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I'm so confused /jp/. Please help. ;_;

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Was this supposed to be arousing?
Cause I'm kind of aroused now.
What do you need help with kuso oyaji-san?

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Can anyone tell me what this image means?

It looks beautiful, and i want to create something similar on my lockscreen. But first i need to know what the symbols mean. :)
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Roughly translated it seems to me something like "14 pleasures of the 16 inside".

I think the characters are a subtle reference to some sort of Zen koan.
That is highly interesting. Do you have a chance to type out the letters so i can copy them?
They mean ??????
14 potato 16 thousand

Enjoy, anon

what are sanae's ten desires?
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Cum in ass twice.
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Japanese bird cooking pasta.
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Is it bird sized pasta? Do birds eat pasta?
Yes. No.
>j6LI4oH9TZZ2h.jpg (70 KB, 900x675)

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What is some good /jp/ workout music? I've been going to the gym for years and have just ran out of good music honestly. Anything that suits a run or lifting weights in your mind is good enough for me.

This is an example of a song I like running to once it picks up at 45 seconds in.

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Try these:

It's a different sort of vibe than Gackt, but I swear it's perfect for running.
Not really so much what I'm looking for.
The first one wasn't bad but a little poppy for my tastes. I dont hate jpop stuff though. I have ran to this. Your second song is a bit closer to what im looking for though.

That was really good. I get this feeling of someone being optimistic about the future trying to move forward while ignoring a bleak problem in their life that they know they might not be able to fix. Its a bitter sweet sounding song to me. I like it a lot though.

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So retro
Princess from the moon was a classic hit movie amoungst japanese teenagers. Just as America had a set of popular movies based around teenagers, so did Japan. Japanese and Americaican 1980's movies would develop classic teenage movie classics.
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News paper clipping.

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Can we have a NicoDouga thread?

Live-streams, my-lists, communities, MADs, try-to-dance, try-to-sing, Vocaloids, idols and other otaku NicoDouga videos etc.
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Idols have nothing to do with otaku culture, not sure why you included them there
We hanabi now
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All thumbnails are Zen.


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She's a brick... HOUSE

(Meiling Thread)
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Nice rack.
Why is she so perfect?
If I take that gay looking hat off, will she die?

Let's talk about daki shall we?

Anyone where you can buy different kind of pillow, like a flat one for example?

Also anyone know a good place to do custom dakimakura beside hobbyheart?
I heard that they often reuse the custom daki people asked them to do and sell them...

Post your last acquisition too.
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ArstCwo does custom covers, but I can't stand the material they use. After you start buying from circles that use quality 2WT, anything less than that just seems unacceptable. I've never seen flat pillows, but I'm not sure why you would ever want that. Do yourself a favor and get a comfy A&J pillow good for cuddling. If you want to display your covers, hang them like tapestries.

Here's Argyle's Miku, which I picked up about a week ago. Really glad I was able to find the 'small tits' version on Mandarake.
Beside the poor quality of Artcow there's also the fact that they don't do 150x50 case.

So far the only site I know that do 150x50 and 2WT is Hobby heart.
How does having a daki feel?
I mean, I'm thinking of getting one, but I'm a bit afraid that my friends or parents visit me and see it...

Do you feel this way?
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This is a weaboo-free zone.
Society understands all right. It's all one big understanding.

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