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Can we have another spooky innawoods story time?

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Alright /k/ we should have another spooky innawoods story time again because it was a good spooky time.
>Alright /k/ we should have another bullshit story story time again because I WANT TO BELIEVE.
I'm monitoring this thread. Never give up.
Congratulations, dumbass.
You're the last one to realize that skinwalker stories are bullshit, yet you're too fucking stupid to realize everyone else already knows and only uses them for amusement only.
You get a gold star.
Well, this one time this guy posted these coordinates...
>skinwalker stories are bullshit
Yeah they are, I wouldn't worry about it...
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>be innawoods
>hear sound
>see monster
dayum son. yous luck to be alive
Anyone have the one where the guy says "I'm pretty sure something is wearing my friend's skin" and the skinsuit kept saying "hahaha holy fuck anon that was scary" or something similar. I know I have it somewhere but I can't find it,
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found it
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>innawoods with a couple bros cleaning guns and cooking chicken
>everyone hears rustling beyond the tree line
>sounds like animals fighting
>shrug it off and eat dat bbq chicken
>assembleing guns and hear rustling and screeching
>getting louder, sounds like it's right on top of our location
>lock in mags and secure campsite
>whatever it is we are going to shoot it
>step into treeline
>evening so it's getting dark fast
>see large shadowy figure off in the woods
>thick woods with brush so i tell guys to hold here instead of all of us getting bogged down in there
>go in closer to investigate
>upon closer inspection the large shadowy figure seems to be a moose or horse standing up on it's hind legs
>starts screeching as i get closer
>sounds like it's killing people
>OH SHIT notice two or three human figures under it
>screeching and crys of pain begin getting more steady and intense
>i am shitting myself at this point
>look back and still have visual on bros at the treeline
>say fuck it and creep in closer rifle at low ready
>get right up to a small trailhead where all this is going on and point rifle at beast
>flick on weapon light at last second ready to take the shot
>cannot believe my eyes!!!
>three mexicans taking turns fucking a strung up donkey
No Fun Allowed The Thread

As made up this can be, it gave me the fucking chills up my spine.
If it is real, then it's probably a concussion.
>Wahhh I have no imagination and don't like to read a well crafted story with guns and 3spooky5u content that only a 5 year old child would believe is real.
>be innawoods with buddies
>its nigth, cant see nothing
>Campfire, getting comfy
>suddenly, we hear noise
>we turn heads to see
>Johan get scared
>all turn on flashligths and split up too see what it can be
>i walk about 20 meters from camp when i hear steps
>i stop, but steps not
>i feel thing come closer than wuld be me but its not if bear
>see glowing eyes behing that three
>suddenly skelington appear
>i shot but no use becose titanium skelington
>suddenly he points at me and shoots bats from his chest
>get covered in bats and try to shoot but can not becose of bats in barrel blocking the bullet
>suddenly they all dissapear
>i go back to camp, but then run to car
>friends shot themself becose of they see the thing i see and were too scared but i am brave
>drive car home and never spoke about that ever again
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Will dump some of my folder
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camping alone.png
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wow day/k/are is bad today
This literally just happened not even a good half hour ago

>get home after a long day of work
>hear a very weird cry/call/noise that keeps repeating itself
>think nothing of it so i let the dogs out and i go out with them to watch them
>hear the noise again, sounded closer and both my dogs started flipping the fuck out
>Barking, running around, acting like they are protecting me
>I get a little concerned thinking that it may be a hurt animal soft for those)
>let the animals back inside grab a flashlight but didn't grab my handgun (for some reason)
>Spend a good 10 minutes listening for the sound and finding its origin
>walk a good half mile and decide to give up
>hear the sound again loud right behind me
>180 as fast as possible to see what it is
>nothing is there and the sound repeated as if it was closer then earlier but farther then just was
>play it off as i am going insane and continue heading back til suddenly
>Noise again like its behind my neck
>immediately jump forwards while turning
>nothing again
>Full sprint back to home and lock everything
Forgot to add i live in Upper Peninsula Michigan
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Hello brother
>not joining them
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dancing skinwalker.png
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I've always wanted to go innawoods with some /k/ommandos or explore that one bunker an anon's grandfather had that turned out to be a burial ground.

I'm a hardcore skeptic, but I'm not stupid enough to explore places without some friends and some funs.
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Everythread until there's a thread and I'm not here to post it.
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I was just about to post that one.
I want to go on a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas like trip with a /k/ommando. I want to do it exploring spoopy places.
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Holy hell that one fucking sucked.
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I almost got murdered by Ensign Chekov this weekend because I said "I wouldn't worry about them" in reference to coyotes.

>be back in CA (visiting family and getting paperwork to sort out an argument with OSP and get a rifle out of purgatory) to go innawoodsing in the glorious Sierra Nevada mountain range
>Wander off into a locals only spot south of shaver lake.
>bring my AR because there's been a bear being an asshole and scaring people off for their food.
>raining all day
>make it up to a ring of old oaks to stop for the night and camp.
>A couple of foreigners are out here too, the guy's sounds like Chekov from tos.
>Ask if I can join their fire, collect a bit more fuel, and fix it up with shit I learned in boyscouts.
>was smoking and sputtering from the rain and probably was going to die soon if I hadn't intervened.
>Coyotes, being coyotes decide to make noise off in the woods.
>Foreigners, tense up
>I being an experienced local tell them "Calm down it's just coyotes I wouldn't worry about them."
>Was going to continue about how the bigger problem is bears, but a slide racking distracts me.
>I look up to find a god damn handgun pointed at my face.
>I flail and fell backwards off the log I was on
>the next thing I really know, my ears are ringing and I'm about forty feet away running through the woods yelling "fuck you you fucking fucks die in a fire" or something like that. Don't really remember what I was yelling.
>Realize I forgot my pack,
>fuckit don't care, canvas ruck and only had spare pants, shirt....and my keys.
>circle back along a fallen tree, Chekov and Chekov lite are yelling obscenities into the darkness standing by the fire
>Chekov starts down the trail, chekov lite goes and sits by the fire
>coyotes keep making noises off a ways away
>chekov lite is now brandishing a knife and jumping at every noise, the fire pops and he bolts down the trail after Chekov.

>can hear Chekov lite moving loudly down the trail calling for his friend, definitely out of sight though
>rifle out, and mag in, don't really remember when I had shouldered it but this is the point where I distinctly remember having it shouldetred and ready to fire.
>I pick my way into the camp and grab my pack and nope my way out of there
>hide against a tree as Chekov and Chekov lite make their way back to the camp
>Nope all the way back to the trailhead and my truck and leave.
>check my mags, apparently fired off four rounds during the bit I don't remember.
So which of you did I get into a gunfight with in California last night?
Do you also have a bestfriend/close dude friend no homo? Cause i just read that and It gave me fuck-that-shit feelings
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Uncle Danny.png
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I wouldn't worry about it
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Why won't a qt skinwalker fuck me in a different skin every day?
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>tfw no skinwalker qt 3.14 will take you around the world and let you ketchum all
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Just let me die.
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More like this plz.
it hurts to live.
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funny how the only times this shit seems to happen is when everyone is armed and drinking.

it's almost as if people fabricate things in order to find an actual use for their firearms.
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Jesus Christ.
You sure they weren't Mexicans?
that was me and my cousin man.

Fucker swiped my 1911 and started dicking about.

Also. i think you screamed " CHEEKI BREEKI "

No fucking joke.
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top archer.jpg
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Well you see, here in America when we go in the woods we're armed and drinking more often than we're not.
So it stands to reason that when shit goes down in the woods in AMerica, people are usually armed and drinking.
danger zone.
i drove from northern wi to see the paulding lights, found out the next day they were fake
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>i think you screamed " CHEEKI BREEKI "
also banged my girl over the railing when everyone else left.
Holy fuck.
I really hope that's fake, but because it's Africa I actually feel like it could be real.

Shit, that's depressing.
Nah, they were two tracksuits away from being your average slavs.

I would not be surprised at all if that was part of what I yelled. There is literally a gap in my memory where I saw the business end of a pistol and me falling backwards off the log.

And then me running through the woods yelling shit back at them after, if my round count is correctly firing my ar 4 times

That gap could be anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes depending on what biologist you ask about short term memory.
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Africa is africa man. Fucking niggers.

So....did you set off the Ebola virus to get even?
I got that out of a doll thread in /jp/. Thread is on autosage, but I would not be surprised if the dude is still there. Maybe check the next new doll thread if it 404s before.

Ebola is one mans revenge against life. Sounds like a movie.
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You sound mad that you don't come up with good while drunk.
Not really innawoods, because it was in my front yard....but I saw a ufo and I need to tell someone.

>last night around 10:40
>live in rural area
>see three orange lights slowly moving across the sky
>moving in a straight line
>no sound
>they started to go out
>one by one
>in the same spot
Lost it at "You'll never forget me".
Anyone have the story about the guys doing the war reenactment or was it already posted and I missed it?

I'm not him but I get downright retarded when I'm drunk.

It's like.... alcohol is cursed to me :(

Maeks me sads
I shit you not I have seen the same fucking thing. No sound and they moved pretty fast then just vanished.

Sounds a little bit like ball lightning but I generally subscribe to the "it could be anything so it's nothing" idea.
FresnoFag here.

My neighbor went camping in the SN mountains near shaver lake a few months ago with his friends and family..

>be camping n shit.
>bunch of cars rolls through towards their camping spot blocking the entrance/exit.
>30-40 bulldogs hops out of the cars.
Bulldogs is a Mexican gang in the central valley.
>bulldogs starts shooting at the campers.
>campers shoots back.
>gunfight last for 15 minutes.
>campers being outnumbered and outgunned starts running into the forest.

they came back to find all their shit missing and ammo shells literally covering the ground.
Excellence disposition
I once saw a Mormon

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I don't give a fuck if it's a weeaboo thread. I can't imagine the pain involved when a man is torn from his waifu like that. That story hit me right in the feels
I'd probably lose it and start picking off people I recognized from the incident with a black market Rhodie FAL or something. Except for the Magistrate and his son. The son would be castrated in front of the magistrate, who would be force fed his son's bloody ballsack before they were both tortured to death.
Thats what hits me the most about this story. He just gave up. What kind of man can give up in this kind of hopeless situation? I think most people would fucking snap. Reading the story, it doe s not sound like he was a fat neck beard during the story, but the events just fucking broke him. Look at the fucking thread he posted in. Talkin to dolls and shit.

Different people deal with things differently. Some people just start attacking shit with everything they have, some people just can't face this kind of thing and shut down like he seems to have. I have a tendency to regroup and find ways to inflict as much damage as I cam without destroying myself, but if something this bad happened to me, I honestly can't say I'd keep my wits about me.
Nothing stupider than whites staying in Africa.
If true, that family deserved it.

Trying to raise a white daughter in Africa, I mean really.

Hold onto your asshole.

Holy fuck.
File: image.jpg (169KB, 955x887px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169KB, 955x887px

So apparently skinwalkers don't react well with drugs ...

Also, apparently they kidnap people en-mass
All skinwalker stories have a common theme. Drugs or alcohol, and large groups of people. Result, hysteria combined with group panic.
The whole world needs to burn

Honestly, this story is pretty much all i need to justify my hate for loli.

Pretty much confirms that all of those fucks just want to fuck children.

Interesting ...
You mean black people.
Do you live anywhere near an artillery range? That sounds like illumination rounds. I've seen a video from a guy near Brandon, Manitoba filming a "U.F.O.", it was really a coordinated illum mission being conducted in Shilo.

The other explanation is just a guy firing paraflares.
Sexy voice
>be Innawoods w/ my homies
>got my glock 40
>homie Kendrick got a Tec9
>we just trying to get some green green from this honkie who grows it out here
>gonna sell it to make some real green green
>hear some rustling
>shit nigga, is that the popo?
>tall ass honkie come running out the trees
>me and homie Treyvon run like we jus' stole a tv
>Kendrick show up at my house a week later
>nigga eats steaks rare now like a honkie
>shit nigga, that hit ain't even cooked
>sheeit, something wrong with that nigga.
If this is true I would let it happen.

I don't get how this is relevant ...

But god damn them feels ... Fucking filthy niggers ...
top kek
These threads are basically screenshot threads, and after I saw it in /jp/ I realized /k/ would understand. I feel like this is a /k/ story that got misposted. This is a gathering of ghosts type story.

I understand ...

Still though, it hit me with the feels
> basically fucked a skinwalker monster girl and didn't get skin stolen
He literally survived the dream

Has to be bullshit, Skinwalkers already smell putrid, imagine that pussy
Or he was rocking a contact high, and when the girl came back because he never called, he freaked out like a bitch.
am I the only one who doesnt feel sympathy for the guy that was MARRYING A 12 YEAR OLD??!?
Yes. Yes you are. You have been brainwashed by western feminists. She would have married young no matter what. Better an anon then rapist niggers with aids.
Ramanujan married a 10 year old.

Oh look a /pol/tard who's also a pedophile, what a shock
It would be best if she wasnt married at all. If you sympathize with a man that falls in love with a 12 year old, and wants to marry her, you are a pedophile neckbeard.
Did you read the story?

Would a person be better off living with an american citizen with a college education, or some random guy?


I'm in a different train than >>23022922

I sympathize with wanting to but not with actually doing it. It probably sucks super hard if you're into 12 year olds but that doesn't mean you should do anything with them.
Not that anon, but it's not like it's always something totally evil.
>It would be best if she wasnt married at all.
That wasn't an option

Did you? She was south african

Even if she wasn't, something less shitty doesn't make it okay.
The shit's hilarious.

You have good voice. Have you ever considering going into voice acting?
It took place in serria leone. Father was Rhodesian and the mother was South African. Anon was half Rhodesian, did not clarify is he was white or black.

Right I forgot when you're somewhere you can never leave unless you marry an American.
i know it wast, but it still isnt ok for for a grown man to fall in love with a 12 year old girl. Marrying her out of necessity so that other guys dont and mistreat her, thats one thing. But he was in love with the little girl. That is sick as shit. Like I said, even though it wasnt an option, it would be best if the girl wasnt married at 12 at all, and anyone who disagrees is a pedophile.
>it still isnt ok for for a grown man to fall in love with a 12 year old girl.
But why?
>But he was in love with the little girl. That is sick as shit.
Hebephile. Its fucking africa.
Why can't people fall in love? If they have common ground, and all parties consent, its fine. Its not like he groomed her, it sounds like a normal relationship.
But anon, all people are too stupid to understand anything. Until they turn 18. This is why we have arbitrary ages to decide when people can consent
Kind of have to agree with this. Falling in love with her as a daughter?


As a lover?

Eh... unless you're within the "Half plus seven" range, I don't see that working. Hell, that rule doesn't even work with a girl that young. Then again, different countries have different cultures. I'm of the opinion that so long as the girl is of age to have children, she should be allowed be married, but only to someone of a similar age (plus five years, max) and only if all parties consent, including her parents.

The story is still fucked up regardless.

>Anyone who is not with me is evil

Soccer moms would be proud.

Here's your sign:
My thought is people change so much from year to year. Most people don't even have a solid identity until they're in their mid 20's, which is in my opinion the ideal age to marry. Once again, in my opinion, people who get married out of high schools are fools. I had several friends from all walks of life (some from Church, others from school, and others from... well, I don't even know where) who did so, and they were all divorced within three years. Think of all the shit that changes from age 18-19. Lasting marriages require a deep understanding of the other person, and that's hard to do when the other person is changing so much. Like I said above, most people don't get a solid identity until the mid 20's. By that point, they'd figured out who they are, what they want to do, etc. I'm not saying marriages made by people younger than that are destined to fail, but they're definitely a lot more likely.

Again, only my opinion. I suppose we don't have a good idea of the kind of marital bond that forms between people that young because it's now allowed in most 1st world countries. Maybe people who get married that young have super healthy relationships because they're with their spouse while they go through the growing pains of life. I honestly don't know.
>Grown man
>12 year old girl

You are all insane
They've all watched too much anime.
>implying the next muslim bashing thread won't list pedophilia among muhammed's crimes

The Dad sounded like an arrogant idiot.

His daughter was destined to be married by a local black from the getgo, but he chose to stay, probably out of hubris.
>People can't live where they feel at home

He was telling townspeople, it sounds like he was liked.
This was posted like two days ago. Why not just ask the guy?
bruh i see the same thing all the time

my group of friends see it so frequently it has become a component of our friendgroup, like we'll be out by a lake or innawoods and someone will mention "oh look, our buddy came to hang out".

Its typically like one bright orange light with several smaller running lights around that in a structure. It has a tendency to circle around areas but makes a lot of erratic movements and generally does not behave like any kind of plane or rotary aircraft. It's also dead silent. I've seen it year round as late as like 4-5am in a multitude of locations around my county.

One of the more intense events involving this UFO was during the summer of 2011, I was sitting out back of my friend's house with a couple buddies, having a cigarette and just shooting the shit, it was maybe 9 or 10pm, hot summer night, overlooking the acres of fields behind my friend's house. We see the telltale orange glow of our "buddy" appear over a treeline about 400meters from the back of the house, on the other side of the fields, but this time it seems to be moving much more aggressively, and the light appears brighter. We soon realize this is because it is MUCH lower to the ground than on previous sightings, and is moving precisely in our direction. Now the weird thing about this object is we've never been able to accurately assess its size, or the altitude it cruises at, but we've estimated it can't be more than a klick up. But this time, it seemed like it was within a couple hundred meters of the ground, maybe even closer. Like always it was dead silent.
Someone pointed out it was coming towards us, and my friend who lived there noped the fuck out and ran inside, leaving me and one of my buddies standing, dumbstruck, slowly backstepping towards the house. As it got maybe halfway between the treeline and where we were, the main orange light switched off. This is the best glimpse we had of the details of the craft, where we saw about 3 running lights, dim but visible, dotting the craft in a polygonal formation. At this point I'm getting legitmately scared, and i take a quick look at my watch, noting the time out loud to my friend (read too many abduction stories about people losing hours of time).

We track this thing for another 5-10 seconds as it moves steadily towards us, smooth as butter, no sound, just three little lights. At this point its probably at a 45 degree angle from us, and approaching where it could be directly overhead, and just as abruptly as the orange light went out, THE RUNNING LIGHTS SWITCH OFF TOO.

Now when I say this thing disappeared, I mean it was completely gone. Just before It was difficult to make out any kind of shape at all, moreso just attempting to fill in lines between the lights, but it was utterly gone. My friend and I turned, and without a word, ran as fast as we could into the house, meeting with our other friend.

We checked our watches throughout the night and nothing else happened, but that will always stick with me. Some of us have moved or gone elsewhere to work since that summer, but we all still see the thing occasionally around town when we're back home to visit.

I live in rural southeast CT.
File: scary+grin[1].jpg (3KB, 224x224px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 224x224px
>tfw you want a skinwalker to 'follow' you home.
>tfw you'll turn to them as you pull the car into the driveway and smile
>tfw you'll say "man, those woods sure were creepy anon." and they'll agree in a really weird way because they're wearing your friend's skin
>tfw both walk inside, the locks on the doors thunking solidly behind you as you locked in together
>tfw you say, "but you know what doesn't make sense anon? Skinwalkers pick people off because we go deep into the woods, all alone... why would they follow us back to a city, where they can't hide, where theyr'e surrounded by people?
>tfw the skinwalker walks into the next room with you and sees everyone there waiting, wearing chainmail and carrying knives
>tfw they hear you say, "You should have stayed in the woods. Now you get to see what real savagery is like." as you stab them with a cattle prod.

(what I'm saying is, we need a Humanity, Fuck Yeah! thread)

You should have shot at it
File: 1322025106697.png (2MB, 1750x1419px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1750x1419px
im typing this in real time so please be patient
please excuse language mistakes. english is my third language.

>be on a more traditional hog hunt with 3 friends and 6 well trained dogs
>i am armed with a drilling rifle with two 7,62x54 barrels and one rifled for 16 gauge slug
>one friend has the long hog-pole and a tokarev 7,62
>other friend uses some hunting rifle in .308 (if i remember correctly)
>we know the hogs are near or in a corn field, since the owner told us how badly he wishes for someone to go out and remove them
>we agree that we can hunt and if necessary camp on his property if we try to decimate or eradicate the hog population around his field.
>fuck yeah

>the day has come. we arrived on the farmers property and set up camp as it is inconclusive if we will be able to corner the hogs during the first day.

>as soon as we park the cars on a clearing near the east end of the damaged field i look over to the other car which transports the dogs and see them go apeshit for a few seconds then suddenly quiet down
>think nothing of it as dogs in packs can be a little impulsive sometimes
>we start to unpack
the dogs are put on 30 meter leashes under their own tarps in groups of two.
>they know from previous trips how to manage the long leashes without becoming too tangled - usually they move around wildly sniffing everything but know well enough they have to take the same route back to the tree they are tied to in order to not become tangled to another trees stem or other vegetation
>this time however they do not move from the tree
>they rest under it waving their heads around being really still and quiet
>my two friends become worried that something might have been wrong with the food we gave them a few hours ago.
>we check out the dogs for a bit talking to them.
>they seem calm but extremely cautious - almost submissive - not submissive in the way they would be towards us but submissive and cautious as if they had newborn.
>Weapon light
Hah, knew it was fake the second I read this.
You're too much of a limp-wristed fudd.
File: 1322783142012.jpg (1MB, 1719x1066px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1719x1066px
cont. 2/?
>since its already 4 pm one of my friends and me decide to patrol two side of the field for a short time while my other friend prepares a butchering corner in the camp and begins to make a meal for all of us
>the field (or cluster of fields) are about 2x4 kilometers with forest on two sides, grassland on one and a highway on the other.
>our camp is positioned at one of the fields short sides opposite of the highway and inbetween the grassland and forest.
>we follow one side of the field along and into forest since that is where hogs probably retreated to
>we walk about 6 kilometers looking for tracks and find quiet a lot of them
>the outer corners of the field are fucked up from hog rampage and the soil is turned over in many places
>the more of such places we find the more our hopes diminish - they all look older than a week. no freshly turned soil, no fresh shit
>pretty close to the farm we follow a track about 200m into the woods where it end abruptly in a ditch thats filled with insane amounts of hog-fur and some shreds of intestines
>almost no blood - only single drips in a few places - the fur is in clean and orderly chunks held together by skin residue, not ruffled, not bent.
>my friend points out that someone must have shot at least two of the animals and tried to skin them right here without adequate tools - maybe out of fear of being caught poaching.
>we take notes on the situation and decide to leave it as it is then we head back to camp around the field again but zig-zagging 100-200 meters besides it in the forest - looking for the largest and most established trails we can find.
>some trails are found but they are all old ones with fresh and dead flora covering them almost entirely. none of them show signs of recent usage.
>our hopes begin to drop a bit.
>we decide to make another walk with a freshly washed dog in the morning (so its stench does not protrude too far and warn the wild animals)
I would say she reciprocated in kind. Thus its okay.
that happened
top fuckin lel
File: 1322305493806.png (673KB, 500x487px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
673KB, 500x487px
cont. 2/?
>upon retun to camp we a re greeted by a bewildered looking friend no.2
>he comes towards us, points at the dogs
>The dogs lay in a coil together, heads on the ground appearing sickly
>we try to give them food, they shy away from it - we try to separate them from each other, they resist - so we conclude something must have been wrong with their first meal and we must watch them closely overnight - maybe it will be better in the morning
>with nightfall we drink and eat but the situation is tense, the dogs worry us and we see our hunting trip fall apart in front of our eyes.
>we decide to keep watch on the dogs in turns and lengthen the night to compensate our sleep deficit.
>i have the second watch
>staying awake for 3 hours after already having slept for 3 hours is a fucking nightmare.
>i drink about half a liter of coffee and begin to read
>get woken up by a succession of ear ringing loud bangs
>a short pause
>then a really loud and really fucking close bang right to my side above my head
>i bolt to my feet as my own flashlight that has fallen to the ground still shining from when i was reading blinds me in my prone position
>i go for the knife on my belt - at the same time it pops to my conscience that the bangs were 7,62 x 25 bangs for sure
>even though i can not see anything but the bit of ground in front of my flashlight i calm down knowing only my friend could have fired his tokarev which he kept in his sleeping bag
>i take a deep breath and quickly reach to my flashlight to turn it off
>in that moment i realize the fire is out
>completely out not even glowing anymore
it was fully ablaze when i feel asleep no more than one hour ago
>before i can catch my breath i feel a hand being placed softly on my shoulder from behind and hear my friend no.1s voice whisper
>"2 or 3 humans with guns, they took pot shots at us from a distance, be still, get your the drilling from the car"
>as i reach the car crouching i encounter friend no.2
File: 1383915935981.jpg (86KB, 640x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86KB, 640x512px

This mofo is typing all this shit out on his phone or something. Or he is having trouble making it up as he goes along. Either way I want to read the rest of the story dammit.
File: 5497_2677_500.png (665KB, 500x730px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
665KB, 500x730px
>friend no.2 gets besides me swearing under his breath
>he is naked
>he is dragging something
>i don't understand what he is doing, he is unarmed but has his arms full with something i cant identify in the dark
>he whispers: "the dogs, man..."
>"what about the dogs?" i ask "where are they? why didn't you lead them here?"
>"they are gone anon!..." he presses the coil into my arms and i realize what it is he was holding
>the ends of 180 meter of leash
>the leashes are coiled up into a ball
>"what the fuck???"
>"i dont know, they must have stolen them, didnt hear any barking before the shots"
>i get my drilling and start loading it
>friend no.2 begins loading his hunting rifle as well
>friend no.3 comes to the car asking for the dogs
>we tell him they are gone
>he watts hard as fuck begins grabbing his two preloaded mags from the pack in a hurry
>we sprint 10 meters into the field and throw ourselves on the ground
>lie there waiting
>2 hours later the sun behind the horizon begins to light up the sky
>nothing happened since the shots
>it was eerily quiet during the entire time
>we only spoke a few sentences during this time. tensest situation of my lifetime.
What if cornfapper is now a skinwalker. WHAT THE FUCK IF
File: DSC000874_ergebnis.jpg (765KB, 2048x1357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
765KB, 2048x1357px
yes i am on my phone on a long and boring train ride. and its fuckhard to remember since almost 15 years have passed.
the conversations i can only reconstruct by memory ... and its been 14 years since those days so give me a minute will you? i had some real psychological trouble after what i am telling you about happened so remembering details and order of things is hard. its not easy digging through my minds trash can

It's cool man, I'm waiting patiently.
Where did this take place?
nigger, the ending had damn well better be worth the wait.
>as the sun passes over the horizon we begin to scan the forest with our scopes
>no movement for about an hour
>usually during this time deer can be seen frequently - not today
>the birds appear to be very quiet, their calls are short, loud and sound nothing like the usual chirping in the morning
>maybe its the paranoia but it seems like all animals have deserted this area
>we decide to go look for tracks or prints on the ground over by the dogs tarps
>i curse myself for not having driven my ex-military Mercedes wolf with the phone in it
>the tarps are on the ground, strings torn from the trees - the ground is covered in fur in all different colors, there is very little blood, maybe not even enough for one bled out dog
>a thought rushes through my mind, back and forth back and forth: even though the leashes are severed and the tarps are torn, the ground looks orderly except for the fur scattered everywhere - the grass is flat but not in disarray, there are no clawmarks in the earth, there is only dog fur ... then i see it
>a large sheer flap of skin, with very little fur on it, plastered to a tree at headheight
>upon closer inspection the fur appears to have been pulled out of the skin
>a feeling like ice water runs down my back
>i turn my head to take a look at my friends
>we are starring at each other quietly in awe and disgust
>it dawn on us that our dogs may not be alive anymore at all
>we stand there speechless for what feels like eternity
>one of my friends takes a breath like preparing to speak but does not say a word
>i take his job by speaking out "we must go look if we find them"
>friend no.1 suggests that friend no.2 drives back to the nearest village to alarm the police and return with them while friend no.1, his tokarev and myself with he drilling must go and follow the trail of fur and blood drippings asap
>friend no.2 leaves his hunting rifle for friend no.1 and we hurry to load all unnecessary equipment into his car
All of these skinwalker stories have me thinking. What IS the proper response to skinwalkers? Like, tricks to find out who is one, how to get rid of them, etcetera?
carry a syringe of heroin around and randomly jab your friends and family with it.

if they die, dont worry. it means they were a skinwalker
>we watch him drive off and turn to look for a track from the dogs camp
>some fur is scattered into the direction of the woods - pieces of hair here and there tell of some dog or dogs being dragged into the bushes
>we follow the hair
>after a few hundred meters pieces of fur become more and more scarce but something seems to be dragged over the ground as well
>not like someone dragged 6 dogs more as if someone carried a animal with one of its limps on the ground - inconsistent, hard to see and hard to follow
>after having walked for about 2 kilometers we can not find any continuation to the track
>we go in different directions to inspect the close vicinity
>at first i find nothing, then fur again - a small bush of it at the foot of a tree
>more hair on the trees stem
>more by accident then by intention i lift my head
>the shock i get from what i see is so bad it almost knocks me to the ground
>in the tree, obscured by some lower branches, i can see a bag of fleshy substance and color
>its not tied to the tree but simply flung over the branch
>bewildered i look around me just to discover more unidentifiable bags of flesh in the trees above me some of them right in the treetops at least 15-20 meters high
>i yell my friends name, get behind the nearest tree and check the chambers of my drilling
>the color of the brass shining from the breech helps me calm myself just enough for me to collect my thoughts
>i yell my friends name again
>no response
>i begin to check the surrounding and hastily retreat from the open area that i know understand was designed to be a trap for us
>i yell my friends name again at the top of my lungs and sit in the ground vegetation quietly waiting
>i take a 16g slug from my pocket and fire respective barrel into the treetops - then reload at lightning speed
>i begin to sprint, not towards the camp but towards the path that runs along the field towards the farmers house
>then i think of my friend and stop dead in my tracks
are you typing this on a fucking alarm clock? 15 mins and i'm out.
He said it happened in Germany, so he´s probably German. Translating it into english on the fly, mayb with an online translator, and it is currently 02:44(nighttime) here.
but he's on a train, so he's up. and he obviously speaks english as i'm sure no translation software is that good. also, isnt it taught in german schools?
To pass the time a bit I got another story:
>Be ~15
>Riding bike with a friend innawoods
>Pass a guy with a blue car (station wagon) currently getting his dog into the trunk.
>Trail goes maybe a half mile straight then makes a long curve to the right.
>We come around the corner
>Both slam our brakes
>The same guy, the same car currently loading his dog into his car.
>We look at eachother
>Both say something like "We drove by that scene a minute ago!"
>Turn our bikes and ride the trail back around the curve
>Guy currently drives off away from us.
>Turn again, going into our original direction.
>Car gone.

Discuss maybe half an hour what the fuck happened there.
Similar looking guy, with the same car doing the same thing?
Somesort of timeshift, wormhole or what?

Even w/o any "really" creepy stuff or monsters this was very.....unsettling. But maybe doesnt make a good story...
>Be me innawoods
>See spooki skellington
>I flee
>ohshit.jpg I forgot my nugget
>Spooki skellington takes spooki dump on it
>Shit's all spooked
>Actually flee this time
>Spooki skellington is in car
>I cri everitim I see he spookily drive away with muh car
Guys I can't believe I survived this encounter.
>i turn around, the drilling raised from the hip
> i instantly drop the barrels towards the ground as i become aware of friend no.1 stumbling right into my sights only about 6-7 meters away while my finger is tightly clenched around the group of triggers
>a mental image flashes in front of my inner eye: my friend, his tokarev in hand, standing, jolting, faltering, falling. a slug having blown a fuckhuge hole through his chest.
>i call out his name again
>i realize he isn't looking at me
>there is blood on his neck, mouth and hands
>he raises his tokarev

people say that when you watch someone taking aim at you it feels like eternity

eternity isn't fucking close describing to how long it seemed to take

>i am absolutely stunned
>the barrel points at my feet, then my legs, then my guts then my face, then above my head
>he begins unloading his magazine at a speed i would not have considered possible
>my legs retract instinctively under my body and i plummet to the ground like a wet sack of sand
>for a moment i lose visual contact with him as i am automatically concerned with not throwing my drillings crowning into the dirt
>from the ground i fly around to see the spot above my head which he was firing at
>it all happens to quick for my brain to make much sense of anything
>i see, i hear, i feel, i smell but the sensations are entirely unconnected to each other - also i do not understand what i am seing
>what i see is familiar - then again its so surreal i refuse to belive my observation
>in the tree above me theres friend no.2, naked, covered in red and brown mash in both hands he holds the spine of something that must have been alive not too long ago - its of fresh pink color and definitely way to large to be a dogs vertebrae
>he jumps with all limbs spread out, falls in a horizontal position and lands besides me, face down
Yes but "school english" is.....well...lacking.
They teach british english, no slang and most people forget it after maybe 2 years cause they never use it.

I learned better english from watching english movies and playing my games in english... Reading/writing is no prob, listening also, but I´m quite out practice speaking it.

Even watched "Dog soldiers" with the original tone....scottish accent.... is.... interesting....

Wat. I'm crepped
got something kinda similar i guess. not creepy, but a weird thing that happened to me.

>be me, innabar one night
>guy walks in and sits next to me. never seen him before
>nice guy, we talk for a while
>as he gets more and more inebriated, he begins to tell me about his "special relationship" with god (i've never been real religious, mind you.)
>i'm a longtime regular in the bar, plan on staying all night, so i indulge him for humor
>tells me that god talks to him, and tells him to help specific people/
>we get drunk and i invite him to play pool
>he ends up telling me that god sent him there that night to talk to me
>now i was in a shitty place at the time, raging alcoholic, petty criminal, lived in a large nest of niggers in a studio apt
>he guessed a lot of things about me that were creepily accurate, i wont repeat them
>now he was drunker that me, i had a strong tolerance at the time
>blubbers out that god sent him there that night with a picture of my face in his mind, told him to talk to me specifically.
>would have laughed it off internally had he not been guessing shit about me
>backstory, i had bought a new harley 3 years prior, it was stolen 2 years prior, and was still missing at the time. it was stolen during a short time when i didnt have insurance, so i was still paying for it. started drinking heavily when it got stolen. never mentioned it to him that night, just didnt come up
>he told me that all i had to do was go home that night, get on my knees, and pray to god, and my life would begin to turn around
>being drunk, i guess i was more intellectually malleable, because when i got home i did it. first time in litterally years
>never saw him again
>litterally about three weeks later the cops called me at 4am and said they found my bike three states over.
>it was in good condition, considering it had been stolen for 2 years
>its sitting out front right now.

not creepy pasta, but really the only wierd thing that ever happened to me.
File: 1311321345515.jpg (504KB, 1410x933px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
504KB, 1410x933px
>the vertebrae in his hand hits me right in the nuts
>i cramp together in pain and try to get on my feet at the same time
>i let go of the drilling struggling to manage my bodies involuntary actions
>friend no.2 lays face down with no single limb even twitching
>i know hes dead in an instant
>i fail to get on my feet at first
>i look up and try to make eye contact with my remaining friend and Saviour
>he lays on the ground as well, the gun has slipped from his hand, his eyes are open and directed towards me but they dont move, he does not blink only his nostrils are restless
>his hand starts clasping for the unloaded tokarev he begins to scream unintelligible things, shrieking in a high pitch then again almost growling as if he wasnt even remotely human
>i jump to my feet and towards him
>as i try to grab his armpits to pull him up he flashes his teeth and sinks them into shoulder until he hits bone
>only the reflex to throw my head on the side saved me from him being able to reach my neck with his teeth
>i push him off of me
>his teeth still sunk into my flesh i have difficulties separating him from myself as the shock has severely weakened me
>i dont feel any pain as he and i combine our forces to tear a large chunk of meat and fabric out of my shoulder
>with my free arm i deliver a blow to his sternum and he tumbles back a few steps
>before i can even say a word he bolts off into the woods sprinting at incredible speeds
>i grab the drilling and begin running too, but in the opposite direction - towards the path and farm - towards salvation
>the farmer rescues my ass by hauling me into his car and speeding me to the hospital
>the drive i dont remember
>my memories return around the time when the police arrived in hospital to question me about what had happened to my two friends
>get told theres no trace of them
>get told both cars, all the equipment and the dogs are gone
>later i learn that two weeks later they found friend no.1 hidden in the woods
Mormons occasionally pull that "creepy messenger from God" shpiel around here (I'm 20 minutes away from Nauvoo, you can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting 3 of them).

They are creepily accurate. I guess the temple actually gives classes on that shit, the art's been perfected by centuries of mystics, fortune-tellers and the like. Least they mean well, and I've got eleventy quadrillion Books of Mormon now if I ever need to build a book fort. Never could bring myself to throw them away and they simply won't take them back (I got pissed at the growing stacks of them in my basement, loaded them in my truck and drove to the Nauvoo temple. They excruciatingly politely told me to fuck off).
I hope there is some sort of conclusion.
I hope so too, anon
So.. what happened? Surely you had to go to court if they found your friend. What was their deal?
the skinwalker idf got him before he could discloser any more information, obviously.
>he had gone completely mad
>wouldnt speak
>did not resist arrest
>at his home they found no trace of his girlfriend and child - they have been missing ever since
>i have never spoken to any of their family members since
>the police investigated what happened but ended up being unable to find anything that proved myself guilty of any crimes
>my friend will probably stay in high security psychiatry until the end of his lifetime
>i couldn't cope with the stress for a long time
>left my girlfriend
>didnt show to my old job anymore until they fired me
>had diffriculties speaking reading and writing fluently in the following months
>never touched a weapon again
>never touched any alcohol again
>refused any medication my psychiatrist recommended out of fear of becoming batshit insane
>moved to another city where i did not know anyone and no one knew me
>my family and a lot of my old friends tried to catch up with me in the following years but i could never connect with anyone anymore
>i live an isolated life

as you see all this skinwalker bullshit is probably just people who have gone insane and then posting twisted stories on the internet to confuse you all.
i mean just because some things seem supernatural to humans it does not mean anything out of the ordinary has to be involved. humans go insane all the time and kill each other.
and after all there never were any real yee naaldlooshii sightings in germany, you see? all this ’ánt’įįhnii stuff is made up by people who long for attention. and you guys aurely are sane enough to recognize this, no? so stop spreading those myths.

if all of you guys were to go camping or hiking in the woods more often then surely youd all pretty soon realize that there is nothing dangerous or out of the ordinary in the woods that devours human spirit or flesh. if you feel unsafe camping and sleeping in the woods, just bring a family member who truely loves you. they will surely provide you with some comfort
see? i told you so >>23027342
File: AOXmzln.jpg (118KB, 624x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118KB, 624x388px
Anybody read missing 411? Thinking of picking it up.
the mobile internet connection on overland trains is horrible it sometimes took as long as 20 minutes before i could send of a post that i had already typed
... of course researching in dictionaries over my phone to compensate my lacking english i ran into the same problem of ever failing connections, 100bit connection speeds and severs which were unresponsive due to my query only being received in part.

on a computer i could have typed this up in less than one hour or so

anyways apologies for leaving you on the edge for so long

This is about as likely as fucking skinwalkers
Wtf? This didn't tie together in a way that makes sense to me. If your friend no.1 was now a killer/monster then why did he shoot friend no.2 and save you?
or is it because skinwalkers cant use a computer correctly? have you ever tried heroin? i hear its great
That is the longest I have seen a skinwalker go to convince me that you and your kind are not real.
Pls go.
I wish I could build a morman book fort.
File: c.jpg (2MB, 1044x2311px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1044x2311px

i never found out. maybe my friend no.2 got behind the mental illness of thour friend no.1 and tried to fight him. after all we seperated and i was alone for some time - not knowing if they encountered each other during those ~ 30 minutes or what went down between them. i really have no clue.
oh actually opiates are ok i just dont believe in injections, but i could smoke them if i wanted :) a skinwalker would surely die if he administered any opiates in the body. i mean thats been retold so often it is most likely true.
So you shouldn't enter into a relationship until the gubmint says you are old enough? Every country has varying ages of consent. So which one is right?

USA- ~16-18 depending on state
UK- ~13-18 depending on country and counties

Which arbitrary age is the correct one?

Youtube the video "are all men pedophiles"

It gives scientific reasoning to why age of consent is bullshit.
16-18 is questionable, 13 is beyond retarded. If you can't tell me why you are brain dead. You just want to fuck children. I'm done arguing with you pedo neets
And my only good one has already been posted!
Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed.
The only reason you think 16-18 is questionable is because society and the government tell you it is questionable.

Look at a map of "Ages of consent" worldwide. How can so many countries vary so dramatically if 18 is the "correct" number?

>not even a pedo, I just like logical thinking and pulling a number out of a hat and making that the age when someone becomes an adult is idiotic

But seriously, watch the video I suggested. It isn't "pro-pedo" or anything, it's a documentary about age of consent and the aging and biology differences of boys/men and women/girls.
File: geraffe.gif (3MB, 230x185px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 230x185px
Never expected this thread to go that way.



I try my best.


Likewise, let the fucking Ebola Zombies come forth.


I do have videos on Youtube, like most people between 15 and 50 now a days. I've always wanted to get into voice acting as a youngling though and would kill for a chance to do something in even an independent project for an online cartoon or a shit game that needs some decent VAs.
....I don't believe it only because I'd have heard about something like that through the grapvine thanks to the scout camp up there, and the game of telephone would have turned it into Cartels versus russian mafia or something with automatics and shit.

Yes I totally would expect the game of telephone to happen that way. I got fired because of telephone in the span of 3 hours where it escalated from "I took charge of some old k-ration heater bars because little Johhny Scout was fucking around with them instead of paying attention in Emergency Preparedness class" to "I've got C-4 and plan to blow up the camp"

And it was politically expedient to sacrifice me over the whims of one scoutmaster rather than explain the situation to him.

Then again that summer almost ended in a coup against the camp director, but I don't nearly have enough of the details regarding that to even halfass a greentext.

Anyway to keep from derailing even more, here have a screencap related to scouting.
I searched the local news sites for references to a shooting near there. I came up with nothing. I call bullshit. But it was a lame story anyway with zero skill at storytelling. So what was the point of even posting.
Which? Mine or the one about the bulldogs?
If we use the process of elimination, we can rule out your story since it did not reference a shooting.
Wat? Mental illness? A contagious mental illness? So who was killing the hogs? Their mental illness spread to your friends? And they killed the dogs just to mess with you?
>not gang raping the skinwalker in shifts
The one I posted yesterday did infact involve shooting.

Granted I was way the fuck off away from where any cabins were, and I doubt they went to the cops with a story like "yeah we got into a shootout with a skinwalker"
Can you kill skinwalkers?
In theory, yes.

drugs, fire, white ash (debatable on whether that's the tree or literally the ash from a fire), overwhelming firepower and possibly heavy equipment could do the trick.

Pic unrelated.
Contact high is basicslly a myth, there is no way you could get enough in your system at a party in the woods to get shitty.
I knew a dumbass LT who got chaptered for getting high with some enlisted guys. He tried the "contact high" argument and at his hearing it was determined that the only way to get THAT high passively would be stuffed in a VW bug with 8 guys burning.
semi related

No 7 year old is that smart and cunning, but I want to believe.
File: image.jpg (24KB, 398x307px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You usually do good stuff in your history threads. Good job ruining your reputation with this lame bullahit.
Please elaborate on what you mean.

History threads?

Also, which lame bullshit are you talking about?

the bullshit where I got shot at this weekend? Because that was some serious bullshit, or the calling of bullshit on the bit about the bulldogs and the shootout that never happened?

Or the bullshit about how I got fired? because that was some grade A bullshit I got served.

Also... history threads?
shit man the way you describe it sounds like something my gf and i seen on the way back from picking her up at work
>tfw 2 days later people are tweeting pics of THE SAME SHIT we seen and it even gets a spot on local news
But i figure its some sort of experimental drone capable of hovering, quick changes in direction, and maybe designed to fuck with your perception of distance or something because if people are getting shitty pics and videos of it on their shit tier cellphones
then im POSITIVE Ellington Airbase, Hobby Airport, NASA etc. here in Houston TX would be well aware this thing is in the air long before anyone else would be.
I highly doubt if some mysterious aircraft was detected they wouldnt scramble F-16s out of Ellington within minutes
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