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Hey guys, Any tips on making a good portfolio? I'm severely

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Hey guys,
Any tips on making a good portfolio? I'm severely lacking in one. I don't mind paying a bit for tools/hosting either.

Even just posting some portfolios you like would help me out!
Step 1: be good at art
Step 2: make a portfolio
By all means, show me your portfolio. I'd like to see where I'm going wrong.
when you mention tools and hosting, i assume you mean more than just the actual art that goes in the portfolio. so i will talk about both.

a good portfolio can be on a website; the website itself should follow the "magazine rule" where the top 50% of the website has all the relevant details - some examples of your art, statement or title of what you do, etc. this is so when people open your page, they immediately see what they need to do, and minimize risk of closing your portfolio prematurely. it should be simple and easy to navigate. also, it should not contain all of your pieces if you have more than 24 pieces; focus on your ability to curate and find your best pieces. maybe you can separate them into different sections if you feel so diversely compelled.

in terms of an actual portfolio, i suppose that depends on your specialties. to get into art school? they will be looking for diversity but also fundamentals - still lives, figure drawing, landscapes, etc. but most of your portfolio should overall be things you are interested in that reflect what you will do in the future. when meeting or interviewing with people in real life you should aim to have some sort of electronic way to view your folio (ipad?) or a nice physical case to hold some of your best works (prints rather than the real thing, probably)

hope this helps
Well the art is always going to need improvement, so yeah, I was mostly asking about making a nice site.

But reading your advice, I will definitely aim to trim down how much art I put on there and make sure its good. Thanks.

It might be better to look at sites:

Here is one. Yes it's concept art.
hey thanks i'll keep this in my bookmarks
This is actually really helpful! I love how simple it is - really lets the art speak for itself.
Sorry my portfolio is absolute shit still. Im in the progress of learning the fundamentals.
>my portfolio is absolute shit

I might learn what NOT to do. Humour me.

Quick skim of the thread and no one seems to have mentioned that it's important to have a focus in your portfolio. Don't just have a random assortment of art that you think are your better pieces. Choose a select few (5-12 or so, though it may vary even further than that) and make sure they are all connected. Do you want to be a concept artist? Then show a bunch of concepts, from roughs to final and with different variations at each stage. Do you want to do illustration? Then don't show that concept stuff and just show illustration. Want to do editorial? Then do editorial and don't mix it with other things. Think of a company or a couple similar companies you want to work for, then tailor your portfolio to show what they want to see. Unless your skills are top of the industry, ADs will look at your portfolio and see if it is the right shaped peg for the hole they need to fill. Even if the skills are good if it doesn't show what they are looking for then hiring you is a risk.

If you want to work in multiple fields within art, then have more than one portfolio. You can make a website with a section for book covers, a section for comic work, a section for character design, and a section for 3d, then you have four portfolios and can send the appropriate one to the appropriate company.

Also think a bit about subject matter too, not just skills. Painting a bunch of fantasy art at high level will probably get you jobs, but if you paint girls with their tits out in every painting and make it very sexual then someone like MtG probably won't hire you.
You don't nee multiple portfolios, just tailoring the one you have. You're right about not putting in unrelated work, but you want it like a tattoo portfolio where it shows versatility because not everyone hiring is an art director with a vision. You want a little bit of everything across multiple styles but with most of relevant to the job. If you take out too much, you miss the chance at them seeing something they didn't know they wanted or being called back for a later job.
well, if your site makes it obvious that you have other sections/portfolios with different work then i'm sure they'll peak over there if they happen to like what they see in the one you sent them
Thread posts: 14
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