that the noise stopped, the lights went away, and my head lamp came back on
>TFW ghosts are afraid of glorious 7.62
>Tactically nope my ass right out of there and never return
Probably the scariest thing that's ever happened to me. I swear on the murder /k/ube it's true.
These threads make me jealous and wish more spooky things would happen to me. I've only ever hallucinated and I don't get nightmares anymore, shit sucks.
No man you really shouldn't be jealous
But I like being scared. When I would get endlessly tortured by depression induced hallucinations it was really fun. I miss it.
seek help, please.

>be alone on farm full of livestock
>I can rule getting my dick wet out of the roster of activities

You stupid or somethin, boy?
File: Texarkana.png (444KB, 1864x3130px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
444KB, 1864x3130px

Here's a cap, too. Personally my take is that the monster knew you were all alone on that farm complaining about not getting your dick wet, and once your mare died from a broken heart because you didn't fuck her the monster decided something had to be done, so he dug up the horse, fucked the body (violently, to make a point), then did the same with the chickens to make sure you got the message.

That's just my take though, could be wrong.

Also I've never heard of a mosin being modded to accept detachable magazines, post pics.
File: Eastern Townships.png (360KB, 1858x2292px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Eastern Townships.png
360KB, 1858x2292px
you should cap that in the tomorrow theme. Much easier on the eyes.

Not mine; white on black leaves imprints on my vision
But white on black is spoopier. It's like even the words are in the dark

I'm already loading my 590, I don't need things to be any scarier
I live in St Pete. Where was this at?
spoopy bump
>Skinwalker Detected
Are we forgetting skinwalkers start off as humans?
so op had a dog, took a spoopy picture and then wrote a story?
on the internet, nobody can tell you're a fleshgait
The sky just wanted you to get out of there, stalker.
File: Iraqi_death_cult.jpg (399KB, 1260x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
399KB, 1260x1024px
In the purest sense, yes they do.

However the term has been misused to where it's more or less a catchall now.
File: 1252900979782.jpg (11KB, 231x298px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 231x298px
Holy fuck.
File: 1400068480984.png (472KB, 1313x4181px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
472KB, 1313x4181px
Haven't seen this one yet
File: Texarkana Fuckbeast.png (477KB, 1821x2315px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Texarkana Fuckbeast.png
477KB, 1821x2315px
File: takecareofthings.jpg (1MB, 1371x2255px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1371x2255px
and another

Oh fuck I live in Florida

Does anyone here remember that thread and know where in Florida this was?
Panhandle, I think.
File: Goatman_plays_poker.png (147KB, 1131x1079px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147KB, 1131x1079px
Truck on fire.

Probably just hillbillies or Fudds being assholes because they still owe payment on their '05 Chevy.
don't die spooky thread I need these stories. im averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night id like to decrease that
I'll look for some I haven't seen posted in this thread. I got most from Koffee though so they're probably all here.

bump anyway
File: FuckingUncle.png (175KB, 1235x1937px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175KB, 1235x1937px

I'll help
File: 1400727640578.png (1MB, 1360x4752px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1360x4752px

I've always liked this one
File: Gunny2.jpg (733KB, 1430x1245px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
733KB, 1430x1245px

Found it.
Anybody still here? My buddy found a satanic shrine Innawoods. I can hop on my comp and share
fuckyea nice work anon
Hey /k/ommandos

this guy here

I'm going to be taking a trip to Arizona next month

Do I need to worry about skinwalkers? if so how do I protect myself against them? is 7.62x39 good enough? Or do I need to go with a 54r?
Innacity or innadesert?

Bring both, it can't hurt.

onnareservation actually, which is why I'm a bit jumpy about it.
Oh fuck yeah you're beautiful, anon!

Think I'm going to combine the two so we get the whole story from here on out. Thanks, man.

fuck it, I might just take my 870 too and stock up on slugs before I go.
>implying anything other than bringing a "friend" to sacrifice to the skinwalker is getting you out of the desert alive

Not to discount spoopiness, but elk calls often sound like metal on cement to those that haven't heard them
You got anymore of these great stories? Love them.
bump for the spooky
Thanks for capping......felt good to get it out there........
Thankyou comrade.

here, have an official letter about hunting bigfoot.
spoopy bump.
File: 1412745038239.jpg (75KB, 520x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 520x750px
This happened to me recently.

>Be new Jew Yorker and once again nogunz
>Recently bought old Argentine Mauser to make up for loss
>First week in new house, around midnight, sleeping with new raifu, secretly thinking about my funz I had to leave behind
>Suddenly hear very loud crashing noise
>Grab raifu, load up with 7.65 Argentine soft points, put closest helmet, Swiss M71, on head, and quickly open bedroom door while throwing on light
>Small house+long rifle=not best for house clearing but does well enough
>Get to door to upstairs
>Pause for moment and listen, for this is the worst part to clear; narrow, steep staircase leading to door that opens into large space with a few places to conceal including behind brick chimney
>Hear nothing, quickly open door with raifu in one hand, quickly transition to proper hold
>Clear space, left first, right after, for door provides some cover from assailants on the right side
>House is clear, absolutely nobody else here
>Go back downstairs, see a couple pie tins on the wood floor, right next to door
>Door is locked and window is not broken, same with sun room; no broken window or unlocked door

Still don't know what caused pie tins to fall; they were on low shelf with nothing else near them
You know where you take 4th street onto I-275? There's a place called Bay Isle Key condos, the closest ones to the bridge. That's where I lived.
It was the building on the North East corner on the edge of the development.

I can't remotely describe that sound in text, and the bi-pedal steps on the roof still freak me out.
>Jew York

Sorry to say but you might have vermin, anon
sounds like vermin to me.
This is why I believe somewhat in machine spirits.
sorry that was me i am shy

But what vermin is able to knock down a couple of pie tins and not be noticed at all after that?

skinwalker pls
rats and mice can move pretty quickly.
File: 1409990576573.jpg (327KB, 1559x2239px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Great; I have micewalkers. Or just regular mice, trying to keep warm during the winter.
Probably just mice.

Hail the Omnissiah!
File: 1367211153520.png (486KB, 526x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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637KB, 1600x1378px
I'll have to get the traps ready. If it is mice, they haven't bothered me since.
i live in minneapolis. those woods are indeed spooky as fuck at night.

You enter a cave full S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mode and head the words "LEAVE NOW"

Don't. Fuck. With. Controllers.

Holy fuck this shit is scary and the thing is most of the story sound fucking legit

/tg/ expat here. It's a 40k reference, there's a cult that believes that all machines have a little bit of a machine god in them, and keeping the machine (Tank/gun/aircraft/anything mechanical) happy will make the machine work long after it should have broken. Pissing it off will increase the chances of it breaking when it shouldn't.
I'm confused as to how this is a skinwalker... Also, Dragons have been extinct for centuries. Farmer dan was eating mushrooms with him
File: 20141221_184142_2.jpg (2MB, 2338x2804px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2338x2804px
Jesus Christ I've been sitting here reading all of this thread

Made me go run and grab my ar and chamber a round fugg
That's spook as fuck man.
What are some good spoopy movies to watch? I want to be scared to go out at night.
chupacabra, the real one, not that coyote-dog looking shit people are turning up.
The only thing in this world you have to worry about are homeboys, corrupt politicians, sickness, and irresponsible people. Rarely you have to worry about an animal unless you are retarded and oblivious to what is around you. Everything else is falling sticks, the wind, and shadows.
fuck off skinwalker
skinwaltzer confirmed
I have always felt this was a thing, I often find myself talking to my machines/tools, and it seems to help. Only ever those with bits of metal though.
Guns have a special feel for me too. My trainer weapon at Lackland felt used, experienced, and reassuring. My new bolt-action (1st owned gun) that I got recently feels awkward, like a skinny teenager.
>I might go read up on this stuff now
Skinny, plz
Bump for more spoopiness
here' it's got banshees, sks's negligent discharges! The works.
I'd guess a couger. They supposedly sound like a woman screaming at times.
There was no SKS, you lied to me... Good stuff though, if only a bit short. Guess I cann't hold out too much hope of having some good long ones at this point, most have been posted.
File: K_hunts_vampires.png (98KB, 1201x1148px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98KB, 1201x1148px
Oh wait that was this one that had the sks.
I've been reading these for the last 3 hours. Had to take my dog for a walk, strapped my bowie to my belt and went out. No gun because canada city. I know I'll forget these by the time winter's over, only to have them all come flooding back as soon as the warm weather returns and I'm out in the woods. Save me moist nugget, save me.
That's more like it! Thanks Koffee.
I know that feel fellow /K/anadabro. Doesn't help that I love being innawoods, but most of the good spots are provincial or national parks, so nogunz there.
here have more canada.

File: TOKAREV-M57-SMALL.jpg (92KB, 1023x738px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This happened to me and a buddy of mine a while back, we used to hit the strip mine near his house for explosives, never got any but managed to get plenty of blasting caps.

>be 00:00
>full moon
>decide it would be cool to try and hit the mine cause they have been blasting this week.
>we suit up in our gear and get the guns
>I have a moss 500 and M57
>friend has a marlin .22lr and a M57
>hop in his truck and head out the the road to the mine
>get to the half way point to the mine and park the truck in a patch of bushes
>walk the rest of the way
>we see a pack of coyotes about 100 meters to our 8
>take caution but move on
>10 min hike and we make it to the mines
>super busy more workers than normal tonight
>end up saying fuck it after about a hour of sneaking around cause we nearly get caught
>we are leaving and about 5mins out to the truck
>hear something behind us
>30 got damn coyotes!
>we start booking it
>friend starts shooting .22 at them
>still chasing us
>i let the 500 do some talking
>kill 2
>mother fuckers just start going at us faster
>i jump in the back and he guns it
>shoot the 500 two more times and the coyotes stop
>get back to his house and cook up spam
>hear noises outside
>the coyotes are down the hill looking at his house
>we dont sleep all night keeping watch
Ok, ok. /k/ and /x/ newfag here, what the fuck are skinwalkers and why are they only ever mentioned on this board?

And I read that skinwalkers were originally humans? can someone tell me about that?
The general consensus is "Monsters you'll find innawoods that will kill you/your friends and take their form".

As for that latter thing, no idea.
You remember where you got that? Cause I'd join up with that canu/k/bro, not tooooo bad of a trip for me.
found it on /k/. Didn't do the screencap myself.


Generally speaking what this guys said. >>24051091

Generally it's used as a catchall term right now that covers folks that went mad and figured out the occult bullshit and are now unstoppable murder machines known as Wendigos

Folks that went mad and figured out the shamanistic bullshit and are now shapeshifting canabalistic murder machines.

Skunk apes and territorial bigfoots, aliens, and fuckhuge badgers, extremely omnivorous llamas, spirits, hobos and the occasional alien that's just poking around wanting to gets its rocks off eviscerating cows.
waiting for more glorious le2spoopy stories

fuck sleep, i want to read more skinwalker shit

anyone got stories from Maine?
File: I_want_to_beleive.png (21KB, 657x315px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have a fuckhuge series of caps about a cabbie from maine that I have not read or cleaned up... so I actually have no idea how related it is.

so I'll work on that during Christmas while I'm off from work.
Same happened to me, anon.
Finally, i can tell this story
>Date is May 25th, 2012
>be me, at my appartment
>bros chilling, then my bro (Kev) goes to bed in the living room, other bro (Dom, roommate) also goes to sleep
>go sitt at computer playing vidya
>window is in front of me
>weather is shitty, dense cloud ceiling like it could rain any time
>something catches the corner of my eye outside
>yellow/orange ball of light comes up over the horizon, the color of a street lamp
>stare at it, might be a plane
>more start popping out from behind the horizon
By this time a big red flashing sign with ALARM LUFTANGRIFF is blaring in my head
>kick back my desk, start screaming WHAT THE FUCK, WAKE UP EVERYONE
>run to the patio (lived on the 3rd) and wake up my friend, go outside and look up
>Convinced they are ICBM warheads coming from russia with love
>"WTF is that, a burning plane?"
>Other bro wakes up, looks outside and jaw drops
>Fuckers were fast, took maybe 30 seconds to cross the horizon, flight path was right over us
>yellow pure balls of WTF flying completely silently under the clouds, swerving and stopping then keeping on going
>We are both dazed, panicked and scared shitless
>Kev phones his bro who lives on the 1st to go outside and look
>He goes outside, scratches his head then walks back inside to go to sleep (he's not the smartest kind)
>Binoculars in living room, get a good look at them
>absolutely no features, just balls of fire/plasma with no trail of any kind
>formation takes about 10 minutes to end, must have been at least 40 of them
>Dom says "Nope" and goes to play PS2 with the blank look of someone waiting for the world to explode any second
>shock wears off enough to grab cellphone and start filming, unfortunately Palm Pre has video quality of fossilized potato
>keep freaking out for hours, call friends over
>they immediately tell something is wrong by my voice, they arrive to find us all in a state of shock like we had just seen the four horsemen
>hear CF-18 Hornets fly over the clouds about 30 minutes later, white econoline vans gunning it down the street and burning stop signs
>we are all paranoid for days, can't stop looking at the sky

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zg1Fo5qvlMI This is exactly what we saw, except way more numerous and way closer. We've had a handful of other weird UFO sightings, but nothing like this. This was "OH GOD WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON THE WORLD IS ENDING OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN HALLOWED BE THY NAME"-tier

i have a .mov from my cellphone, except we practically can't see shit and it's only 20 seconds long, and at the very end of the passing so there was like 2-3 left in the sky. Could upload if image-enhancing people with knowhow are interested.
Alternatively, Jeff fought a skinwalker alone and called them pussies for not being able to handle it as a group.
Was it Loma Prieta? Or a smaller one that just felt big where you are?
Nice target shooting...shit, man, don't piss her off lol.
File: 1407104145229.jpg (864KB, 1177x2447px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
864KB, 1177x2447px

No, no, no, NO!
Heeeeeeeellll no
Sounds suspiciously like a troll. furry, black, maloderous, violent, carnivourous and cowardly. Immune to pretty much everything but iron (your lead and copper shot wouldn't do dick, but your knife would have hurt it. Assuming it didn't eviscerate you while you were whittling on it.

Get yourself a good sword or a tomahawk. Hell, load up some steel ball bearings as buckshot and carry a gauge.
I know what that guy means. I don't have nightmares anymore, but rather than enjoy the non-threatening dreams, I miss them. Some people crave the fear, if only in small doses. I wish I had my nightmares back, and I wish I could experience some paranormal things (within reason).

Not a wendigo. Wendigo would have eaten him and the girl. Primal spirit of hunger, always needs to eat. Not territorial, they wander.

Always stay away from towns. Only take the foolish and those on their own. If you hear something/someone call your name in the woods, and the caller shouldn't be there, don't answer it. Leave.
>follow this thread from its start
>read every story
>go out innawoods yesterday for some shooting with some buddies
>woods. Woods everywhere
>shoot all day, starts getting dark out
>make it home alive and un-spooped
hey guys
My main nigga really wants me to come over to his place (he's in NC and I'm in France) and he wants to take me boar hunting and have some real innawoods experience (told me we'd only take the minimum needed for hunting and the minimum needed for camping) in the appalachian mountains.
I'm eager to go but does anyone have stories from around these parts? I'd like to know if what's the chance of spoopy shit/10
>be me
>lives innawoods, every night is an innawoods story for me so 3tough5u
>cat wont stop shitting in the litterbox. he has diarrhea and he refuses to bury his shit so it's just a huge lake of cat shit
>decide "FUCK THIS" grab cat by the loose skin on his back, tell him to bury his shit and throw him out the front door
>dogs start barking furiously, figured AnonKitty was teasing them through the fence
>a few minutes later decide to go get cat from outside
>walk to the front door, dogs still barking
it should be noted that I have a procedure when getting my cat from outside. I unlock the front door, open it, open the glass door, stick my head out a little and whistle and he comes running back.
>so I do this not paying attention because it's late and im tired
>door open, stick head out, notice there's a tall man standing at my door at like 3 am making no noise. didn't knock, just standing like 3 inches from where I just stuck my head
>nope.png, run into room and grab my hatchet for close quarters combat, full sized axe to use as a security blanket and sit there for 5 hours crying like a schoolgirl saying "kitty pls be ok i luv u".
>sun comes up, bout to go look for AnonKitty
>go outside, no sign of strangetallman.exe so I figure i'm safe
>look at mud imprints, notice boot imprints that are too small to be me and I live alone, and anonkitty doesn't wear boots
>shit myself, but I watched CSI and shit a lot in my youth, so I measure the imprints
>smallfoot hunt begins
>going to neighbors house next week for a social thing (my nearest neighbor is 13 miles so I use that term loosely)
>compare smallfoot measurements to a boot sitting by the door when nobodies around out of suspicion
>fits perfectly
mind you this guy never struck me as strange, was a pretty /k/ewl guy
>decide this shit was too much for me, I'd been wanting to move out of the innawoods for a while but never got around to it
>arrange to move in with sis since she lives in the city
>pack up my shit, get everything together and a week later move there
>start to think about smallfoot and figure "welp fuck it, I need to tell someone about that"
>call sheriff and explain what my leet detective skills lead to
me and sheriff were bros so it wasn't unnatural for him to just take my word about something
>sheriff goes to check out creepy innawoods neighbor when he gets the chance, says he'll let me know what smallfoot says
>sheriff calls a few days later "Anon, we found skeletons in smallfoots back yard" (didn't actually say smallfoot, just using that in place of a name)
not sure how sheriff actually got a search warrant to dig up the guys back yard, but I came to /k/ a month ago to lurk and find out information about guns so I could get one for home defence because of this
mfw I could have been a skeleton in smallfoots back yard
Human skeletons or cat skeletons?
well man that's pretty spoopy
what about your kitty tho
Mr bigglesworth?
File: 1418654118493.jpg (117KB, 600x1508px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117KB, 600x1508px
>Have to stand guard in a dark windy forest
>Hello hallucinations
>not wanting to be a cool skellington
What you a gay?
>skeleton meat puppet detected
didn't specify human or cat, but I'd assume if they were able to get a warrant to dig up the yard they were human. or maybe dinosaur, then they wouldn't need a permit because they could get the archeologists to do it. I never actually thought about what kind they were
anonkitty is fine, I don't let him out at night anymore though.
not the name of my cat, but I have irl bros that come here and my cat has a really unique name so I can't use his name. also kitty deserves to be anonymous too, I don't want the NSA trying to say my cat doesn't deserve online privacy
recent pic of anon kitty because I like to brag about how cute my kittens are
oh my fucking god how adorable is that kitty
you are a lucky owner anon, I hope he likes to snuggle [spoiler]unlike mine which is cute as sweet hell but doesnt want huggies ever[/spoiler]
File: 20141219_232231.jpg (2MB, 4128x2322px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4128x2322px
Check out my snuggly cat sleeping on my stomach, she is capable of fully automatic high capacity assault snuggles
/k/at thread lets go
this is my non-snuggly cat. capabale of fully automatic tearing your hand up to steal your chicken from you
Kinda sounds like ball lightning
/k/ should organize an innawoods party. like get a bunch of /k/ommandos together, maybe 20 or so, then go into a known windigo or skinwalker territory and camp out for a weekend
Do you want s/k/inwalkers posting in these threads? I'm pretty sure that's how you get it
hello skinwalker, we aren't falling for it again.
I bet 20 /k/ommandos could take on a skinwalker.
think of all the nuggets and 22lrs that the skinwalker would be full of. hell we can even invite that guy that chopped up the SVDs and use him as bait if a skinwalker shows up so we can all escape alive
Funny you should mention that book learning
Be inna rural texas, be elementary school teacher.
There's a kid who went to school there since kindergarten, not in my class but another teacher talks about him. His family were hunters. They lived outside of town, about a 20 minute drive. His fourth grade year, the kid starts having problems. One thing that was pointed out in a meeting, was that his handwriting changed drastically between 3rd and 4th. (we have this program where kids who are slower learners, due to family issues and the sort, not challenged kids. Just kids with shitty times.) any way, these kids previous teachers said that if it weren't for the kid looking exactly the same, they wouldn't even know who he was. Come about 6 weeks into school, kid doesn't come to class for a week. No call from parents. My wife works in the front office, and had the task of finding out what happened to this kid. Called the house, and the phone had been disconnected. (Which is odd, because the monthly phone message that was sent out 2 weeks prior to this, has a feature that informs us if the phone was disconnected, and it wasn't at that point. Being a small town, the school decided that if something happened to the kid, we would know what happened and why he was gone. so the school reports to police that this kid wasn't coming to school. The police came back to the school, and said that the family must had moved.. They said that when they went to the house, no one answered. Apparently the door was unlocked, and they went into the house. The entire house was empty, save a bed in the secondary bedroom, which was "neatly made." It could've just been some family emergency that required them to move. Or a skinwalker had a feast, and decided to get some book learning in.
/k/ I have a legit question.

This may be more of an /x/ related thing at this point, but you may be able to help me.

I live in a northwestern state in the middle of the mountains.

I'm 20 now, but reading this thread, I started to think back on an old happening when I was maybe 8 or 9.

I was staying in a log cabin with my family, and I keep trying to remember some shit that happened while I was there.

All I can remember, is that I was outside with my brother, and he was running around the cabin a bit. Out back led into a heavily wooded area, whereas out front was a dirt road and the trees were pretty thin all thew way down, it was the cabin built to the edge of the thick woods that was different.

The problem is guys, I remember being afraid for my brother at one point, and then after that all I remember is us being inside crying.

I keep trying to think of it, even right now and all I get is a blank spot and chills keeping running down my spine. It's happened like ten times since I started typing this.

I keep getting goosebumps. Fuck.
you should probably go on /x/. as interesting as it sounds, I doubt we can help you, bro.
sounds like that thing that happens when you're so frightened/shocked over something that you don't want to remember it. I think they hypnotize you or some shit as treatment.
I have something similar, I can't be around windows at night and I don't really know why. like I end up getting super nervous and paranoid and that "holyshit.psd something's watching me" feeling. all I know about it is it started when I lived at my old house when I was like 14, and when I told my best friend about how I was scared of windows she said "Yeah you told me about a night a while back. You said something was watching you through your window, and then your closet door opened and shut itself." I dont remember having that conversation tho. not long ago I tried to draw what I feared most and I remember I drew a kind of genderless, ageless, white face with a blank expression looking in from the left corner of my window. also ties in with another childhood spoopystory that I forgot about until now. will post after I chase off the dog that just shit on my porch brb
So you think you know what it means to be hunted by ...something. I'll tell you about a little story of mine. The reason why I keep a knife under my head.

>Be me
>be a few years ago
>Had gone on hunting trip with crazy ass ex Ranger from WWII that was part Navajo
>We killed 4 of those fuckers but the bodies were dragged off
>I was a hood rat and I knew how to shoot with a rifle and how to handle myself
>But something happened one night that terrified the shit out of me

I had started getting this feeling of being watched one day. It was a feeling that you can't describe other than to someone else that had been hunted before. Either by man or by animal. It was this feeling of eyes on the abck of my neck. Always at night and always in palces where no could've been able to watch me unnoticed.

>Wake up one night and this weird abomination was in the street.
> It looked like it was drunk and trying to jump but failing horribly and smacking up against cars
>It had a body of human male but the head of a deer but the face was all wrong
>It was comically drawn out, like it didn't know what it was supposed to look like
>It made this weird beeping noise, like a car when you put on its alarm and looked right at me
>It cocked its head as I did and then slowly turned its head almost completely around
>Being high on coke, MDA, and bit of mescaline stood up, opened my window, and yelled out SHOO
>and then I grab my Ithaca and give it a blast of rocksalt
>It didn't even flinch, it just made a bleeping noise and slowly staggered off, like it was drunk
>Check my plant spot and lo and behold, my plants were missing

That motherfucker ate 2 and a half pounds of some prime ass dope. There were hoof prints and what looked to be vomit right next to my torn up plants.

Will post some other stories

Great now I'm afraid as to what my sub-conscious knows, that it won't tell the rest of my brain.
Wtf did i just read?
dog has been scared off, on with the story
so prelude to the spoops. this happened maybe 6 years ago or so. being 18.5 years old right now 6 years is like a third of my life and feels like a long time. me and cousin were bros, cousins step dad was a total /k/ommando. me and cousin were never really inside kids, always outside building forts, shooting airshit guns at each other, etc.
>so me and cousin go biking down our street one day
>some little blonde kid about 2-3 years younger than us comes running out waving us over
>me and cousin didnt know other kids even existed, thought the only people for miles were creepy old people and richfags cause we lived in a semi-rural area.
>start talking, few days later rich blonde kid asks us to come over and play ps3
>what's a ps3? me and cousin didn't know, even though we liked games we only ever played sonic adventures 2 on GC, and halo on xbox
>go over, play CoD
>holy fuck this is awesome, first time playing a proper multiplayer game
>invite richfag over to cousins house one night and be bored, then the next night go back to richfags house because he had cool shit there
>didn't really like richfag just wanted some more CoD
>play cod until late night with kid and cousin, then kids smoking mom comes in and says alright boys time to go to bed.
>me being like"eey bby I'll go to bed, but only if it's with you"(i kid i kid, I didn't say this. but I wish I had) and we decided to pretend to go to bed for a few minutes and me and cousin head to the guest bedroom.
ok so you should know something about me and cousin. we were pure anarchist kids. apart we were pretty usual kids, but together we were uncontrollable.
>so we're stuck in this room, don't wanna sleep, so we stay up talking bout shit all night.
>suddenly hear a noise coming from living room.
>open door, kids mum is wearing pajamas and we're like daaaaaaaaaamn and she doesn't notice us cause the door is barely open
>Be day after last story
>Be talking to buddies and buddies not believing me
>Told them about the pot plants and they just start dying, rolling ont he ground
>I get super pissed and we go to where I had seen it last
>There were hoof prints and vomit with little pieces of green in the vomit
>My buddies start getting real serious, real quick
>We strap up and decide to find the fucker that stole my dope
>I bring a backpack full of goodies because we were stupid and young and thought being high off of our asses would help us
>We get fucking baked off of 14 grams and start popping pills
>When the MDA and speed kicked in, we set off in the woods
>I had a double barrel elephant rifle I had found in an abandoned cabin, shit was chambered in .460 Weatherby Mag
>the rest had SKSs, AKs, a few 9 mils and a few .44 magnums
>We were ready for anything or so we thought
>We're in the woods, about 300 yards from where we found the vomit
>The birds stopped singing and this weird static electricity ozone smell comes over us
>We all look at each other like WTF
>I hear a faint crunching, like someone crouching or settling in one spot
>We decide that getting disemboweled wasn't worth finding the thief so we head back
>For no reason, it gets dark 3 hours before it normally does
>Pitch dark
>Someone we get separated and I hear shouts and gunfire all around me
>One of my buddy runs up and said that they got something
>I come over and there's this evil, festering smell
>And a pile of animal flesh and a pool of black, viscous blood
>I ask them where the body is and they have no clue
>And they also don't know who walked off to find me, none of them had moved
>That feeling of being watched had come back along with this high pitched tinnitus sound and I slowly clicked my double barrels into place
>Because my buddy had talked to me in an accent that I didn't recognize
>He's just standing there, looking at this from the top of his eyes
I agree with this guy. I have the same problem as you, only I still have to go to the place that haunts me. It's my uncles house. He lives there alone, he's a weird fellow. But a genuinely good guy. Super inviting, would let strangers in at 3 AM, and make them food. He's also a man I've seen beat the shit out of 7 people who tried to mug him. Either way, every time I visit, I have an overwhelming sense of dread. I've asked him if he ever feels odd around here. He looked at me and said, "You will be alright. I've paid my dues." Which immediately struck me as odd. I thought it may have just been obvious that I was sketched, but now I know that he was answering the question I was really asking. he then defused the situation, and went about normally. years later, I asked him if I had ever gotten hurt or something out here when I was younger, because I was always on edge. He gave me a crooked smile and said, "No, you weren't hurt." in inflection that suggested that something happened, just not me being harmed. I'm certain he knew what happened, why I felt that way. Honestly though... i'm glad he kept it from me.
>his head was pointed at the ground and he made a noise that sounded like SHOO
>I blink and fire and he had moved so quick that the tree behind him got vaporized
>My friends start cursing and praying and I calmly reload, scanning my sectors
>I see a patch of brown in a place where there couldn't have been brown and give it another two rounds
>The high pitched whining noise gets so loud as to be unbearable and this bright light overwhelms me and I pass out
>I come too and my buddies are all gone
>My clothes have been taken off of me and are piled in a neat stack
>My rifle is still in my hands but my ammo is gone
>And my back pack of goodies had been torn into and all the drugs were gone
>Realize that it had remembered me and had chosen me to get more drugs
>I call up my buddies and find out that we got separated 50 yards into the search and they had gone home

It's still out there, two big holes in it's chest.
And it's probably high as fuck.
Just a theory but I think our drugs affect them differently and get them permanently stoned.
spoooooky bump
so we're sitting here staring at kids mum getting up for a late night snack and drink while she's in short shorts and a small shirt.
>kids mum goes back into her room, fuckyou.jpg we're depressed now cause she's gone
>I get up and try to close the door. wont close, look down and friends head is acting as a doorstop.
>ask him wtf he's doing, cause he's just frozen staring forward
>so I decide to look towards what he's looking at, and he's looking straight out the window on the other side of the living room. and I see the creepiest thing I've ever fucking seen
>looking straight out the like 2 inch crack in the door I see something hanging from the tree (we're pretty innawoods here)
>solid white it looked like, I dont know it was like the moonlight was saying specifically "I want to highlight this one creepy thing"
>naturally I say dude it's a tree branch, cause I looked away before I could get a good look
>I look back up, and it's hard to describe what I saw.
like it was like a monkey, but we live in texas and there are no monkeys around here, much less solid white ones. but it started moving. not like something natural would move, it was like the body was moving but the head was standing still. just a blank white face, I could barely see it cause we were looking at it from like 15 yards away and I don't remember the details. it's head was just sitting there, not moving up or down or side to side. even as it started moving down the branch closer to the house(was already 2-3 feet from the window), it just stared at us.
I kept thinking "It's a trick my eyes are playing on me" and then it let go of the branch in the most fluid motion ever and grabbed onto the edge of the roof and climbed up. cousin was silent,
>I asked him what it was and he looked at the window in our room and said something like "it's climbing across the roof to get to our window
cont.(next part may be dissapoint)
apparently I missed something absolutely terrifying that made him freeze, because I didn't notice the thing until after cuz had been paralyzed with fear
>cuz was just sitting there staring at our window with that kind of "I accept my fate but holy shit i'm scared" look, and im just like "wtf r u doin we r goin 2 die"
>so I pick cuz up by his arm and we go into the bathroom that's like right next to our door while we have the chance since there's no windows.
>cuz gets unparalyzed as im sitting in there holding his hand (not joking, I was scared)
>spend the next 6 hours talking about whatever to keep our minds off things.
>sun comes up and we praise the lord and thank jesus for protecting us and go home.
mfw I just remember this story, and I remember how I live at the same place I lived when this happened. this story took place 100 yards from where I'm sitting right now. I can go down there and take a pic of the land where it happened, but the house has been moved. they moved out like 4 years ago for unknown reasons, and for some reason the house isn't there anymore either.
As to how I found the rifle

>Be me
>hear rumors of an old hunter's cabin that was 2pooky4me related
>Decide to go find it
>Grab my ankle gun and my Ithaca
>Bring along my part-navajo buddy
>He had his dad's .243 rifle and a .38 revolver
>We set out and everything is fine
>But then I hear things that didn't sound right
>Like footsteps but as far as I knew, there wasn't any game to be found for miles
>My buddy starts getting visibly upset and starts chanting
>A rain storm starts up and visibility is about 10 feet in any direction
>Lighting cracks and I see 4 figures on the hillside
>it looked like wild boars or foxes, but really long
>We stat noping the fuck out and start running in the direction we came from
>There's a stand of trees blocking us and the trees were not at all native to the Northeast
>We turn around and then our feet get swept out from under us by a rockslide or mudslide and we go down a huge hill, all asses and elbow
>We lose our long guns and knew that our little pistols wouldn't do shit against medium game
>I hear strangled laughter or crying from all around us
>Multiple things are stalking us and we know we're going to die
>Just as we put our guns in our mouths, lightning flashes and we see the cabin
>Without another word, we sprint for the cabin
>I kick the door off of it's hinges and go flying through, looking for anything to help us
>I trip over my feet and land in a room set slightly below the rest of the cabin
>The things are outside the house, making chattering sounds, popping up in windows
>I start to look around and find a lantern and light it with my zippo
>And above the fireplace in front of me, a rifle
>And a box of shells, like someone was getting ready to use it
>They're inside the house
>My body is ready
>I see 4 shapes and fire both barrels, reload, and fire both barrels again, the shapes scatter
>The storm dies and we walk home
>My buddy disappears a week later
fuck /k/ just helped me remember why I can't be around windows at night and now I'm even more scared remembering what happened literally right next to me not but 6 or so years ago, and if my best friend is to be believed could have been the same thing here >>24053978 except I moved and this happened in a town 15 miles away so it followed me. if it can follow me 15 miles to a new home, it can find me in the same home as when we first met
File: Iwanttobelieve.jpg (31KB, 600x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 600x750px

Literally the worst
They do follow you.

To make sure you don't know it's name. If you know it's name, you can banish it to where it dwells in the ether.
And to check to see if you've let your guard down.

I had one find me, a few weeks after I had helped to shoot some of his friends.

>Be me
>Be at home in my bedroom, which was on the second floor
>There was a porch under me, so there was a roof I would sneak onto at times to smoke or drink
>But the closest tree didn't have any branches bigger than a baby's wrist and you couldn't get onto the roof unless you had a ladder
>I'm having this horrible nightmare about getting chased by something
>Something with eyes as red as blood
>Just as I felt the claws of the creature brush my back, I wake up
>I'm sweating and breathing like I had just ran a marathon
>But it feels off
>My body is completely rigid and I feel like I'm still in the nightmare
>I look up ever so slowly from my pillow and see something
>Something shaped like the creature that had been chasing me
>And where the eyes would be, my blinds were in the way
>Because I am one paranoid motherfucker, I put my hand on my .357 next to my bed
>I raise it up and thumb the hammer back whilst looking straight out my window, where the eyes of the figure would be

Keep in mind, there was no way that thing could see me because of my blinds

>I start pulling the trigger, but I stop and wave back
>I wait until it is day and go outside with an 870
>There was dirt matching the ground outside my window

And that's why I hate windows at night
Please stop
By the tally in this thread alone, there should be at least three dozen dead skinwalkers. How many can there even be in the world?
Balls man.

I'm going crazy thinking about what happened. I can't remember anything, it's just blank. Still getting goosebumps and chills everytime I think of looking into the trees from around the front of the cabin.

It wasn't even dark outside, it was just...so thick. You couldn't see thirty feet into it before the trees overlapped and obscured everything.
>to check and see if you know it's name
>check to see if you let your guard down
since I was 14 I've slept with a hatchet, and my grandpas old shotgun recently. still don't let my guard down, even when i'm not at home. also what happens if I know it's name .-.
>insert creepy as story from anon that describes how I feel and what I feel
swear to god your story is making me shit myself, and it's broad daylight outside right now. cant stand these things, what are they called? I want to know how to kill it if I see one again. will post pics to /k/ if I manage to do so
this thread has become /therapy/
gather around anons, there's no windows here to be afraid of. lets all hug and share our creepy window stories so that we can confront our fears
Okay /k I lurk here a lot but don't really post much as i'm a eurofag and not being allowed guns i don't have much to contribute, but here i would like to share with you my experience in Austria when i was 19. Apologies if the English isn't perfect as it is not my first language however i do follow a university course in english currently and have been for 5 years now.

> Be at uni first year economics in Holland.
> Exams are before xmas, and resits early january, so we have 3 weeks before lectures start again in Feburary.
> Me and a group of 7 plan a skiing trip to Austria, four of us can ski well, the other four can't at all, so it's a good group.
> fast forward to i think day 4 of the ski trip.
> Have been locked in a battle of who has the biggest balls all week with the other 3 guys who can ski, racing and doing stupid jumps.
> Sat in a restaurant at lunch and my russian friend suggests today we go up to the top and ski down in the dark.
> Gut reaction was obviously no, i've heard stories about idiots doing this before and breaking a leg, but my manhood requires me to accept the challenge.
> So we agree to it, spend the rest of the day skiing and take one of the last chair lifts up to the highest point in the resort.
> Worried that a lift worker will tell us to gtfo if we just hang about at the top so we ski down prehaps a few hundred metres then take our skis off and walk off the piste out of sight.
File: ecct0116mybloody02.jpg (28KB, 450x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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wait is that the end of the story
Con't from >>24054598

> We don't have to wait long, it gets dark around 5:30PM so we just sit about talking and sipping from the two hip flasks we have with us

I should mention at this point that it has been snowing lightly all day but in the last half hour it's picked up and now snowing fairly heavily

> I start expressing my doubt when i realise just how dark it's going to be, snow clouds are stopping any more light in and the last of the day is disappearing down the valley
> Get told to man up by the italian guy and decide i don't want to be the chicken of the group so i stop talking
> By the time it's properly dark, it is REALLY fucking dark, and the torches we have don't work as well as we want because the light is reflecting off the falling snow, so we can't see shit
> I'm panicking a bit at this point as i scare pretty easily, and i don't think the other guys are feeling great about it either, despite us all being a little drunk (Alcohol hits you so much harder at altitude)
> We decide not to fuck about like we have been doing all week and just get down slowly and safely as a group, i'm the only one without a headtorch so i planned to stick to them like glue
> Set off slowly and i'm sticking about a metre behind the russian guy. We pick up speed though despite being a lot of powder on the slope, and i'm getting into a nice rhythm when one of my boot bindings pops out for no reason and i go down
> "FUCK WAIT UP GUYS" but my russian friend doesn't hear me from like 10 metres ahead of me and the other two are further ahead than that
> SHIT SHIT SHIT i go crawling back up to find my ski while looking back down the slope the lights of my friends are disappearing quickly
> By the time i get my ski on i can't see their lights at all any more, and i'm on the verge of crying knowing i'm a few kilometres from the village and i literally cannot see a thing
keep going I like this story
If it is a physical thing, it can be dispatched in any way you deem fit. Just make sure you deem a LOT of it fit. And by that I mean you need the fucking trilogy, MAG DUMP, MAG DUMP 2: THE REDUMPENING and MAG DUMP: A story of FLYING HATRED.

If it's not terrestrial or physical, you're fucked. (Not an alien or a ghost)

Sure you could probably kill an alien with flying lead. But do you think a being capable of interstellar space travel is worried about something is primitive as flying lead?

Applogies for the slow writing pace i'm writing this from notes i made a long time ago and i keep having to translate words
how about a hatchet. if I put a hatchet into its face will it die. also if you know anything about these creatures, are they capable of actually hurting us? from what I saw it looked scary as shit but other than maybe some teeth under that hideous face I didn't see any defensive stuff on it. and claws I guess, it was able to hold onto a tree with minimal effort
no worries I'm still going through innawoods stories
I'm fine with this.

Just don't jab yourself on the end of my nugget's bayonet while we hug.

Fuck the outside world I want to go shoot all of the things dead.
File: 1416795402559.jpg (38KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 500x375px
your nugget bayonet will be useful for when we empty all the ammo into a single skinwalker, and there's still a windigo and black dog to go
bump for moar
File: darksnow.jpg (117KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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con't from >>24054667

> Get my nerves under control after a moment, and focus myself on going very slowly and carefully down, my friends must have noticed i wasn't with them fairly quickly and are probably waiting for me further down
> Also reassured by the fact that i'm on a straight and narrowish piste that winds down the mountain amongst the trees, makes it much easier to follow without going onto another piste and getting lost
> have been going for maybe a few minutes when i smash straight into a tree, i wasn't going fast enough to do damage but my ski has come off again, the binding must have been loose
> Gradient is pretty steep and i can't find my ski when i stumble about with my phone screen shining, and i assume it must have gone down the hill a little way
> Take my other ski off and loosen my boot bindings so i can walk, and i set off down the slope carrying my ski, panning the ground slowly looking for a hint of reflected light from my other ski
> of course i get completely lost in the dark and after 5 minutes of stumbling about i really have no idea where i am and am panicking again
> Suddenly, I hear this ripping sound, like someone tearing canvas or something. it was already pretty spooky with the howling wind and the snow, but i had no idea how to explain that noise
> Have no idea which direction the sound is coming from as i'm disoriented as hell, imagine stumbling around your bedroom in pitch black
> It lasts for maybe 30 seconds and then stops, i'm freaking the fuck out at this point and am actually laying on the ground trying to pretend i'm not there, as it's pitch black
> Decide eventually i have to move, so i stand up and start clomping in a random direction, at this point i thought i was going to die out there that night, if not from the fact i was totally lost, then from the paranoid thoughts i was having from watching too many horror movies.
File: 1416628659984.png (46KB, 174x238px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have a new fetish for ski/winter/snowy innawoods stories
Con't from >>24054848

Got ahead on writing this out on a notepad file so you guys don't have to wait so long.

> Only moved about 5 metres and i literally stumble over a shitload of blood and guts. I've never hunted before or anything and i'm not used to this and when i realise my hand is planted in a load of warm gooey stuff i stumble back and actually vomit onto the snow
> I sit there for a moment before i piece together in my head that the ripping sound was the sound of this things skin being torn open
> Body goes into blind panic at this point, my memory order of what happens next isn't great, i think because i was hyperventilating and shitting my pants but;
> I realise whatever killed it was probably only metres away from me through the dark, logic should have told me that if i couldn't see it, it might not be able to see me either, but of course i wasn't listening to logic and i just fucking ran instead

Now i don't know how many of you guys have skiied before but running through powder in ski boots is difficult enough without it being dark and there being trees everywhere

> Didn't get very far before i tripped on something and fell over a ledge, maybe 2 metres high, it didn't hurt much but i was lying there for a second winded when i heard a trickling of water next to me
did you died
omg anon you can't just ask if someone died, the ded have feelings 2
Con't from >>24054902

> Something was i think pissing right next to me, i have no idea what it was but it smelled gross and i could feel it's heat, i shat my pants and got up and started sprinting again, and i heard a horribly deep snarl behind me and heavy footfalls moving much faster than I was
> Suddenly catch sight of a bright light maybe 30 metres away through the trees and start running toward it, never run so fast in my life despite the boots weighing me down
> burst out onto the piste again and there's a snowcat right in front of me with all its light blinding me
> As i turned around to see what was chasing me i caught a glimpse of something huge with light grey fur on all fours fleeing the lights glare
> A guy gets out of the snowcat and starts shouting at me in Austrian for a moment before i guess realising what state i was in, and beckoning me to come over
> Got in the snowcat with him and he drove me back down to the village, turns out my friends had gone into a bar and asked them to call mountain rescue as i'd been gone almost an hour, but the guy who found me was just out doing his job bashing the piste
> I told my friends what had happened but they didn't believe me and thought i must have just been drunk, still they were happy to see me, if i hadn't of come across the snowcat i would have frozen to death in the night, depite the fact that i had blood stains on my hand and my face was a mess of snot and tears
> Wrote what happened down as best i could when i got back on my ipad, but i haven't talked about it to anyone since, partly out of embarassment after my friends didn't believe me

I did some research about the wildlife the next day and i read there were no wolves and that bears were extremely rare, i even asked one of the bar guys in the hostel who'd lived there his whole life and never seen a bear. We went back the next day to try and find my skis (took all my balls) and saw the dead dear as it turned out to be which gave credit to my story, but my friends still didn't believe me. We found what was i think the first ski i lost but not the other one i dropped in panic, and i got a big fine from the rental shop.
I still to this day have no idea what i experienced that night but i am still afraid of the dark now and i outrightly refused to return when my parents looked at the resort as an option for the family ski trip last year.
File: 1416981155428.png (486KB, 495x456px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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we believe you anon. that was a beautiful story and I'm glad you're still alive. does the rest of creepy innawoods thread wanna give their input on what the horny beast that pissed next to anon was? I'm no /x/ pro but sounds like a yeti
That would depend greatly on the anatomy of such a thing. I wouldn't trust a hatchet, but it's much better than nothing. I wouldn't even trust a firearm short of a beltfed .308. Why? because you have a lot more chances to hit something you need to. Cut certain worm species in half, and you're left with two of them. Burn them into oblivion, and you're left with ash. And if it is immortal, the most a sentient pile of ash will do is give you some respiratory problems. But, a hatchet to the face is a good start. As for being hurt by them? Depends if they are hungry,territorial, or having fun. Might just be mentally scaring you for years. Or may have the desire to rip your head from your body and consume your organs. Too many variables. Something else to consider would be electricity, if they muscular system reacts to electricity. In which case 20 coulombs would be a proper dosage for the cocksucker.
I can appreciate your sarcasm but i still think it was a bear or something, i just thought i would contribute it to this thread as there's a part of me that thinks it was something i can't explain.

No actually i'm dutch, but France was the first place I skied as a child so that was the word i learned for it i guess.
from my memory it moved incredibly slowly. like a sloth. but it had a paralyzing effect on my cousin, kinda like Medusa and how she turns shit to stone. whatever my cousin saw had him fucked up for a while, so if it has anything offensive it could paralyze you and do whatever the fuck it wants. not a comforting thought
File: July_Smile.png (745KB, 1262x710px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
745KB, 1262x710px
kek there was a bit of sarcasm there, but I do believe the story and I did enjoy it
im a poorfag, I can't even afford a nugget
That's being in absolute fear. So it's a weapon in the same way that if a girl with nice titties and a tight ass asks me to cook her dinner, I'm getting an apron on.
I got one
>Summer 2006
>year after Hurricane Katrina
>New Orleans was all fucked up, a lot of neighborhoods were badly flooded, the houses needed to be torn down and rebuilt, they were too far gone
>my group of friends and I were graduating high school and heading off to college in the fall
>doing what high school kids do before they go off to college, hanging out drinking and smoking weed
>one of my friends parents' house was in one of the badly flooded areas, the house was abandoned but still had electricity running to it
>all the street lights were damaged and didn't work and the neighbors had left too
>naturally this was one of the spots we would gather and act a fool
>the upstairs had a large room where we brought keyboards and musical instruments where we would jam
>one night we decide to gather at the house
>this night was really dark and foggy, the fog was think and blanketed the neighborhood
>extra creepy
>there were about 9 or 10 of us, 4 or so girls and the rest guys
>we always entered all stealthy and kept quiet for the beginning just to make sure we were the only ones and no curious cops or whatever scoping us out
>get inside, head upstairs
>drinking some beers, shooting the shit
>alcohol hits the bladder after a while, time to piss
>head downstairs
>most of the the interior lights were damaged so I grab a flashlight
>pissing in the bathroom under the stairs
>finishing up and I hear a muffled noise coming from a corner room of the ground floor
>it can't be my friends, I was right under the stairs and would have heard someone come down
>I hear another noise
>I cut off the flashlight

>quietly peer around the corner and look into the kitchen
>I see trash littering the floor
>its new, not brought in by the storm
>we didn't really mess around on the first floor, and there's a bunch of stuff out of place
>something isn't right
>I had a knife on me (and after the incident in this story I damn near always make sure I carried one after that) and whipped it out
>the downstairs bedroom has dirty mattresses and bent spoons, what looks like old dried blood smeared on the wall, brown and fetid
>I distinctly hear footsteps this time nearing my location
>wheel around to my left side
>there's a dirty looking girl standing in the doorway, couldn't have been much older than me
>We both scream
>I draw my knife holding at arm's distance
>she's saying “We don't want to hurt you! We don't want to hurt you!” over and over
>my fight or flight reflex is kicking in hard
> a guy emerges from the shadows
>he was shorter than I was, but wiry muscles, long dirty hair that obscured his face
>tattoos all over, wore dirty all black clothes
>being in his presence literally made the hair on my body stand on end
>scary fucking dude
>he doesn't say anything
>”Don't come any closer or I'll stab you!” I say
>girl looks nervous, the dude does not
>I back out of the room, keeping the knife pointed
>run upstairs
>all my friends are high/drunk, oblivious to the situation downstairs, they were jamming on the instruments, didn't hear anything
>I'm trying to spit out what just happened
>”People downstairs... fucking creepy people... we need to get out of here..”
>girls are laughing.
>”Nice try dude!, you're going to have to try harder than that!”
>Haha, you're just high, have another beer.”

>as I'm getting more and more pissed, we hear footsteps coming up the stairs
>the room goes silent
>the girl and the evil dude walk into the room
>the girls with us scream
>kinda funny looking back at that moment
>but now we are stuck upstairs with these people blocking the exit
>nowhere to run
>The girl is repeating “Don't call the cops, we don't want to hurt you!
>scary dude says nothing
>my friend who owned the house says “Get the fuck out of my house.”
>scary dude pulls out a grimy scalpel from his pocket
>”You don't want to do that.”
>the only thing he said during the entire encounter
>I have the knife extended at him
>grimy girl starts pulling on the dude
>”Come on, lets go.”
>guy glares at us for another 10 seconds or so, felt like an eternity
>he puts the scalpel in his pocket and walks downstairs without saying a word
>we look out the window and see the duo disappear into the fog
>we went downstairs to investigate

We found:
>bent spoons
>empty syringes
>5 grimy bare mattresses
>9mm bullets
>hobo food like Chef Boyardee
>a lot of dirty panties
>a map of the New Orleans area with 10 or so places circled in red
>several Louisiana driver's licenses, over 10 of them
>dried bodily fluids on the walls, assumed it was blood

We didn't touch anything. My friend told his dad about the incident and called the cops. The cops said that some of the people in the driver's licenses had been missing since around the time of the storm. The dude we met that night was up to something. We never returned to the house.

They bulldozed the house soon after.
>creepy guy in all black comes up to you and confronts you while you're doing illegal things
dude you had a run in with emo-hobo batman
That wasn't the vibe I got from him.
File: 1384608345300.gif (376KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
376KB, 500x281px
bretty good, 7 keks
I bet the criminals in the dark knight didn't get a good vibe from batman when he was rek'in them. face it you're the bad guy here. on the other hand 9/10 story
>>24055268 kek I liked that one too
dont let this thread rip
File: Innawoodschallenge.jpg (995KB, 2524x1302px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP here, now that some of you have read some of these stories. Here's a list of challenges to pick :)
I somehow feel like the fugitive is possibly the easiest challenge. At least in the Midwest anyway
I think if someone did the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. one, it would be the most entertaining and spookiest outcome.
I had to walk 13 miles into town once. mind you this was with 3 beers on me and 2 on my bro, and two packs of cigarettes and we still barely made it without passing out.
also it was mid summer in texas so that could have been it
File: 1385407907332.png (229KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That faggot ate yo' dope and vomited ? must have been some pretty shitty plants yo
File: 1379283704378.jpg (10KB, 300x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 300x200px
>fatty mclightbar
This is why /k/ needs a benevolent sponsor... Strap up a /k/ommando with some IR cameras and some GoPros and send them off to do the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. challenge. Many yuks and much spookiness to be had. Oh and a possible video confirmation on skinwalkers, wendigos, aliens or angry fudds.
thank you based Koffeeguy

i live onnacoast in maine and go innawoods often, ive heard some vague things from some of the old fellas around where i go, but nothing specific

i want to see this shit for myself
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