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Body reference thread.

Feel free to contribute
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Post your animations
Give Critiques
Keep animating
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i don't know shit about animation
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I think animation is more about moving things around, and less about shifting between two images

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hey guys, so i grew up a poor fag but i've had access to computers all my life and when i was 14 i saved up and bought a drawing tablet (a shitty one but still)

ever since i've been doing daily studies and i've gotten very good at painting on photoshop and painttool sai and stuff like that

but i've never had enough money to get into traditional art until now, so i just went out and bought a bunch of brushes and gouache tubes, and a nice heavy expensive moleskin notebook

i have no idea how to use these, i only have some small experience with water colours and i've never had any formal training

what do? how do i learn? my older brother showed me how to mix paint but he's gone to college now and i don't know anyone who could teach me

i've read dozens of books on anatomy and drawing and i have 4+ years experience with painting on photoshop but i have no idea how to apply these skills in a physical medium with real big brushes and canvases

what are some good resources that could teach me these stuff? like a good online video series or some books
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on older brother: he's getting a phd in america through a scholarship, that's why he's older than me but still in uni
You should start by buying cheap shit to start out with.

The process in traditional is a lot different than digital, because you can't just undo and redo and repaint everything whenever and however you want.

IMO Since you haven't done it before, you should just try to get the feel for it first. Don't try to make a master painting or even necessarily a painting yet. Do a similar thing that you would do when sketching, draw random objects/shapes and try to get familiar with how paint blends and works.
You should practice with colored pencil to get a hand on how to work with graphite pencil, ballpoint pens, dip pens and to understand how color work in most other physical media.

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God this subject is so bare bones in terms of resources and accessibility.
Old one died, post/talk animation
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>any year
reddit is the walmart of websites.
get out

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Anyone know of any good art documentaries?

Unfortunately I really dont know of any so I cant contribute.

But any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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BBC the Power of Art
Helvetica, Objectified, Urbanized
Style Wars

Frazetta Painting with Fire
Syd Mead Visual Futurist
HR Giger Revealed

Finding Vivian Maier
Go on YouTube and search "The Power of "Art"
bbc power of art

bbc light

jeff jones

mona lisa curse


history of soviet propaganda animation (idk the name; google it)

yatsuo otsuka joy in motion

An extension off the other thread which began wandering a ton. Upload folders of artists' images you have collected and post them here for others.

Stuff from the previous thread:

Marko Djurdjevic - https://www.mediafire.com/?34bydk6zfgpkhhy

Wes Burt - http://www.mediafire.com/download/4alrg93qgp7aztc/Wesley_Burt.part1.rar



Achadobu (now up as a zip, lemme know if it works properly) -http://www.mediafire.com/download/7ocbcv5b554y3ef/Achadobu.zip

Pascenko - http://www.mediafire.com/download/4q8fkjzgb6c1gyj/Alexandr_Pascenko.rar

Kevin Llewellyn - http://www.mediafire.com/download/ri0co1qfq1iayo1/Kevin+Llewellyn.rar
Also I guess feel free to request stuff, then if anons have it please share. I have some hi-res things that may be of interest to people (Velazquez, Berkey, Loomis, Cornwell, some others, probably none of this stuff is very easy to find). Also more general stuff like Frazetta and stuff. Oh, and all the images from Jeff Jones' old site, back from when he was alive and his site was actually up.

And I'm requesting the other guy who showed his folders to show share some of it. A quick look has me interested in DanielC, Jana, Bjorn Hurri, Jeremy Enecio, Justin Sweet, Lukias, Min yum, Mitch, Skureal, openanewworld, and Whit.
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Oh, and here are my artist folders. I'm not that good at organizing things though. But yeah, this is a good chunk of my stuff, also have some other folders elsewhere. Lemme know if anything is of interest.
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thanks anon

any jamie jones???
John park would be a treat op.

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