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Just looking for some casual discussion/thoughts on my work.

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Just looking for some casual discussion/thoughts on my work. Any critique/weak points/advice/thoughts in general I'd love to hear, gental-brutal, doesn't matter. This is my first time actually talking here rather than just lurking so I figure I might as well post my own work.

Very nice to meet you all~!

Level: Ultra Noob Medium:SAI/VisTablet
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first off,
actually draw a picture.
that'd be greaaaaat.
imo it's bordering between kinda interesting and generic edgy instagram-tier shit.
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You don't by any chance think that we don't notice the incredibly blatant tracing do you?

You're not trying to hide that, right?
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I change my mind now that you've posted more.
it's all just generic edgy garbage
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how old are you?
Just turned 20, why do you ask?
i wanted to know if there were hope for you. that you maybe weren't that old and your art might had a chance to mature.
why do people like this insist on coming to this board and dumping their art.

They wont stop if you say "hey, stop dumping all your art" or "we only need to see 3 or four pieces to properly gauge your skill level"

they just dump their angsty teen art into it's own thread and don't even consider reading the sticky first.

someone is honest and tells them their art is shit, and then they get buttflustered and defensive.

thus the cycle of life and death continues unto the end of all time
If someone had said to stop posting I would have? And so far I haven't gotten butthurt about anything. If anything I /agree/ it is really generic, I want to change that, I haven't tried to defend that at all. I haven't been drawing for that long but that was the point, I asked opinions because I /want/ opinions, I don't know why you're trying to make it seem like I'm being difficult.
because we havent reached step 4 yet

read the goddamn sticky.
2D Copying skills = 1/10
Trazing skills= on alarm
Drawing without reliing on reference = 0/10
3D/Form/Volume/Perspective understanding= 0/10, not shown at all
Values/Light theory= 0/10, not shown
Color theory= 0/10, not shown any criteria about coloring
Line art quality= -5-10, chicken scratches

It would be nice if those hands with blood or portraits wouldn't had been traced, it's still nothing good tho

If you really have any interest about your future, take a step back and make yourself able to take feedback and learn about art foundations, which you totally lack right now

There's not any age to start studing good sources and training properly while building good habits. But right now it does not show at all you're close to that direction. Simple as that.
PD: read the sticky
op it looks like you already have a good idea of the kind of things you find interesting and maybe what you want to make, and im not sure why people are accusing you of handling criticism badly because youre being pretty mature about it. but i think if you want to change what makes your stuff generic, you need to ask yourself why you find that stuff interesting and try to start building off of those feelings conceptually so you arent just rehashing emo kids and bloody hands. that way youre actually saying something to people and more importantly to yourself. but other than that they are kind of right, read the sticky and start developing your skills from the ground up which may involve a lot of drawing you arent interested in, but when it translates over you will be grateful.
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 13

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