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>Work in construction >Can barely stand after doing my

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>Work in construction
>Can barely stand after doing my job
>Can't even imagine putting in 4 hours to practice art

Will I get better if I do 1 hour a day of practice /ic/?

Is it really essential to do 4 hours a day of practice?

I'm just a hobbyist and I want to get at a level where I can draw furry porn for $.
It's not essential.

You'll improve with 1 hour a day, just don't expect massive improvement.

Just study smart. Don't draw random shit doodles, make the most of your hour learning fundamental stuff. Do a little more on the weekend.

What I'd do in your place is do my research on the weekends - what I want to work on the for the week, read the books I need to read, watch some videos, find some refs, whatever. Draw a bit too. Then on weekdays, apply what you researched for an hour a day. Review and find what you need to work on each weekend.

mileage is everything imo. 1 hour a day won't get you anywhere.
Of course it will get him somewhere.
>10000 hours
top kek
It will get him there but slower
Better to do something that he likes even hour a day than bitching and wanking and not do anything.

Hi OP. I face this problem a lot, and I actually have plenty of free time even. Sort of the mindset where I feel like I won't be able to practice or improve much with little time.

Any amount of time spent REALLY practicing (and that means applying studies with well-meant thought and planning and carefulness) will always be better than no time put in at all. The best part is, you will not degrade as badly as you might think if you fall out of practice. You can only really go upward.

Whenever I cannot draw for whatever reason, I have a journal handy to write down thoughts and notes related to art that I want to study, practice, or just random ideas I've had during the day. Then later I utilize them.

You will get better with 1 hour a day. You will get better at 4 hours a day. Heck, you will get much better if that is a quality hour than if someone spent 4 hours dicking around. And please, most importantly, remember that it is not a race by any means. You are here for yourself and in no competition whatsoever.

Just keep at it and remember to pace yourself when necessary.

Well I guess then we better narrow down what his goal is. Because to be completely honest 1 hour a day will never get you to a level of skill where you can even comfortably do porn comissions. It takes, from my experience, around 2-3 years of full time (say 40h weeks) study to get to a respectable level.

One hour per day is 365 hours in a year. Versus the 2080 hours of the person studying seriously full time. Let's take the median of 2-3 years and put it at 2.5 years. That's 5240 hours to clock. Working 1 hour a day that would take you 14 years.

So I guess it's fine if you never want to achieve much of anything in terms of work or skill.
Ignore these goons, wake up before you go on site and paint. Used to get up at 5, paint for three hours, go on site, pass out. Fuck bitches if you have time, you're a strong muscley dude. Take mats from work too, nasty plywood fuck yeah.

And you can chanel that masculine energy into your work. Think about how much more manly you are then the NEETs drawing weeb shit in the basements trying to grind that fantasy 10000 hours. Draw smart and true, not weeb shit, your art (read not illustrat tier shit) will shine.

>mfw I work Rona now
>mfw it's soul crushing
>mfw I picked up 700$ in plywood and mistinted exterior paint for 60$
>mfw I'm going to be working 4x8ft plywood this weekend
>digitalfags don't know this mural feel
>get on site
>nobody else there
>waiting for boys to show up
>grab 4x6ft segment of drywall
>nasty full size drawings on it
>boys show up two hours later
>been drawing trains in the train yard from 20ft away
>foreman gives me 50$ for some garbage drywall
At a base level, I don't disagree. More time spent meaningfully practicing will get you there in less days. And the really popular porn artists have definitely spent that time.

But you really don't need 2-3 years to start earning dollarinos on porn. Yeah, maybe you won't be pulling in a full time job's worth after a year, but if you focus your practice efforts towards your goal, you'll be doing well enough after a year to start up at the very least.

Personally I practice somewhere between 1 and 2 hours a day, having started around a month and a half ago. If I can't draw porn well enough that someone will throw some cash at me in a year, I would seriously be surprised.

Just apply your time to achieving your goal, rather than doing random shit, OP. You'll get there.

You can get peanut money doing porn with zero skill. That's no secret. But the goal of course is to get somewhere around 30-40$ per hour ontop of having a somewhat regular stream of comissions (say 15-25 a month). You won't achieve that before having put in a significant amount of mileage.
>fantasy 10000 hours

you don't really think that's a fantasy, do you?

10k hours is really the minimum entry point, tbqh. That's only like 5 years of 6 hours/day. That only seems like a lot until you realize that your competetion is already working full time, 40-80 hours/week, and has been for years, not counting their own training period.

10k hours is what you need to break in.
Nah breh, you just need to shut up and keep working. That 10k hour shit is retarded it puts a bar way off in the distance to run for.

I find it's easier to think "Don't think just paint, paint and paint some more. Paint every fucking day. Never stop painting." Rather Then agonize for that number floating off over there.

I meant that in terms of actual weeb shit fantasy, practice is the building block.
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