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Can we have a futuristic interplanetary /k/ story thread? Anything

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Can we have a futuristic interplanetary /k/ story thread?

Anything new lately?
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Iam the only one who like these things?
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Thread is dead like Michael Jackson.

Seriously, and they have the links to "super" compilations of all the 4chan images
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Do you mean HFY?
I will check it out them.

I have no idea.
Just came to /k/ by mistake and saw said thread.

Ppl were dumping shitload of stories and I liked it. Saved some of them.

But if this is a reddit thing them I will stop it.
it's not really a reddit thing, its more of a /tg/ thing but they've recently had constant rolling threads for maybe a week of Humanity Fuck Yeah (HFY) so you might get a few grouches about making a HFY thread there. Then again you're going to get the usual ilk of " not /k/ related" here so. Good luck and godspeed OP.

Reddit's just (successfully) jumping on the bandwagon and claiming ideas as there own, per usual

Lots of nice HFY OC because of the influx of people
Thanks for the explanation bro.
Have a nice life.

I think that was to happens in the future anyway.
Was on reddit only once and didnt understand that clusterfuck.

I prefer mu 4chan autism that I love for years now than be a newfag in another site.
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/tg/ did also invent HHY ( humanity hnnng yeah) that weak
very true.
No problem and you do too pal!
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Humans are Warriors.png
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So humans found space jews?

I just hope they Israel III dont orbital bomb Gaza-Prime out of this galazy.
i love shit like this
Where can I find more of those
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OP here. Sorry for take so long to reply.

The other anon told that these are in the stick.I didnt looked to see if is true.
Can dump some I saved if you want.
That'd be great. I was around for the creation of HFY but I have never heard of HHY.
Here's an old link to a bunch.
Sorry, I dont have anything f this HHY. only the HFY.

Thanks bro.
It's nice and gives you a warm fuzzy, but if any other technologically advanced warrior race found us, we'd be dead. All of us, I can't even dream up the insane shit they could use on us.
Their pretty much the same thing, fellas
Really? A dozen species in the entire galactic confederacy? Stopped reading.
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Keep in mind that most of these stories, or thei ignore us for being too undeveloped and we slowly start to trade technology OR after some kind of first contact war, we start to reverse enginerring their technology.

Tough unrealistic, I like to masturbate my mind with these stories.
That's what I mean, the only way they'd win is if they horribly underestimated us, but you gotta thing they've come up with some kind of gas they can just dump into the atmosphere killing 99.9% of the population. Even if the remained few had the brains to reverse engineer anything, good luck getting past anything else.

Shit, we right now have lessons on the books that tell us what underestimation can do, you'd think a race of spacefarers would as well. Unless they're the Signs aliens. Or actually any alien in any movie where they don't kill us.
>Space /k/ube
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Well, think about it.
The core of these stories are about our violence, hatred, warfare prowness and cunning.

If you are the dominant species in the galaxy and always found minor species outthere that posing no treat, them human would be just another one, and that would be a mistake.

About the books, it may be written, but are ppl reading?
Look at the current wars we have.Is always the same shit. Proffesional governors and military ppl always making the same mistakes with new weaponry.
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Maybe. But 'warrior race' could have several meanings. Besides, one of the biggest human traits is it's endurance. Both in the physical and mental sense, not to mention wound regeneration.
In the end, it would depend on what kind of 'warrior race' but if it is in the sense of an exceptionally strong creature, then I would say we would win. Though it may take time, but as I said, time is something we do well at.
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>Get out of here Stalker
I also doubt we'd be the first warfaring species they encounter, if they aren't one themselves. If they weren't, they wouldn't invade.
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I have some non-violence ones, if that helps.
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The Testical.png
71KB, 1324x299px

It's called Humanity, Fuck Yeah! and it was started by /tg/. search hfy threads on /tg/'s archive.
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I never really find any good ones on /tg/ honestly...
The best are usually on /k/.
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Never played Stalker so I missed the entire joke there =/

Post what you have.
I do prefer the ones with war but Iam open minded.

Have you ever think about it that we could possibly be the only sentient enough species to reach first this kind of tech?

You know that more you go to the center of the galaxy, the lesser are the chances of finding life, right?
>Never played Stalker
What the fuck?
>Have you ever think about it that we could possibly be the only sentient enough species to reach first this kind of tech?

No, that's fucking stupid, there's a ridiculous number of stars, galaxies, planets, errething blah blah. To think we're the first in anything is to think very very optimistically and not very realistically.

There is a statistical chance it's true, but it's very fucking unlikely.
You mean to tell me.... Humanity, the race that is constantly at war, killing, raping and pillaging, Won a war WITHOUT Killing, raping, and pillaging?

And we did it in an Intergalactic Courtroom, with next to no knowledge of Intergalactic law.

I have hope.

Ive never read this one. Good read
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regret in a bottle.png
75KB, 976x313px
Foster Bent is probably one of my favorite ones out of the lot.
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Frontier wars.jpg
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We've spent hundreds of years fucking people over for a single misplaced comma in a legal document. It could happen.
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This is also one of my favorites.
Think ima whip up some OC, someone keep this thread alive for me.
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I dint said first, I said ONLY.

Think about it.

Like our planet has to offer so ideal conditions for life AND has to be not too close or too far from the sun, the same is at the galactic level.

If a planet is too close to the galaxy, the radiation would not let life sustain itself (cluster of starts and the black hole at the center).

Now, keep in mind that was not long ago that the universe got a good temperature to have the atoms the way they are now and on top of that, we dont know how our galaxy clustered at first.

But lets say that our galaxy was smaller millions of year ago. Them the first species could have developed closer to the center of the galaxy.

But after more and more starts packed, if they didnt developed technology fast enough, they are alldead by now.

Again, we may not be the first ( and chances are that we really are not the first) but we may be the only in this galaxy RIGHT NOW.
You need to science more, I just skimmed whatever the fuck you wrote and thought, "Man is this what idiots actually think?"
Havent read that one either.

Good Read
Actually you should know that the galatic medium is full on radiation that is kept in check by our sun.

If the radiout out there was greater, only a more powerful sun would be able to conter act this.

But them, how would a planet be able to sustain life with a sun so strong?
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It has to have war.
It does, im about 2 paragraphs in
>Never played Stalker so I missed the entire joke there =/

it's more of a /k/ memes joke than a real stalker joke.

either way, the phrase caught on because it's annoying. in a region of the game called the bar (it's like a little shanty town for stalkers in the zone), one of the entryways is guarded by a guy who says "get out of here stalker"...but instead of just saying it once, he's bugged and repeats it over and over until you get far enough away from him to stop cueing his "greet" speech.
so it's like
>get out of here stalker. get out of here stalker. get out of here stalker. get out of here stalker. get out of here stalker. get out of here stalker. get out of here stalker. get out of here stalker. get out of here stalker. get out of here stalker.

There's other examples of this kind of fail in stalker too... The doorman at the bar itself says "I said come in, don't stand there!" in like, repetitive, fasion.
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Silent ones.jpg
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uber get out.jpg
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Here, this might help.
Keep up the good work.
No pressure.

I tried Stalker once but my computer is utterly old and can run properly.

I barely made the start of the game.Crossed that tunnel full of "portals" and them engaged some humans in the otherside.

After this, a battle in some kind of helicopter graveyard and the game crashed.
Well, that wasn't even coherent.
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It is if you dont need to watch cosmos to "learn about science"
That needs an edit. Too much swearing and weak dialogue.
why don't you do it then
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holy fuck /k/omrade. Seriously just gave me the cold sweats.
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breathe fire.png
86KB, 1440x900px

Well, at least light speed is probably impossible, so this won't happen ,right?
I've had the ending stuck in my head for awhile, but I'm not much of a writerfag

Triarch Bi’nin Tors’vaky knelt over the holo of the blackened and scarred world, the one that would cost his Scourge their existence. The world was once green and blue, filled with a disgusting excuse for life known as humanity. The holo showed many battlefields, X!4332, X!249321 and of course, X!948275, (Moscow, London and Washington D.C, respectively) The humans had fought hard in the cities, giving little ground to the Triarch’s forces, the holo showed humans emptying their projectile based weaponry into hordes of his slave-soldiers, only to be overwhelmed and devoured.

The humans had fought valiantly, but in vain. None of the Triarch’s own people had been slain combat, only the denizens of conquered worlds who had fallen stormed the desolate world. The Triarch had failed to realize one thing, the one thing that could have saved his Scourge, and that was humanities will to fight.

The holo showed Moscow, the humans there were fighting with numerous amount of weapons, the holo zoomed in on a squad of young humans, none at their adult phase, fight for a miraculous 7 minutes with nothing but their bayonets, to hold a street corner while civilians fled around them. They were torn apart until nothing remained but their weapons and shredded clothes.
The Triarch watched as the defenders finally collapsed, only for 7 atomic weapons to obliterate the entire city, killing three entire brigades. The sheer destructive force and pointless sacrifice shocked the entire command crew. The catastrophe of Moscow repeated as more cities fell, humans refusing to surrender, leaving only ashes for the Scourge.

After the 4th nuclear event, humanity reached its limit, the humans knew why the Scourge had come to their world. As the Triarch’s ships rushed to destroy as many nuclear silos possible, him time ran short. The leaders of humanity turned the key, unleashing their nuclear arsenals all across the globe.

The worst part, the Triarch realized in horror, was the population centers were not the target.

Every water source, every useful mineral deposit and every last fuel source was obliterated in nuclear fire.

The communications officer signaled to the Triarch, incoming communication.

Bi’nin Tors’vaky signaled for him to play it.

“If you can hear me, I wish you the best of luck. You bastards never had a chance. You should never have come here. Humans were good at many things, science, architecture and mathematics. But war, war is our game. We’ve played at war for a very long time, and we play to win. This is Lieutenant Jacob Larkin, signing out.
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>If a planet is too close to the galaxy
You mean, too close to the core? The core stars only make up for a third of the galactic mass.
>But lets say that our galaxy was smaller millions of year ago.
>Now, keep in mind that was not long ago that the universe got a good temperature to have the atoms the way they are now
>Actually you should know that the galatic medium is full on radiation
Medium? The sun bathe the earth with more radiation (lower and ionizing) than than we would get if the sun had no heliosphere. The blunt of radiation in space, all categories recognized, is caught by the earth's magnetosphere. Having a planet with a molten core is what's important.
Cosmos' take on anything extrasolar was dated, even by the time it aired.

I'd strongly recommend you read this if you're interested.

Especially the "They do exist, but we see no evidence" section.
He needs to be crucified, or play STALKER.
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This thread is fucking weird. Way too many normalfags compared to usual, using emoticons and talking politely and complaining about language and "scary combat stories" and shit.

Is there a "raid" happening, or is it just another infestation of faggots who haven't lurked enough.
This is great.
File: hfy_1375488342225.png (83KB, 1203x706px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 1203x706px
>Is there a "raid" happening, or is it just another infestation of faggots who haven't lurked enough.

A little from column A, a little from column B. But with a fuck ton of new people.

Thanks, Reading it now. Just for shits and giggles, would you happen to have the pasta that ends something along the lines of The people of earth communicating

"We know who you are, we know where you are, and we're coming for you."

Basis of the story was almost exactly your previous post, where a utopian civilization decided earth needed to go.
File: hfy_1375495833284.png (322KB, 1368x2651px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
322KB, 1368x2651px
File: hfy_1380948618099.png (122KB, 1280x1397px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122KB, 1280x1397px

>We made a mistake
Fuck yeah. You've made my night. Thanks.
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File: TOLD Status.png (16KB, 482x628px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
TOLD Status.png
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7/10 story.
You could make a bit longer, and instead of saying the cities at first,give discriptions of it that pplcould see. Like the Kremlim, the Big Bang and the Nigger House.

The fact that you got all my replies ( all of them are mine) and just said no without scientific explanation just proves that you dont know much about. Let me breakdown to you:

>You mean, too close to the core? The core stars only make up for a third of the galactic mass.
Mass is not and issue. Iam not talking about gravity but radiation.



>Since the first stars began to form, the Milky Way has grown through both galaxy mergers (particularly early in the Galaxy's growth) and accretion of gas directly from the Galactic halo.[127] The Milky Way is currently accreting material from two of its nearest satellite galaxies, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, through the Magellanic Stream.



>Medium? The sun bathe the earth with more radiation (lower and ionizing) than than we would get if the sun had no heliosphere. The blunt of radiation in space, all categories recognized, is caught by the earth's magnetosphere. Having a planet with a molten core is what's important.

Again, if you think that we are inside the medium it just proves that you dont know about what you are talking about. The medium is outside the heliopause of the star in question, in this case, our Sun.


>Cosmos' take on anything extrasolar was dated, even by the time it aired.

Original run March 9, 2014 – June 8, 2014
File: hfy_c2KnTzx.png (219KB, 1290x1118px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nobody cares about your internet argument, post HFY or fuck off
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File: hfy_1388382054521.png (500KB, 1896x3996px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Don't worry, it's really stupid. You'd need to put in the equivalent of 150 nuclear arsenals to get a 1500 ton ship to that speed. That would take a massive amount of resources, and would probably be the same for any other species.
Who has the one about humans nurturing a race and the human colonists die out then the race finds us.
File: hfy_1387403294388.png (118KB, 1310x1064px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118KB, 1310x1064px

>what is the Orion Project
File: hfy_1375488207465.png (143KB, 1614x828px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143KB, 1614x828px

File: john_berkey_009.jpg (436KB, 1865x1061px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When people say Cosmos, they mean A Personal Voyage. not A Spacetime Odyssey. Be specific otherwise.

Matter accretion from extra-galactic elements doesn't push outer stars toward the core.

Interstellar radiation levels are lower (similar in terms of ionizing radiation) than what the sun puts out. Let me put it this way, the earth right now receive more radiation from the sun (all categories) than it would get if you dropped it outside of the solar system altogether (outside of the helisphere)

>Now, keep in mind that was not long ago that the universe got a good temperature to have the atoms the way they are now
Still, no. 'not too long ago' is wrong. For the majority of the universe's lifespan, mater has been static. 13 billion years or so is not 'not too long ago'.
If you want to argue about the formation of planets, second generation star systems might have harbored life-capable planets (though most of the stars themselves were probably too short lived). The sun is a third generation star.

Red dwarf stars (or maybe even brown dwarfs) could also hold planets and have a pretty stable goldilock zone.

File: 1389471784415.jpg (9KB, 269x187px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i like this one.
File: 1404300864233.png (588KB, 1777x1174px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
588KB, 1777x1174px
File: John_Berkey_03a.jpg (220KB, 680x887px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220KB, 680x887px
P.S. Ignore my shitty typing.
File: hfy_1387357077092.png (122KB, 1232x921px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fucking fantastic, added to the collection
Anonymous Delivers
File: hfy_1387332692100.png (716KB, 1668x3048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If you don't think we'd be the most badass species in the universe then realize that if the Earths gravity was a bit stronger, rocketry to outer space would not be possible. Without satellites, gps, and other tech needed to get off this rock a species cannot go galactic. We are about as close to a hell planet as we can possibly be.
Some of the EvE writings are terrible. Some of them are really good. The methods of torture series was excellent.

File: HumanityFuckYeah 4.jpg (99KB, 1232x377px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
HumanityFuckYeah 4.jpg
99KB, 1232x377px
>HFY thread
oh hell yiss
File: darkness.jpg (1MB, 987x2858px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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dumb on so many levels, corny and too cliche.
File: HumanityFuckYeah 5.png (146KB, 1188x1042px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
HumanityFuckYeah 5.png
146KB, 1188x1042px
File: HumanityFuckYeah 11.jpg (472KB, 1205x880px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
HumanityFuckYeah 11.jpg
472KB, 1205x880px
File: HumanityFuckYeah 12.png (118KB, 877x1700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
HumanityFuckYeah 12.png
118KB, 877x1700px
I know I have the rest of the Veil of Madness stories saved, but my folder was poorly thought out and needs reorganizing.
File: HumanityFuckYeah 14.png (140KB, 1016x545px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
HumanityFuckYeah 14.png
140KB, 1016x545px
where the fuck is the rest of this story OP?

I can't find it by skimming the fucking thumbnails
File: HumanityFuckYeah 25.jpg (457KB, 1206x1134px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
HumanityFuckYeah 25.jpg
457KB, 1206x1134px
That's it bro
File: HumanityFuckYeah 26.png (289KB, 1636x1589px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
HumanityFuckYeah 26.png
289KB, 1636x1589px
File: HumanityFuckYeah 23.jpg (206KB, 1423x666px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
HumanityFuckYeah 23.jpg
206KB, 1423x666px

I shed a fucking tear. I admit, these stories are good only around half the time. But when they're good... they're damn good.
somebody posted part 2 of this one, nobody ever posts part 1 first...
File: HumanityFuckYeah 74.jpg (454KB, 1003x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
HumanityFuckYeah 74.jpg
454KB, 1003x900px
File: HumanityFuckYeah 40.png (110KB, 1009x315px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
HumanityFuckYeah 40.png
110KB, 1009x315px

It was 10 cycles ago that we found the humans.
They had thought themselves so grand for figuring out the wheel.

While we, the chosen race, were teleporting across vast distances and exploring other dimensions.
They had primitive explosive powered kinetic weapons while we had weapons that could burn a hole through a mountain.

One thing that they had and we did not, was a certain quality that cannot be isolated or created.
It must be inherited through fire and battle.
It is the warrior spirit. When our soldiers see each other fall, they break and hide behind their technology.
When their soldiers see each other fall, they only grow angrier and fight harder due to that blasted neurotoxin of theirs they produce known as Adrenaline or Picky Uppy Kill Quickly to our soldiers.

We ignored them like the mud slime crawlers they were. We ignored them when they found out how to make lots of kinetic slug throwers available to anyone. We ignored them when they found out how to split the atom. And we ignored them when they figured out how to travel to their nearest satellite.

We ignored them until we looked again and saw their advances. Advances in technology that took us hundreds of cycles, took them less than a dozen. We were not the only ones guilty of ignoring them. So did the Kakrelth and the Gekki and all of the other species. they figured out the power of the gods while we squabbled like children.

So when we were fighting our last stand and decided to get some cannon fodder to help get the last of our people off our homeplanet, we were not expecting the response we got.
The Gekki and Sharlds laughed when they the meager fleet of 7 ships that showed up. They who had just burned three human worlds and slagged 100 human ships, ignored the humans yet again.

There is a reason why their worlds stay burned and uncolonized
For as a myth in their lore once described, when you fly too high, you get your ass burnt.

OC niggas
Xenocultural Studies Team 3 Field Report on the dominant species of the Sol System, sector 16-7.437, star 293.

On the third planet from the star that shall be refereed to as "Sol" in this report, there exists sentient life. These life forms are mammals, highly evolved simians with a thin coat of hair on their bodies and a thick one on their heads, males have a thicker coat of hair on their faces. They call themselves many different names, but all call themselves "humans". For further information about the biology of humans please see Xenobiology Team 8, report 6.980.238. This report focuses on the culture of the humans, and adds to the current biological information.

Human culture, it is hard to define such a term. To say that human culture is diverse is an understatement. What is considered the norm for one group of humans on one part of the planet is another group's taboo. Humans have dominated the planet, but they have no unified culture, it has been hypothesized that they have no empathic or psychic link, or if they do, it is underdeveloped.

Previous reports on human biology are confirmed, humans actually drink ethanol. In fact, they drink it for pleasure, and they have many different varieties of ethanol that they call "wisk-ee" "vodd-kah" and "bore-bonn" to name a few. They drink it until they suffer from it's effects, then once their bodies have cleansed the ethanol toxins, they drink more. They also inhale the fire and smoke of plants for an euphoric effect, regardless of the damage it does to their bodies.

But the insanity that they call "drugs" is nothing when compared to the humans' love for warfare.

Human communication is limited, for they have no natural empathic or psychic link as we can determine. They make noises from their mouths which carry meaning, and they have a form of writing based on these noises. We have encountered species that do similar things, such as the Derung, the Mularathos, and the Children of Ament'th. The human language was difficult to translate at first, but we later determined that the humans did not have a global language. These records come from a library and were printed in the language known as "English".

Human history is shocking in its constant brutality. The oldest artifacts show human warfare. Some of the most ancient of human bones have notches in them from blades. Their oldest stories tell of conquest and warfare, of brave heroes and mighty warlords. One discovery was most shocking, the humans have detonated nuclear weapons in their only biosphere, multiple times. One such record of the first detonation theorized that nuclear weapons would burn off their atmosphere, but the humans detonated it anyways. Nuclear power only came after they had harnessed the power of the atom for warfare; and even then it was used to power some of the largest warships that humans had built.

Warfare penetrates all of human culture. in their history, different human cultures worshiped, and some continue to worship many gods. All of these pantheons have a god of war, some even have two or more. Between 2000, and 800 of the human homeworld's solar orbits ago, many of these polytheistic faiths were replaced by monotheistic faiths. When the pagan peoples converted, they killed their gods to follow a god of peace. These gods of peace have had wars fought in the name of peace. It boggles the mind, a war fought in the name of peace, for a god of peace.

Warfare permeates human culture to its very core, it drives human development. The builders of the rockets that humans used to travel to their only natural satellite were built by humans who had been building ballistic missiles in their last great war, their first nuclear war. Artificial satellites are used for information gathering and surveillance by one human faction to be used against another human faction. When humans explored their planet in the past, warriors and soldiers were always there with the explorers. It was not like our exploration, where the weapons are minimal and for self protection.

It is the recommendation of this team that the Sol system be quarantined, with only occasional scientific missions be sent near the system. This is due to the humans' propensity for warfare, and their contradictory and difficult to understand nature.

Professor Tal'keu Shum, head of Xenocultural Studies Team 3.
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