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/k/ related stories that sound like complete bullshit but are

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/k/ related stories that sound like complete bullshit but are true
>few years ago, taking a class to get my carry permit
>pretty simple, class was only like 3 hours and we just shot the shit. Actually learned a few things
>to start off the class the instructor is asking basic questions. Anyone ever shot a gun, held a gun, know any laws, ect ect
>we talk about the laws for a bit, and then real world crime examples (he was an LEO)
>he gets a smirk on his face
>"alright, little trivia time. who hear wants to guess what the most common gun found in an evidnece locker is? If you get it right, ill buy you your first gun"
>few people say glocks, or .357 magnums. a few even say ARs
>lel nope
>I raise my hand, gonna take a stab at it at least, pretty sure ive heard this before
>"a..smith and wesson sigma? maybe a hi point?"
>his face drops like pic related, he turns to his friend who has the same expression
>"uhh...y..yeah, thats correct"
>man was true to his word, but I didnt want to break the bank on his paycheck so I settled for a sig p229
>tfw I got a free sig for something I probabaly learned form this board
I want to believe.
>don't want to break the bank
>choose $900 pistol
Choose one.

Well, props to the guy for sticking to his word and not backing out on it.
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You do realize that you aren't the only one that saw IV8888's "5 guns in evidence lockers" video, right?
he got a discount, so it was really only $800, the one that I originally wanted was $930
never claimed I was. and every thread about cheap guns for poorfags someboy mentions how the Hi point is the hood rats sidearm of choice
The implication was that they told pretty much the exact same story. The point is that I don't believe you.
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>Be out with girlfriend
>She wants to stop at a yard sale
>"Sure whatever"
>Trying to pretend I'm enjoying myself
>See box labeled "Assorted Toy Guns $1 each"
>Figure "What the hell?" and start sifting through them
>Find pic related
>Think "Well, it's my responsibility as an upstanding citizen to keep this out of the hands of a child"
>Grab it and a couple others to camouflage my purchase
>About to walk over and get a 1914 Colt Vest Pocket for $3
>Conscience gets the better of me and tell dude running the sale what he had
>Dude is flabbergasted. Thinks it might have been his dad's. Doesn't want it.
>I offer him $350 for it and he accepts.

Why couldn't I have been more of a Jew, /k/?
I could have had it for $3. THREE FUCKING DOLLARS!
He did say stories that sound like bullshit.
I wouldn't be able to buy it for $3 either, but I would have been able to buy it for a hundo.

Did it have a mag?

I had a little POS spanish .32 I paid $20 for at a Garage sale, but it didn't come with a mag, and I never found a mag for sale.

Sold it to a guy who later made a mag for it

You did the right thing.
Well, it's worth about $500, so I still made off pretty well. And yeah, it has a mag.
It still works great too.

Shot about 400 rounds through it since I bought it. No hiccups.

You overpaid. You did the right thing certainly, but YOU actually Jewed YOURSELF in the process.
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bill hader face.jpg
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I converted an anti gun feminazi
>she was a friend of a friend type of deal
>came over to our apartment to watch movies with us
>left some of my Hoppes Number 9 on the table from when me and my roomate were cleaning our stuff
>gets this look like I farted a racial curse word in front of her
>"ughh guns. Why do you feel the need to have those, its so dangerous" and trails off on the usual statistic on gun violence that are incorrect, how its such a typical macho man thing and her and her women friends are above that
>I interupt with "hey, have you ever even held one?"
>"uh, excuse me?"
>"have. you. ever. held. one? becuase all those "statistics' you just claimed are BS and I can prove it with my own statistics, but before we even get there how can you claim to be so fucking knowlegeble about something you've never even done?"
>"well..thats not the point, I know enough and" again she trails off while I go to my room, get my 1911 and hand it to her
>she holds it like a dead animal, mumbles about how heavy it is
>"let me ask you, youre a big speaker against rape and violence towards women, right"
>she was part of one of the clubs for it at school, and to give her some credit she wasnt as batshit as some of the others
>"so, how do you expect to stop a rapist if he ever corners you in a back allley"
>say she's welcome to come shooting with me anytime as I put my pistol back, watch the movie in silence
>fast forward a week, get a call from one of her friends saying she's "given it some thought and wants to try it at least"
>ive already won
>take her to the range, she does remarkably bad. bullets all over the place and ive had shits with better groupings but she reluctantly said she had fun
>doesnt own any guns but regualrly asks to come with us and borrow mine, is also kind of flirty with me now and less uptight
>though if I can be honest on an anomymous image board, id rather stick my dick in an anthill

and here I am, not giving a shit
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feel guy smiling.gif
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you did a good thing. you walked away from that yardsale like a man, and not some gipsy. a man with less money still, but still. good job
>somebody has a story similar to one a heard before
>it must be fake !
either contribute or get fucked. its people like you who try to get a good thread 404d
It's an all original 1914 production in fair condition.

I've seen worse condition, less collectible ones go at auction for $600.
you did the morally right thing, but he still overpiced you to hell. you''l get a first class pass to the john moses section of heaven
I want to call you dumb, but if it wasn't for people like you that bitch in Connecticut would've sold an STG44 for $200. Thanks for being honest anon.

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>don't want to break bank
>get $800 pistol

Still not nice m8
I'd have done the same
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Ya know, I'm usually the nice upstanding guy, but when it comes to things like guns, cars, and whatever else, I usually don't tell them what they have because I want a good deal

A better option to clear your conscience and get a good deal is to buy it, then immediately tell the guy what it is, then offer him $100 or something like that

Then he knows that you were being a nice guy and could have simply walked off with it, but you were nice enough to at least give him that

>captcha what the fuck are you doing
to add

by doing this, if he doesn't accept the offer and acts like a faggot, you can tell him to blow it out his ass because you already bought it


Yeah, no. It's an early-mid 1914 with original charcoal bluing. Since it's also, by extension, pre-magazine safety that pretty much bumps the price up a couple of C-notes compared to your run-of-the-mill 1908 Vest Pocket. In fair condition, $400-$450 would be a fair price. Might even get $500-$550 at auction.
>>though if I can be honest on an anomymous image board, id rather stick my dick in an anthill
Ants will at least let you keep your guns after they get tired of gnawing on your dick
your fingernails are disgusting. you did the right thing on that sale, now do the right thing and cut your damn nails
But I'm a left-handed Flamenco guitarist.
that sounds p gay but I guess its cool so I apologize. sorry m8
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>flamenco guitar
>p gay
nigga flamenco guitar was invented solely to open the floodgates between bitches' legs

it's the least gay instrumental style there is with the possible exception of the smooth jazz saxaphone
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I got a carry permit
in NY
Thread posts: 34
Thread images: 9

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