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last tread ded, heres a new1. everything related to 7th expansion from rosegundays, higurashi, 3anthology, higanbana etc.

new wtc coming soon, or isit? this thread can't die just yet, hau!
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Featherine cute.jpg
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Posting the most underappreciated witch.
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Miko time~

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Old thread almost kill >>17578032

General info, essentials and download links in the Miku Monday copypasta:
Crossfades google drive:
If you're looking for a specific song or album, try searching on vocadb.net (for reference) or mikudb.moe (for downloads)
Link to MikuDB Discord: https://discord.gg/nnmGzrj
Project Diva pastebin http://pastebin.com/BsD5G6Ey
Pastebin: mass-tagging albums with vocaDB
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I thought this picture was cute. Then I realised me on the right and it became perfect.
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Miku is the most wonderful girl in existence. I love her so much!

Wow, this picture is perfect. PoV is the miracle of universe.

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Previous thread: >>17580454

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What have you finished? What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? You know the drill.
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>The ruins of the people's tranquility lie smoldering……。
>Two thousand years of prosperity have come to an end, the Empire conquered at the hands of degenerate invaders.。。
>As what they once took for granted crumbles around them, its citizens nevertheless continue to strive for a better tomorrow, even as they are swept up in the tides of history.。。
>Miyaguni Akari, the final heir to the imperial throne, seeks *power*……for it is her absolute *duty* to eradicate her sworn foes and reclaim her empire.。。
>Tokita Sojin, a proud warrior without a past, seeks a *lord*……for the noble blade must be wielded in the name of *fealty*.。。
>Fate shall see to it that their paths will cross……and it is not the domain of man to know whether their journey shall end in despair or in triumph.

That sounds terribur. Only Elsa can save us all!
Shame her "route" is 5 minutes long
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But Hotori is the sexiest girl.

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Disgusting. Alice is for Patchouli.
don't forget about mannosuke

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Please post good music from VNs/Eroge

My contender:

Fucking track..this and Hito yo! Koufuku ni!
gave me so much goosebumps when playing it.

Another tracks would be anything by Ceui and most of the Denkare/Yousei Teikoku Tracks
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The Subahibi soundtrack in general is genius. Personally my favorite is Yoru no Himawari. I've listened to that particular track at least once a day for the past couple of months. It just really calms me.
I like some of the music from monmusu quest
But from what I'm told it's not original to the game itself and comes from a site that sells rpg music
My favorite tracks from a drug that makes you dream



And this track i still fondly remember from saya no uta


and this good one from drakoi

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This thread is for all female Hello!Project and Up-Front artists, old and new.


Previous thread:
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Maki's child will be a cutie just like her mother
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Last thread: >>17567015

Game links:
>r18 games
>all ages games


>Eng Wiki Links (Unless otherwise mentioned)

Millennium War Aigis:
>Eng Wiki
>Jp Wiki

>English DMM Character List
>Jp ULMF thread:
>Eng ULMF thread:
>XP chart

Osawari Island:
>Jp Osawari wiki
>Osawari chat
>Jp Alchemy Page
>Osawari Friend Code List

Girl's Kingdom:
>Jp Wiki

Kanpani Girls:
>Jp Wiki
>Additional Info

Flower Knight Girl:
>Eng DMM Wiki
>Jp Wiki

>Jp Wiki

Sengoku Providence:
>Jp Wiki

>Jp Wiki
>Eng wiki

>Jp Wiki
>Eng DMM Wiki

Miscellaneous links:
>Staff Twitter:
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Gladiator AW (both units are event units): slight stat buff for cost up penalty.
Raimei AW (gacha plat): no cost up penalty, AW ability with buff for all undeads.
It's not that bad, Gladiators got a -6 to their unit cost.
who's this semen demon

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This is Youmu, the cutest Touhou.
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Sorry, but Alice is the cutest touhou.
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Kokoro is the cutest 2hu now.
Youmu is the cutest dork!

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Previous Thread: >>>17561668

ITT: We discuss onaholes, dolls, and every thing else we stick our junk into because using just your hand is for peasants.

The guide: http://pastebin.com/hwhGL66a (embed)

Read the guide, use the archive, don't shitpost. Follow global and local rules. Don't reply, report and ignore instead.

Length, girth, budget and location are important in determining your next best course of action!

Use the chat below for small questions and try to extend the life of the thread.

Please refrain from creating new threads till page 10.

No discord.
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venus real vs clone ?
Has anyone got around to trying the Magic Eyes Neotenic Fairy? It looks like it came out a little over a week ago.


go for the real over the clone.
I want toy . but scared use unregulated rubber on cock . what safe toy ? just because made in japan not mean safe . any silcone onahole ?

So lets break down what the "girls" actually are. I've seen them portrayed as huge mecha girls and regular girls wielding magic of some sort just to start.

Did the girls have a life before they inherited the inanimate ships "spirit"?

What are the actual range of ages of the biological girls and who thought it was a good idea and humane to send such young women off to war?
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>Did the girls have a life before they inherited the inanimate ships "spirit"?
>who thought it was a good idea and humane to send such young women off to war?
Maybe they're robots/androids or cyborgs.
Who the fuck cares just jerk off to them
They could be sex bots from the future adapted to fight in war made to think and react how a certain warship does. With a little fairy dust. Also men are mostly dead so it was a good use for the bots.

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