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Tasmania reporting in.
Yes dear?
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Not enough Aussies. Need more.

I said Aussies, not Israelis.
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>be australian
>housing bubble
>games are good $50 more expensive
>tramp stamp on flag
>everything is venomous, from dogs to sisters
>mommy has a belly pouch
>ping 400+ with data cap to slow down on that supersonic 1.5 Mb/s """"Internet""""
>have a Gaytime that is hard to have on your own
>celebrate National Sorry Day
>get cancer due to the lack of ozone layer
>get glassed
>get fucked by Wei Long
>get shot by Muhammad the Pinoy
>get stomped by emus
>get kicked by cassowaries
>get stung by platypus and live in horrible world of pain for months
>get bitten by spiders in your closet
>get bitten by rabid dingos
>step on a venomous sea urchin
>get stung by a 4mm jelly fish
>get curb stomped in kings cross
>get privilege checked in lelbourne
>get bit by rabid wombat
>get chlamydia from koala
>get fucked by kangaroo
>get rused by NBN Co. site
>get invaded by chinks
>be tasmanian, be inbred
>get bit by snake in shower
>get laughed at by two Polacks on /int/
>get nuked by fucking Brits of all people
>get mocked by New Zealanders
>get outside and fall into the pit because the world literally hasn't rendered yet
>lose all wars, even against allegedly lesser beings
>huff petrol, bubble and drink cow piss from a goon sack
>2 0 1 5
transaustralian here
Nice pasta
wow mad
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t. bogyzlzysl dovrzrrzrrzz

I'm Not a Australian, But I Play One on TV
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>wake up
>be polish
>cant shower because carps in tub
>cant brush teeth, babushka didnt pay the water bills because you stole her pension to buy drugs
>skip school, spend the entire morning playing world of tanks and yelling at russian kids
>have lunch with babushka, she tells you to get a job
>hit her in the face and OH KURWA JA PJERDOLE out of the room
>get your best tracksuit and adidas boots, steal some vodka from babushkas basement and go outside
>go to nearest playground
>all your friends are there
>start drinking and listen to shitty techno
>get home late
>drunk as fuck
>hit babushka who was stayed up to wait for your arival
>go to the bathroom
>puke in tub
>carp dies from alcohol intoxination
>fall over, fall asleep in your own vomit next to the dying carp
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fuck off you polack dickhead

dw aussiebros kiwibros got your back
what show?
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Master Chef Australia. He's in the oven.
2107 cunts who wants to meet at the skatepark for some bevvys
File: 1444824683064.jpg (8KB, 181x185px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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loving every laugh
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only 3, really?!
Oh well, better this than nothing i guess
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>be australian
>wake up next to your sister
>"ay dahlin fahk moi that was a noice root last noight"
>ride a kangaroo to the shitposting plant
>get stopped by abos
>their faces haven't loaded yet because of high ping
>give them all your petrol anyway
>apologise for invading their country
>say thank you to the traditional owners of the land, the irrawajjialabumbajjiju people
>continue on your way
>shitpost hard on 4chan all day so you can afford to pay your internet bill ($1000 for 0.1bps connection, 3mb data cap)
>go home
>get mugged by abos again
>no petrol this time, give them some of your ping instead
>switch on the tv
>the wallabies lost to new zealand again
>"fahkin no worries m8 she'll be roight I'll just watch the loigue instead"
>the kangaroos lost to new zealand again
>"m-muh cricket"
>"m-muh afl"
>can't see what's happening, players' mullets blocking the camera
>go to new zealand, steal some pavlova and claim it was yours all along
>cry yourself to sleep muttering "m-muh hdi, m-muh gdp per capita"
>get bitten by spoidah
>die within seconds
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fist pump.jpg
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Everytime I see the Sudanese flag on here, I know something good is about to happen.
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pasta factory.gif
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They weren't good the last 100 times you posted them, why would it be any different this time?
Are Polish people really this dense?
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serious business.jpg
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Bro I would never wish for a thing like that.
>Just looked up where 2107 is
How rich are you?
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>be Australian
>get out of the house to taste some fresh air
>fall into the pit because the world literally hasn't rendered yet
>get into hell after 4000 hours
>satan lags into the room
>get banned from high ping
>wake up in your bed
>mom phases through your doors while you masturbate
>you unlag your penis thrusting it too hard and breaking it
>artefacts everywhere
File: PEPELO DICK.gif (31KB, 258x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tell mod to stop being a lazy fuck and delete the paris attacks sticky
>he deletes my thread instead
>one day later he deletes the sticky anyways the absolute madman
>Be Polish
>Have to talk about Australia all the time just to stay relevant
>Pretend I'm not obsessed
>Pretend I didn't wish I was Australian
>Nobody believes me
>Cry myself to sleep
>Wake up the next day and post the same pasta
Cor blimey! Mate, it's the fucking weekend...
Gonna have to wait a few days for them to see your thread m8
this is quite autistic senpai

i love a good bit of banter, this is just embarassing
if there's one thing this board has done, it's teach people a lot of useless trivial about australia that will never be useful in any way

this guy's nearly an unofficial historian but it'll only be handy for him in internet arguments on /int/ for free. :^)
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what is pepe doing?
Fucking a guy in the ass
raping vegeta anally
File: 1469437829497.gif (962KB, 320x260px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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pretty rich cunt
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Thread images: 18

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