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Hey /int/ I want to mount a 50% Norwegian 50% British food restaurant

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Hey /int/ I want to mount a 50% Norwegian 50% British food restaurant in a place near to BENIDORM (Alfas del pi)
>do you think it is a idea?
>I had heard that there are 5000 Norwegians and 5000 British people...
>It will cost me around 10.000€ monthly
>the restaurant capacity will be 150 people
>I want to mount a 50% Norwegian 50% British food restaurant
>do you think it is a idea?
You just go right ahead and fuck the shit out of that restaurant - you have my blessing.
>do you think it is a GOOD idea? >>35789001
>Spanish economy
>British/Norwegian "food"
you picked two countries without a national cuisine, and you think that will work.
Go abroad and open a spanish restaurant in Norway
Thanks, bro!

Why think that it's a mistake?
Is a place with rich norwegians and rich British...
because if you start selling fish and chips you won't have any advantage on the already present fast foods that sell the same.
On the other hand, opening a foreign cuisine restaurant in another country is more profitable (just avoid the already crowded places like London)
what food Norwegian or British like?
>a 50% Norwegian 50% British food restaurant
This is the worst idea.
Which food do you, norwegian, like?
we´ll eat everything, aslong as we know what the plate contains.
putting stuff were unkown to in the food will make most to sceptic to it.
Use some of that El Torro meat you got there on the south, and make some real tasty hamburgers.
Specialice. Make classy hamburgers, with quality meat. Eco-food is the new shit
Serve with choosable salad/potatomic/rice/fries.
>Trying to mount a british food restaurant (British food is the worst in the world) in Valencia (Probably the zone with the best food).
Sounds ok to you?
Thanks for your help bro!
So you like meat, salad and a natural food in hamburguers
> just a question , do you really like raw fish?

What a horrible idea. I cannot think of two worse food countries. But who knows, maybe your Lutefisk Toast Sandwich combo will be a hit.

For those that don't know:
I found a good place in Benidorm with a good price... And i heard that there were too many rich British and Norwegians...
Is this a fancy place or decent prices? either way, there's probably a market for that shit, do it broman
says the country with pizza on every corner fuck off fabri fibra
>like raw fish
Nah, not the majority.
People eat sushi, but thats a different thing.

You should have the possibility to choose real whole grain bread, I know the most popular burger-shops in Oslo use that.
It gives it a more quality feeling.
Get your hans on some decent (preferbaly) hand made breads. Make it classy, but affordable.
And off course have a vegan alternative, maybe not people buy it, but it looks good to have on a menu.

I lived in Spain for a while.
I really like tapas, but I didnt know what half of it was, so I just tried the safe onces.
Also, typical Norwegians want theyr food to be hot, if its not a ice cream:)

Dont make norwegian cusins.
Its hard to make autentic with spanish ingredients.
We dont eat that kind of food often, we prefer other dices like pizza, burger, paella, thai....

And if you wanna sell fish, norwegians are used to some of the best fish in the world, and Salmon is very high rated here, but I recon it would be best to not try to compete there, it might just make costumers dislike it and never return.
But british and norwegians come here to eat Spanish food, not disgusting fish and chips.
Montate un restaurante de comida española, hombre.
Por ejemplo, el gazpacho manchego, puchero, etc no esta muy vito en los restaurantes estos y son comidas riquisimas.
And if I was to make a resturant, I would stay away from the standard menus that contains everything.

Specialice, make it uniqe and causual, but still with classy food.
Use your local food and make some bad ass hamburgers.
Serve some real coffee, not just that americano shit.
Short menu, but with pure quality.
todas sus comidas son una mierda tapas es literal solo mariscos que asco hdp ni mas voy a madrid
>Alfas del pi

lel, what an ugly shithole
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I'd say it's cool idea
I know most of the norwegians living in Spain are incredibly harry and don't eat foreign food a lot

Ignore the people saying Norwegian food is bad, they know nothing beyond "horror" pics of lambheads and rotten fish
La idea es que se sientan como en casa... No se si tienen comidas tan buenas como la paella o algo... Por eso preguntaba... Como cualquier extranjero tiene añoranza por la comida de su país...
Ahora estoy pensando en primero hacer una encuesta por la zona y que sean los lugareños los que decidan el menú! Jajaja
And you think they come to Spain to eat their disgusting food? Just open a pub.
Alfas de pi is not a shithole.
What the fuck.
And some tasty, not too fat and big smoothies.
Norwegians are there to treat themself away.
Make it so that your resturant is a part of the treat.

And if you wanna have norwegian dices.
Make it as a day special once a week or something, then you have time to get it right.
And then it would be more appealing to it it, since its a "special day offer"
I have been there. Me and my friends rented a house to spend a week. It's just your generic coastal village in Spain. Anyway, where are you going to open it, in the town or next to the beach?
I just wanted to let OP know that I like that he's trying to make some money and shows some entrepreneur spirit in these shitty times.

Good for you OP and I hope you the best of luck.
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Te equivocas.
Haz que se sientan en casa haciendo comidas típicas caera de aquí.
No lo de siempre, por eso te he sugerido pucheros, gazpacho etc.
Comidas típicas españolas que no suelen estar en restaurantes y que están incluso mas buenas que las de siempre.
Móntatelo con idea y haz esos platos y estoy seguro que ahí triunfas, ya que ahí esta lleno de guiris.
Joder si eres valenciano, hazles un arroz caldoso con albóndigas, fideuà, arroz al horno, etc. y ya fliparán.
In The town near to the city hall...
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That's quadruple deep.
Make an American restaurant.
Here's why:
>be me, 3 years ago, visiting Venice
>Piazza San Marco
>Getting hungry, look around
>caffe, caffe, whatever
>find place called "American Snack Bar"
wtf is this thing?
>turns out it's basically a cafe that serves hamburgers and pizza
tfw ended up going to an Italian caffe
thanks for all the good ideas! and your opinions!
>It will cost me around 10.000€ monthly

I don't know man, that's a lot of money and you must consider that during winter those villages are empty.
but at least 100 people a day come and spend € 10 each one... It is 26.000€/monthly
Well, shit doesn't work like that. Do you have any experience with restaurants?
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>And i heard that there were too many rich British
In Britain, Benidorm is stereotyped to be the place where working class British people and #LADS looking for a cheap holiday go, not rich people.

>pic related
Alfas del Pi is a small town next to Benidorm. It has one of the biggest norwegian communities outside of Norway.
Yes , i have experiencie , I have another restaurant in Benidorm for russian people... Where we do slavic food like Georgian,bulgarian and russian food
Where are you from?
And is it profitable?
I from Georgia
And yes, it is profitable
Norwegian-British fusion cuisine?

>Gravlax and chips
>Cheesy chip, with jarlsberg
>Sunday roast, with reindeer

Wtf? How did you end in Spain?
File: 121977282823.jpg (17KB, 447x446px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This sounds like such a bad idea. People don't travel to Spain to eat "norwegian/british" food made by a spaniard, especially considering norwegian and british food is pretty shitty and bland in the first place.

If I was a richfag in Spain i most certainly wouldn't set foot in a place like that, what the hell man?
Norwegian "food" is terrible, and the good dishes like Pinnekjott are for Christmas only so I don't understand what kind of menu you would have that would interest any Norwegian, let alone Norwegians on holiday.

Just open a place that sells tacos, we love that.
how is it with norwegian businesses there? (not callcenters)

I wanna work in spain for some months.
I don't recommend it...
Here it's a los wages
Lo último que querría comer fuera de España es una paella hecha por un noruego o un inglés.
Hombre... Si vives como vivienda habitual en el extranjero.... Seguro que querrías comer paella... Eso si , si vas turismo, seguro que no te apetecerá comer paella, eso está claro..
But for a norwegian firm.
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Thread images: 7

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