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I think I just discovered my 'type'. Clear skin, blue

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I think I just discovered my 'type'. Clear skin, blue eyes and strong bone structure. Eyebrows are key as well. Also hard and cold, icy eyes. I know Jack Harrer sort-of has this going on. Do you guys have pics of any dudes fitting the description? I'll try and bump with porn as soon as I can.

Oh so your type is the stereotypical male that is represented in the majority of magazines and television as attractive.
Better than liking smelly shitskins :^)
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basically this >>1263360
You would have to go out of your way to not find people that don't fit your description
that do fit that description i mean, double negative oops huehue
They're typically presented in most magazines and television as attractive because most people find them attractive

Go to tumblr if you're implying that most people find them attractive because of the presentation, not that they're presented because they're genuinely attractive
i think i look the same as this but i would probably never post my picture on here because catfishes and freaks
and why do you think most people find them attractive, you smart lil snowflake?
>my type is handsome guys
so is everyone's
Evolutionary reasons, people grew to be more attracted to better defined bone structures because it usually meant healthier, leaner and stronger people. If you can see someone's facial structure because they're not some 20 stone whale then obviously it means they're thin.

We've evolved to be attracted to leaner, younger, stronger looking people not fatsos. We're looking for the ideal mate here, subconsciously.
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Take your bitch-fest back to /lgbt/ pls

/hm/ is for posting porn

you can argue about how retarded you both are somewhere else
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>We've evolved to be attracted to leaner, younger, stronger looking people not fatsos.

This sounds like something a fatty would say trying to convince themselves they're high tier material
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Who is this and when can we meet?
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Here you go.
brashful on tumblr
blonde guys with blue eyes are hot, i wish i had these features. I would look like a total bottom for sure.
But for tops...dark hair and eyes are better
damn, perfection...

>omg, leik, ur just falling for the western patriarchial suggested male fantaasy! think for urself and appreciate dwarf african americans with acne scars! FALL IN LOVE WITH ME!!!

Theres a reason that 'look' gets used most in magazines, tv shows, etc... all around the world. Its because it is objectivly the most attracted to the widest amount of people. White models are used in China and India and Nigeria... Hell, UGLY white people seem to get preference over attractive locals. Just look up some underwear on ebay and filter to 'free shipping'(since only chinese sellers seem to ship free) and you'll see pages of chinese made, chinese sold underwear with white models.

Sorry this REALITY hurts your feelings....
Lol'd at "objectively most attractive." Its everywhere because the west has a hegemony on popular culture and this is the standard of beauty "we" set. In other words, your sage sarcasm is actually the more accurate of your statements.
dude, its fucking clear as day and one of the most popular opinions that mixes are the hottest of guys and girls.

White people get given the most slack for some reason. Some dog shit looking dudes tend to think they are cute because they have thinning blond hair with pale skin. You see hot dude, I see potato.
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> What's your type, anon?
> Oh, ya know, extremely attractive dudes.
That's not how a "type" works, anon...
For example, anyone would find that man attractive. ou'd have to get out of your way to find a person who trully dislikes that face (instead of just playing mr. swiming against the tide)
A type is more like a general characteristic that you find attractive and can be found in a questionably large group. Like, gingers are my type, and I fall for most of them, even those who would be considered ugly by most, like my soul mate hom york (pic related)
You remind me of a girl I befriended back in a highschool. She wasn't pretty, unfortunately. One day we were talking about our crushes, and she said she had a major crush on a guy calles Aron.Problem was, Aron was one of the most attractive guys in school who ended up in a modeling career. I looked at her and said:
> Latresha, you do realize pratically every girl has a crush on Aron, right?
As I further explained my ideas on beauty dictatorship to her, she realized that her chances with a boy like Aron were minimal. He could have anyone, why would he choose the fat black girl who looked like that girl from Precious? He wouldn't.
Having such restrict type is really not a nice thing at all. It's vapid, futile, superficial and vain. But more than ethics and moral bullshit, I want you to be pragmatic and think about the actual deal: Do you have what it takes to stand such high standard? Are you handsome enough to date those model-tier men? If so, go for it. Head first. But know this, it's not a "type", even less "your type". It's just the general idea of beauty pushed down your throat throughout the years.
However, if you are not handsome enough, if you are what the general perception would so call "unattractive" I suggest you drop that standard as soon a spossible. You'll suffer way less.
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steve buscemi is my type.
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OP here. Thanks 4 the advice. I'm surely not the hottest, but I wouldn't go as far as to call myself unattractive. I'm for the most part italian, so I don't have almost any of the features I listed.
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Thread images: 16

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