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How does /jp/ take it easy on a Saturday night? Do you hang out

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How does /jp/ take it easy on a Saturday night? Do you hang out with your friends and family? What Touhou would you take it easy with on a Saturday Night?
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Nursing a horrible hangover.

I would like to snuggle with a lewdist.
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I hate my family and the few friends I do have I hate

It's the only time when I wish jp was a little faster
I'm alone, most of the time. I'd probably be comfortable around anybody whom I can be alone with together, but I'd really like to spend some time with Reimu or Kasen.

How come? Have you burned the bridges already?
no I'm too much of a pussy to do it
I don't think they realize I hate them which makes sense. They don't really feel like friends anyways.
I don't think that not cutting ties necessarily means you have a weak character.
What do you mean by "they don't feel like friends"? Do they appear indifferent towards you?
Also, what would happen if you told them how you feel about them? To you, that is.
Just not really close to any of them and I'm essentially a back up friend I guess.
nothing would happen I guess
This thread was meant to be happy but it's just depressing.
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I play video games and masturbate to porn. Sometimes I watch documentaries.
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What documentaries does /jp/ recommend?
My family hates me, and I hate them.
My mother surprised me by visiting me without warning me. It was bad.
But then I played board games with people.
Saturday is the day my family sits downstairs in the living room, talking about stuff and then they go out to eat, and come back and do the same thing until nightfall. Meanwhile, I'm in my room lurking here, playing vidya, and listening to music since I found my Sennheiser headphones. Been on a Shibayan kick lately. And I'd love to take it easy with either Reimu, Reisen, or Sanae.
Every night is a Saturday night for me.
Also this.
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Yeah I also lost it at the hang out with friends part.
The same thing I do every night.
Try to find matches in my fighting games no one plays, start drinking, give up, and play some shitty FPS until 4-5 AM and pass out.
Right now it's Vermintide. Maybe ToS will be up and the servers won't just instantly kill themselves.
I don't really talk to people.

I want to take it easy with Komachi since she's the love of my life.
I'd hang out with plenty of other tohos though. Tewi and Yuyuko would be fun friends and I want to get Kasen shithammered to see her drop character.
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/jp/ I need your help. I want to rent a gun at a shooting range to kill myself but they won't rent guns to single males so I'm looking for someone to go with me. I have some cash I can give you. The shooting range is Lock and Load Miami. My sister lives nearby and since im going to spend the holidays with her family this is the best chance im going to get to kill myself for some time. Post your Skype or email and I will contact you
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Okay, not exactly /jp/ related, but here's some comfy shit I watched recently:

These are an /out/ favourite, they're all cozy as fuck. I'd probably recommend watching 'Alone in the Wilderness' first.
If the outdoors aspect is putting you off - It's about a old man who totally rejects society, moves to Alaska, and lives completely alone for 30 years in a log cabin he built from scratch, so it's actually somewhat Hikki in its philosophy.

I'm pretty into Polyphonic singing, so this is basically my favourite documentary ever. It's about a blind American blues singer who learns Tuvan throat singing while listening to obscure Russian broadcasts over short-wave radio, and travels to the center of Asian to compete in an annual completion they hold there. I actually think it's a pretty interesting view into life before the internet, and generally how shit got done back then.
W-where does her food go?
just buy a gun through private sale
I take it easy with my cat, and some beer or cider. I do a little roleplaying maybe, watch some netflix, chill.
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Grizzly Man.

Dogtown and Z-Boys.

Eyes of the Mothman.
This thread never had the potential to be happy. You were just deluding yourself.
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>I'm essentially a back up friend
I'd hang out with you, anon.
I usually just play games with online friends, maybe watch anime or read a novel. I'll probably talk to my friend from real life, but I haven't seen him in 5 months or so, and when I went to see him it was awful because I got lost driving to the train station to go into the city and ended up being an hour late.
You'd hang out with me once and never again.
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Nah, as long as we had something in common to tall about like the 2hus and stuff I doubt it. Either way, hang in there anon.
Isn't there one person in /jp/ who's happy?
I just do drugs like a degenerate and watch anime!

Then repeat that every night when I get home from work. Makes time fly
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I don't want to

I hope not.
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I'm happy because I'm a NEET that never has to leave the house and only talks to people on the Internet. It's great.
Some might just call it "contented" instead of happy, but I don't think real long-term happiness actually exists in the 3D world. It's a fleeting state that is a result of direct Good Things happening, rather than something you're supposed to experience consistently.
Regardless my only problems are how I suck at everything I care about, but I don't let it get to me and just keep trying.

I was pretty unhappy until last month. I was NEET for 6 years out of high school prior to this March and then I got a seasonal job. It was basically the worst thing ever. But the season is over so I'm no longer miserable and have a bunch of money to sit on/buy anime girl merch with.

A lot of the things people are sad about not having are overrated. I think at some point the jay lost NEET zen. It's really, truly the greatest thing in this world to lay around and do nothing.
Being a NEET with no money is awful, though. I guess I could monetize my skills but I just don't feel like working on stuff that doesn't interest me.
Maybe I could convince the rich NEETs here to give me money for guro loli doujin translations or something. I live in a pretty shitty country so a Murican dollar gets me somewhat far.
Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 14

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