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What's the worst thing you've seen on or off the battlefield,

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What's the worst thing you've seen on or off the battlefield, /k/?
This thread
The worst thing I've ever seen was my friend flipping the FUCK out while we were on acid.

Pretty tame, but still traumatic.
This thread
OP's dragon dildo collection
also, mandatory fun
Alien: Resurrection
bodies flying through the air.
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pulling bodies out of graves and burning them

top kek
If I had a skull it'd look a lot like him
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this is the story

>be clearing Najaf cemetary
>go into small tomb with fire team
>take the time to have a smoke, bullshit, and generally relax even if for a bit
>i start reading the dates on the tombs, figure out one has been buried with in 2 years
>we start chipping/hacking away at the tombs
>finally get it open
>"oh fuck man that stinks"
>i begin to pull body out (dont know what end im holding)
>skeleton falls apart, 2 boots in my team puke, im left holding a shin bone while going on about "where the foot?! wheres the foot?!"
>realize were really fucked up
>leave a thermite grenade set up to destroy the tombs
>keep skully for photo
>take pic

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hey bro, Iraq 2003-2005 were awesome fun years
>come to /k/
>see shitpost
>see shill
I..I'm not even mad. I just don't why you did this or what you thought would happen
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did a bully write that on your helmet?
>unleash zombie hadji
>go on adventures with your new buddy

cuz im fucked up? i dunno we were bored


what? its my blood type, SOP mang
That webm yesterday with the dig that had larvae in its skin
bullies always know my blood type
some dude was lagging like 300ms and frontknifed people with the lag on his side

That head is fresher than 2 years.
>iraq 2005 February
>camp taji
> local national entrance gate.
>kebab gets out of his car pulls out some slav shit 9x19mm pistol and shoots a soldier not 20 feet from me.
>every other soldier including me fill him full of m855 instantly after the gunshot.
>bullet missed the plate and went through the soft armor of his IBA.
>he bleed out before we could get him on he helicopter to the Anaconda CASH.
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well that makes me feel better for taking the soft armor out of my Interceptor before fallujah because our armorer told me the soft armor was shit and should just carry plates

Damn that really sucks. How did it defeat his armor?
dunno, could have just been bad luck of the soldier getting an old substandard vest and/or the kebab having AP ammo. He wasn't in my brigade so I never got any info after we got him on the bird.

some good did come of it. they posted a M113 ambulance and medics at the gate after the incident. all they had before was a combat life saver bag in the HMMWVs at the gate.
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wannabe delta force

kek, i operate harder than those fags in my sleep
Saw a guy stabbed to death in my old neighborhood.

The chinese food he had for lunch spilled out of his stomach onto the bricks. That really got to me for some reason
I saw a guy wipe his ass with his socks and then put them back on his feet.
Dis nigga
> taliban attempt to mortar cop
> kek
> one round is a dud, lands a couple hundred meters short as far as we can tell
> a couple of days go by, then kaboom.
> civilian pickup comes tearing up from the village.
> a group of children found the damn thing, one poked it.
> one of the six was in the bed of the truck, the only suvivor
> 8 year old girl.
> no arms
> no legs
> pelvis was shattered
> no screams, just defiant green eyes
> those eyes
> i just put my hands on her until she died

I dreamt of her face for months. I can still see her
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>Be inna Afghanistan
>One of those meetings with villagers to talk about where the Taliban is hiding
>Standing nearby in case SHTF
>Look up at a rooftop and see a dude grabbing some chick
>He pulls her ninja mask off and reveals literally the most beautiful face I've ever seen
>takes out a pocketknife and cuts her face up real bad, presumably for showing it in public accidentally or something
>Can't engage because ROE
>He looks at me with the most shit eating grin

Fucking honor mutilations.

Jesus fuck
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Absolutely horrifying
I watched my grandfather die.
I'll never forget watching him throw up all over himself, and my grandmother regretting, giving the doctors the OK to take him off life support.

The second worse thing was...
>be driving to highschool
>be at first red light in a line of 3 stoplights
>a minivan flies by me, through the red light, and down the hill in front of me.
>light turns green
>I go to through the second light, then have to stop at the third
>the van got hit by a huge diesel truck, while trying to run another light (i think, or the truck ran the light)
>I hear sirens coming, so I pull past the wreck
>as I drive around I can see into the van
>all the windows facing me are broken out
>the lady driving wrapped her face around her steering wheel.
>there was blood splattered all over the front of the van.
>i could see in the back
>there had to have been 4 or 5 kids back there.
>one's head was hanging out the broken window
>the other two were painted red, and not moving.
>the last kid I saw was originally in a car seat (he was the smallest)
>he was now wedged between his mom's seat and the console.

I drove past and waited on a cop to pull up. I told him I saw her run a light, and he said "Son, you don't need to see this, get out of here."

For some reason that made it all worse. Him thinking I hadn't seen any of it.
IDK if I would be able to control myself.
I just can't imagine how people can be so fucking reckless, especially with their kids.
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People are selfish to the point of idiocy. Any one of us can invent a way to justify the stupid shit we do.
Sauce ?

he didnt eat all his vegetables
>better endanger my kids' lives so I can get them to soccer practice in time for my nail appointment!
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Beautiful man
Not the gore and death

That in the middle of that, you had the simple compassion to comfort a dieing child in her last moments. To provide something simple as your presence and your contact in that time.
My parents only checked my plate
Wasn't even necessarily her kids, apply the same reasoning with a single childless women doing baby sitting.
I don't want to make you feel guilty, but did you stop? How far behind were the sirens?
stop it anon i dont want to rage
>be hella fucked up on IV hydromorphone
>lay down by post box
>nod like a motherfucker
>car crashes into lightpole
>dog and guy go running out and book it
>my friend start talking to police officer
>'what's wrong with him?'
>oh.. hes just.. uh.. sick.. yeah.. sick..
I have two similar experiences. I used to drive a lot when I was a security guard.

>see car upside down in the bench
>judging by the marks it had left it had had a pretty wild spin
>half of one passenger is in the tree above the car
>one kid is under the car
>one between the car and a tree
>the driver is 50m away
>no one was breathing or even in one piece
>call cops and fire department
>wait in the blistering cold winter night alongside the dead kids for the cops (took half an hour or so)

>arrive at another crash site
>cops get there half a minute after me so I don't have to do anything
>still "get" to see everything
>mom had suicided with a kid on board
>130km/h against a huge rock
From that day on I have not been able to get the image off my head. The kid had been wearing a Hello Kitty -shirt and it was wrapped around a support beam along with the girl. I could never ever get my kid anything Hello Kitty thanks to that image. I actually had trouble sleeping after that.

But the worst:
>be inna supermarket doing mall cop shit
>see a shady guy
>follow shady guy discreetly
>shady guy has a daughter, oh well maybe he is decent after all
>wait a minute..
>see shady guy looking around and grabbing the kid (10yo btw) under the shirt and shit
>the girl is about to cry and says "please don't do it here"
>the rage inside me cannot be contained
>apprehend the fucker
>police arrive
>they say they can't do shit because the act wasn't caught on tape and the kid says the dad didn't touch her
>the kid is bruised and scared to hell and back and the cops see it too but the best they can do is to inform the social services which in return leads to nowhere
>they let the guy go even though they are too seemingly disgusted
>never see the guy or the kid again
That was the only time I have ever seriously planned murdering someone. I will never ever forget the crushed hope in that girls eyes, that shit was soul-crushing.

And the worst thing is cases like that were common.

I think he would have probably preferred to skip it, you fucking imbecile
I consider myself lucky that the worse thing I saw in Iraq didn't even involve someone dying... Think I've told this story once before here, but oh well:

>QRF, get called out to run security for a EOD unit so they can clear some bumfuck route that no one uses
>"Welp, better than sitting around here all day"
>Go out there, set up the security, wait fucking hours for EOD to show up
>They get their robot out and start sending it down range
>Takes another fucking hour (seemed like it) for the robot to travel the km down the road to get to the IED
>IED goes off, whether because the robot triggered something or there was a triggerman watching and wanted to take the robot down at least, I don't know
>We start hooting and hollaring at the sight of the explosion
>Suddenly realize we can hear someone screaming
>Think, oh fuck, some piece of shrapnel just traveled a fucking click and tagged someone
>Turn to see the EOD guy who was controlling the robot trying to fight off the rest of the EOD team who is holding him back
>Guy fucking starts sobbing and his team force him back into their humvee
>EOD team leader explains later that that guy and that robot had been through a deployment before already and that they were "close"

Strangest thing I ever saw, made me feel bad despite the fact it was just a machine
>My parents only checked my plate

This is a weird kind of feel. I can tell this would be funny to me, if not for my feelings about that kid. All I'm left with is a grimace and this weird feeling. Guess I'm not as desensitized as I thought...
Why didn`t you stalk him?
I've heard that happens pretty often actually.
That post made me sick.
You should have fucking killed him. the only thing letting bad men do bad things...
I've told this here before but it still haunts me so I think it qualifies even though it isn't as bad as most of the stuff in this thread.

>be in what is our equivalent of high-school
>the school building also has school for younger kids
>Valentines day coming up
>students give each other cards
>just hanging out with bros on the yard not giving a shit because we were so "cool"
>see young girl very nervously approach me
>she's like 11 so like six years younger than me
>she comes up to me, blushing and almost shaking hands me a card
>barely even makes eye-contact, so nervous
>"I like you" in shaky voice
>on the card there is a big heart, "happy valentines day" and a crappy poem
>feel my bros laughing at me behind my back
>must save face
>rip the card to pieces and throw it to the ground
>yell "go to hell you ugly pig" to the girl or something like that
>for a second she is baffled
>then runs away in tears
>feel so fucking horrible inside but play it cool for the bros and make jokes about it the whole day
>later on math lesson
>look outside through the window
>see that same girl walking on the street, clearly upset and crying
>a bunch of girls following her and throwing trash and sticks at her
>later find out that the jokes I had made had gone around to the middle-school and people had started to bully her about it
>she changes schools after a year or so

Holy shit I feel bad for that. I mean it must have taken every bit of courage in her to come up to me, her 'crush', and hand over that card. And I basically did the worst thing I could.
I certainly hope she did better in the next school.

Off the Battlefield:

>Be driving home on leave
>Excited to see wife and kids
>Excited to shoot some funs and go hunting
>Get stuck in fucking traffic
>Get mad, irate and all sorts of other negativity because I feel like I shouldn't have to deal with traffic
>finally get up to the blue lights
>car crushed, brains on the ground and blood on the inside of the front of the car
>one little kid sitting in amberlamps and being carted away from what I assume is his dead family.

On the battlefield

>2006 2nd deployment - Ramadi
>Taking fire from a set of houses
>Take my fireteam and go to flush them out into streets
>See one towelhead run into an adjacent building behind a wall
>pull out M67 and toss over wall
>Think nothing of it for the next 20 mins while we clear out the building
>go over to see my handiwork
>It's a mother and her two kids

Out of all the ones I can remember this one was the worst
This for sure. I'm still freaked out
It's crazy how worms can live inside of you.

What about the one with the larve in the kids hair? What does that come from?
i read this as a screencap one time
If I had say followed him and done something I wouldn't admit it here, you know.

But if I was writing a novel about a situation like that I guess the protagonist, who had access and connections to people involved with narcotics, could for example make it so that the same police officers he was already familiar with get a tip about just some random guy having just enough product to put him away for few years. Also it would be a pretty cool plot twist if the protagonists brother was in jail and somehow got the info about the pedophile molester that was about to come into the same prison and he somehow accidentally leaked this info among the other inmates. Would be cool, right?
fucking ROE when they tell us that we're supposed to be all about hearts and minds and then pull this shit because "dur culture" We need to go full freedom on these backward ass motherfuckers.

Sorry for the rant but your story made me rage with the force of a thousand suns.
This one made me really sad for some reason and I got choked up. I guess it's imagining the screaming.
Holy shit. Slow Joe. You will not be forgotten my robot protector.
>Kid always use to come around the base
>Pretty sure he was an orphan, ran around in one of those street-rat mobs you see
>He was a fascinated by military stuff, really liked anything to do with the military, wore whatever milsup he could get his hands on and since it was always too large for him, me and the guys called him "Bags", short for baggy
>Got to the point where even though he didn't speak english, he knew we meant him when we called out "Yo, Bags! What's up!"
>For some reason, I forget why, we where taking out a shit-ton of old uniforms to go burn them, they were the old chocolate chips
>I instantly think of Bags and save one of the smaller tops for him
>Clean it up, have a buddy of mine sew the right patches on (ACU patches, so they stood out, but still), make it look real nice
>Present it to Bags next time I see it
>He goes wide eye then looks up at me with that innocent "For me?" look that only a fucking 10 year kid can give
>He's estatic, throws off the ragged jacket he has on, puts the chocolate chip
>It's still too big, but he looks happy as fuck, he fucking hugs me
>Feel like I made a difference in this terrible country
>Not two days later, hear someone talking about a dead body they had found on the route leading from the closest village to the base
>It was a little boy
>It was a little boy wearing a chocolate chip jacket

Rumor around the village is that he was killed because of the "US ARMY" tag on the jacket I had sewn on. At least, that's the most that we ever found out, never found out who did it.

I still see Bags in my dreams and he keeps asking me in perfect english, "Why didn't you come save me? I though I was part of the team? Why didn't you come save me?"
I stopped and waited on the cop. I could hear sirens getting pretty close. The hospital was only 2 streets over. and there were already people stopped near the van and the driver of the truck was out, and on his phone.
I saw a nigger throw a plastic wrapper directly into a storm drain today.
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I thought regular dead people sucked until I saw an Iraqi that had a severe bot fly infestation in his nutsack and upper thighs. I don't think any of us ate that night.
>dude's wife divorces him
>takes kids, dog, furniture, money and anything else of worth except the car and the house
>dude is broke, car isn't road legal and he can't get a job
>hear nothing from him for about a week
>hear his car start up next morning
>I follow him down the road to the local pub
>covers his car and himself in petrol
>lights it and just stands there
>i had to leave because of the stench
>come back when fire brigade arrives
>dude is a human husk and his limbs were like sticks

rip malcolm
At least you feel bad about it. I wonder if the guys who picked on me in middle school ever feel bad. I doubt it.
> afghanistan
> chillin in bunker waiting for all clear after rocket attack.
> someone notices chunk of flesh on hill next to bunker.
> everyone gets accountability, not one of us
> turns out it was an ANA guy
> all clear is given.
> go look for the rest of him.
> i find chunk of ribs
> wait for ana to pick up his friends chunks.
> get hungry just looking at ribs.
> no ribs for dinner.
> chili mac gives me the shits
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21 gun salute.jpg
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R.I.P. Malcolm
this is why i'm nervous about marriage, if anything at all fucks up and you get divorced, the woman can take everything and leave you with nothing

I remember being a dick to a kid that was fat and about 3 feet shorter then everyone else. I bullied him for no other reason then his tears made me laugh. I remember at some point something clicked inside my mind and I asked myself "WHAt the fuck am I doing?" and then I reached down and helped him up after I just pushed him down in a mud pit. He was crying and suspicious, I just helped him up with no shenanigans and he walked away sniffling. Never fucked with him again after that but other people still did...A few times I actually sat with him at lunch and let him play sports with us on the playground. I got some shit from my friends for it but I was cool enough to not really be effected by it.
Should have gotten the guys ID and taken a pic of it before anyone else arrived. If the address is valid you know where he lives. If it hasn't been updated you still have a good lead.
lol, that happened to me on my first time.... ..see my friend slip out.
>i took 3 drops
>he took 8
>he ended up sprinting all the way home
>took his pipe and chucked it against his granite counter
>chipped the counter, dusted the pipe.
damn dude. I know you might be a bit fucked up over the second one, but its not your fault. Hadjis were shootin at you and your bros and you were trying to take them out. Sorry it didn't turn out the way you wanted it but shit happens man.
Yea, semi-stressful events become REALLY stressful on L.

Fortunately, last time I tripped it was snowing and I just listened to metal with a good friend and spray painted profanity and gore doodles into the snow.

On a side note, spray painting snow is a great idea. Do it.
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poop sock.jpg
965KB, 1826x2393px

do what you gotta do man...
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I was onna mission babbysitting some civil affairs unit as they traipsed around to a bunch of little Pashtun villages in trashcanistan.

Hardcore grown male Pasthuns often wear what's called a face-cutting knife, which they use to cut the face of any of their women that show their face in public. Well, I was sitting on my upgun waiting for the Civil Affairs types to do their thing before we could get moving again.

Along comes this group of women that walk down the road we're on because we parked in the one road through town. They're hushed and somewhat hurrying to get away from us. But it's a bit windy out, and the wind catches one of those girl's burkas/face tent thing, and it blows off of her face and ends up under my vehicle. She is panicking fierce and I tell my buddy to get out and grab it for her. Well, she grabbed it real quick, but not before one of the older crusty fucks that lives there sees the whole thing.
He's fucking pissed, and while he probably knew it was an accident, he was treating it like she was trying to show her face to us infidels.

Guy pulls out his facecutting knife, looks me in the eye, and SMILES before he mauls this girls face, cuts her deep, like 4-5 times before hitting her & telling her to cover her face. The remaining women scurry her off and he just chills there, staring at me with a smug look on his face while every cell in my body is crying out to belt-dump this guy with my M240.

Several of us saw the whole thing, a lot more looked up when she started crying/screaming about getting her face mauled.
Our 1LT ended up taking our terp and our medic and talking to the tribal elders to see about treating her wounds. The sick fucks wanted us to PAY to treat her wounds. Ended up giving those ungrateful sick fucks several sacks full of beans & rice just so our doc could patch up and clean the girls cuts on her FACE.

Every time I hear a woman scream or cry out in fear, I'm filled with this sad, deep, fiery rage.

Pic related.



If one of you took out an M9 and domed the guy, how easy would you get off?
you wanna talk about bad psych times?
I once spent a week with 3-4 of my friends a WEEK straight, overdosing on 2c-p.
my first night I was super hopped on speed and overdosed as well.. fucking ended up watching pinneaple express and blacking out every 10 minutes coming to pulling my hair so hard it almost came out.
Never again
This post upset me.

What truly apalling ungrateful animals. Are you pleased to have helped them to make their country slightly less shitty?

From a tactical point of view, how much of a heads up did you get? It sounds as though you might have been able to prevent this senseless mutilation. No offence meant if not.
File: Facecutter_folded.jpg (91KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Second pic of the Facecutter I brought back from that deployment. It's a fancy one that folds up. only the tip of the 'beak' is sharp, it's useless for anything else and the higher-up elder types get fancier ones, like a status symbol.

I would genuinely enjoy any report of some group of Russians or whatever going through those villages and murdering every single male above the age of 10 or so. I genuinely struggle with the idea that they're even the same species as we are.
This nigga looks like Viking Gandalf.
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Oregon feel.jpg
12KB, 300x300px
If there had been ANY way.. any way at all. I'd have done it. But our ROE had just tightened up even further (lol surge tactics) and the higher brass was dying for some joe like me to do something like that, and make an example of him to show the locals how 'fair' we were.
File: srrybru.jpg (9KB, 227x222px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 227x222px

Fucking savages man, they couldn't just take the jacket away from him.

I honestly want there to be an afterlife just so these shitheads really get whats coming to them, I don't even care about good people go when they die, I just hope hell exists.
Worse thing I've seen was a girl get hit by a car. Was taking my now ex girlfriend home from school and was sitting in a turn lane in front of a side walk. Middle schooler looked left then right and sprinted across and ran into the side of a Buick that flipped her back word 10 yards in front of my car. She ended up being ok but it was scary as fuck.
Again, outside of our ROE, guy wasn't carrying a rifle or RPG sort of weapon and didn't show hostile intent toward *US* specifically.
File: 1232132131.jpg (46KB, 600x399px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 600x399px
Yeah, I think about it sometimes. The base therapist said the same thing that "it was in the line of duty during a time of war" but I still can't get over I killed some kids and their mom who were probably just cowering from all the noise and shit.

Now, on the flip side, there is one I don't regret whatsoever also the last one I remember that I know for sure that it was me that killed them out of the 6 I know.

>Inna field
>Advancing on an area that was just shelled by some 81mm HE
>didn't really expect to see anyone except dead camels and goats
>Step on a piece of wood near a line of grass
>Kid (like maybe 19-20 years old) holding an AK-74U stands up about 20m from me out of the grass fires a few rounds in our general direction and turns to run almost simultaneously
>I dropped to a knee and 3 rounds came out of my rifle in short succession
>collapses into the dirt 3 rounds right in the back
>turns out he was carrying some improvised explosives and a few grenades
>me and my squads face when we knew for sure the shoot was good
Seriously, that's fucking disgusting. I don't know how you kept your finger off the trigger. I doubt I would have been as disciplined. I suppose even a warning shot or shouting could have caused a whole lot of shit in that situation. I've never been deployed so no idea.
someone complemented me on my walk to work and that basically means i was raped ;_;

I'm still triggered by it
>What truly apalling ungrateful animals. Are you pleased to have helped them to make their country slightly less shitty?

No, honestly I'm just angry about all of it. The only improvement we could have made would have been to glass ALL of it.

They're savages but they understand well how to manipulate western feels to get shit they want. They're great at sounding like your ally so long as you give them free shit, but they're giving that free shit to the dudes we're fighting and ratting out our details, etc, ALL the time. The 'better' ones that are truly our allies are only that way because they're backing us as the winning horse and they want to run shit when we leave, and they're almost all boy-raping illiterate subhuman filth.

So yeah, we're spending millions of dollars having the Army Corp of Engineers build nice roads, new infrastructure, etc, while the guys we hand it off too can't read let alone maintain any of it.
Same goes for the ANA and their military prowess. There's a viral vid right now of a bunch of them trying to do jumping jacks for PT, and it explains everything in 45 seconds.

Their religion runs everything and it is dark, ugly, horrible shit that does little else but justify bonafide motherfucking evil, ignorant shit.

They make an authentic Deetroit hoodrat look like a fucking Rhodes Scholar when it comes to education or empathy.
File: pic_14_big.jpg (249KB, 1200x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
249KB, 1200x900px
I hate that they know they can get away with it.
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>that last line

I've had similar dreams.

Similar http://gizmodo.com/5870529/the-sad-story-of-a-real-life-r2-d2-who-saved-countless-human-lives-and-died
>for some reason

I have… seen things you people wouldn't believe… Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those… moments… will be lost in time, like... tears… in… rain. Time… to die…
I watched watched two people die in my life

>Be fresh out of high school
>Work in shipyard
>One guy in his early 20s rigs up loads for cranes
>Something went wrong
>Crane lifts up huge piece of steel for one of the ships
>Rigging fails
>Falls and lands on the guy
>Right in front of a dozen or so people
>He was standing, and then all of a sudden only his feet were sticking out from underneath the steel
>Big pool of blood

>A few years later
>Work in smallish airport
>One old guy who owns a hanger at the airport built his own plane from a kit
>Kinda sketchy, but it's what he wants to do
>Took him about two years to finish
>Finally finishes and ready to fly it
>I'm working in a hanger next to the runway and kind of watching him in between working
>See him hop in and start up the plane
>Stop working to watch his little plane's first flight
>Starts going down the runway
>Going fairly well
>Takes off
>He's in the air
>Maybe 10-15 feet off the ground
>All of a sudden his plane goes completely vertical straight up into the air
>Climbing really fast
>Starts falling back down to the ground
>I remember yelling something incoherent and grab a fire extinguisher and took off running towards the runway
>Plane smashes into the ground like 200 feet in front of me
>I keep running
>I'm the first one there
>Small fire, easy to put out
>Get inside the cockpit
>Blood everywhere
>Hear the guy breath really deeply once, kinda like a gasp, then no more breathing or anything from him
>He's dead
>Pull him out
>His legs were so broken they were like noodles or Jello or something, like in Band of Brothers when they get to the camp and the Jewish guy is carrying the dead old guy who looks all wiggly and stuff
>Set him down on the grass
>Cover him up with my jacket
>Wait for police and paramedics who arrive a few minutes later
Sounds like the linkages to the control surfaces went to shit.
I once threw a hedgehog in front of a lorry and I still feel bad about it now, at least in these threads. A lot of us are assholes as kids. You wouldn't do it now and that's all that matters. Chin up.
File: 41e.png (119KB, 480x232px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119KB, 480x232px
I'd tell the author he did well
Good job, man. Glad you tagged that fucker.
I've posted this a couple times before

I used to live in California. I was walking to the store through a shit area once and I pass by this kid playing around on the sidewalk, I don't think much of it and keep walking. I get about 30 feet past the kid and I hear this deep bass music from behind me, I look back and see a black surbuban just driving

The kid runs into the street trying to save some toy he had out there, he falls down and the suburban does not stop. As the front right tire rolled over his head he let out a brief screech that I will never forget and when it popped that sound echoed down the whole street.

The surburban never stopped but it did speed up after it ran the kid over and disappeared down another street. I didn't get the license plate and "A black surburban" isn't very useful for finding someone when there are a million of the fucking things everywhere you look.
File: 7MUTn.jpg (17KB, 400x449px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 400x449px
Jesus anon

I feel for you
Oh I forgot to add what it was

I can't remember exactly but it was something like he accidentally reversed the cables for the rudders or ailerons, I can't remember which, and forgot to double check before actually flying the thing.
File: 5it9Ejt.jpg (167KB, 720x713px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167KB, 720x713px
>Kid (like maybe 19-20 years old)
Nigga that's a full grown man. You did good.
File: paras.jpg (43KB, 468x311px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 468x311px
They shouldn't embed themselves within the civvie population. They do it because they know that either you won't shoot or you'll "cause" civvie casualties and generate propaganda for them. You didn't kill that family, they did.

> Not even 'murcan.
At least he knows not to run in front of cars now..
Print it.
Thanks for your condolences mr. bongland. I still feel bad about it. I don't think it's going to change any time soon
I once had my dog get run over
the crack
and he kept going
looked like he purposely did it too.
i had to carry my little dog home (two blocks) i was running
the running made her gurgle her own blood it was horrible
i picked up smoking that night
BAT/HIIDE a big ol' jingle truck full of bodies.

dood, when and what airfield was this at? i'm curious about what type of plane.

I'd say the author did a damned good job of writing a happy ending.

I had a cat that got run over, the lower half of her body was a fucking pancake mashed to the pavement but her upper half was still whole, I was a kid, I knew what I had to do but I was too soft to kill her so I sat with her for another 15 minutes trying to comfort her as she flailed around wailing just trying to get away from the pain, at some point she just stopped moving.
File: 1393283740883.png (43KB, 889x481px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 889x481px
Well I could say she was the perfect archetype of the MDAs
fuck you
File: 1392608208119.png (418KB, 700x683px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
418KB, 700x683px
>Be 15 or so
>blowing off fireworks at friends house on Fourth of July
>His dumbass drunk uncle lit one of those mortars with 5 second fuse and stood there laughing trying to show how much of badass he was
>everyone telling him to throw it
>as he gets into stance to throw it, it explodes
>blew off two of his fingers and simultaneously lit his shirt on fire
>also had bad burns on his face
>Run over and start trying to put out fire with wet towel we had on standby if something caught on fire
>hes freaking the fuck out and wont stand still as i try to smother the flames
>mfw breathed in that smell of seared flesh
>mfw shorts covered in blood from trying to hold him still and calm him down
>mfw whenever i hear fireworks now, I hear those screams
File: image.jpg (414KB, 1436x1423px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
414KB, 1436x1423px
That's absolutely disgusting, and black suburbans are for tools, but animals are annoying as shit
It was just a small airfield about two hours north of Seattle and it was probably 2006ish. It was a little kit plane thing. I don't know the specifics about what it was, but it was just a single seat cockpit and it was really small. It's wingspan couldn't have been more than a few meters. It was just a tiny little plane that I guess you fly around for fun.
Expiramentals are fun. Hope I get to fly one of my own some day.
Shit mate, that sounds bleak as fuck. I imagine it's hard to do what you do when they just carry on as before. I mentioned in an earlier post that I've never been deployed but I've spoken to chaps that have and they said that was the worst part: Second / third tour, looks the same as the first.

I honestly think there's no helping these people. Either stay away or as you said, glass the place. Anyway, I hope you're alright now. Sounds like a tough job. God bless.
Fair enough. Like I said, it wasn't your fault. I appreciate that probably means little coming from some anon but it's true.
Reminds me of that age old quote.
"A 5 second fuse on a grenade lasts 3 seconds"
I hope you get mutilated in some fucked up way.
File: remove kebab.png (708KB, 654x432px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
remove kebab.png
708KB, 654x432px
>I honestly think there's no helping these people.
That's because their repressive culture goes back to the middle ages. After the Mongols raped their way across the Middle East and Genghis Khan himself said he was a punishment of God, the Arabs thought they were being punished for their sins. They thought the intellectualism, scholarly tradition and rather liberal culture was an affront to their God. Radical repressive and conservatives took hold in the ideology and we're still dealing with the embers of that bullshit.
I feel like where war is involved, bad shit just kind of becomes weird shit for the most part.

Like, pissing on someone's corpse is fucked up if you're a civilian, but when shit is already fucked up around you, it is just kind of weird.

Same with your story, If I heard about someone desecrating a grave on the news, it would be pretty fucked up, but in this instance, it isn't fucked so much as it is bizarre.
How does a trauma surgeon fix this?
You did good by the murderkube. You have earned your spot of glory.

All bullshit aside, you did good annon. You should feel proud.
File: 31M8eSm34pL.jpg (11KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 300x300px
>cargo pilot for airforce
>talking to truck drivers, need to get a plane loaded full of shit
>notice one of them isn't wearing his pt belt, or any hi-vis equipment
>yo you should probably fix that
>don't worry about it brah
>load up plane
>have to go back to officer's quarters for a last minute thing
>me and truck driver sitting at corner, waiting for stoplight to change
>we're standing right on the street because no curb/raised sidewalks
>suddenly minivan out of nowhere
>plows over truck driver and crushes his chest
>gore everywhere, imagine a popped grape
>soccermom comes out, starts crying and throwing up and having a seizure while going into shock
>I'm just sort of standing there, wondering if I should go back to the plane and pretend like I wasn't apart of this
>base police show up, end up rolling over body because it's dark and they didn't see it
>officer yells at me an hour later because I was late
>we have to go to his supervisor's quarters to get thing signed now
>walking outside
>he trips on the curb infront of his house, falls into street and is hit by a bicycle
>lol I didn't see you there
>officer then starts crying like a bitch and we have to get an ambulance
>3+ hours on and thing is still not signed
>my supervisor (the flight captain) is getting annoyed
>fuck it, we go visit the base commander on duty to have him deal with it
>he's not wearing a pt belt either
>signs thing, we leave
>said command had fallen down a down staircase outside behind HQ building right after we left
>wasn't found for two days because nobody saw him and he broke his hip
>have to get on a plane and fly back because he was making a huge stink over it and I needed to give a statement in person to OSHA inspector
>minivan lady driving the same fucking minivan, but now with a massive dent in the front and presumably coated in blood underneath

What third world country did this occur in?
Always wear your GARB
Gay ass reflective belt
File: image.jpg (42KB, 500x376px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 500x376px

Travis AFB outside of Fairfield, California

it's the place with the Jelly Belly factory and Budweiser brewery
get a fucking iron clad pre nup trust me
My most painful trauma

>I am 15, sister is 12
>sister has impaired sight, she had a very narrow field of vision and couldn't see very well in dark
>I usually walk her to the school before I go to mine
>one morning feel lazy as fuck
>parents already gone to work
>sis keeps bugging me to wake up because she is almost late from school
>I say 'go by yourself you're a big girl, let me sleep'
>she goes
>sleep till noon and decide to skip school for the day
>hear door opening, see mom walk inside
>oh fuck busted
>mom just ignores me, goes to bed with her work clothes on and pulls the covers over her
>even left the door open
>see dad sitting on the steps
>have a very bad feeling
>ask him what's up
>tells me sis got run over by a car this morning and died soon after in hospital

I have felt like shit ever since. And what made it worse was when I had to see the school nurse because of my depression after the incident she tried cheering me up by telling me how my sister, who visited the office frequently due to her condition, was always talking about me and how glad she was that I looked after her and would never let anything bad happen to her and that I was not only her brother but also her best friend.

Ok, I need a drink now.
>>lay down by post box

For what purpose?
File: 1347859151.jpg (16KB, 500x461px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 500x461px
It'll be ok man
how the fuck are we supposed to decipher this story?

Are you still on Hydromorphone, you fucking retard?

Wow, I didn't winge at all.
cool copypasta
File: NOT TODAY.jpg (120KB, 447x453px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120KB, 447x453px
>Why didn't you come save me? I though I was part of the team? Why didn't you come save me?

No, no, no, fuck this, I don't want to feel this, what the fuck were you supposed to have done, telepathically known he was in trouble

Fuck, man...
demanding a pre nup can ruin even a good marriage before it begins. and the second you need it, it gets thrown out in court.
the only way is to marry only if you're 100% sure that marrying this woman is more important than everything you own. cause if any of your possessions is more important to you than your woman, you shouldn't marry her anyway.
yeah that one got me
poor slow joe
Because my head felt like a bag of bricks and i can barely stand up?
Do you even junkie bro?
I found a new fetish.

Where can I find brown women to sexually liberate?
you regret your decision
I enjoyed torturing detainees, burning down houses, and shooting civilians.

You're an asshole.

If a pre nup ruins the marriage then she wasn't in it 100% and if she puts demands on your belongings or hobbies then she isn't 100% into it and is just using you for your money/security/whatever.
I am not proud of this, just to be clear...

>driving around testing a really old rusty piece of shit car that I got for free
>not even remotely street legal but I figure it's ok as it's night time
>do sensible speeds
>the head lights are really dim
>suddenly someone right in front of me
>break but still bump into the person kinda hard
>in shock drive at least ten seconds before stopping
>get out of car and run back to the site
>see a girl just sitting there, looking around
>pretend I am a jogger, for some stupid reason
>ask what had happened
>she says she doesn't know but asks if I can help her find her dog
>she is clearly out of it but doesn't appear to be injured, just bumped her head I suppose
>have a quick look around the site
>to my surprise find the dog, dead
>still had the collar and leash on, the dog probably too most of the impact
>no heart to tell the girl, she is looking from the other side of the road
>sneak away to my car and drive away

Inb4 lol you confessed a felony!!1!! not american
Rest in power slow joe
As I said I had written it here before. But I am sure I used different wordings, feel free to check it if you have the 'original'.

Btw. in the same thread that I first wrote that years ago there were much, much more disturbed stories about bullying. Horrible stuff.
>if you demand a pre nup you don't really believe in the marriage and just want to ditch me when I get too old

works both ways
"Asshole" should be awarded to the winners of society, that guy's just a bitch
the cyber police will backtrace you.

>if you demand a pre nup then you're protecting both parties because neither of you knows what the future holds

ftfy, what you posted was what I've seen used by women who almost invariably cheat on a guy and then divorce him in 5 years.
I walked in on my parents fucking doggy style

and I have been to iraq twice
I never deployed to Afgahnistan, only Iraq, but my buddy said the Polish GROM were famous for not giving a shit and murdering fucks that did this kind of stuff. We usually had a drone or Helicopter in the area, and they would report they "Saw something over (insert other area here)" the drone or aircraft would look at that area instead of them, and when the aircraft looks back there's the Poles and a bunch of bodies.
The worst thing I've seen is probably /b/
Holy shit this got me bad

Fuck. Sorry bro.
>when the aircraft looks back there's the Poles and a bunch of bodies
I smiled. Based Pollacks. Good to know some men still have the balls to keep evil at bay.
Holy fuck. If only you walked with her bro.
That's fucked up hard.
File: 1326518640435.jpg (55KB, 361x582px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 361x582px
>when the aircraft looks back there's the Poles and a bunch of bodies.
Is it bad that I get such a hard on about rough but righteous men who come in the night to mercilessly destroy the evils that exist in our world?
File: unsurehowtoproceed.png (121KB, 250x418px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121KB, 250x418px
>be field medic in foreward base in afghanistan
>helping to create the trainwreck that is the afghanistani "police"
>imagine if you took all the day laborers outside a home depot and gave them guns and a uniform and you get a good idea of it
>they like fucking adolescent boys, who always mysteriously find their way onto base because they have no money and prostitution pays
>eventually get more americans stationed at base, security cleans up
>no more random kids walking around, save for one
>he keeps on getting in somehow
>tell him to stop it or he's going to get shot
>find his dad in nearby town, he's a filthy old man that is obviously an alcoholic
>basically become a social worker for this kid, paying him food to stop coming onto base
>eventually supervisor sees that I'm using double my food ration, forces me to stop
>kid gets found on base a few more times
>still won't tell me how he gets in (mind you by this point we had c-wired all the external walls)
>month goes by, don't see him once
>suddenly there's a bunch of commotion outside
>get called down there
>3521's fucking shiting their pants
>one of them is straight up puking and crying like a bitch
>turns out the kid would get into base by hiding inside a cement mixer, and that he would get out before it was loaded.
>drowned in concrete, nobody noticed until they were unloaded it and his corpse clogged it all up

the part that gets me is that his dad didn't give a shit at all, and he got buried by a local farmer in an unmarked grave with a bunch of goats. Some chucklefuck 11b took pics but I'm not going to get b& for gore.

Most decent people get to that point some time in their life.
>always talking about me and how glad she was that I looked after her and would never let anything bad happen to her and that I was not only her brother but also her best friend


sorry man
File: Do It 4.jpg (141KB, 595x613px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Do It 4.jpg
141KB, 595x613px
I take it this magical belt protects you from bodily harm?

I think the stat boosts are well worth the faggy appearance one must achieve with this gear
That anon here. That makes me happy. We never were anywhere near the Poles, we worked with Brits and Germans a bit though.

The French, surprisingly, had a similar reputation. The French military gives very few fucks about those things, surprisingly.
I've never been one to hype up other nation's soldiers, because it's always done by who is coolest to hang out with, but Polish soldiers are unreal.

We did joint training in Germany, I was a Blackhawk crewman/gunner in the US Army. Big international exercise, we are providing airlift to train with other nations. Germans bumble around, French strut, but the Poles are just solid fucking duty. Every single person that got on my aircraft was solely disciplined and completely about the mission.

Barely even heard of Poland before that, but they're probably one of my favorite nations now.
+4 AC
-4 CH
well worth it

But Poland cannot into space.
One of my intel buddies said they got a report that 6 guys died and the listed reason was "argument over chai boy 2 village elders involved".

(For non military: chai boys are the little boys that they fuck in the ass)

I know this is supposed to be a sad thread, but imagine that. Two leading members of a community with their personal guards got in an argument over which one got to fuck a little boy in the ass, and it got so heated that they attempted to murder each other.

Over a little boy's asshole. Six men died. Anyone who wants to know more about Afghanistan I tell that story, because it is the best summation of how much of a shithole it is.
File: 1.jpg (40KB, 533x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 533x800px
autism speaks
Just parroting something I heard through the grapevine, but one of my buddies (also stationed in iraq at the time) said they would routinely round up men of fighting age and break their trigger fingers, just to show who is boss
>they're probably one of my favorite nations now
German here. It's one of our favorite nations, too.
The Poles seem to have always been a resilient and dutiful people. They fought so fucking hard in WWII, although they weren't a "big player" in the nation-state game.
Warsaw never gave up and had an uprising twice, sacrificing 85 percent of the city.
Of course the Germans won, but it's kind of beautiful to me how much the Poles resisted against a titanic power that swallowed their neighbors within months.
> deploy with sotf
> the poles call us odas because the read our connexes and wreck shit
> like Yoda without the y

the sad part is that I think I know exactly what you're talking about, because (at least at our base) we'd have to routinely stop fights over that sort of shit whenever we were in town

btw, imagine our base commander's face when he found out that our afghani "police" were paying for sex with bullets and gernades. Apparently whenever they went into town without an American supervisor they'd give it all away for sex and then claim later on that they were engaged by the taliban even though they never radioed about it or took any casualties

what gets me is how blatantly obvious it all is, they have no shame. At the end of my deployment my superiors straight up told us they were giving up in regards to it. When we finally packed up for Bagram they afghanis talked about how they wanted to turn the mess hall into a fucking bar. Less than 48 hours after our departure the taliban walked right in as they all abandoned their posts. fucking scumbags

> poles call us odas because the read our connexes and wreck shit

what does this mean
That's what happens when you back a cause whose members don't even believe in it. The Taliban will win in the end because the Taliban have a cause they fight for. The Afghans don't care for a democratic Afghanistan or an Afghan nation. It's sad.

I think the best we can do is just contain them.

all joking aside at the end of it all I got along with captured Taliban more than the people I was assigned to train. For as filthy as they are they at least made some attempt to "better" themselves (granted, it's not much because Islam). I wouldn't call any of them bros or anything but at least in my experience the most they would do is sit quietly and read their korans. Compare this to trainees that would literally smoke dope and drink on duty everyday and would never do anything unless you were right there staring at them threatening to get MPs involved.

Everything that we were doing just seemed so backwards, for as shit as the Taliban were they'd probably make more reliable allies.
>"Why didn't you come save me? I though I was part of the team? Why didn't you come save me?"

Goddamnit, no no no no.
Anything but fucking that.

Swefag here. I know of ethnic swedes who fuck muslims for sport. The ones in hijabs are said to be the best fucks ever. It's basically like the good Christian girl who fucks a nigger to rebel against her dad only the other way around.
Or a Jewish (preferably female) lawyer. Expensive as hell, but I haven't lost yet.

She understands now man. The dead don't hold grudges. The reward is so much bigger than something as petty as death.
Why is that surprising? The French are a hell of a lot less PC than brits and krauts.
>Expensive as hell, but I haven't lost yet.

...you have multiple experiences with divorce proceedings?

Or he's a female Jewish lawyer
Nah. Islam has always been that way.
File: image.jpg (32KB, 314x314px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 314x314px
I disagree. There was a time, around 1000 years ago, when the Arab world was probably the most advanced and 'tolerant' in the world.
For example it was an Arab scientist who first thought out the basis of the modern scientific principle. They were very pro-knowledge and they were on a good path.
But then it all went to shit.

Hell, in the 50s and 60s Afghanistan was actually sorta kinda getting better but they just couldn't do it.

Nowadays the best solution would be to glass the area.
File: 1360814735927.png (216KB, 393x391px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
216KB, 393x391px
That would be about the time they crucified every Christian in Jerusalem (1009) and burnt down the Church of the Sepuchre but after they used the entire fucking Library of Alexandria to heat their bathwater, right...?

The Islamic Renaissance is a myth. There is not one invention they claimed, from alchemy to algebra, that they didn't steal and rename. And very few of the grandeloquent claims they make for themselves are borne out in the archeological record. One of my weird hobbies is medieval medicine and when I delved into the wonderful tolerant gifted Islamic contributions to it I was left groping in a vacuum. Then I tried metallurgy. Then I tried alchemy. It's all bullshit. The Middle East has always been the Middle East and muds have always slimed.

Here. This'll get you started:

File: 1417508866990.gif (47KB, 306x469px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 306x469px
>I thought I was part of the team?
No no no no no, this feel. No stop it, please.
File: image.jpg (88KB, 528x396px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88KB, 528x396px
Oh shit, didn't read like that at first.
File: 1405475340847.jpg (29KB, 528x543px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 528x543px
>around 1000 years ago
Islam is around 700, so that's about right
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