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Is America the only country that likes Mexico?

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Is America the only country that likes Mexico?
Yes. And I've been noticing more and more mexicans here. I don't like it.
Why not?
>that mexico

The Canadian looks like a pornstar.
Fuck Mexico, I hate them.
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That girl studied in my university, her name is Karin
honduras and guatemala MUST like us or we will deport them
Spain and most south americans like us.

its for el chavo del8 and mariachi
my neighbor is canadian, I hate him
They are loud. And everytime I look at one they shoot me back this look like they know they are not supposed to be here.

Although I live in a relatively rich town, you kind of need money to move here.
Canada is not our destination, we prefer Brazil or Togo instead of you canadian dicks
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Why don't you like Canada then?
My neighbor is Canadian, the other day he was saying profanties in Spanish and blaming our country, he dont salute me, he is rude and drunk.

I though Canadians were different than mericans.
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Central americans and caribeans hates mexico tbqh senpai
Maybe, but you don't matter, my little Nicaraguabro
central americans loves us, or why are you jumping la bestia? we help you to sneak to America.

Cubans hates us? hahahahahaahhahahahahahahaha

cerote trolls hates us for soccer

Canadian the hottest hands down
Mexicans in denial desu.
Salvadoran pls :_:. Yes we do
Lolololo no, those scumbags who leave the sub continent are the scumbag of here.
Tbh cubans hates all others countries that arent cuba
We are not mexican we were never mexican and we wont be mexican.
Tbh there are more mexicans livin in el salvador and central america than salvadoran and central americans living in mexico.
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>>51088424 DEPORTED
Mexico and US are leagues ahead of Canada, God why do nips have such shit taste
they are really fucking loud and party hard

Which is fine but not when you live near them and it's a thursday night and all of a sudden you hear fucking mariachi music on blast, there's a billion pick up trucks parked out front because apparently mexicans have a billion cousins, there's shouting and drunk out of tune singing and the tubas/trumpets just make me want to off myself
Actually, unlike your case, the list of countries that hate us (murrika and central america) is much shorter than the list of countries that like us (everybody else).
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>We are not mexican and we wont be mexican.
tfw I have to make this arguement whenever I tell white people where I'm from
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The one positive that I got out of this:
>go fishing in arizona
>hike downriver
>trail is not directly next to river
>hike back
>get lost
>trying to find correct trail
>it's getting dark
>hear noise
>can't fucking figure out what it is, but it sure isn't just nature
>listen in more
>start walking towards it
>follow the music and find a group of a million mexicans surrounded by trash
>find my way back to where I parked
>never return to that river
Thread posts: 29
Thread images: 7

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