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can you send me some gay storys would love to read them

This one time, a dude cummed in my butt.
>gay stories
one time i met up a friend who was wearing this burberry scarf and i was like, "uhm ecru isnt really your color dear. you're an autumn. spa day cancelled"

Made me cringe/10
I fucked the son of the guy who is in charge of the Royal Navy once
When I was 19 I spent my summer in Spain and there was a hot guy who worked in the apartment complex. He showed me around the place, we bonded and we went swimming in the VIP pool after hours and fucked in the storage warehouse

it was great

sauce pls op
One of my best friends was staying over night. It was two in the morning and something woke me up. I realized that I had been cuddling with him and fondeling his pecs. He was still sleeping as I let my hand run down his chest and into his belly button. We were both sleeping in our underwear (saxx brand) so I decided to let my hand fall further onto his penis. It was rock hard so I started to rub it. I heard him mumbling so I took my hand off. Then he grabbed my hand and put it onto his dick again. But this time, under his underwear. After I finished jacking him off, we started to kiss. We kissed or a long time until I went down on him. I sucked him for a good 20 minutes until he ejaculated into my mouth. We were so tired after words we just went back to sleep, l was of course still fondeling his penis. When we woke up, we said nothing about it but we both know that next time, we will start to fuck
>after words
erection lost
here's a short one
>friend wants to come over to play some games
>eh sure
>he comes over
>we start talking about celebrities and what we would do to them
>he gets rock hard and I just glance over it
>he starts to rub it and says that we should watch porn
>watching straight porn, not into it
>he is rock hard and wants to fuck someone suddenly
>he starts rubbing his dick and his jeans looks like they are about to devour
>he looks at me and tells me if i dare to suck him off
>"uh are you sure about that?"
>"lets just try it, come on dude!"
>he's buff so yeah why not
>sucks him off
>he moans and so do I
>raging boner activated
>starts rubbing my cock through my jeans
>he says that he wants to rub it
>he stands up and guides me down his cock
>he says that he's close to cum
>i stop sucking him and tells him to do some work for me
>he jacks me off
>eventually, I cum first.
>i suck him off so he can enjoy the pleasure too
>all in my mouth
I had no regrets, but he did.
Straight people, psh.
>Always to nervous to go through with craigslist
>Never works out when I'm actually down
>Had 3 encounters in 3 years (Just BJ)
>Someone responds to ad!
>Needs BJ asap and just got back from the gym =)
>MFW he's a twink, colored eyes, and beautiful face.
>Be fat so can't miss le opportunity
>Little did I know this would be the start of Twinks in my life
>Get there asap
>Invites my to his bed and begin removal of shorts
>Underwear finally is off (seems like an eternity)
>Such beautiful eyes and twink body (Very Turned on)
>Has an average 8==D
>MFW I love average.
>Immediately begin to suck him.
>I am very inexperienced but can't help myself
>Take his balls in my mouth (very smooth)
>Deep Throat him and rub his pelvis and small cute belly
>He moans so cute, can't help myself I go hands free for the reset.
>Cums in my mouth super sweet.
>Ask him if we can hook up again.
>MFW he moves =[
I may still have his face pic.
Joo want?
Sure lets see it
>after words
Seriously? In what part of the country do they pronounce afterwards like after words?
ok this is my story.

>be me 16/17 years old, closeted gay, awkward, shy and all that stuff
>one day i find a forum where teen guys leave their emails so they can trade pics
>leave my mail
>I trade pics with different guys, but all of them just want to see the dick and don't want to talk
>but then I meet this guy
>he gives me his msn/skype
>after weeks we are both online
>we have a lovely chat, he's very friendly and overall a cool guy
>we tell each other we are both shy lonely introverts irl
>we become real friends and talk about stuff we like
>i live 1k km away from him but he lives in the city where I was born and where I used to live when I was a kid
>I still go there for holidays
>we are both so happy and excited, we decide we have to meet
>fast forward, a few months later, summer holidays >today is the day
>I go out after 10pm and tell my family I'm going for a walk
>we meet irl
>immediately we start to talk and everything goes well, we feel comfy just like chatting online
>we walk in the park, near the streets
>it's summer night, romantic as fuck
>we talk about friends, school, experiences and sex
>we have to leave
>bye anon, it was so nice to see you :3
>I'm so happy I'm going to explode
>go back home

we still chat very often and we are going to meet this summer again and this time we want to have sexy time together. it's a pity we live so far from each other because he would be an awesome friends. or maybe even boyfriend ;)
That's really cute Anon.
I hope it will work out for you both.
Anyhow, I'll bite.
My cousin was about 29ish when this happened. I was about 16-17, not really sure.
(No, guys. It's NOT that type of stories...)
>Visiting Aunt Linda's house- she lives in Long Island- for a family gathering.
>She and her husband were "divorced" (They didn't even sleep in the same bed) but not actually divorced because, you know, apparently you won't divorce the man you "hate" because "paper work is a hassle."
>Anyway, my family gathering were always a huge pain in the ass. My family is full with back stabbing gossiping motherfuckers. A fight broke out in the middle of dinner between my father and his brother, etc., and granpa was fighting with my uncle (Mother side), etc. (Fighting as if argument, not like actual fist fight.)
>I wanted to leave like ASAP .
>Go talk to my cousin about taking me to his house. He lived like 30 minutes away from his parents house, nearer the city, and he is always fun to hang out with.
My cousin is, as far as I know, the other "fag," as everyone in my family kindly put it, in the family. He was this muscle/chubby bear with a little goatee, a big smile, and a friendly attitude. I had a crush on him in my youth. TBH even now I might still have a crush on him but IDK, the age gap is kind of big (He is going to be 40 in August this year) and he kind of lost his body so I'm not sure. Not saying that he is in a bad shape now, though.
>He says that he can't take me until I ask my mother for permission. I keep asking him repeatedly and he gets kind of aggravated and says that I just HAD to ask her. He was going to leave in like 5 minutes so I had to run to her and, luckily, she says yes the first time. She was drunk so that's why she didn't give me a hard time.
>We leave without telling anyone but my mother bye.
>As I said he is really fun. He let me drive (Something my father never let me do because "gays and women can't drive.") and we were listening and signing out loud music the whole trip.
>Long story short he took me to downtown Manhattan. We went inside a gay bar (through the backdoor, because I looked too young to get in) and he talked to this flaming bartender (He was skinny/muscular, black, and had pink hair.) and then we were told, by the flaming black guy, that my cousin's "friend" was coming soon.
>We waited for like 30 mins and then this Irish (He had an Irish accent and red hair) guy comes into the bar. He is pretty well built. He was wearing a V-neck sweater that was tight enough to show his pecs but not that tight that screamed "LOOK AT MY BODY- IT'S BETTER THAN YOURS BECUASE I SPEND 1000 HRS A WEEK AT THE GYM." I could see some brownish red chest hairs pocking through.
>He and my cousin shared a really long bro-hug before he shook hands with me. They talked for like 5 minutes before we left the bar. Apparently they were "huge friends" and hasn't seen each others in years. I think his name was Benjamin.
>Anyway, we left the bar in like 5-10 minutes. Meanwhile they talked they were buying shoots (While my cousin said "alcohol is bad for you, so don't do it anon!") and then things got very awkward between them, probably because of me.
>Ben was just "passing by" NY. Both him and my cousin worked for this company and were translators (Spanish to English, I believe.) I noticed that Ben was eyeing me after a while and he started to leave after my cousin told him that I was going to stay with him for the night (He explained the whole family thing) but then my cousin said that he was more than welcome to stay with him -Well, he said "us- for the night, and Ben couldn't say no.
>Blah - I want to get to the sex part- blah blah TL;DR: The trip from Manhattan to his trip was a bit awkward but fun. Ben was drunk (They bought a Vodka bottle before leaving) and they told me to "try it," thus making me drunk (Never drank alcohol -let alone Vodka- before.)
>After we got to my cousin's house it was pretty dark and late. Cont
Love this website
>We all went to sleep. I stayed in the guest room while Ben and my cousin stayed on the living room.
>It was like 3 AM when I was awaken because my stomach felt sick.
>I go out of my room and can hear moans, etc.
>Everything hits me up.
>They are having hot bear sex. Thisismyfetish.jpge
>I walked towards the staircase and peek through it.
>They are both naked in the living room. My cousin is sitting down on his couch, with his legs spread out and his back towards me. His back was a bit muscular (It was a bit chubby, too.) and had just the right amount of hair. He had one of his arm stretched out along the couch and with the other one he was holding the bck of Ben's head.
>Ben was kneeling in front of my cousin with his dick on his mouth. Apparently my cousin liked it when he deepthroated him because Ben kept gagging.
>This went on for awhile. I had a raging hardon and had to continuously tell myself to not touch it. By now my stomach pain went away.
>My cousin starts moaning really loud
>"You'll wake your cousin up."
>"Shut up and keep sucking."
>He does exactly the same. Later on my cousin tells him to stand up. As soon as Ben starts standing up I go back and hide for awhile.
>When I go back to the staircase I see Ben all on four getting buttfucked by my cousin. He was very rough apparently and Ben continuously bit the couch's stuffing. I don't think he even used lube.
>My cousin had a pretty average dick, at most it'd be 6.5 inches. I think he fucked guys without lube and was very rough/talked dirty so that the guys would feel as if his dick was bigger.
>Midway the fucking my cousin throws himself into Ben, if that makes sense. He was on top of him and was biting his red ear. Ben was pretty much enjoying this. My cousin kept cursing and saying shit like "You like this, don't ya?"
>mfw his dick entering Ben's bubblebutt.
>This goes on, my cousin starts going faster and faster. I know that he is near.
>Suddenly my cousin stops. He takes out his dick and I can see it completely. It is average long-wise, but I don't think that its thickness was average. Not sure, maybe my mind changed some stuff.
>He starts jerking himself off as Ben just laid in there bumping his butt against his dick, moaning and breathing hard.
>Suddenly my cousin comes the biggest load I've ever seen. It goes all over Ben's back, and some hit his head, too.
>My cousin throws himself on top of ben again and they chat a bit. Apparently Ben came on the couch by "mistake," which made my cousin laugh.
>By now I came on my pajamas too.
>They started standing up and my cousin drank from the Vodka bottle that was on the floor by the couch.
>I went to my room and jerked off to what just happened.
>I still do.
Well, that's one of my "creeper" story. Since that event creeping on guys became my fetish and I have some others. This part of my live has given me quite the stories, a bit beatings, too.
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Thanks for the awesome story bro

Also bumpin for moar
Okay, i´ll join, it was my first time and i think it was pretty lovely.

>Be me, 20 years old virgin, really closeted, not ugly but not stunning, let's say 7/10, decent skinny body.
>Didn´t knew how to meet some people, so i was really willing to try but without any chances.
>At soccer practice, a new student is joining the team, let's call him Brian.
>He...HE was stunning, 9/10, atlethic body, a smile that could melt you with just a glance, brown hair, brown eyes.
>I thought to myself....clearly he's a fucking jerk. Couldn´t be more wrong, he was shy, but extroverted at the same time. The kind of person that people go to get some advises and then leave.
>In soccer, he plays on the forward, just like me.
>Didn´t want to talk to him because i was really going to get disappoint. So i dodge him a little.
>We had to talk, because we needed to understand each other type of game to be able to score. But as i said, i try to keep it cool, uninterested.
>First match, he is on the field, im on the bench because i was late. We start losing...0-1, 0-2 at the end of first half. Their defense is pretty fucking solid and ours is shit tier.
>Coach tells me im going in. Great.
>I thought he was going to remove Brian, but he removes the other forward.
>Second half begins. I look at Brian, he's clueless about how to break their defense.
>I approach him and tell him "Brian, just play with me, we need to pass it like fuck to break that defense, if not, we´re screwed." He agrees,
>Second half starts. 0-3. IWasNotExpectingThat.jpg
>He looks at me scared, it's his first match, and he can't do shit.
>Then, the miracle happens, we start passing to each other and i finally pass to him so he'll be able to score. 3-1.
>I start taunting their defenders, making them come and try to take the ball off me.
>As soon as they are coming filled with rage, i give the ball to Brian.
>He scores again. 3-2.
>Buuuut, our defense is still shit, so they manage to go 4-2.
Cont or is to boring?.


>I talk with Brian and tell him that we have to play more in the mid field because our defense apparently can't do shit. He agrees and laughs.
>We start passing the ball to each other again and score. 3-4. Our coach is euphoric.
>Last 2 minutes.
>We are nervous as fuck, he comes by my side and tells me "Come on anon, we can do this" and slaps my back.
>I smile and get into the game.
>Our goalkeeper gets a ball that i thought it was our doom and gives it to our defenders.
>They manage to get to the mid-field and then they give it to Brian.
>Brian looks at me and hesitates on what to do.
>He gives another person the ball, that person tries to give it to me, but Brian touches it and gives it to me, i score the goal.
>He comes running and we start hugging like soccer dudes do when they score an important goal.
>I've never felt so loved.
>Suddenly, offside.
>They were right, Brian was out of position.
>We lose 3-4.
>Coach conratulate both of us not caring about that last play and criticize me for being late.
>I say i'm sorry, that my grandpa is sick and i was late with him at the hospital,
>Now he says he's sorry and gives me a pat on the shoulder.
>Brian looks at me with pity and tells me he's sorry too.
>I say that it's okay, that i know how this is going to end....
>Awkward moment.
>He breaks it with "but you were awesome here dude, i really enjoyed playing with you...and...to be honest...i was scared as fuck".
>I laugh and tell him to man up, that he's awesome too, but not as much as me.
>We start talking about our shitty team and then, he asks me about my grandpa, saying that his grandpa had cancer, and he maybe knows how i feel.
>I start asking about that and end up knowing a very sad story about them. He's almost crying, and i tell him that i appreciate a lot his help.
>He tries to break the tearing with a laugh and tells me that if i ever need something, or to talk with someone, he's there for me.
>I'm melting,

>"Thank you Brian" it's all i am able to say.
>"You're welcome bro, i thought you didn't like me at all" is his response
>Well...i expected that, since i was dodging him but i ask why.
>"Basically because every time i tried to speak with you, you kind of ran away" and he laughs.
>"Well...i'm not as social as you are"
>"Yes you are, look at us having a conversation right now! you are better in this than in soccer" he jokes.
>"Well i can take that as an offense..." i mutter.
>"No no...i was kidding" god he's so innocent.
>"I know haha, don't worry, thanks for trying to cheer me up"
>"Always" he says.
>Another awkward silence goes on and before i know, i try to break it with "Soo...what else do you enjoy besides soccer?"
>He blushes a little and says "Maybe i shouldn't say this because well...i can be bad for my ""reputation"", but i'm kind of a nerd with the videogames and that stuff"
>"Reputation?, you're practically new"
>"Yes yes, i know, and i want to fit in well"
>"Sure...i won't tell anybody that you are..." i lean forward and whisper to him "addicted to videogames".
>"Oh fuck off...you know what i mean" he says, laughing.
>"Yes i do haha, but it's kind of stupid, you gotta admit that"
>"I never said it wasn't"
>"Great...so...which games do you enjoy?, NERD."
>"Well..." he reaches his neck and shows me a FUCKING TRIFORCE NECKLACE.
>"No...." i say "No no no no....are you kidding me?"
>"I love that game dude...it's like....it taught me a lot"
>"YES, i know, it's incredible....i play Twilight Princess from time to time."
>"Oh, i liked that one, the ending was great, but i fucking love Majora's Mask" i say.
>"Fuuuuuck, me too dude, it was THE BEST, i learned so many things from that game"
>He's starting to get excited about what he truly loves, and it's charming as fuck.
>Fast forward, we talk about video games, he tells me he also plays LoL, i am a DotA player, he used to play Runescape, and i tell him he should be stoned to death
Please do tell. X
Lol, how long is this story?
plsease more!
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How cheesy.

To make it shorter.

Fast forward 3 months aprox.
>We tend to hang out a lot together, basically because i'm one of the few people with whom he can be really who he is, talking about vidya, soccer, psychological and philosofical stuff, i don't know, a lot of things.
>Soccer also brought us together, we make a great team.
>I start to believe this is more a bromance than a crush.
>One day, at his house, he lives alone because of college.
>We are talking about vidya, Majora's Mask, it's theories and why is it one of the best for us.
>Suddenly, he says that one of the best quotes of the game, that he can't get out of his head is "Your true face... What kind of... face is it? I wonder... The face under the mask... Is that... your true face?".
>"It's a good one Brian....but you don't apply that in your life..."
>"I know, i know, that's why it hits me so hard.... "
>I joke "And which one is your "truest" face?"
>He gets shy and says "Well....i have to say that when i'm with you, i'm pretty much myself"
>"I feel honoured" i say
>"Yeah...i mean....if it wasn't for just one thing..." He kind of blushes.
>"What?" i say, serious.
>"Come on dude, i won't judge you or something like that...now you have to say it, don't leave me hanging".
>The tension is building and he breathes heavily.
>"I can't...." he says.
>"Ok, don't worry, i don't want to push you into nothing, so, calm down, i won't ask anymore haha".
>He smiles and asks which quote is my favourite
>"To bo honest, the one that struck me hardest is "Believing in your friends and embracing that belief by forgiving failure. These feelings have vanished from our hearts.""
>"Woah...that's a nice one"
>"Yeah...i try to live by that rule"
>"Would you forgive me?" he says, abruptly
>"Forgive you for what?"
>In this moment, i seriously thought that there were absolutely NO chances of doing something with him, as i said, i thought it was a bromance.
>"I......kind of like you" he mutters.
please tell me there is more <3
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Sorry, i just choose the worst day to write a story, i'm busy as hell.

>Words can't even start to describe what i'm feeling and thinking. I'm confused, excited, overwhelmed...i just can't believe what's happening.
>As far as i know, my face reacts the same way, because he looks at my expresion and breaks the silence.
>"It was a joke, you dumbass" says, smiling awkwardly.
>"Y-You sure?" i ask
>I recover the ability to think and i try to throw some water into this wildfire.
>"Sorry about the reaction, i was just....shocked, i didn't meant to act like that" I smile and pat his shoulder.
>I keep talking "Now that i'm not retarded, are you sure it was a joke?"
>He bites his lower lip and whispers "No...".
>I breath heavily and i start asking a lot of questions, like....why me (because, i mean, he could be with whoever he fucking wants), for how long and i even asked him if he was gay, because i thought he was pretty straight.
>He says that with me, he feels happy, that he can be who he is, and that my sense of humour was the thing that made it for him.
>He sits there, awkwardly and asks, with a shyness so adorable that it can melt the sun itself "So....do you?"
cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon :3
>be 21 year old univeristy drop-out
>first summer after quitting uni
>staying with ex-drug addict bf
>he's on his way back from work
>he txts me
>he seems annoyed
>I roll him a joint
>plug laptop into TV and put porn on
>grab foot stool and place it in front of TV
>get lube, dildo, gag and handcuffs from bedroom
>buzzer goes ... he needs me to let him into the building
>13 floors until he gets here ...
>smoke prepacked bong
>unpause porn
>place gag on
>lie down on footstool
>place ashtray with waiting joint on my back by my bum
>handcuff my hands behind my back, with my lighter in my hand
>wait ...
>hear him open the front door
>hear him sniff
>I hear him walk into the room
>step forward, motherfucker ... he can't see me from behind the sofa
>hear him step forward
>he spots the joint
>he spots my ass
>he jumps over the back of the sofa, grabs the joint, places the ashtray on the armrest, takes the lighter from my hand, slaps my ass and says 'thank you'
>that bong was fat ... I'm drooling in a state of semi-conciousness
>hear him smoking the joint
>hear him playing with his lubed up cock
>finishes joint, drops to his knees and starts playing with my ass
>first fingers
>then dildo
>slaps my ass a bit
>rubs his cock against my leg
>hear him lining up behind me
>feel hand on my hip and cock pressing against my ass
>arch back slightly and it pops in
>he grabs my shoulders and pulls me up
>kisses my neck ...
>starts to bite
>ow that hurts
>pulls me down onto him, balls deep in one motion
>holds me tight, tensing to get it just that mm deeper
>he pulls back, bends me back over the footstool and pounds me for the next 20 minutes
>occasional spanking, hair pulling and biting
>picks me up and bends me over back of sofa for another 20 minutes
>up against a wall, on the floor then into the bedroom
>on the faux fur rug, on my back on the bed
>was limp and numb by the time he came in me
>he rolls me on my front and removes my handcuffs, then does them back up around the bedframe
>tells me not to roll onto my back so I don't leak on the bed
>runs into living room
>5 minutes later, he shoves a butt plug up my ass
>'I'm not done filling you up'
>still have gag in my mouth :(
>he leaves and comes back with a bong and two joints
>removes cuffs, gives me bong and then we smoke a joint each, talking about how awesome that sex was
>we finish, he cuffs me back to the frame and fucks my face until he comes
>then puts the gag back and fucks e on my front for what felt like all night
>couldn't walk the next morning
>he leaves me on the bed and rushes back into the living room
Don't stop now please!
>Be 14
>be drunk for the second or third time
>Be in friends attic
>be dog piled on a mattress
>be teasing friend about his hot sister
>Lowered voice to just talk to very attractive friend was lying next to me
talk about what we would do,
> start inching our jeaned crothes together, with accidental rubs, gaining more confidence as we establish we're both into it.
>grind and feel my first other dudes boner.
>Slowly gain the confidence to put my hand on his stomach, my fingers just under his belt buckle.
>stroke/ examine his dick
>pass out while doing this
/Fast forward to a bunch of other nights following/
>Make sure we're always sleeping next to each other at sleepovers
> Inch the back of my fingers towards his, accidently brush
>He brushes back
>Start playing with each others' hands
>stroking his palms, which I remember to be extremely warm

>he was stronger than me, /I always had to submit in fights/wressles.
>He's super goodlooking, looks somewhere between nicolas halt and logan lerman, with a Newzealand/ American accent.

>Move up the arms, everything we do is super slow, to the rest of the body
>slow footsies most of the time
> inch my head slowly towards him and lean my forhead against him.
>Can smell his under arm, one of the best things i've ever smelled to this day.
>He moves down unzips me and starts sucking my dick. I'm really nervous as he does so, the last time, and first time i'd had a bj was when i was 8, and i'd felt guilty about it for years (other kid, same age sucked me off, introduced me to it)
>Allow him to, guiltlessly.
>I return the favour

/fast forward another night
> on the couch at his ( a big corner couch, we're on on side, other friends are asleep on the other.
things are happening, (gave him a brief bj outside earlier on that night,while others are out of sight. says 'we should 69 later)
I involuntarily mount him from the front he says "woah" pushes me off, slowly turns me over and tries to anal me, we dont have lube
>So i put my mouth of his dick and try to leave as much saliva on as possible, try again, still no luck, His dick flicks out and flops between my cheeks.
>I ask if i can try.
>He says sure.
I can't get it in either
>he says we should sleep
>I desperately want to keep trying
>he goes to sleep
> I fall asleep also
/He gets a girlfriend a little while after/
after he's broken up with first girlfriend, we hold hands secretly while drunk, are interupted by what will become his second girlfriend. He apologises to me by saying to everyone saying he was so drunk he doesn't remember anything/ making eye occasional eye contact with me while saying it.

Fast forward to aged 19, he breaks up with girlfriend, I stay at his/ other friends of mine's flat while I'm back in the city I used to live. I crash out on the couch after game of thrones. He lays with his eyes closed on the couch after the lights are out and others have left. Which is off considering he has a bed there. I decide not to engage/ go to sleep.
/Am 20 now

>had a bit of a crush on my brother since i was about 13, he's 6 years older
>know this is fucked up so never said anything and just fap furiously over him at night
>throughout puberty i find guys and girls attractive, if anything girls more so
>be 21, have hot girlfriend, happy
>go out with my girlfriend and brother one night, have a few drinks
>come back to mine, carry on drinking in the living room, by now all three of us pretty drunk
>start playing dares, eventually dare my girlfriend to masturbate under her clothes
>she says she'll do it if she can watch me and my brother make out
>look at her like wtf
>she tells us she'll find it hot
>look at brother nervously, he smiles at me, raises eyebrow
>jesus christ he is so fucking hot
>he leans in close to me, puts hands on my hips, starts kissing me
>i kiss him back, put my hands in his hair
>trying to control myself so he doesn't think i'm really into him
>loving the way he's holding me, full on making out now
>we both stop for a second to look at my gf who is fapping
>brother smiles, then looks down and notices i'm hard
>wtf do i do now
>he looks up at me and starts rubbing me through my jeans, leaning in to kiss me again
>can't help it, i moan loudly
>he looks at me shocked, but smiling, like he can't believe this is really turning me on
>blush furiously, try to make it seem like i'm only doing it for gf's benefit
>gf says let's go to bed
>i go to bed with her reluctantly, wishing i was going to sleep in my brother's bed

Okay, sorry for leaving there, hope you can forgive me.

>I'm really confused, i don't really know what to say, i got used to this bromance we had
>I say "Ehmmm..." and i can see that he gets dissappointed.
>Before letting me brain fuck me up again, i do something that i normally NEVER do
>Come on instincts, go with the flow
>I lean forward and kiss him
>He gets surprised, but kisses me back.
>We both smile while we're kissing, and it was the most awesome thing ever.
>He puts his hands on my cheeks, stops for a minute, looks at me and kisses me again.
>I really don't get what's happening, how this night that meant to be for do anything else, ended up like this
>But i just don't care anymore
>Things start getting a little hotter, hands under shirts, and making out like crazy, apparently he's been waiting for this for a while
>Before taking any of my clothes off he says politely "If you don't want, it's okay, i'm really happy with what already happened"
>He really means it, i can tell by just looking at his eyes
>I think and then remember that thinking has never been my ally in situations like this, so i just smile and kiss him again.
>He gets really turned on and starts kissing my neck
>Then we both get up and go to the bedroom
>He holds my hand. HE HOLDS MY FUCKING HAND on the way to the bedroom.
>I cant believe this is going to happen
>He turns the lights on, dim level.
>Sits me in the bed with him and starts kissing me
>Pushing me to the pillows, he keeps kissing me like its the end of the world.
>He stops, bites one side of his lower lip, looks at me and i swear to got i'll never forget that look
>Smiles, practically laughs of happiness, kisses me again and says
>"I can't believe i hold it all this time"
>"Me neither" and i kiss him again
>He starts undressing himself and me, by parts, first his shirt, then mine, while kissing, i didn't even realized to be honest, i was focused as fuck
>Then...the serious business....i've never done anything with a guy so far, not even a blowjob, so i'm pretty nervous about this.
>Also, i believe he didn't either so....we're two sacks of nerves.
>He takes the initiative and while kissing puts his hand on my crotch and starts rubbing it.
>Eyes wide open, i can't believe this is actually happening.
>He knows i'm nervous, so he stops and asks again if i'm okay with this
>I say i am
>Then he puts my hand in his crotch and tells me to "play with it"
>i laugh and he does too
>I start rubbing it, and i take off his belt, meaning business
>He looks at me with a daring expression and smiles
>I am hesitating, i don't know if it's too risky or whatever, but i take of his trousers while he still kisses me
>Then i do it, i stop the kissing and start licking and kissing his boxers, there is a monster inside, i can fucking feel it
>He puts his in my hair and starts playing with it, with an expression of "WOAH" that i can't easily describe
>That's why i realize he's as excited as me
>I look at him as a sign of approval and start sliding his boxers off
>He's with his mouth wide open and biting his lip
>I slide it all and see the most amazing BOING i've seen
>It is great, uncut, hairy, some veins, and kind of big, well...at least bigger than mine
>I put it in my mouth and i hear him breathing heavily and mumbling things like "Oh god"
>That turns me on like shit, and also putting me hand in his abs is helping a lot
>He lifts me up, kisses me again and let me do my job
>i suck him for aprox 5 minutes while he was making sounds that made me harder than ever
>Then he starts playing with my butt
>At first it feels weird, but i let him
>He tells me to wait a minute and opens a drawer
>He gets a condom and some lube, looks at me for my approval.
>I smile and tell him to come
>His smile at that moment is brighter than all new york city at new years eve
the kind where he doesn't mean "afterwards" he means "after seeing those words." What part of the country are you from that you don't understand the difference between "Afterwards" and "After words"
holy crackers!
>He jops on bed and while i keep sucking him he starts lubing me up
>Starts with one finger, and i doesn't feel much, then two and it's starting to feel weird, three and it's hurting a little
>I let a little bitchy scream out and he says
>"Are you ok? we can do this another day, really, i don't want you to feel bad, this have to be good for both"
>"I'm alright....what do you think i am? a faggot?"
>He smiles
>"Now keep working!" he says
>I've never been so turned on
>He stops me from my sucking and puts me with the back on the bed and says
>"I wanna see you while we do this"
>I can't even answer because he's sweet as fuck
>He goes in slow, really slow, holding my feet in the air
>Asks me if it hurts, i say that it does a little but it also feels great
>He used a lot of lube
>Starts accelerating and while he fucks me he leans and kisses me
>We go on for like 10 minutes and then he lifts me up and puts me on 4
>I say "Kinky" and he smiles
>He starts slow but gets into a good phase pretty quickly
>Grabs my hair and pulls me a little
>He also leans and kisses my neck, whispers "Do you like it?" with a seductive voice
>"I love it" i say
>He kisses me
>Tells me he's going to cum
>Changes me to the initial position, with my legs in the air, my back on the bed.
>Says "I want us to finish together"
>"Wow you're a faggot" i joke
>He starts faster and starts masturbating me
>I'm about to come too
>I come and he smiles while my cum slips through his hands
>Kisses me
>I feel he's slowing down and i feel his breathing, he's cumming too
>He finishes and falls on my chest
>Looks at me with puppy eyes and gesticulates "That was great"
>I look at him, exhausted as fuck and says "Meh, it was good"
>He punches my arm and i say "Okay okay...it was fucking great"
>We both laugh a little
>He asks if i want to shower...i say that it depends on him
>He looks at me surprised and points the bathroom
Well, that was my first time, i could tell you what happened afterward, but it would be kind of a fill story haha. Hope you enjoyed as much as i did.

Thanks to the people who read it, and sorry to the people that i made wait a looong time.

Also, sorry about my english, it's not my main language so...well...maybe i have some mistakes there.

where are you from?
Thanks for the cute story dudey
why do I feel like half of these greentexted stories are samefagged by the same guy who can't speak english that well?
>19yo, from Europe, visiting Miami with family
>looks on Grindr
>a cute dude propose to pick me up in front of the hotel.
>made me visit the town
>we go at his apartment, we drink.
> Teases me on his bed. laying to expose his bubble butt or keep telling me how my accent is sexy and all
> we leave to bring me back home.
> I furiously need to pee.
> Pee in the street. It makes me weirdly a little horny, i feel him watching my dick a few step aside me.
> Tells me he really likes it.
> beg to play with it.
> I say ok.
> He comes, get kneel, offers me one of the best blow jobs I ever had. he really likes it, he uses his tongue a lot, I make him lick my balls.
> make me cum in in mouth.
> Swallowed all and kept sucking.
> I came back home

Ive got a bit of a long one I can cut and paste? It gets a bit brutal like
You blew my mind. That was the most loving, awesome, inspiring thing i've heard in a long while. I'm jealous.
My night's being awesome so far, but just got better. Thank you for your story.

Haha cool.
>be 21 YO American student studying in Span
>chats with hot spanish guys on grindr
>hot guy in late twenties early thirties gets my attention
>chat a bit and ends up inviting me over
>nervously show up to his appartment
>get there and guy tells me that he's married
>so guy has a husband
>was okay with it I guess
>chatted a bit while he started rubbing my nips
>keeps asking me questions about school and life while he starts to rub me down
>head up to his bedroom and throws me on the bed and starts eating my ass hole out
>best feeling ever
>slips on a condom and fucks me for a good 15 minutes
>leave with a smile on my face
>two days later he messages me again this time his husband is back and he asked him if there could be a threesome
>I just had to pretend I've never had sex with the first guy because his husband would be jealous.
>sees husband
>DEAR GOD. Even hotter tall muscular basque guy
>long story short, husband fucked my brains out while the other guy made out with me. Then I needed to get off and I fucked the first guy. I fucked him for so long that he cam and couldn't take anymore so the husband blew me until I finished on his face.
File: 2749d.jpg.gif (2MB, 495x368px)
2MB, 495x368px
Go on.

Thanks, really, i wish i could make it more...expresive, but my english is limited when trying to write dialogues haha.
I wish i could post a pic, but i don't want to expose him like that.

Well that's your problem, not mine.
Came out of the closet just the other day, I've been told it's a "touching" story.

>Be me, just turned 18
>Talking to the only friend who knows I'm bi
>"Hey man I'm kinda bored with this closet"
>"You should probably come out then"
>"Yeah, but what if people get all weirded out?"
>"Nah, they won't"
>"Well, you're probably right"
>Make a Facebook status
>"I'm actually bi tho lol surprise" (those exact words)
>Instant support and approval from all of my friends
>Not one negative reaction

My life is better than yours, fuck you all
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burn the fag
Recent CL encounter
>be me, 40 yr old, look younger
>Post ad Boston CL m4m w/pic
>Looking for younger, but 57 year old answers with pics
>6.5 cut cock, I'm ok with this.
>he's next town over, wash up inside and out.
>he offered massage in message, and made good on it. breaks out oil and rubs starting from my feet up to my ass, and back
>lays me on stomach puts cock in my face, while continuing massage, I sucks him from soft, licking his balls while his soft cock is in my mouth
>we 69, he licks and fingers my ass, opening me up. I rage boner, this is finally gonna happen
>Flips my short body onto my back propping my feet in the air after a time
>I spread my cheeks, he enters me. SO much better than the dildos I play with
>I am now his, and loving it
>he fucks me slowly at first gaining momentum and speed as it goes on.
>pulls out, and sprays a hot load all over my face. fucking heaven
>we clean up and i tell him now that the ice is broken I want a repeat
>there is a message when i get home, he wants me back there tomorrow
>wake next morning at 4 am to make sure i shit several times and have coffee
>get message on y! messenger at 7, wants me to come by 9. Can do!
>I shower, and finish to see a message telling me to just come in and go directly to his bedroom
>I comply
>Arrive at his place, he is on bed waiting
>before removing my clothes I jump into bed and lick him from shaft to balls taking him in my mouth, and stripping down as I feel him getting hard in my mouth
>informs me he wants me to call him daddy
>wat.jpg Meh fuck it, I'm open minded
>he lifts my naked body on top of his and tells me he's gonna lick my pussy now. gimme a break I think to myself yet again finding myself more than willing to play along
>he is so much bigger than me, and tossing me around, and i am loving every fucking minute of it. he flips me around and start sucking my cock. i face fuck him for a bit while he fingers me
>he flips me on my stomach, lubes and stretches me, as I moan, and he slides back into me. I am surprised at how easily I take him in, and he compliments me on it. I can feel his balls rubbing against mine
>he is balls deep inside me, grabbing my hands and moaning. I begin to grind on his cock while he's inside me
>he pulls up a little bit, and I slide my ass up and down his cock while he moans. now I am moaning every cliche porn phrase in the book.
>"Fuck me daddy, my pussy is yours." that kind of shit
>flips me on my back, spreads my legs and begins to pound me. hurts so good
>I begin to play with my cock, building into full on jerking off while he fucks me
>"Daddy, I'm gonna come all over myself."
>"That's ok boy."
>I begin to convulse, and shoot a mammoth load all over myself
>At the same time he lets out a roar and fills my pussy full of come
>he collapses on top of me, pinning me down, my come sticking all over the both of us
>he waits until he softens and slowly pulls out of me. We clean up and go our seperate ways.
>I can feel him dripping out of me all the way home
you have no idea how lucky you are. appreciate what you have

I've never had something as beautiful as that. fuckkkkkk I'm so jealous :(

do you have a pic of brian? also, moar stories!
>be 20, college student, tons of friends, popular and fit as fuark
>have fit body, 8/10, great facial aesthetics and pretty open-minded
>been into grills and bros my whole life and never limited myself to labels or crap like that
>never acted feminine and none of my friends know about who I make out with
>one of my best bros approaches me at a party
>says he's worried about his grill and his relationship
>clearly drunk and high on pot
>we decide to go upstairs to my room so we can discuss it
>he seems pretty upset with it
>we roll a nice joint and we smoke
>tfw he starts talking about his grill and out of the blue wants to pass the smoke
>we pass the smoke to each other almost touching lips
>we act like is no big deal and he keeps talking about his grill
>says sex has been fucking terrible since she sucks like crap and can't fully take his dick
>he almost starts to cry 'cause he's really into her
>we keep chainsmoking until he asks if I could see his cock
>I say it's no biggie and he pulls his dick out
>nice cock, 4" soft, cut, trimmed pubes
>I laugh because mine's bigger and I can't think of that hurting anyone
>he asks to see mine so I do it, n-no homo
>he compliments my cock and says I've got a pretty nice tool
>*awkward intensifies*
>the joint is over by now and we both got our soft dicks out laughing and high
>he goes "the thing is, I'm a grower and not a shower..."
>we stare at each other deeply
>tfw bros before hoes before labels before inhibitions

fuck more pls hurry
That was cute. Thanks for making me feel unusable.
>"wanna see me hard?" he asks
>"erm... whatever, man" I lie, wanting to see his dick get bigger
>we both laugh and we feel pretty relaxed
>he stares at his cock and starts to jerk it, playing with his balls
>I look away feeling uncomfortable as fuck
>he asks "aren't you gonna show me yours hard too?"
>"you're dying to see it, aren't you?" I tease, laughing and feeling the THC tingling my whole skin
>we both laugh and smile and start jerking off looking at each other
>I can't stop staring at his big pecs
>we're both hard by now
>he touches his cock and points it to the ceiling, revealing an 8 incher
>"damn, bro! that's a huge meat, yo" I say between laughs
>"I know, right?" he replies as his hand gets back to working his rod
>my mouth is dry as fuck right now and my dick is throbbing
>"mine's smaller" I tell him, making sure my dick is upright
>he looks at it for a while, then out of a sudden touches it
>I get red instantly and he starts to jerk me off
>"yeah, that's a pretty nice dick as weel, bro" he says, working my meat up and down
>my gaze meets his and we both lean in for a kiss at the same time
>we're both kissing, tongues swirling tongues, dry lips turning to wet lips and we're both wanking each other off
>almost forget we're at a party
>"we should go downstairs, bro. there's nothing wrong with your dick, I swear" I try to laugh it out, taking his hand out of my cock and zipping my pants
>he looks pretty high, pretty confused and pretty
>I wish I had the guts to keep going
>"thank God, man. I think she's just a bitch for not taking it. I know I could take a cock that big" he laughs
>I feel precum on the tip of my dick and start to back off slowly
>"let's get a beer, man" I say leaving the room

this was our first experience together and we had a feel more others... bromance is the fucking best thing between two bros
Well, basically we keep being friends, as neither of us wants to come out. We have a GREAT relationship and hang out a lot, it's really hard to be limited to a bedroom...or well...his house, but that´s how things are and we have to accept it.

I don't think that it's fair if i push him to take that leap, we are a little unhappy about how limited we are, we talked about it, and he's all sweet in a lot of everyday activities, so sometimes i have to push him out.

Last thing that happened was that he left to do a student exchange in the United States so he's going to be out for almost a year. It is hard, and the hardest part was that i wasn't able to say a proper goodbye at the airport because well...people were watching. But i told him to let things happens, to not be limited there, it hurts a little to know what could happen, but i want him to be as happiest as he can. We talk a lot on Skype, and apparently he is still....let's say..."faithfull", so, yes, i guess that what we have is pretty strong.

But we're great, really great, we COULD be better, but i love what we have, and i think he does too.
>last summer visited my younger brother at college
>go out with him and his best friend
>end up going back to his best friends dorm with him to watch youtube videos or something because mybrother went to sleep
>opens his laptop to find out he never closed the porn he was watching whenever, it was bisexual MMF porn
>i end up giving him a handjob and he sucks me off
>things immediately get weird and we don't really talk much for the rest of my stay there

>2 months later we're fuck buddies and my brother still has no idea
Stories turns me on so fucking fast....
I need moar.
First threesome story

>Dating a 33 year old
>Hes in business
>Travels for conferences
>Business partner of his, older married guy, bi curious
>Meet up whenever they're in the same area/state
>Bf asks if I wanna help out his friend, hes clean and safe etc
>Okay but only if you join in
>Few weeks later, guys in town
>Comes round, lates 40s, bald but good looking, trying to hold onto his youth
>I'm dressed like the sexy bitch I am, latex gloves panties and leggings, latex hood and dog collar
>After a few drinks he calls me to his lap, great kisser
>We go to the bedroom
>On bed, wiggling my ass at him
>Pulls my panties down, rims me and kisses me good
>He gets naked with my bf, guy has good body but small dick
>Like 4 inches hard
>Suck him off, he has to stop
>Lube him up while bf fingers my ass and lubes me up
>Slips it in, slow boring fuck
>Thankfully bf is fucking my mouth
>Guy almost cums, pulls out "Just give me a minute"
>Suggest he swaps with bf
>Guy fucks my mouth, love the taste of my butt, his cock and lube in my mouth
>Cant hold it, cums in mouth
>Good sized load, not fucked his wife in months
>Gulp down the mess in my mouth
>BF fucking me good as guy watches
>Eventually bf cums
>Lie in bed as bf and guy get dressed and bf sees him home

He joined in regularly when he was in town and we did some kinky shit together
File: aefcea.jpg (30KB, 400x321px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well...there are cute stories and...those stories....

Probably i didnt liked it because im really no into +35 guys.
Ok so I have 1 but bare with me because I always add way too many details that aren't needed

Anyway to start off,
>be 17, stoutish, same amount of muscle and fat, dark wavy hair.
>him 18, same body as me But more muscle and taller, blondish.

OKAY, so it started off at one of our football games I was a junior and he was a senior.

>walked to my car, got in, started to drive off
>heard someone hit my window
>rolled down my window and he asked "hey dude where are you going?"
>"my house....?"
It was weird because me and him rarely talk. Like its a small school we go to so everybody sorta knows everybody, but he rarely ever even acknowledges me (nor do I him)... but yeah
>"shit dude do you think you can take me home? I'll give you gas money."
>say "sure I don't mind" cuz I'm a nice fucking queer
>leave the football field and started home
>kind of awkward but start small talking it up
>"so umm.. Why didn't you ride home with your friends? I thought there was a party or something tonight" I tried not to be rude about it
>"my friends are fucking faggots, they all left with out me."
>"did you try calling them?" Stupid question but I asked anyway
>"yeah dude, my phone fucking died though." (Diff phone than mine; charger didn't work)
>"well I can drive you there man, I don't mind"
>"nahh dude the last thing I wanna do is see them. Thanks though."
Yw bbyy lolz xD
>awkward as shit because I didn't know what to fucking talk about. Im in band so naturally I don't know shit about sports and all that fucking jazz
>still driving to his house
>"so dude... I got a question..." He asks
>me thinking: what the fuck is he gonna ask me shit I'm not prepared fuck.
>me IRL: "yeah?"
>"is it true like.. Are you gay?"
kinda taken off guard by it because I thought everybody ~knew~ its not that I was hiding it or anything.
>"umm yeah?"
>"oh... Ok. That's cool. I just... Yeah.. That's cool"
>what the fuck do I say this is awkward as fuck help
>still driving home
>15 minutes pass
>what the fuck I thought it was 30 minutes away u shit ass fuck u.
>"so like why don't u like girls dude, like what makes u not like p**** (hate that word)"
>"I don't fucking know, i just don't like it."
>"how do you know if you don't like it, have you ever fucked a girl?"
>"so what kind of guys you like, (me)"
>these fucking question I s 2 g
>"umm I like manly guys that can make me laugh and make me walk funny"
>we lolz
>"so would do anything with me?"
*sweats nervously*
>"I mean, yeah your fucking hot but.. Not if you didn't want me to, I'm not that kind of person."
>"oh okay. That's cool" he says for the 3rd time
Gas light is blinking #fuck
>"hey dude is there a gas station near here?"
>"yeah its on the right up here dude"
So by this time I should probably add that I've been on the road for an hour now but that didn't stop my ass.
>stop by gas station and get gas
>he asks if he could drive and I said why the fuck not?
On with the story
>he's driving I'm in the passenger seat when he asks
>"so.. Yknow when you said how do I know if I don't like it?"
>fuck "yes?"
>"...and how you said you wouldn't do anything with me unless I said you could?"
>FUCK. "Yeah?
>"you promise you won't tell anybody?"
>pinky promised (lolololol)
>"I've always wanted to know what its like to do stuff with a guy..."
>I was literally redder than a sandy hook elementary class room
>he started slowing down the car and pulled onto the side of the road
>woahhhhhhhhh mannnnnnn 2much2handle
>he asked "you know what I'm about to ask right?"
>"haha yeah man, I'm down"
>"and you won't tell anybody right?"
>"I pinky promised I won't so I won't"
>he starts rubbing his dick through his pants and he slides the seat back.
>"you promise?"
>pinky promised yet again
>he starts unzipping and lifting up his shirt and ayyyy papi lil nigga got a tight lil belly.
>start rubbing his sweaty lil stomach and start going down to the dicknballs
>he pulls down his underwear and shows his dick
>average (6-7 inches) cut, but thick oh my god
>started jacking his hard dick like there was no fucking tomorrow
>he was enjoying it tilting his head back moaning all that fun shit
>I started to go down wif mah mouf and started blowing him
>it kinda had that sweat smell which i dont tend to care for but he started playing with my hair so that made me forget about it.
>sucking like normal until these bright ass fucking lights shine in my back windshield
>holy fuck its a car and they're slowing down
>freak the fuck out and get dressed
>oh my god they stopped right beside us
>oh fuck what do we do he's still got his pants around his ankles
>he eventually pulls them up right as the guy gets out of his huge fuxking suv
>homeboy rolls the window down
>"so what's the deal y'all just gone sit for 15 more minutes?"
>umm excuse me, who the fuck is he?
>long story short we were on his land and anon apologized n shit then we left
>"who the fuck were they man? Do you know them?" I asked
>"they don't know me but I know them, they fucked my dad over some horses n shit"
>"oh ok"
>almost to his house awkward silence till we get there
>we get to his dads house which is in the middle of fucking nowhere.
>he gets out and gets his stuff from the back and asked me if I can help him bring it in
>mfw when it was only 1 bag and some shoulder pads that he brought
>carry it in and layed it on the floor in his room.
>"that all you needed?" I asked
>"haha yeah man thanks."
>lol ur welcome
>start to leave when he grabs my arm
>"yknow its already so late out... (it was literally 1 am) you wanna just.. Stay here tonight?"
>for some reason I totally forgot what happened in the car like 15 minutes ago "I don't know man."
>"cmon dude it'll be fine, my dads not home" (his parents are divorced)
>"ok yeah"
>"fuck yeah haha my dad has some wine coolers down stairs if you want any, I'm gonna be in the shower."
>I didn't drink any because alcohol makes me hiccup a lot and that would a been hella embarrassing
>tick tock he's out of the shower and I'm about to take one
>"hey man can I borrow some shorts?"
>he's in just a towel
>"yeah dude" he bends over to get some and I see all of his beautiful thick ass
>take shower bing bang boom I walked back to his room and turned the light on and

File: proceed3.jpg (129KB, 500x339px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129KB, 500x339px
>there he was jacking off on his bed
>I stood there in shock of what I was seeing, his meaty arms beating his dick ughhhhhghhg I'm literally getting rock hard writing this
>he jumped because of the light but he didn't really out an effort into covering himself up.
>"hahaha sorry dude I thought you were still in the shower"
>I'm still standing there in shock. I mean I saw his dick in the car but that was with the lights off and only a little part of his body showing.
>mfw I felt my boner pop through my gym shorts
>he started covering himself and invited me into the bed
>ayyyy dis nigga got the tempurpedic
>because I'm a fucking austist things got awkward again and I mustered up "so you start back where we left off?"
>his face got red and said "hell yeah dude"
>so I started jackin him off and kissed his cute fat boy nipples
>went down further and further until I was on his dick
>started suckin
>was trying to deep throat but his dick is so fucking thick I couldn't get it past 3 inches
>he's moaning and shit, making me feel all nice about making god angry
>i stop he says he's about to cum
>"he (me) do you think I can try it on you?"
>hard dick pops out
>nothing special 6.5 cut not as thick as his
>he starts going down on me
>meh... Really sloppy and loud tbh my boner was going away
>still moan and shit because I'm a polite young man
>he stops and starts licking up to my chest and onto my neck
>oh my god like I don't even need sex I can just live off neck kissing
>he goes in for the kill and my mouth is ready
>he starts off good but then he just got sloppy but didn't care I was kissing a 'straight' guy who's thigh muscles make me cum on instant
>I bite his lip and he laughs and then he goes back down to 'sucking' my dick
>he's better this time but still pretty sloppy
>I pull him off and tell him I wanna make him "feel good"
>I get him on his back and lift up his legs and start rimming the fuck out of him
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Only a few times have I read a story that has given me a boner and made me laugh.
File: 1349996500739.jpg (121KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll try and make this the last post
>so here I am rimming the fuck out of a guy who only ever fucked girls, is on the football team, and is debatibly the straightest guy I know
>he's jacking off so fast I just hear one continuous clap from his balls
>he was moaning so loud like you don't understand
>after 5 minutes of my mouth on his b hole he started bucking and said he's about to so I stopped, let him calm down, and he asked if we could "do 69'
>before I even could say "hell fucking yes" he like twirled me around in the fucking air. To say the least I was very impressed
>started sucking each other
>for a sloppy sucker he could go really deep like his nose hit my taint
>meanwhile I was doing my thing, playing with his balls sucking his dick
>he says he's about to cum again so I get in front of him and start jerking both our dicks off
>"aaaaaaAAAAAAHHH FUCKKKK" he yelled
>idk what it was but feeling him about to cum made but
>TFW we both cum at the same time
>TFW when he's still cumming after you're done
>lick all of it off his body like a slut
>but guys I never seen someone cum so much and so hard
>he came so hard it hit his head rest on his bed
>lots of panting
>he starts laughing
File: proceed.jpg (63KB, 772x726px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry I fucking lied this is the last post
>"yeah... Dude that was fuckin amazing"
Good to hear he didn't regret it and give you "I want to kill you" stares.
That was cute. Thanks anon.
Kind of what he looked like, especially his titties and upper body
ughghghgh good job anon :3

> so hot.
> wasn't ready
here's a hopefully short one.

> 22 in college, asexual.
>asexual because dick is too big and don't have time to care for sex when you have exams every other day due to being double degree
> grindr surfs in free time to stay awake and stay sane
> hot hot body pic starts asking why I'm asexual
> tell him, he's ooook ing me, but I'm like whatevs.
> We trade pics and he's a really hot Asian guy with a nice cocktail (dick and ass)
> mfw he says he's not even from here and is just "visiting"
> We end up talking for like a month on and off because he goes to a different university
> texts me out the blue and says he is on campus if i want to hang
> was in concert so I say we'd only have like fifteen minutes before he'd leave for a party.
> he comes over after and we meet finally.
> he asks me what can he do with me since I'm asexual
> I'm kind of bored and we don't have much time so surprise me so I told him give you a free pass to do whatever.
> goes to kiss me
> I let him do it
> it gets weird because like it was such a good fucking kiss
> I'm kind of in shock because i wasn't expecting that to go so nicely.
> he says kiss me
> pick him up and we kiss on the wall next to the mirror
> both hard as fuck
> mfw when I see he's packing heat
> in my shock of his dick he asks if he can blow me
> flustered I answer yes
> gets on his knees and proceeds to give me a Damn good blow job
> almost could have made me completely sexual and gay for that matter
> I'm about to cum standing
> he says to wait so he can blow me on my bed.
> we move locations at a rapid pace lol
> looks me in the eye and says I'm the biggest and thickest he's ever seen (I'm like almost nine inches and about an inch and a half thick)
> I'm about to reply and then he professionally levels deep throats me.
> I kinda lose it. start moaning. start regretting my life choice to throw this stuff away
>I'm about to blow
> he gets a mother fucking phone call which is his ride home so he has to mother fucking answer
> had to leave immediately
>I'm in a murderous haze
> I work the magic get him to agree to stay the night with me after our respective parties finish
> hours later we end up in my room again
>he's excited to see me again and I am too and I uncharacteristically go for a kIss
> before I could retract he dives into it and we're going at it
> he brings me to the bed again and starts blowing me again
> I let him know I can cum like eight times in a night so he doesn't have to worry about me going down and out
> invigorated him to blow me harder
> I came all over his face it looks like he fell in the snow from my cum shot.
> clean him up and he asks if we can fuck
> hesitant But i say why not try
> doesn't work and I find he had hemorrhoids
> obviously was not going to work, had to stop
> as a reward for getting me out of a sexual stasis I offer to blow him back
> mfw his uncut long asain cock tastes fucking delicious
> try to down play how much I like his dick in my mouth when he asks if he can try to fuck me
> let him try
> he cums

> I'm not spent yet and he begins to blow me to sleep
> I cum on his chest and after we clean up we cuddle into the morning
> mfw I'm woken up by a blow job that gave me the morning wood I guess he was trying to relinquish
> I cum and he stares at it on my stomach
> tells me he might want to try to eat my cum next time
> friends call him he has to leave
> promises to see me again before I graduate

sooo yeah. there's a part two but I think was too long lol
Not at all post more

>meets someone for sex

Just because you have no sex drive at the moment doesn't mean you're asexual. It means that you're a faggot hipster-type who puts anti-establishment labels on themselves to show everyone how unlike everyone you are.

Nice story, though.
anon, when was this?
Thats right baby. I'm a filthy depraved fag slut

I can understand that. But like I say he was good looking. Only thing that let him down was his pecker and stamina
>Makes out with and gets a blowjob from a guy
>Wow this is almost good enough to make me gay

I bet you wear a beret and hang out in Starbucks pretending to write novels on your Mac.
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