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Hey /k/ I've been trying to work on my form recently while

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Hey /k/ I've been trying to work on my form recently while shooting rifles, and I notice that when I bring the gun up to my face, and don't lower my neck at all, only the lower half of the butt of the gun is actually touching my shoulder/chest. Is this normal? Do I have a long neck or am just doing something wrong?

It seems like I'd want the majority of the rifle butt making contact with me to help with recoil.
Solid squash cat. You look a little lanky. I'd get a cheek riser.

BTW. I have an orange tabby and he's quick to learn....but seems hesitant to actually go squashing. Tips?

cover some of his food in squash, once he learns to associate it with food he'll probably go after it.
I've found that orange tabbys aren't the best squashing cats. American Shorthairs perform very well in almost all circumstances, and Siberians are exception in Squashing competitions, but not casual squashing. Really, it's just reinforcement, however some breeds at natural squashers, and only need practice.
And this is why you don't post a picture more interesting than your question OP. Especially that pic this close to squashing season.
Yep, you messed up OP.
ugh I can't stand that picture and wish people would stop posting it. Those squashes look emaciated and premature, clearly they were bred in captivity and executed for "sport". Please people, support your national parks and hunt wild squash like every other civilized human being.
The idea that bred for hunting squash are someone immoral is ridiculous. Squash aren't sentient, and they were most likely used for hunting. Most of those squash are obviously wild squash. Civilized human beans don't hunt Squash with untrained cats, as they can significantly damage the squash. Training squashing cats with bred for hunting squash is the best way to go, in order to cause less injury to wild squash (which will be hunted more).
Fuck off sjw. If the guy wants to spend a couple hundred for a planted squash hunt its his right as a american
What is /k/'s squash rifle? I've used a .223 bolt action but more recently I've been running a 10/22.
10/22s are excellent squash rifles, I use a Luger Scout in .223 and it is the best squashing rifle I've ever used.
Mexican Bitter Squash look emaciated too, until they're charging straight at you. Thank god my Russian Blue was on point, he saved my life that day.

RIP Commissar Sockolov, you were my best squashin' cat.
> tfw got in an argument with my mom over squashing.
> tell her that there was freshly hunted squash and garden grown beef in her stew
> she runs out screaming.

On another note, what's a good caliber for larger squash?

My .30-06 only works on real little ones, and even then I need several vital shots to put them down.
You can hunt with anything. For the larger gourds you may want a full rifle round. The main thing you need is a good cat though. That's where you should spend the most.
I've been using the 10/22 just because I can take follow up shots way quicker. Some of my buddies said they like using ARs but I can't afford one right now. Maybe next season.
Nugget and twelve gauge, because as a red blooded american, I'm not hunting shitty little Mexican squish.

Neck pumpkins all the way, bitches.
I know in my state at least it's illegal to hunt squash with anything smaller than .243. Make sure you check your local laws.
Where are you from? 30-06 is way too much for the squash in my area. Do you live somewhere cold? I've bagged more squash with my .22 than anything else, but I live in California where we have a lot of Mojave Thin Skins, so YMMV
ARs man pretty good squashing rifles. The customization is great, and you can outfit it for hunting any squash, anywhere, even indoors squash and night squash, if you attach a flashlight, although I've noticed that flashlights over 3000 lumen's tend to injure some night or indoors squashes, so be careful about that.

What state are you in? That law seems rather silly, .223 puts most squash in my area down with only one or two hits, although it's fairly possible that squash in your state are different to the ones here.
Well the northwest green striped squash are deadly.

We had 15 fatalities so far this season, mostly Hipster douchebags tryna "hunt organic" with grandpas over under

Rule number one, follow up shots
The idea is that a larger round will more reliably put a squash down in one shot and is thus more humane.
Gotcha, I didn't fuck around either when I went after Green Stripes, when my friends and I drove up in 2003 for a hunt I had a .308, with a .357 on my belt. I didn't want to take any chances.
I don't know where the fuck that came from. 2012, my bad.
God bless ya, sometimes it's so bad in East WA whole counties will be put on squash watch. Green stripes, flat tops, littlehorns u name it. We only go in a possie of 3 or more (minus the squashin cat of course, clot has 4 confirmed to her name) and even then we still gotta watch ourselves
I like going the primative route. Squash spear all the way, with a back up club. That way I get to start hunting 2 weeks earlier. Added bonus, I don't have to worry about my cats being gun shy.
I suppose that makes sense, Squash around here are smaller, so .223 usually suffices.

Anyway, nice talking to you guys about squashing, it's not a topic that comes up /k/ very much. Have a good night squashing /k/omrades
Spear is fine as long as you have the right head for the squash and you're only going for Mojave Thins or Colorado Blue Stems. Mexican Bitters or Green Stripes will fuck you up before you can stab them twice. Be safe out there.
I have never hunted squash, but I used to trap them until 2 seasons ago......
>Be 6 days into trapping season
>So far only a small butternut, and 2 spaghetti
>As I head to the next trap in the line, I get this weird feeling I'm being watched
>The next trap is empty, but sprung
>As I reset it there is a rustling behind me
>I turn around and see the biggest fucking pumpkin on the planet moving through the trees
That was the day I caught a glimpse of the legendary Sasquash
That is the day I got a glimse
>Hunting squash in late September.
>Using Ruger 64
>Notice a patch of wild squash.
>Level rifle.
>Aim at the alpha squash.
>Hear buzzing.
>Pic related swoops in about fifteen feet over the squashes.
>All of them scatter.
Fuck hippies.
Try raising your shoulder a little bit to compensate for the difference in height.
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I remember going squashing as a kid with my dad and my himilayan/siamese. when I was little, I always found it boring, but as I grew, I found it to be a great bonding experience. We used to hunt butternut up by the creek, and we always had at least one tag for pumpkin on september 12th. Ol' Cain used to be so eager to track down any squash he could find, until late summer of '99. He lost an eye to a rowdy patch of juvenile spaghettis. he must have killed 7 himself, then dad and I stepped in and finished the rest off with our .22s. He never was quite the same. More cautious. then on, he was more careful to sneak up by their blind side. We lost Cain to old age in the winter of '03. just 2 months earlier, he found us a beautiful white pumpkin that we had mounted. Its still hanging over the mantle. Dad died 7 years ago to cancer. His last season, he didn't find anything. I had work, so I couldnt join him, and of course our squashing cat was gone. He never did want to raise up another from the litters in our barn. It would have been a daunting task to replace Cain in his heart. I do regret not spending time with dad on those last hunts. Maybe we could have bagged that monster Delicata he would always talk about.
My boy is 2 now, and in about 4 years he'll be ready for his first squashing. I even got an american shorthair that we call Abel.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane, /k/.

Pic related. Mrs. Mallon holding our neighbors twin state-record yellow crooknecks. We would give her our leftover squash, and she would make the best soups and pies.
mfw when my cat are both 15 and don't go squash hunting with me anymore
File: disgusted.gif (868KB, 500x272px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>guide for safari
>hunt tomato, spaghetti, raspberry, potato, cannoli
>make sure richfags don't kill themselves
>most of the money goes to conservation to help endangered species
>most requested species to hunt is squash
>it's the hardest one to hunt
>easily capable of squishing a human
>surprisingly elusive
>thick hide capable of stopping most calibers
>still, they all ask to hunt the squash
>until they encounter it
>then, most are too terrified to pull the trigger
>one day, sitting in my office
>in bursts two burgers, both morbidly obese
>the bigger of the two males is wearing khaki shorts and a Nascar T-shirt
>the second of the two appears to be a woman upon further examination
>really gotta start telling rachel to divert these people away
>"do you have an appointment? we can set o..."
>Burgerman grabs me and pulls me out of the chair
>drags me outside
>a lifted F-350 sits outside
>I try to fathom the shipping to the conservation, or the gas prices
>give up
>burgerwoman sweating so hard it comes off in sheets
>cram into backseat with map
>both seats back all the way, no legroom
>burgerman pulls over to have a heart attack
>burgerwoman assures me it's fine
>after about an hour he gets back into the truck
>we follow some known squash trails
>they absolutely refuse to leave the truck
>after many hours of searching we spot squash
>beautiful patrician and matriarch with several children
>before I can say anything, burgerman and woman jiggle out of the car and move to the trunk
>burgerwoman grabs Minimi
>burgerman grabs M82
>lumbering through the forest as they hipfire
>tfw they hit one of the children and the frightened squash run away
>have to take picture of burger x 2 posing next to dead child
I have a pumpkin story

>innadesert squashin' with friends
>two of us away from camp and truck
>plenty of water and some snacks on our ATVs, have .22 rifle and .357 in pack
>buddy has 12 gauge and .22 pistol
>nothing for hours, Whiskers is getting sick of this shit
>it's dark as shit, we should be heading in
>throw our packs onto our ATVs and start to tie them down
>hear dirt being moved like something was being dragged
>figure it's just my imagination, been up since 3 in the morning and it's windy as hell
>help buddy tie down his shit, Whiskers is just staring off into the distance, ears perked up
>she fucking bolts for the horizon
>buddy and I look at each other, I reach into my bag for my revolver just in case
>get on ATVs, spotlights on their brightest settings trailing that little calico
>fuck yeah, might be the first squash of the trip
>we round a hill and we see the cat get fucking tossed 20 feet
>figure it's a Mexican Bitter, 00 buck will be fine
>we get a little further around the hill and I swear to god, there is the brightest, widest pumpkin in the desert
>probably eight feet tall with a razor sharp stem
>magdump .357, probably not even piercing the hide
>buddy is dumping slugs and 00 buck into the thing faster than he's ever shot before
>it's still fucking rolling towards us, seeds the size of my head spilling out
>Whiskers looks hurt, I run over and put her under my arm while trying to reload my revolver
>buddy says fuck this, lets go
>we lose the pumpkin through the hills and drive back to camp
>get back at 2:00 AM
>we're visibly shaken, friends ask what took us
>tell them the story
>"anon do you really expect us to believe you shot at, let alone saw a pumpkin out here?"
>"you guys are just making that up because you couldn't bag a squash"
>they see Whiskers limping, they says she's just getting old
>buddy and I tell them we'll prove it in the morning

>sun comes up and we drive out to where we saw the pumpkin after breakfast
>buddy and I know there will be seeds there
>we get there and there is nothing
>literally nothing, no shrubs, the hill is leveled, no rocks, just sand
>friends are pissed, they think we wasted their time and gas for a joke
>buddy and I decide to let it go, we apologize
>we still have another three days out here, lets at least try to find some squash

We still don't know what the fuck happened after we escaped the pumpkin, but now we don't go out in that desert without a 30-06 or bigger. There is no doubt in my mind that that thing would have gourd us if it got close enough. Whiskers ended up being okay, we took her to the vet and it was just a sprained leg. Turns out there were more pumpkin spottings out in the area during that week but some people weren't as lucky as us. Watch your backs, squashers, pumpkins are a real threat. The only ones who believe this story are Whiskers, my friend, and I
>jelly britbongs make up bullshit stories to make up for illegalization of squash hunts by the queen.
most of us normally use .22lr and a domestic housecat for our squash outings. Don't just make shit up.
I'm no fool! I only spear pattypans because you can usually get a good straight shot at the heart when they charge.
Good, you need to understand that everyone I've met who spear hunts squash is either out of their mind or extremely skilled. Glad to know you're the later.
Siberians are undoubtedly the best for competition squashing, but they just can't be run in warmer climates, and people just don't take that seriously enough. I've seen way too many Siberians overheat in competition here in NC. It's so sad.
Archive this thread now!
Squashing threads are the best
I'm Czech, couldn't make it up if I tried
File: Hickokpumpkin.png (90KB, 300x167px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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10/22 for small pumpkins, crookneck squash, and straightneck squash. MP40 for med+ pumkins, and zucchini squash. I try to stick with lower energy rounds like .22LR and 9mm to ruin less flesh. I found that the .22 wasn't enough for the large squashes, so I switched to 9mm. Can't risk them being able to charge my cat or I after the first shot doesn't put them down.

Pic related: It's me squash hunting. The one jumped up on a stump at me after my friend's .22 didn't put it down.
Never shake off a gut feeling like that in Sasquash territory.
What are you doing?
That's completely normal, OP. In the heat of the moment when you spot that first big gourd, the adrenaline starts pumping and your form takes a backseat. If it works, it works.
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Thread images: 7

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