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Which country is the antithesis of Saudi Arabia? I would like

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Which country is the antithesis of Saudi Arabia?
I would like to believe that it's us.
Can you even get an abortion in ireland
Japan is the cleanliest and most orderly country on earth.
They're your antithesis
Yeah, only if the mothers life or the childs life is in danger.
M8 most of us are accidents. If we legalize abortion our population will collapse
>india will be a superpower in the near future
lmao true
how so?
>not without reason needed
fucking shitlords
>saudi arabia
Public theatres are prohibited
Cinemas are prohibited
Female athletes are prohibited
Drugs are prohibited
Romance is prohibited
Not praying to Allah is prohibited
Pork is prohibited
Crossdressing is prohibited
Porn is prohibited
Filipinos are prohibited unless they are your servants
Homosexuality is (officially) prohibited
Jews are prohibited
Shiite Muslims are prohibited
Atheists are prohibited
Hookers are prohibited
Abortion is prohibited
Non-Arabic languages are prohibited
Gambling is prohibited
Science is prohibited
Shaving is prohibited
Bibles are prohibited
The Internet is prohibited
Pokémon are prohibited
Adultery is prohibited
Non-marital sex or anal sex of any kind is prohibited
Alcohol is allowed!! (kidding, prohibited)
Defaming (or even drawing) Muhammad is prohibited
Letting a woman out of the kitchen without a male relative accompanying her is prohibited
Being a woman is a sin and the sentence is stoning.
Sorcery is prohibited
Being gay is prohibited
Women drivers are prohibited (although they are allowed to fly planes if they are driven to the airport)
Dirty text messages are prohibited
Marrying out of love is prohibited
Red roses are prohibited
Smoking is prohibited
Gangbangs are prohibited - but it's her fault!
Oral Communication is prohibited.
Education is useless, hence prohibited.
Logic is illogical, because logic doesn't make sense, hence prohibited.
Being beheaded or lashed is roundly encouraged!
The antithesis of Ireland is Switzerland.

>Lazy, teary-eyed drunks and romantics who won't shut up
>Terrible at finance
>Spent most of its history as a fiefdom/conquered

>Stoic, quiet hard-workers
>Great at finance
>Fiercely independent

Ireland is actually quite like Saudi Arabia, especially in the sense that you're both enthralled by kid-diddling cults. At least SA has the benefit of being the home of Islam; Catholicism (like everything else) was foisted upon the Kuckdom of Ireland by outsiders.
Sweden obviously

Though they're becoming more alike everyday

Fuck off retard
Can't argue with this.
Switzerland is paradise compared to here, isn't that common sense? And most of our history is not under british rule m8. The first people that came to Ireland were here in the stone age. The brits came here in 1169.
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I believe it's Sweden
>Fuck off retard
Va te faire foutre petit con, tu n'en connais rien, t'es un crétin
Cinéma is allowed
Germany is the antithesis of America in all respects:

-very liberal
-hates guns
-loves muslims
-best beer in the world
-most people are into fitness
-well educated
-presides over a rising empire
Presque m8

Tu n'y connais rien*

T'es le switzerboo ?
Yes, that's what makes it the polar opposite. As for history, before the Brits, there were the Normans and then the Romans. I don't really count pre-history, because that's silly. Although it's true that the relationships weren't always so lopsided as they were in the past few centuries. I was just memeing.
Non en effet j'aime pas trop les suisses

C'est à dire que j'aime des suisses mais pas les suisses, si tu comprends

Ireland isn't poor m8
>Normans integrated with Irish
>Romans never made it to Ireland lmao
>Stone age is not pre-historic
Just brush up on your history lad, it's for the best.
Just saw u were memeing...
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Je vois

Je croyais que t'étais le mec insupportable qui fait que spammer des threads sur la Suisse

Ah et ils se débrouillent pas trop mal les filous
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>Romans never made it to Ireland lmao
> Stone age is not pre-historic
top kek
did you fail your leaving cert or have you just not taken it yet?
Oui je le sais bien mais c'est parfois amusant de les taquiner, c'est trop facile, ils sont très sensibles
Si tu veux taquiner tu vas sur /fr/ et tu mentionnes la Bretagne

Rage et au moins 3 réponses en moins de 3 minutes garantis
>corporate profits artificially boosting gdp

inb4 hypocracy
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Green texting done wrong
Vraiment ? Mais pourquoi ? Est-ce un sujet délicat comme le Québec ? Je ne savais pas que les Bretons avaient aussi de mal au cul que cela

Je ne vais pas trop sur /fr/ parce que les sujets de discussions sont souvent au-delà de mon cadre de référence pêh
We're definitely not poor
Tout le monde rage je sais pas trop pourquoi
>rising empire
The EU falling apart
Doing my JC this year lmao
Sorry kid forgot that history starts when it is recorded evidence. But wouldn't ogham stones count as a writing system?
J'ai accidentellement ma phrase

C'est l'inverse, mentionne la bretagne et c'est direct insultes et tout de la part des autres régions
File: lmao.jpg (39KB, 600x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ah je vois maintenant

C'est bizarre, est-ce peut-être parce que la Bretagne c'est supérieur aux autres ? La jalousie, en d'autres termes
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Well most of it is bullshit but there are actually no cinemas, some Saudis go to Bahrain to visit one.
Sans aucun doute
>Saudia Arabia
nuke when
C'est typique

Les Américains font la même chose avec la Californie ou la Nouvelle-Angleterre, ils sont incapables de ne pas les insulter bien que ce soient les régions objectivement les mieux du pays

C'est un narcissisme compensatoire de leur part, j'imagine
you'll get nuked soon
Ever since the Paris attacks am I the only one thinking there is going to be a rise in anti-Saudi attitudes rather than anti-Muslim attitudes

Saudi Arabia and ISIS are the real enemies
not muslims
(why would you want to kill a bunch of Bosniaks and Malaysians? ;__;)
Of course not. One of our presidential candidates wants to give Saudi Arabia nukes, and nobody said that was a bad idea.
>President of the Irish farmer's association gets paid half a million yoyo's a year

Nah lad, bunch of sly cunts, definitely not poor.
By whom?
can't be you guys lmao
not us
by god
>One of our presidential candidates wants to give Saudi Arabia nukes
>implying pakis haven't already
Okay, can't hep that. I accept divine punishment.
So ?

Saudi Arabia should be glassed
you said it brother.
Nice try Shi'a
we hate you too
Amongst the people not the government
>detectability range of Indian shit stench
>shades of brown
>Ireland is considered poor
fuck me
People supported her though.

good banter o'malley
>Junior Cert
I got fucking banned 2 years ago for posting JC results. Get the fuck out kiddo.
Baneed from what?
SA is rich, fanatic religious, islamic, autocratic and shitskin.

There isn't any country on the Earth which is poor, secular Christian/Atheist, democratic and white. 1990's Russia could fit. In modern times maybe Slovakia or some Balkan country, but I doubt if they are that poor.

No country is going to be a perfect antithesis of SA, a national subdivision might.

Like say Oregon.

>Has no real industry or economy outside Portland, certainly no oil

>Pretty secular/nonreligious for the United States

>Americans vote for everything, including judges and governmental positions most other countries don't, also has citizen initiatives and referendums

>78% white

>Gay marriage, abortion and dude weed

>Most craft breweries per capita
croatia bro
Nice memes

My dad has lived in Saudi Arabia for close to a decade, and didn't pick up a word of Arabic. His company offered free Arabic classes, and he went to a few, but said he never needed it because, all his Arab clients spoke perfect English, his Arab boss spoke perfect English, and all his colleagues spoke perfect English

As for animu and pokemon, I literally got into anime because my family stayed with my dad for a few months during the holidays, and Saudi tv during children's time is pretty much 50% anime, 50% CN shows.

There was like 3 channels in the ME, dedicated to anime, one was English dub, with Arabic sub, one was Arabic dub, and one is Jap, with Arabic sub
d e s i g n a t e d
Thread posts: 68
Thread images: 9

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