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>I spent 14 hours on 4chan yesterday >I will do the same

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>I spent 14 hours on 4chan yesterday
>I will do the same today
>my average bed time is 11am
>the only time I left the house was to go to the corner store
>almost had a panic attack because there were no baskets
>tried to carry 10 things in my arms cradled like a baby
>dropped an item, went down to grab it, dropped 4 more things
>everyone is just looking at me with pity
>feign being retarded to get them off my back

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Seriously, don't feel bad senpai. Not your fault that there were no shopping baskets.

>my average bed time is 11am
I get out of bed at 13 pm. Shit life.
>no gf
>22 years
>3 more years of uni left
>copper related
>everyday is more cheap because chinks
>our new saltpeter
>13 pm
That's in SST (Siesta Standard Time)
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>I spent what were supposed to be the best years of my life staring at a screen playing video games alone in the dark
I feel like shit in the morning. I rather sleep to forget my shit life and problems.

this ain't spain, muzzie.
Why did you copy palestine's flag?

I know that feel
It was on sale because they're a non-country.
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>tfw 18 years old and laughing at you losers
My great granddad spent the best years of his life working in a factory 14 hours a day while living in a slum with no electricity. My granddad spent the best years of his life in a trench with foot rot being bombed by Germans. We're living the dream.
>everyone is just looking at me with pity
Shoot the bastards next time.
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>I recently discovered that I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder which is why I cannot seem to empathize with anyone and why my dreams for the future have become so deluded that I now just want WW3 to break out so I can finally die.

Before that I always assumed I was just an asshole. I've been single for two years now. Seems to be getting worse the older I get but I refuse to hop on meds.
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>tell mod to stop being a lazy fuck and delete the paris attacks sticky
>he deletes my thread instead
>one day later he deletes the sticky anyways the absolute madman
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>he wasted his youth on 4chan
Jesus how old are you?
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>I have completely wasted my youth and I will never, ever, ever get another chance to do things right
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>wasted his youth
>implying I haven't just come back from spending the night at a mate's place with the boys and now gonna relax on my Sunday afternoon
His hands were full of groceries, or else I'm sure he would have shot without question as any proud American would.
>I recently discovered that I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder
How? some jew psychologist told you that?
I've heard psychology in the US is crazy (I mean over-sensitive when diagnosing people) and I wouldn't trust meds either.
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me too senpai LMAO
[spoiler]kill me[/spoiler]
Getting a bit defensive are we Australia? Can't handle the bantz? Lmao'ing at your life right now desu senpai
That, and also I fit the profile. And I know, m8. They tried hooking me on that shit when I was dealing with depression. I stopped dealing with psychologists and mended my depression on my own, but there isn't much I can do about BPD on my own.
>perfectly happy 'wasting' my youth on computers
>have a couple close friends who do the same
>gain no enjoyment from being social, going out, driniking etc.
>don't really care about getting a gf

Just embrace it lads.
How can you call it wasted if you're loving it?
You should just submit yourself to the meds, comrade. Just give in!
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>I'm failing all my classes my first semester of uni
because you become a loner and an outcast
i can't fit into normal social circles anymore
Don't think of it as a disease. It's the way you are, it's your personality. You can try to change things little by little.

I've been reading this book maybe it might help. It's available on pdf on the net. Don't be mislead by the title.

I'm perfectly fine talking to people and playing the part, people like me.
When people ask me to go on a night out though I just turn them down.
It's just not interesting. Shitposting on 4chan seems to be my true calling.
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>tfw nothing but regret left
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>30 years old
>out of a job, almnost no money left, no savings, no house, no car, obviously no gf
>living at my sister's house
>spend at least 12 hours fucking around on the internet
>was a virgin till I was 26
>im not even ugly or autistic
>virtually alcoholic
>what the fug
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>graduating from uni this summer
>need to write a thesis and find a job
>might just off myself instead
>stay up all night gaming and on 4chan
>go to bed at 7am and pretend to be sound asleep while parents getting ready for work
>get up at 4pm
>try to look like I've had a productive day before parents get home from work
>"Good day anon?"
>repeat every weekday for last 4 years
feels good/bad man, depending on the day
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>browse 4chan at 7 in the morning
>some time later I check the time
>it's night time already
>>51083903 here
I dropped out of my Honours year rather than write the dissertation

Got to mid November and hadn't even set up a meeting with my supervisor, let alone chosen a subject

Still NEET 4 years later
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>all my friends will stop talking to me in few months since we're all finishing college
>I will get a shitty job despite being the potentially best of all due to my low self-esteem and no social skills
>they will all make great money
>I will spend my next 25 christmas alone in a cold apartment watching the NFL game and checking FB constantly to see if anyone texts me
>nobody will
I've heard of this book; but I always thought that it was just a guide on how to be alpha or something.
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>four years wasted
>four of my best years
>all the things I could have done
>all the things I could have seen
>but I spent it here on 4chan

The men are extremely virile well into old age in my family
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>the only texts I receive are "thank you for your $111 payment"
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>34 years old
>NEET living on autism bux
>Spending my life watching anime and playing video games
>Get yelled at by team mates in video games
>Go to bed and read
>Try reading Finnegans Wake
>I can't read it
>Repeat the next day
>25 years old with no marketable skills nor even plans to go to university
>managed to convince everyone a shitty IT course i took is on par with a degree
>pretended to study and work for years while in reality i was reading books in a cafe , took 8 hour long walks and fapped in the woods
>once my part time pc repair gig is over i`m dead
>realise all of this but do nothing to change it because one time i had a dream of winning the lottery


Damn, I've been doing the exact since May. Is it too late to stop?
I only get texts from my phone company
>complaining about being a NEET
some would kill to be in your position. Myslef included.
yes, it's a start but it's more than that. It explains the origins of some bad thought and action patterns and how to change them. I'd say it can put you on the right track regardless of whatever personality disorder one may have. I wouldn't think much about personality disorders. You will only give it more power imo.
Depends on how much you enjoy it. Some days I feel a bit shit or ashamed of what I'm doing but most of the time I'm having fun, plus the alternatives to this all worse than the current situation.

If you're bored as fuck everyday then you probably can change
Thanks, m8. I'll give it a look.
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Arson LEL.jpg
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>i could've been an attractive guy with successes to my name
>instead i'm just a fat loser who hasn't talked to anyone he isn't related to in months
I am grateful to be NEET, I can't imagine working again. It's been 4 years so far.
But being NEET won't make you happy. I've lost what little social skills I once had, I play games and shit just to avoid thinking about my future, there's no joy in it.

How could someone get bored with this?
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>spend all day playing vdeogames
>is not even good at them
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>feeling cool about being good at a videogame
What's worse is when you play video games but don't even really enjoy it anymore but it feels obligatory because I've been playing for so long.
Anyone have the screencap of the original thread of these?
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>this will be me in a month
people who are good at video games make millions of dollars now, so id feel pretty cool about that to be quite honest with you family
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>I have no skills or talents and there is no reason for any employer to desire me as an employee
now THIS is a stale meme
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>''anon will you work on your cv and get a job?''
>''yeah mum I'll work on my cv this weekend''
>''anon, how is the job search going?
>''the economy is killing this country mum...''
>''mum, I gotta pay a couple of bills, mind sending me 400$?''

all my bills are microtransactions in videogames

My mum works 2 jobs and is still poor a shit

>>was a virgin till I was 26
H-how did you finally lose it?
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>my grandparents left switzerland because of this

I thought my people were strong and hardworking
Wish I was 18 y/o again.
mark zuckerberg made his first billion dollars when he was 22 years old
I was with the m8s yesterday, now relaxing

Life is good at 19
This is basically what modern life has come down to. People just bullshitting each other routinely and wasting time on enjoyable but unproductive activities. Don't feel so bad about it, your situation is not so much more obvious than everyone else's.
What the fuck man why aren't you at least good at vidya?
I dunno man. I used to be, maybe my reflexes are getting worse as I get older. I also can't think as fast since I've been on antidepressants. Welp.
Also, I don't know if you were joking with Finnegans Wake, but try reading something lighter that will make you feel relaxed man.

When I'm stressed I'll just read Lovecraft or stephen king or whatever. Nothing fancy.
We all gonna make it brah.l
We all gonna make it brah.
Yeah nah I read other stuff too. I enjoy reading.
Finnegans Wake though, can't get past the first page. And I have to finish books once I start them. I might just alternate a bit.
Thanks Greece bro.

PS. Did you like King's The Dark Tower?
I loved Gunslinger and the next one, but somehow didn't enjoy it enough to read the full series. Bag of bones and his The Stand were 10/10 though.
I loved the whole series, but it's a very long read.
I haven't read any of his other books, I'll must try them.
Kek, textbook PD
>took 8 hour long walks and fapped in the woods
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