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Is this the only country in Europe to never own an empire?

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>inb4 taking credit for the Roman Empire
No, this is the only country in Europe you can point on a map.
really faggot
It had an empire, with Libya and Somalia.
>not a empire

dont forget ireland, norway and the swiss
>"Wow this is a shitpost"
>"wait a minute..."
>see flag
all european countries had empires?
btw pic related
those were gypsies
Try harder, straya cunt

On 9 May 1936 Victor Emmanuel III assumed the title of Emperor of Ethiopia.
I don't know about that, but they were the only european country to get their ass kicked by an african one
he was trying to mem about rome lad
>Tries to bring the bantz over lost wars against shitty enemies
>What is Vietnam
I know I'll get flogged for proposing that the USA would have won the war given time, but I'll say it anyway.
Not that guy btw
Yeah but you didn't, that's kind of the point.
didn't they have territory in china?
we were romans, this never fail to bring the butthurt but it's the truth.

tldr: we ruled the whole world
Yep. I know for sure that we had a part of Tientsin (Tienjin)
>implying we lost
It's more like the Tet Offensive happened, we pull out due to a lack of popularity, and everything goes to hell. If you want an American military failure just look at Iraq.
Slovenia? Slovakia? Moldova? Switzerland? Cyprus? Eesti the Beesti? Latvia? Belarus? Finland? (>inb4 ancient finnish empire) Lithuania? Poland? (unless you count PLC as an empire) Ireland? Iceland? and the list goes on
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You was Romanz an shit.
they had the best one
yea let me guess the ruling romans were modern day anglos

fuck off
says the fucking south brazilian
uh, neither did you
>nessuno riuscì mai a capire se il Dodecaneso avesse lo stato di colonia e a che titolo facesse parte dell'Impero
Non erano neanche dodici isole
Yeah good job beating a bunch of nig nogs.

>Be Italian
>beat a bunch of naked nig nogs with sticks
>think youre rome reborn, hurr durr look at me im augustus
>try that shit again 3 years later against an enemy that is actually civilized
>What could go wrong, we outnumber them 5:1
>Mama mia, we just got our asses royally kicked, better beg germoney to save our useless spagetthi asses
>Hey Adolf, we just lost 140000 men while killing a grand total of 400 enemies, pls save muh mare nostrum
>Still screw up despite heavy soupport from a far greater country you still manage to fuck up, get your homeland invaded and switch sides, tying up valuable forces we needed else where.

Thanks, spagetthi niggers. Greatest ally.
>Australian education

Ireland had an empire
It was a juridical mess that no one ever bothered to solve m8, look that up

>Implying Italy didn't plan to fuck over the nazis all along

I mean really shouldn't you see this coming after WW1?
You've lost your Anglo privileges.
Oh btw almost forgot that one, didnt they beat you too, despite not having anything other than a bunch of ww1 rifles?

Is there any war you took part in within the last lets say 500 that ended without your total humiliation ?
>talking to yourself
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lol tony.jpg
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>MFW OP doesn't know that's where the Persian Empire was from
No, we lost every war to have ever existed in crushing defeats against inferior technology and with territorial advantage
Most of those cunts were subjects of an empire, does that count?
So tsundere
those aren't countries mate
Im not even done. All your girls are sluts. And i mean huge fucking cum-in-my-face tier sluts. I mean german girls are no saints but jesus christ.

I was on a trip to Venice with a bunch of friends of mine, pretty much all of us had more sex in that week than during the rest of our lifes combined. We brought a fat pale autist who got his dick sucked by an 7.5/10 italian slut in the alley behind some club. I mean it was so easy it kinda took the fun out of it. I literally had a slut walk up to me, say something in spagetthi and than drag me to the toilets to suck my dick.

How does it feel to know your momma probably did shit like that in her 20s?
File: Saitama_OK.jpg (18KB, 300x244px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bot even baiting. All your girls are whores.

I had a slut that broke up with her fiance from my bathroom seconds before hopping on my dick. two of my m8s were having a fiveway in the pool with 3 sluts whos names they didnt even know. One guy got his dick sucked in exchange for a hamburger. im not even joking, im probably gonna greentext that entire trip on here one day, shit was comedy gold.

quit your fantasies, you autistic shit
File: 1374452769346.jpg (91KB, 800x534px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>One guy got his dick sucked in exchange for a hamburger
File: 1448238427509.png (119KB, 355x268px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Do it now, I want a bedtime story.
eh im somewhat drunk, so its probably gonna full of spelling/grammar misttakes.

And i already told you the best parts,

Also, youre not gonna fap to that, are you, gypsie-kun?
It's 3 am and I'm also drunk, so I can't even get it up.

But I want to hear the story.
File: 1444054433045.jpg (179KB, 750x1125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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alright, ill change some minor details in case any of my friends involved ever run into that story (i know for a fact one of those niggers visits /b/)

also qts for the wait while im tipping
File: tips.jpg (59KB, 500x435px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Muh kievan rus
>last summer
>go on trip to italy with 7 old friends
>theyre pretty much average normies
>one guy is a fat autist and a virgin, one other guy is somewhat strange
>guy who organizied all of it is a huge fucking womanizer, claims he banged around 120 grills which is probably realistic since he had a new gf every week for as long as i know him
>first day there, we put up our tents near some lake and buy booze.
>spend 950 € on booze for the 8 of us, we literally cleaned out the grocery store.
>none of us was sober for a second for the entire week.
>decide to play a drinking game
>everytime a qt walks by, we drink.
>end up shitfaced at 11am
>Womanizer friend decided he "getting us all laid, yo"
>starts chatting up random grills that walk by with his magic charm no autist will ever understand.
>basicly invites them to drink with us later that night
>He gets like 20 phone numbers in an hour, that guy is literally a wizard when it comes to grills
>a few of them actually show up later that night.
>more drinking, drinking games and talking to italian qts with bad english
>I end up translation since my years of experience of shitposting on some mongolian McDonaldsforum have left me with the best language skills in the group
>actually talk to qts more than usual
>in the end we have like 6 grills stuck around, theyre all pretty drunk
>decide to go swimming nude
>qts refuse to at first, but chad friend to the rescue
>Im serious, that guy probably found the cheat codes or something.
>go swimming naked with all those 7+/10 qts
>one of them was easily 11/10, i mean like top model tier
>fortunately water is cold as fuck so no boner
>more drinking in the water
>eventually naked make out sessions start
>Womanizer friend decided were not sleeping in tents, but go to some hotel ( i mean you can have like 12 people fucking within 4 meters of one another)
>mhkay, get a bunch of caps and drive into the city

part 1/?

also captcha : mpagester cockscombe
File: 1b5.png (93KB, 331x429px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Please tell me the fat autist is the one with the hamburger.
>eventually got to some vacation house you could rent for a week, cant really remember exactly, we were all drunk as fuck at that point.
>rent is like is pretty low, it has 3 diffrent bedrooms, great furniture and all that so we decide to take it.
>also has a pool in the backyard
>chad friend ends up banging top model qt
>end up banging one of the grills on the couch since we were drawing staws for the beds and i lost.
>literally 6 couples having sex in the same house while fat friend and weird friend sit in the back yard and drink until they pass out.
>wake up at 4pm next day, headache like shit
>only one of the girls stuck around, rest left at some point earlier
>"breakfast" is mostly vodka and some shitty cornflakes they had in the house
>play games for a while with mates.
>fat friend really pissed bc he couldnt get any
>Dude used to be cool but hes an r9k-tier crybaby at that point.
>Obersturmbandführer Womanizer decides were going to club
>tells fat friend its his "holy mission" to get him laid (yeah we were drunk af again)
>fat friend somewhat cheered up and stops beeing an anoying little bitch
>go to club
>fat friend almost didnt get in top kek
>That club has like some large screen hanging from the ceiling, you can write text messages and itll be shown up there for everyone to see
>mostly stuff like "hey qt at the bar wanna grab drinks" and semi-autistic shit like that
>lol dis gun b gud
>decide since were probably never gonna see any of the people there again were just gonna be as offensive as possible without getting arrested.
>shit like, walk up to grills and start making out without even talking to them
>not even joking, youre either getting slapped in the face or it works, its probably 50/50 odds for that
>We did count all the girls we made out with during that day while we were driving home, turned out to be like 70 something
>eventually some grill i made out with just dragged me to the toilet and blew me

no spoilers , sorry brah :3
File: 1447483714848.jpg (48KB, 605x806px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 605x806px
This is some pretty top tier degeneracy so far. Keep going.
>its like 1am at that point
>fuck it, the night aint over
>go to bar get drunk
>black out drunk at that point
>house wasnt that far from club so i somehow managed to get home.
>front door locked, go into back yard and see if i cant get in throught the back door
>One of my friends is sitting in the pool with some naked slut
>"what the fuck man?"
>Sorry front door was locked, had to use that one
>stumble through the house since i cant remember where the couch i was soupposed to be sleeping on was
>eventually just give up and sleep on some really soft carpet
>wake up to fat friend tripping over me.
>Since im awake i might as well get drunk even though its like 7am
>next day was mostly playing mario cart on the Wii, swimming in the pool and drinking games.
>we decide to take a day off and just stay in the house
>Alpha friend starts texting some of the qts whose phone numbers he got when we were at the lake
>eventually end up having a party in the house although we wanted to take the day off
>end up beeing translator again since im a huge nerd and the normies all have shitty careers and no education
>Same shit as yesterday, drinking games and make out sessions.
>fat friend beyond pissed since hes not getting any, again.
>eventually starts making a scene since hes a huge fag.


and yeah that was pretty degenerate. Turns out you can actually have fun if you have normie friends, who would have known.
File: Cab_Driver.png (85KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 250x250px
You know, I always found it weird how you faggots in the west get so black out drunk.

Here we consume more alcohol per capita, but we do it moderately and drink every day, while it seems like you people just go ape shit in weekends or in vacation.

That's not really healthy, you know. Alcohol is supposed to be enjoyed. Getting his fucking shitfaced is seen as a disgrace here because it just means you have no self control and don't know how to drink and we find it really weird and degenerate how you let loose like wild animals.

You're supposed to drink the drink, not let it drink you.

But that's just my two cents.
>Womanizer friend grabs fatty by the neck and drags him out of the room
>alpha as fuck
>We just play it off and continue drinking
>eventually we play some game during which you usually end up spilling your most embarrassing secrets when youre drunk.
>Turns out one of the grills obviously wants to have a threeway
>with two guys
>eventually turned into "Whos gonna fuck whom" i shit you not.
>grill insists shes having a threeway
>other grill decided she wants to join in
>"Yo its still gay if there arent more girls than guys"
>keep in mind im still the one translating all of this.
>Girl that was almost completely silent all night long decides shes in too.
>Fuck no im out of this
>fat friend and weird friend arent even beeing considered, so its literally 5 guys drawing straws
>I mean srsly. I would believe that if i hadnt seen it myself.
>actually end up having a really akward fiveway in the pool
>never went swimming after that
>end up chatting with the one chick that was left while shit was going down outside.
>didnt bang her, but it was a nice talk
>we end up drinking some 12 year old scotch, cant remember what happend later but she was gone the next day
>Next day is akward as fuck since we all knew what happend last night.
>decide its REALLY time to slow down, only have a few social drinks each and have a slow day
>Next day, time to go to club again


Alcoholism is really widespread in my group of friends kek. I could write like 50 pages of stories of people doing stupid shit while black out drunk. Its not really seen as a disgrace. kek
im gonna cut some parts since i really want to go to sleep.
>we all decide its time to get fatty laid.
>do all we did last time again
>end up finding some really, really drunk slut
>introduce her to fatty
>fatty somehow doesnt fuck up
>they leave together, next day hes telling us they didnt even make it home and she was on her knees basicly the second they walked through the door
>decide to get drunk for a change
>Nothing special happens afterwards, womanizer friend manages to bring home some stunning hot qt again.
>Srsly how the fuck is he doing that all the time? Anyone got some advice here?
>Next day we exchange stories
>One guy threw up on some slut while they were having sex on the toilet,
>Other guy talked a grill into banging him.
>Conversation was something like
>"Wanna fuck?"
>"We have hamburgers at home, wanna get one"
>"Oh, okay"
>ended up fucking obviously
>We were on like day 3 or 4/7 at that point.
>I didnt score that day, was fun as fuck anyway


>you still with me m8? If i dont see that shit screen capped tomorow i will be very disappointed
Yeah I'm still here. Probably no one's gonna screen cap it because it's 4 am. I'm also about to crash so finish it if you can.
>next day sleep until like 6pm
>wake up, have breakfast, dress up, shower, drink, go to club. Like a true degenerate
>end up bringing grill home
>shes in the bathroom for a while, speaking with someone on the phone in italian
>cant understand what shes saying obviously but shes on top of me the second she leaves the bathroom
>fuck like rabbits, best sex of my life
>next day we have to start packing things.
>"So Anon, when are we gonna met again? Where do you live? When can i come visit?"
>"Im not really looking for a relationship right now"
>starts flipping her shit about how im a huge fucking asshole who just exploited her
>admits she broke up with her fiance last night to fuck me
>they were soupposed to get married like 2 months from than and she got cold feet
>top kek but im the asshole
>shes in tears at that point.
>eventually just storms out of the house
>i guess 4chins was right about women after all kek
>pack things, have slow day with little drinking and drive home the next day.

best time of my life. Were gonna drive to Hungary in spring, im really looking forward to that kek.
Have fun, hungarian women are prudes. But you're germans, so they'll spread the legs wide open like they've always done historically.

Feels god too be master race. Im going to bed now, might gonna screencap that for future generations although im gonna look like a faggot since its gonna have those (You)s in it
Keep going Klaus, this is funny shit.
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