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Ask someone part of the IDF anything
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>jews on /k/
What's your baba ganush recipe that stuff is addictive
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Is the man I love exchanging pizza for sex?

Pic not related.

>Be inna MaymayKurgan
>Fighting for the glorious fatherand
>Game is pretty ordinary to start with, just what you would expect
>A new player joins the team and immediately starts speaking on team chat
>His name is Mr. Whiskers
>Mr Whiskers is probably the best morale boosting mother fucker you have ever heard
In a thick Australion accent
>Australions all let us
>Rejoice for we
Bang Bang
>are young and free

We push towards the russian held bunker with the wind in our sails and the Australian
national anthem in our ears.

>Pinned down at the open point before the bunker

>"All right cunts, lets get some Australian spirit going"
>"Aussie Aussie Aussie"
>"Oi oi Oi"
>"Aussie Aussie Aussie"
>"Oi Oi Oi"

>"Alright boys, its time to push"
>Singign and shouting, the entire axis team get up from their positions and charged the bunker
>"Its alright boys, the Australian spirit will keep us from getting shot"
>Most of the team make it to the entrance
>"See, just like in Galipoli"
>Russians start pouring into the bunker
>Entire team around us start throwing potatoe mashers into the bunker
>It's glorious
>One of our engineers runs in with a satchel charge
>"Inshalla" he shouts
>The bunker erupts with russian body parts and screams as half their team vaporised
>We charge in and the point is secured
>W chanted and sung until the final point was capped and the last Russ was dead

>mfw Australian spirit won the war
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>Babbies talking about RO2

How adorable.

You are reviled by the veterans of RO1 and Darkest Hour mod.
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Anyone still playing?

I'm thinking about reinstalling RO1, possibly DH too. I just figured no one played anymore.

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What kind of tactical patches are you putting on your gear?

Pic related: is anyone making these?
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>is anyone making these?
turn off adblock


>Implying you know jack fucking shit about /k/

I hate fags like you who have to put every fucking thing on the pedestal that's related to any board culture and judge it like you're the ultimate authority on whats appropriate to post and what to like.

This isn't some baneposting idiocy that takes up 80% of threads, it it was I would agree with you. But to call it "overused" and calling other anons cancer for the occasional "meme" or whatever the fuck you want to call it when in reality it's just a fucking inside running joke reflects on what fags like you are turning trying to turn this board into. Please fuck off.

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Why are gun store owners invariably assholes, fudds, bubbas, or idiots ?

They make it uncomfortable as fuck or anyone who isn't one of their friends
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Maybe you're just an insufferable asshole, what with being the only thing in common with all those people who dislike you.
I have encountered some stump fuckers at gun shops in my day, but I must say that most of the ones in my area are pretty cool. A few weeks ago an older guy who owns a pawn/gun shop I was in showed me his full auto Thompson and let me play with it a bit. Never really talked to him before that, but it was cool.
It's not just gun store owners. Most gun owners are the same way. Shooting is just a hobby, but everyone pretends they're hard as fuck because they do it. It's this prison mentality which drives a lot of potential shooters away.

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I'm bored as fuck. Put 'em up, /k/.
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Fuck off faggot, I've got a bead on you at the internet yards
It's not done yet, but give it a week and you will deeply regret your faggotry.
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Does anyone have the picure of that one guy holding up a bucket of potassium nitrate to his screen?

It was pretty recent.

Pic unrelated.

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Bought an ameriglock. Love it thus far. Still unable to break from the hold S&W has on me.

What did you guys buy within the past Month?

Also, lets just have a old fashioned gun thread. Post guns, talk about guns, don't shitpost about guns.
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bought an RIA 1911 in 9mm heresy. Shot it earlier today and enjoyed the fuck out of it. Strongly considering making it my carry gun.
Finally taking my Type 56 home tomorrow. Fucking waiting periods, man.

>All matching serials, beautiful finish, and I didn't pay a dime extra for these things

Thanks, based classicfirearms.
>9mm heresy

You bought the .38 Super RIA? Why!?

>Fucking waiting periods, man.

Fuck em indeed. Now move to a free state so you can go buy bags of guns.

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Hey /k/, I am a fat ass and I don't want to be.

what are some /k/ approved exercises to make me operator?

>inb4 go to /fit/
>inb4 OP can't inb4
>inb4 pack marching
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Go lift, fatty.
Be prepared to serve the emperor.

Now get the fuck out, this isn't /fit/
that isn't even fucking hard

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