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Dominated/ Humiliated/ Rape Victim fantasies

This is a red board which means that it's strictly for adults (Not Safe For Work content only). If you see any illegal content, please report it.

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this thread is for anons with fantasies of being dominated, humiliated, forced, coerced, or just out and out raped by guys, often with a side of slapping, pinning down, and degrading language to go along with it.

Post fantasies, stories, pictures, videos, and the inevitable link to Minets Sauvages.

>for me, it all started when I moved into a house with this gorgeous housemate
>he was a competitive swimmer, so you can imagine the kind of body he had
>he liked to walk around in his boxers, the kind where you can see where the tip of his cock tents the fabric slightly, waggling back and forth as he walks
>one night have a dream where hes in his room wanking with the door cracked
>i peek in, he sees me
>enraged, he pushes the door open
>berating me, he says that he should have known better than to let some bislut whore move in with him
>he shoves me to the ground, wrenches my pants down to my knees, and jams his cock up my butt right there in the hallway
>he taunts me while he fucks me, saying things like 'this is what you faggots like isnt it'
>he cums inside me, slaps me in the face, and leaves me there on the floor, trembling and used
>later, wake up with the hardest morning boner ive ever had
>realize what i just fantasized about, oh god wtf is wrong with me
>wank anyway, jizz so hard i practically get it on the fucking ceiling

whyd he have to be straight ;_;

also, because theres always 'that guy' in these threads, yes we realize that irl, rape is a horrible crime against humanity that no one enjoys. but thats not what this thread is about. these are fantasies.

also, dont post anything that purports to be of 'real rape'. thats just creepy.
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should have converted him OP, trap it up, wiggle that butt, he'll come around
link to what? cmon spill it
vid of ops pic sauce please
File: dom.jpg (118KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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holy shit yes OP, just reading that got me hard. Ive always thought it was a bit fucked up, but ive got such a fantasy of having a bunch of guys...well, my fantasy is a little involved. I have never seen a thread discussing this before, does /hm/ have these threads often?
This is just a guess but it could be Fraternity X

theyve done a couple of videos on this kind of thing although by and large most of their stuff is just generic gay porn.
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sauce on pic?
File: 1332795969499.jpg (85KB, 1200x675px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah, pretty often.

>Ive always thought it was a bit fucked up, but ive got such a fantasy of having a bunch of guys...well, my fantasy is a little involved
Do tell
Love this video!
Always wanted to be a personal blowjob machine to a hairy fat nerd. He'd slap me around and verbally abuse me. And when I wasn't being used for sex or doing his housework, I'd be tied up and gagged with his dirty socks and be used as a footrest while he plays videogames.
do you have a link?
File: 20151005_171248.jpg (4MB, 5312x2988px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just had a Latino twink come over while my gf is on vacation. Fucked his face and treated him like the slut he was.
File: 20151005_171158-1.jpg (3MB, 2138x2339px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 2138x2339px
Uploading from phone. Don't know why it's sideways
Pretty much just took poppers and worshipped my cock
You can see he got teary eyed. I made sure to get it all the way into his throat
Used his mouth for an hour and a half before sending him home
Verbally belittled him until he was begging for my cum. Much better slut than my girl.

Hope you enjoyed the set, /hm/ !
File: IMG_4222.jpg (296KB, 1412x793px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YES!!!!!!
Here's an erotic story for those of you who are into this kind of shit. I'd recommend skipping to the part that says "About ten minutes in". It gets juicy there.
Oops here's the link.
Hey man that's pretty hot. I think I might know the guy. What's his name? Or better have any pics?
File: 168465447.jpg (36KB, 171x257px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i was reading this for about five minutes nd i got hard. a little bit more reading and i felt that first droplet of precum working its wa down my shaft to stain my boxers.

....i think id better save this till im not in a public place
I don't have any pics but he lives in the bay area. Guess his name
Thanks! I love the enthusiasm. Is that you?
Yessssss love how he's crying cuz he goes so hard
I hooked up with a guy a couple of times.
Always telling me how he wanted my big cock. So I go to his place, thinking I'm gonna go pound soms nice smooth twink ass. We get down to action, tearing clothes of, and then he's all like; Oh no, that won't fit. Bit pissed, but ah well, at least he'll suck me dry. Gives good head, but still wanted to fuck him one day.
So he keeps messaging me, saying he's sorry he wasn't ready for my dick, but he'd want in next time. Few weeks pass, we hook up again. Same fucking story again. Agree with him giving head again but I'm very forcefull this time, making him gag, and forced him swallow every drop. He tried to struggle during all this but gave up when he knew he couldn't win.

Then he stopped messaging me for a while, when at one night I get a random text from him, asking if I wanna hook up. Tell him no because he won't take it in the ass. He promises he will, for real this time. I tell him he'd better.
Go to his place again. He starts slurping my dick again, while I spit on my fingers to open him up. He already starts complaining again that he probably can't take it.
At this time I don't care anymore, flip him around, pin him down, spit on his hole and enter his ass. Keep pounding away and he's sobbing. He's begging for me to stop, but I won't, and tell him he's mine now.
Keep fucking him a little longer and I cum inside him.
I get up, put on my clothes and leave.
Don't hear from him for about a half year. And suddenly get a message from him begging for me, because he knows how to handle his worthless ass.
So I basicaly made him my bitch. Feels good.
Always liked the idea of being used and humiliated but never met a guy who would do that. I answered an ad from an older guy who was looking for a blow job and he turned out to be just what I wanted.

Fuck. Why are there no guys like you in my area.
Where you from?
where in the bay are you? union city here :3
Got any pics? Union City and Oakland are close
Ugh I need to be used like some of the boys in this thread!
as someone who was almost raped i really feel confused. I used to be into the whole sub dom thing but now i feel weird.

i don't want to muddle what happened into my sex life but I'm kinda freaked out if try some subbing it could ruin it
File: 1412737329005.png (87KB, 340x293px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw have a 'forced exhibitionism' fetish
>never even heard of this from anyone else but gets me off so hard

where can i find a guy whos bigger than me who will forcibly strip me down and leave me behind some bushes somewhere despite my pleading objections for me to try and make my way home in my absolute most vulnerable state.
Fetlife is a social network wonderful for exploring your fetishes,and if you live in or near a good sized city then you may be able to find someone to explore it. The one problem with that site is that it doesn't let you filter members by their orientation.
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My fetish for being dominated sometimes seems like it would be a bad factor to consider in a relationship, but it's so hot for sex. I feel like it would be tough to find a guy that is able to be on equal terms/give and take with you in the "real world" but still can turn you into a submissive slut that they bully and get rough with in bed.

Has anyone had relationship experience with a Dom/being the Dom? Are my suspicions without merit? A good chunk of the guys I've had dom encounters with are guys that I'd never go beyond a platonic relationship with...
sorry i'm not posting pics here..
I guess its was somewhat humiliating.
>know this one guy
>breaks up with his gf of 2 years
>a year passes by and he's in his longest dry spell
>desperately want to throat him because he's adorable and all that pent up sexual frustration
>constantly joking back and forth "sexually" but the way straight guys do
>he knows I'm gay
>miss a class
>apparently huge assignment given
>he does it for me
>'you owe me big'
>'sure I'll buy you lunch for a week or something'
>'nah nah but one day just remember you owe me'
>a couple weeks into the semester about to leave class
>comes up to me and reminds me I owe him
>tells me to meet him at his place in a couple hours
>heart racing I'M GETTING HIS DICK
>at his place waiting outside
>see him come up on his bike
>he biked from school to his house
>fucking long way to bike
>he's about to pass out he's sweating so much
>get upstairs
>'okay so what do I owe you'
>he chuckles and acts all shy
>'remember how you keep saying you love eating ass?'
>he unbuckles
>I laugh in a my-heart-is-racing type of way
>I'm basically going to rim him
>'so you want me to wait here while you shower or...?'
>'lol no, you're gonna eat it sweaty'
>kind of hot
>keeps his shirt on while he sits back on a chair and holds his legs up
>'give it one swift lick so I see what it feels like'
>his as is SOAKED and a little red from the bike seat
>not sure how into this I was anymore
>give it the one lick
>oh god that's wet
>he makes a quick movement like he got a chill up his spine
>'yeah keep going'
>pulls my face into his ass to rim him
>musky, smelly, sweaty, slightly hairy
>start getting really turned on
>not taking my dick out was part of it
>he occasianly pulls my head up, sees me covered in sweat, laughs, and pulls me back to continue
>he busts while watching porn and I rim him
>clean his cum off his stomach with a towel
>stands up over me
>'lol you look gross'
>go home

I didn't even get to suck his beautiful average sized sweat dick ;_;
That is hot as fuck. More
Hot! Are you still friends?
File: LatinoPrettyBoy.jpg (8KB, 182x276px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the pretty boy latinos are great bottoms, for some reason, especially if they're on the short side and a little fem

i don't hurt them, but i've always wanted to go all prison rape on their asses, one dude in particular, who used to be a semi-regular fuck bud

i'm drawn to pretty boy latinos, really

the idea of forcing my dick on a guy like that and then beating him afterwards and breaking his shit and stealing money from his wallet while he's bleeding gets me off hard, but it's only a jerkoff fantasy, because i'm not a real thug or rapist

also: a variant where the dude is very concerned about protection and brings a special condom he wants me to wear instead of my cheapos, but once i'm inside him, i yank it off and shove my prick back in, smashing the dirty condom in his face while i start bareback raping him, then telling him he gets whatever i got while he's freaking out, then making a big production about emptying my jizz into him and smashing my fist into his face while i do it

i fantasize about humiliating him and calling him a worthless maricon, etc.

i'm twisted
nah there wasn't any more after that.. we talked about it afterwards and he said it felt great but he never told me to do it again, though I would lol
I think the hottest part about it is that he's a bit of an asshole.. Like I'll be drinking water and he'll squeeze the bottle so it squirts me in the face and he'll say "why do you look like you just ate sweaty ass?"
File: DSC_0001.jpg (1MB, 4000x6016px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Met up with pic related and it was the greatest experience I've ever had, he was everything I've fantasized about. Incredibly dominant and made me worship him, I kissed/licked/sucked his feet, rimmed him, massaged his thighs, back and ass, and he made me lick his balls while I was deepthroating him. He completely ravaged me, I'd only bottomed twice before and that was a year prior. He was gentle at first which let me know he actually cared, he took his time until I was comfortable with him slinging 9 inches of penis balls deep inside me. I've never experienced such a pure feeling of euphoria compared to when he came inside me. I felt his dick pulsing against my hole as I tightened against him, he came buckets. We regularly hook up and I'm madly in love with him but he has a gf.
File: DSC_0002.jpg (2MB, 4000x6016px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4000x6016px
Another pic
thats well known reddit user str8-eight...who is known for being...straight...and 8 inches. I dont think you could have picked a worse person to represent your weird fucking fantasy blurb
File: 4893546846884.jpg (25KB, 324x291px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well, I used to play soccer in college, and our team, like most, had communal showers without curtains or barriers in it.

Thats pretty much all I have to say, isnt it? I imagine most 'forced' fantasies are born from gym shower experiences. I'm pretty sure I was the only one there who was into cock. The guys and I had pretty similar builds all around, but I was definitely the smallest on the team. A bunch of hot jocks that I was friends with all wet and naked and with a solid half chub from the exercise we were just doing? Yeah, I tried to be in and out of that shower as quickly as possible. I was still in the closet and if i had popped a boner at my straight friends' nudity I'm sure the gig would have been up. Lucky for me there wasn't a whole lot of 'dudebro straight guy shower horseplay' going on, but there were still a couple of times where I had to excuse myself in a hurry because i was legitimately getting hard and no force on earth could stop it.

So yeah, my fantasy more or less involved them discovering my 'interest' and pinning me to the shower floor as they all took turns on my mouth and ass. I knew their cocks so well...who was the longest, who was the thickest, those were the ones that would hurt the most (yet feel the most incredible) when they shoved it in.

We were all good friends and pretty much still are. I wonder what they would think now if they knew that i literally fantasized about them all gang raping me.
lmaooo you tried
I had a boyfriend that later on became my dom in bed. Since we were boyfriends first, I had the same worries you have, but he assured me he wouldn't let our dom/sub personas bleed over into our relationship.
It sort of did. I can't only blame this, since there were other circunstances, but in the end he always had the upper hand in everything. So, I broke up with him...
File: yetmorerim.jpg (20KB, 500x564px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 500x564px
Sweaty ass is the best ass. I hope you learned your lesson.
It's possible. Sexually, my BF and I have very sub/dom roles. It generally doesn't bleed into our 'normal' lives.

I honestly don't think it's that rare.
File: interesting.png (273KB, 235x602px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
273KB, 235x602px
OP of >>1235898. How did the sub/dom side begin to factor into your relationship (IE how did you uncover/discuss it, and take it to where you are todau). Do you ever discuss the sex side and the relationship, or just internally make a decision to keep the bed fun in the bed? And of course the always curious "what do you guys do"?

I'm certain that when it comes to a relationship I can live without that for a guy I truly care about (Relationships are give and take after all).

But I also know that sexually the submissive side of me is a hefty turn-on, and it really does seem like a dream to be able to somehow share that sexual side with a (willing) partner.
When I was 11 years old I was at a point where I was become really sexually curious about men. One night my day and his friend came home drunk and his friend spent the night on the couch deep in sleep. I thought he was very hot. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. This was out of my character, I would've never done anything like this now or ever... But I was just so curious. The cock was uncut and very thick, I started to lick it a few times and then I zipped him back up because I was afraid he would wake up.... I wonder if he would've let me explore.
We started off as a hookup, so we already had kind of pre-defined roles. Then we just clicked and kinda fell into a relationship. Very early on, did experiment with switching it up, but neither of us was comfortable with it. Throughout it all, communication is key.Talking to your partner about your likes, dislikes, boundaries and fantasies shapes the relationship.

For us, it's complicated. We're into kink, and the kink scene, we have a kind of open relationship, we don't keep things strictly in the bedroom, but when it comes to serious 'real life' things, I don't think we're unequal in the decisions.

What'd we do? Like jobs?
File: roger.jpg (130KB, 821x644px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130KB, 821x644px
>What'd we do? Like jobs?
Sexual Actions. This IS /hm/ after all.

>we don't keep things strictly in the bedroom, but when it comes to serious 'real life' things, I don't think we're unequal in the decisions.
Mind if you can elaborate on the "not keeping it strictly in the bedroom"? Not normally this nosy but with this I'm just curious about how this all works beyond meeting for sex if it's a surviving relationship.

Starting as a hookup definitely helps with the explaining of the kink thing. I hooked up with a guy that clicked into a friendship (and almost a relationship but that's another story) and having ran through the "What are you into" gauntlet helped with knowing we both liked a few kinks from the get-go, so that was useful. But none of those kinks really had a sub/dom dynamic so there was nothing like that messing with it. And again, I'm less worried about the dynamic in a friendship vs. a relationship.
File: underdesk.jpg (211KB, 1000x938px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
211KB, 1000x938px
Ive always wanted to suck off a guy whilst hidden under a table, just like in the pic. Even better if we're in public, where people can see him but not me.
>Sexual Actions. This IS /hm/ after all.
Of course, sorry, was pretty tired last night. One or both of us is into bondage, blindfolds, public / outdoor, groups, piss, degradation / humiliation, S&M, orgasm denial / forced orgasm, probably more. Basically, no kids, no shit, no animals, no blood. Most other things I'd probably consider.

>Mind if you can elaborate on the "not keeping it strictly in the bedroom"?
I'm in chastity and my BF is my keyholder, regardless of where I am, there's that element of domination. Earlier this week he told me to keep a butt plug in so he could fuck me when he got home; he often likes to push me to my knees to blow him. I'm the submissive when we're in the bedroom, but our sexual interactions outside there are almost always shaped by our 'roles'. That's the contrast against our personal interactions.

Hope that makes sense.
File: 1379544945950.jpg (2MB, 5184x2994px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 5184x2994px
The one thing thats super hot to me is when the guy who wants to be slapped around and called a faggot and anger fucked is a guy who does not at all look submissive.

guys who look like tops but who want to be slutty bottoms is where its at.
Guys who have have normally "alpha" personalities but are super submissive in the bedroom are my fetish.

Do you have the rest? I remember at least two other pictures.
Yeah it does. Most of that sounds like elements of what I'd find ideal in a 100% perfect relationship sexwise. I'm open to about the same level of sexual stuff as you are although some things depend on how the other guy can sell it (ballbusting really needs the right attitude and balance of other things for instance).

If the D/s play and roles are able to not interfere with daily life and relationship stuff, then yes that'd be absolutely perfect. I hope things continue well with your relationship, that honestly sounds like a dream to be able to have a partner that shares side of with you.

The thing about D/s stuff is that it works best with a longer relationship so you can learn best on how to please each other, what makes a Sub tick vs what a Sub can do to excite their Dom, things like that.
sauce on OP?
There was a video that was recently posted, amateur dad and son type i think but they were playing kinda rough, some slaps and light punches, i think it's from a tumblr blog, does anyone here have the link?
I have a dom, sub, humiliation fetish as well. But its more in a natural setting, like fraternityx style or amateur. It's a bit harder to find porn like that without the leather or toys and stuff like that.
never post sth before but i can say mi ex was fucking insane
go on....

one of my biggest fetishes
I've always wanted to hire an extremely hung escort, one that doesn't mind dirty talking and being dominant, someone with no inhibitions, and preferably a sadist.

Then I'd pay em to keep a chastity belt on for a week or so, just to build up some horniness and a huge cumshot.

I'd offer them an extra 50$ each time they made me gag and puke from facefucking me, up to $500. Then an extra 50$ each time they make me beg for mercy while fucking me, and then $100 to fill my mouth with cum and facefuck me til I cum.

As a bonus, I'd make this deal beforehand, and then put a gag in my mouth that holds my mouth open for the facefucking and ask to be tied up so that I can't beg for mercy. I can just watch as the dom guy dolls out the punishment I begged, hell even paid, for.
You have a nice cock and these are pretty hot. He is so cute
The trick is to adjust your wording. Don't use dominant or submissive, use "verbal" "rapes", things like that.
File: quill.jpg (73KB, 1243x713px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 1243x713px
I remember the exact moment I went from thinking this kind of thing was disgusting to having this fetish myself.
>summer after high school working at a snack stand in a park
>stand was by a lake but the rest of the area was woods
>literally no customers for the last two hours every day, no one went over there because it got dark as soon as the sun dipped below the treeline
>everyone tries to avoid closing shifts because it's so boring, it usually ends up as me and this other kid because we're lazy
>pic related, looks pretty similar to him
>he doesn't talk much and doesn't seem very friendly at first but we end up talking a lot just from spending so many hours together with nothing to do
>apparently he's a big shot wrestler, one of the best in the state; wrestling is pretty much the only thing he'll talk about with any enthusiasm
>takes me outside one afternoon and starts showing me moves and pins and basically teaching me how to wrestle
>blown away by how strong he is when he pins me down and how hard his muscles are
>can't do anything to escape from him until I tap out
>incredibly turned on
>jerk off to that memory for a while, especially how rough he was and how he overpowered me
>it occurs to me that we're completely alone for hours at a time out in a deserted part of the park, and physically I'm no match for him
>spend the rest of the summer fantasizing about him raping me
Without exaggeration, I jerked off to one of those rape scenarios almost every single night for about a year. It usually involved him catching me staring at him when there were customers around and looking disgusted, but not saying anything. Then later after we lock everything up and shut the windows he attacks me, slams me up against the wall calling me a faggot, then forces me down and fucks me bloody on the cement floor.

IRL I did stare at him a lot, even before the rape fetish started, because he was hot and liked to casually show off (always wore tight shirts, stretched a lot flexing his muscles, constantly yawning and lifting up his shirt to scratch his stomach, etc.). But he was either flattered by the attention or completely oblivious, because he never seemed to notice or change his behavior.

I've tried to experiment with rough stuff and rape fantasies with grindr hookups but it's never good enough. My ideal scenario involves the guy raping me without knowing that I want it (or at least without caring). Which is incredibly fucked up, and I don't know how to recreate that type of feeling in a controlled and safe environment. It's probably for the best that it stays in my imagination.
>My ideal scenario involves the guy raping me without knowing that I want it
What, just on the off chance that you're a psycho and you like to be fucked hard against your will?
That skit takes on a dark tone when you find out Louis CK has Cosby-like allegations surrounding him.
>tfw this is me and im really tall but i cant get any dick at all
You hooked up with this guy???
Can I be your slave
what camera was this taken with? holy god
My best friend was really disappointed and ranting to me about how the girl he was trying to fuck turned out to be a huge casual/shaves-half-her-head tumblr type.

He was obviously sexually frustrated so, knowing I was gay and kinda liked him, he pinned me down and fucked me. was nice/10 but I'm not sure if he likes me in that way.
Cool fanfic
Thanks I feel like the angles are unflattering for my cock but good to know someone else appreciates it ;p
File: 1360374227923.gif (1MB, 240x135px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 240x135px
Dude, are you me? Yeah I have a lot of fantasies tied to gym showers. I would dream that 'the guys' would grab my be the balls and use that to control me (because honestly, when are you more powerless than when someone has a firm grip on your balls) forcing me to my knees and making me do humiliating things. theyd tell me that sissy bitches only serve on purpose and that is to be fucked by 'real men.' theyd make me cry out that i wasnt a real man and that i was just a cock loving whore, louder and louder or theyd mash my nuts in their hands.

My hottest fantasy involved them taking me out to the football field (by grabbing me by the balls and pulling, of course), handcuffing me to the goal post, ripping my clothes off and just fucking the hell out of me one and two at a time, with all of them finishing on me rather than in me. then theyd leave me there, taking my clothes with them, to be found by someone else, naked and glazed from head to toe with a dozen dried cum loads.
thats you in the pic? you should post moar then
File: mi3.jpg (738KB, 1453x2028px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
738KB, 1453x2028px
Posted this before, but as it's relevant here:

>be HS senior
>be only semi-out, but adopt a very androgynous, somewhat emo-ish style, sometimes wearing eyeliner and nail polish
>be only one left hanging around in the locker room after sports one day
>4 guys from my school walk past the half-open door
>one of them mutters "faggot" at me
>reply by shouting out something about fucking their mothers (don't remember if it involved me or them doing the deed).
>they stop in their tracks
>3 of them come in, telling the 4th to keep watch at the door
>2 end up grabbing hold of me
>think 3rd one (pic related) is going to beat me up
>is probably his original intention, but then has another idea
>tells them to turn me around and bend me over
>they press my hands down onto the bench
>gags me with towel and pulls down my trousers
>takes my hand cream from the bench and smears some on his dick
>tells them to hold me still now and starts entering my ass
>tells me to stop clenching
>says "Good girl" as he gets past the sphincter
>one of the other 2 seems a bit uncomfortable with it all (yet still holds me down), whereas the other one seems to find it funny
>"Yes babe"
>shoots his load inside my ass
>seems to go on for ages, almost as if he 's having 2 orgasms in succession
>is finally done
>pats my ass
>"You were not bad, sweetie - not bad at all"
>takes out a few dollar bills and throws them at my feet
>"Here, buy yourself some new nail polish on me"
>be afraid the other two are going to fuck me as well, but they let me go
>while leaving says I should probably go and wash my ass now

>at first cry with anger and humiliation
>but have always had something of a masochistic streak
>become kind of obsessed with the guy who'd raped me
>always stare at him when I saw him in the halls, and in the one class we have together
>his friends (not the ones involved in the rape) notice
>becomes kind of a running joke among them that I have a "crush" on him (teasing him about going to the prom with me and stuff like that)
>he seems half amused, half bemused
>be alone in the toilets with him a few months later
>take urinal right next to his
>when he's finished pissing, he goes into a stall (leaving the door open), sits down and takes out his dick again
>just look at him
>he says "Well?"
>hate myself for doing so, but go in, close door behind us, kneel down & start sucking his dick
>after a while he tells me to sit down on it
>but first makes me take off one of my socks and put it over my dick as a "shield"
>as I ride him I don't exactly kiss him, but put my closed lips against his closed lips
>ride him to orgasm
>cum in my sock as he cums in my ass
>he says "Man, you're such a slut" and leaves
>be only semi-out, but adopt a very androgynous, somewhat emo-ish style, sometimes wearing eyeliner and nail polish

Stopped reading from there.
File: azxg (113).jpg (104KB, 900x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
azxg (113).jpg
104KB, 900x600px

oh my god

Hand cream, that sounds like the worst
I haven't been able to get hard for the past month due to being in chastity but this thread changed that and now i'm in extreme pain. Thanks <3
Be sure to tell your key-owner about what you're reading and how horny it's making you, he needs to know about your slutty thoughts.
File: Image101720151048.jpg (294KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
294KB, 1280x960px
:3 now my keyowner wants to watch me fuck myself. Great advice.
any more pictures of him?
File: 1367103010643s.jpg (2KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2KB, 125x125px
A bearbguy 7 years older than me and 150 miles away complimented my speedo pic, and we got to chatting. now an hour later he's revealed his dom side with lines like:

>oh yes, daddy is a beast when he's horny
>daddy likes a boy to be sexy for him, to put him in the mood, to take his cock deep in his throat and pussy, to thank daddy for letting him service him, to never touch his boydick without permission but never ask for permission...
>He does. That's why it's important that a boy knows the rougher daddy is, the more turned on he is. Pain is affection.

I've done dom play but he's making this super intense.

W-what do I do, faganons? How should I handle myself?
You're all fucking faggots.
It took you this long to reach this conclusion?
File: 1444156664003.jpg (36KB, 1280x853px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 1280x853px
Damn Christmas senpai you're just making me horny here. Can you call me a fucking faggot again after you cum on my face?
i'm so like that.
File: 1443226729438.gif (389KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
389KB, 320x240px
goddamn degenerates
>secretly wants to role-play a Nazi fucking the Heil! out of degenerate jew-bro
File: 1429144606814.jpg (116KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 1280x960px
File: mi4.jpg (142KB, 568x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142KB, 568x380px

Just these crappy ones.
jordan fox is good at this fetish:

spitting, hairpulling, and facefucking. made for this thread:

good video with hot guys and a dom/sub vibe. my favorite bit is the slap. very dom.

hot bj + humiliation

rough, lots of spanking, cute bottom:

"gag the fag". might be a little too much:


a pastebin with the original, unadulterated links:

all right i hope you guys like these videos
Hey man. That's really terrible. I hope you're okay...do you think you can greentext that tho?
So I work as a security gaurd for low income housing and sometimes I have this really dirty fantasy. All the guys here are rednecks/white trash/muscle guys and well...
>walking around complex on my usual rounds.
>get grabbed when not paying attention and then slammed into a wall to daze me
> guy covers my mouth and hauls me into his apartment.
>rips off my clothes and fucks me raw calling me a cock whore
> forces me to swallow his piss
>kicks me out the door and tells me to come by in another two hours after work or I'd regret it
>two hours pass and I knock on his door
>looks out grabs me and hauls me inside.
> more people on the complex are inside. He smirks and informs me that he called some friends over to have some fun
>get gang fucked after work until I'm dripping cum from every hole. Then tied to the bed until they decide to let me out.

I really should be more professional
same feel man. i always wanted to kneel at some strongfat nerds feet all day, sucking his fat cock, swallowing his cum
I really doubt this kid raped anyone. he's a drama major. from his fb he seems like a huge faggot
This fantasy seems to be super common.
Why is that?

Remember some vids with this guy, but couldn't find more. Anyone got more?
I don't know. Maybe being forced into a position of power over these people incites an internal desire to be dominated and used by em? It's a little weird I know.
File: 1431053820647.jpg (18KB, 500x353px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 500x353px
love this angle
File: 15548756848458.jpg (214KB, 430x660px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214KB, 430x660px
youre the hero /hm/ deserves
How did you find his fb? Google image search does nothing
I always had this strange feeling. If my fantasy is rape, can I be raped? I mean, I want to, but rape is when I do not. This is impossible to fulfil.
good shit
aw yeah

this is where i belong
File: image.jpg (2MB, 2448x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2448x2448px
Me and my 2 friends always used to go into his house everyday while his mum was at work and watch tv. But everyday without a doubt they would alway pull down theirs trousers and stick their asses in my face and I always let them. I loved it and they knew I loved it but one day there was another one of us and all 3 of them did the same thing but then one stuck his dick in my face and it ended up in my mouth and next thing I know I'm bent over his bathroom with 1 dick in my mouth one dick in my ass and one pissing all over me. It was the best day of my life

My bf and I are like that. We are pretty much equal in every aspect of our relationship, but when it comes to sex, I like being treated like a little bitch. Actually, it's more like I love the power imbalance/domination aspect, so i love being a dominant top as well.

It took about two years for me to get really comfortable enough to ask him directly for this, since I didn't know how he would react. At first he was hesisant, but when he saw just how much it turned me on, he fell into it. He first started just fucking me as hard as he could, then he started making me say my fantasies to him as he fucked me, and made tell him how much of a slut I am, which of our friends who I want to be fucked by. Sometimes he'll pin me down on my stomach and make me beg for it, and won't slide it in until he's satisfied with watching me squirm. We tried light bondage for a little bit, but it was a tad too much hassle.

The only time this aspect comes up outside of sex is if we're out somewhere, like a friends house or eating, he'll grab a fistful of my hair from behind and just squeeze/pull it just to turn me on. Instant hardon everytime and he knows this, which is why he'll do it when he know's we won't be alone for a while.

Of course, we do have a varied sex life, so not all of it is llike this. Probably about 40-50% of sexual encounters are like this, and the other half more just straight forward fun. I do return the favor for him, too. When we're around some of my more fit friends (one use to play college football and is fucking ripped), he'll start getting submissive, and i'll really give it to him.

Pic related, if he fucks me doggy style, I have to struggle not to cum. if he pulls my hair too, I will cum, sometimes even if I don't touch my dick.
real or not can you write out a longer, detailed version? did they climax, did you stay friends etc. etc.
>be me just a kid
>some guy (around 18 19) was hired as full time babysitter for me
>takes me to school and back, tennis lessons, etc etc
>kisses me on the lips a few times, didn't really know what it meant so never did or said anything about it
>one day, just the two of us at home, he suggests we play a game of restaurant (role play)
>used to like role play games (power rangers and shit) so play along
>says im the server/chef at a restaurant and that he's a customer.
>asks for noodles and a drink
>make it and serve him
>he says the food was terrible and makes me take off my clothes
>he gets naked too
>pulls out his big uncut dick, makes me pull back the foreskin(i was circumcised so didn't know what the fuck i was looking at)
>asks me to suck his dick
>get repelled by the stinky precum on the tip of his pink cock
>forces me to suck is anyway
>i do as he says, he then makes me throat his whole dick and starts to play with my dick
>starts to 69 me, he cums in/on me
>didn't know what the fuck was going on and he continued to do a lot of shit to me for a couple of years
>never told anyone, always surpressed memories.
>be 20 now, surpressed memories are returning
>think he made me a bisexual don't now what the fuck to do with myself
>think he made me a bisexual don't now what the fuck to do with myself

enjoy it. bisexuals have twice as many opportunities for a date come friday night.
still not all that into guys. I've realized describing what happened to me and hearing others' thoughts really really turns me on. thinking of sampling being a pleaser bottom. not into acting feminine or sissy at all though(crossdressing, wigs, etc)

yeah your sexual orientation isn't related to that. being molested doesn't affect your orientation at all.
ok here's the fucked up part
>opened up about this on 4chan earlier
>realize thinking/talking about it really turns me on
>get off to replaying the memories
>def not sure if im bi or not, getting bicurious in a weirdr bottom way
File: hot.jpg (102KB, 720x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102KB, 720x960px

it was real lol (both pics related btw) but theres not much more to it I am still friends with 2/3 of them and the routine continued of them sticking their asses in my face and later on when we were about 13/14 they would make me suck their dicks and cum all over and in me. To this day there is 1 of which who I have did stuff with like in the local swimmers he took a picture of me undressing and blackmailed me with it to suck his cock and to let him fuck me and did of course and he still uses the pictures for whenever he wants.
>pic related
Him or you?
File: 33.jpg (138KB, 917x954px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138KB, 917x954px

>be 17
>only out guy at my school
>pass through deserted schoolyard in the dark after video club (same time as every week)
>3 guys in skimasks jump out at me and surround me
>they have knives
>2 of them are white, 1 perhaps Arab
>pretty sure I recognize one of the white guys as the younger brother of one of my classmates
>he says "Listen, cunt - you're gonna do exactly what we tell you to do"
>they walk me around a corner where we're hidden from sight
>guy I think I recognize tells me to turn around and presses me flat up against a wall
>orders me to pull down my trousers and underpants
>hear him spit into his hand
>kicks my legs apart
>jams his dick in my ass
>he fucks me with his hand over my mouth (it smells like cigarettes)
>calls me abusive names
>tells me to push back into him
>"Yeah, like this"
>breathes hotly on my neck
>"I'm gonna cum...take it, you pussy...fuuuuuuck!"
>pulls out his now-limp dick
>"Good job, poofta"
>2nd white guy (tall-ish, skinny) grabs me by my shirt
>tells me to get down on my hands and knees, and get my ass up in the air
>says he wants to do me "like a dog"
>spits on his dick
>then spreads my cheeks and spits on my hole
>fucks me with circling motions
>"You like this, you dirty cunt?"

>Arab (?) guy kneels down in front of me, takes out his cock and shoves it at my face
>from behind: "Open your mouth for my mate, you bitch"
>when I don't immediately do it, guy #3 slaps me
>I open up and he shoves it in
>"Suck me dry, bitch"
>get spitroasted
>guy in front cums first and makes me swallow all of it
>afterward guy #2 fucks me really hard and fast
>finally he shoots too
>"Take my shit...you fuckin whore"
>when he's finished, he puts his shoe on my ass and pushes me flat down
>then the 3 ff them run off
>during the following months, pay attention to the guys I see with my classmate's brother, to see if I can identify the other two
>finally see him standing with 2 guys I think I recognize as them
>the skinny white one, who turns out to look like a chav version of Thomas Brodie-Sangster with bum fluff, sees me looking at them and smiles slyly at me
>then he makes small circling/thrusting motions with his hips
>when the other two follow his gaze and see me the brother nudges him as if to make him stop, but they're all grinning
>rush off to a toilet and masturbate furiously
Nice fan fiction
it's like fan fiction of a dream of another fan fiction, shit all the way down
I used to have exactly this. It was a guy I met on /v/. He was submissive, footfag, entirely into oral and didn't want anal. I have been trying to find someone like him ever since then, for like fucking five years, with basically no luck.

I did get my shoes licked by a really gay dude pretty regularly last summer which was fun.

I just like submissive/footfag gay guys but I don't like gay sex or dating men. Impossible fetish.
Do you ever talk about it after the fact? Do those guys consider themselves straight still? What's junkie at thing they ever made you do?
e-mail is [email protected]
unless they're ugly then they have twice as many possible disappointments
File: crotch-grab.jpg (81KB, 494x329px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 494x329px
Not a fantasy, this actually happened to me:

>new in town for school
>go out to levi/leather bar looking for dick
>get a beer, walk thru the bar not seeing anyone that really piques my interest
>standing by the pool table watching some bears play pool
>guy walks up to me says 'hey' not really my type so i say 'hey' and look around planning my escape
>i start walking away and he grabs my arm
>'wait' he says and spins me around
>he has a really firm grip and is stronger than he looks
>grabs my hand and puts it on his crotch
>i feel a hard cock beneath his jeans
>i laugh embarrassed and try to pull away
>'you feel that?' he demands 'yeah' i say and try to pull away again
>he hold my hand there and i feel his hard cock swell even bigger
>i give it a squeeze 'no way' i say and try to pull away
>'whaddya mean no way?' he demands still holding my hand on his cock
>'that thing is fucking huge' i tell him with a laugh 'that can't be real' and i try to pull away
>'oh, it is real' he says looking into my eyes 'you want that?' he says making it jump in my hand
>i don't say anything embarrassed as fuck looking around to see if anyone is watching but everyone is doing there own thing, drinking, playing pool, talking. we are in our own little world just me and him.
>'let's go' he says and pushes me toward the door.
>i'm kind of excited now. i've never met a guy who was this forward before. he is couple of inches shorter than me so i'm not scared. i could take him if he tries anything. i follow him out of the bar.
>it is cold outside and he is standing waiting for me. 'where do you live?' he demands
>'pretty close' is tell him. 'let's go' he says
>'you wanna go to my place?" i ask "yeah" he says
>'okay' i say and start walking. he follows me in silence to my car. 'what the hell' i say to myself 'we can have a drink at my place and see what's in his pants and if it's no good we'll come back here.' can't think of anything to say to him so we walk in silence to my truck.
>he doesn't say anything the whole way home and i'm just thinking about what his cock felt like through his pants. i can't wait to see it out of his pants.
>get to my house, unlock the door go inside and he immediately grabs me and starts kissing me with tongue before i can even get the door closed. before i know it he is pushing down on my shoulders and forcing my face into his crotch. he is still hard and it feels really thick and smells really good.
>he pulls his belt off and opens his trousers, pushing them down his thick hairy thighs. 'wow this is getting good' i think to myself.
>he's holding my head with both hands rubbing my face against his hard cock still in his briefs and moaning.
>i look up at him and spits a big thick wad that hits me square in the face. it shocks me. i didn't see this coming. he slaps my cheek with the flat of his hand and rubs some of the spit across my face smashing my nose up like a pig's then he grabs my face and rubs it back on his hard cock. 'get it wet' he growls.
>i open my mouth and start salivating on his white briefs trying to get them so wet that i can see through them. his dick is starting to ooze it looks like as there is a big wet spot at the end of it spreading out into the fabric.
>i can feel his warm spit dripping slowly down my face and into the neck of my shirt. my knees are killing me on the tile and he's pushing me backwards.
>i lose my balance and fall backward hitting my elbow on the floor. 'get up, faggot' he growls at me as he plops down onto the sofa and pulls his trousers down around his ankles. 'get over here and get this wet'
>'do you want a beer?' i say getting up and looking for an excuse to slow things down. 'yeah' he says unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a hairy chest.
>i grab a couple of beers and turn on the tv to muffle the noises in case my neighbors are listening.
>he is kicked back on my sofa with his jeans around his ankles still wearing his briefs with his shirt undone but still on. this guy looks amazing like this. no wonder he's not into small talk.

I agree--I have had Dom/sub play with Doms but not with my husband--something about paying the bills, taking the dogs to the vet, and going to his parents' funerals just doesn't jibe with the kind of complete sub headspace I need in a D/s scene.
>I imagine most 'forced' fantasies are born from gym shower experiences.

But, since (unfortunately) most gym showers built in the past 15 years or so have stalls and curtains, your theory would mean there won't ever be any more dom/sub fantasies.

Communal showers are great, but I believe it's very unrelated to fantasies. However, we should all do what we can to encourage others to be naked in the locker room like walking around naked ourselves.

Google CMNM. There are sites like straighthell as well
File: claudio.1.jpg (67KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67KB, 500x375px
>'you got any porn?' he says as i hand him a beer. 'sure' i say and dig around for an old dvd i think he'll like. 'take your pants off' he says drinking his beer.
>i put in the dvd and take my pants off. 'your boxers too' he commands 'but leave your shirt on.'
>i do as he says then drop to my knees and bury my face in his package. he puts a hand on the back of my head and pushes it into his still amazingly hard cock and asks 'is that what you needed?'
>'mmmmffffkyyymmm' i manage to moan into the shaft of his thick dick. his balls are the size of large eggs, warm and full. 'take your shorts off' i say coming up for air. he slaps me pretty hard with his free hand across my face and takes a swig of beer then spits it directly into my face. 'don't tell me what to do, faggot.'
>he stands up and kicks off his jeans then slides his briefs down his hairy legs, picking them up and stuffing them in my mouth with one stroke.
>his big hard cock swings out over my face and his huge balls are inches from my nose.
>god, he smells amazing, clean and manly like soap and sweat and balls.
>he holds my ears and starts humping his cock across his briefs that are still in my mouth.
>i can hear the porn in the background "fuck that jock ass!" some boy is moaning over and over to the sounds of wet sloppy buttsex.
>the man is standing over me humping my face watching the porn and drinking his beer. above my face his hard cock is drooling out a big long string of pre-cum from his piss-slit that is swinging back and forth with his thrusts.
>he looks down at me and pulls the wet briefs out of my mouth and throws them on the floor. 'pick 'em up with your teeth' he commands pointing at the briefs.
>i bend over to grab them with my teeth and he reaches forward and smacks my ass hard with the palm of his hand then puts a foot in my neck pushing my face into the wet briefs and the cool tile of the floor. 'you got a nice ass, boy' he says to me taking a long gulp of beer and setting the bottle down on the coffee table.
>he bends over and takes an ass cheek in each hand grabbing them firmly then spanking them loudly one after the other before dropping backwards onto the sofa. 'suck my dick, fag' he growls.
sadly, how attractive a guy is is inversely proportional to how comfortable he is walking around naked at the gym
>i crawl over to him with his briefs in my mouth. i'm starting to really like this guy.
>he slaps me across the cheek and tells me to get him another beer.
>'take off your shirt' he says when return with it.
>'suck my dick' he says again when i'm standing in front of him completely naked. i drop to my knees and hungrily inhale the scent of his balls then lick my way up his long shaft to the uncut head focusing on the underside sensitive part while he watches tv and swigs his beer. his cock is long and thick. probably the thickest cock i have ever held in my hand, my fingers barely touch around it and i have big hands.
>i guide the head to my lips and gently pull the skin back revealing the big red glans that swells out of the confines of his foreskin. this is a mushroom tip if i've ever seen one and it is dripping clear white liquid all down the shaft and onto his thigh.
>the head barely fits in my mouth. i'm careful not to scrape it with my teeth and i try to get it back into my throat but it is simply too big. my lips are stretched tight around the shaft just behind the head and there are two or three hand-widths of cock that remain high and dry no matter how hard i try to take it in.
>i feel him leaning forward rubbing a big hand down my lower back and onto my ass. i tense for what is coming and he smacks my ass hard, then rubs it and smacks it again. this time he rubs his hand down between my cheeks forcing a thick rough finger into my tender asshole. i haven't been fucked in a long time and i'm tingling and starting to sweat with anticipation.
>i'm lost in the smell of his cock loving the feel of his rough hands on my ass when he pushes me back. 'let's go in there' he says pointing to the bedroom.
>i follow him to the bedroom thinking 'how far am i going to go with this guy - when should i put on the brakes?' when he turns around and grabs me in his strong arms and forces his tongue between my lips again. 'you're so fuckin sexy' he says then spits directly in my face again. i can feel it dripping from my nose. it kind of pisses me off and i want to spit back at him but i'm not sure what he would do so i don't. he laughs and pushes me roughly onto the bed face down.
>he kneels behind me and i feel his hands on my ass cheeks pulling them apart then his tongue darting into my sensitive hole. god, my cock is hard now and leaking onto the mattress. i'm glad i showered before going to the club. 'a boy scout is prepared' i think and then shiver with pleasure as his tongue thrusts into my asshole. 'fuck, i gotta be careful' i think, wondering if i still have rubbers and lube. it has been so long since i had a dude eat my ass!
>'lift your ass up' he says grabbing my hips and pulling them up. 'arch your back'
>he spits on my asshole and i can feel him rubbing it into my hole with something, not his finger.
>oh fuck. he found my toy!
>with a single painful thrust he jams the toy into my ass.
>it must have been under my bed where i left it after the last time i jerked off. he must have found it while he was eating my ass.
>'bark like a dog, faggot' he yells laughing at me and slapping my ass.
>he stands and grabs a fistful of my hair yanking my head back, peering into my eyes.
>'you didn't tell me you were a pervert, boy' he says laughing and then forces his tongue into my mouth. 'i'm gonna fuck your ass so good' he hisses 'roll over on your back'
>i'm laying on my back with my legs in the air.
>he is standing over me naked, his big cock jutting out in front of him.
>he's holding my ankles in his big rough hands.
>'scoot your ass over to the edge of the bed, man' he tells me pulling on my legs
>i slide over to the edge and he forces my legs back so my knees are near my ears. i'm feeling really vulnerable but his body is perfect and he's doing all the right things.
>'where's your lube?' he asks.
>'in the door next to the bed' i say trying to reach over and get it but he finds it and pops a big glob of cold lube on my ass hole and another one on his cock and then starts rubbing it into my ass crack with his cock while he rubs it on the shaft of his cock with his free hand.
>'are you ready for my cock, boy?' he asks pushing his giant cockhead against my asshole.
>'umm, wait, don't you need a rubber?' i say
>he pauses, looks at me and then says 'do you have any?' 'they're in that drawer' i say. 'you can't miss 'em.'
>'oh' he seems disappointed. 'yeah. i saw those.'
>'put one on' i tell him
>he looks at me 'they're not gonna fit' he says
>'yeah, they'll fit. c'mon put one on.'
>'no. they hurt my dick.' he says 'and they usually break. let me fuck you without one.'
File: asshair.jpg (54KB, 683x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 683x1024px
>'dude, you can't fuck me without a condom. i barely know you." i say and he glares at me.
>he leans over me reaches a big hand down and around my neck choking me. 'don't tell me what i'm gonna do, faggot' he growls into my face tightening his grip around my throat.
>i can feel his hard cock pushing at my asshole but it is way too big. he's not gonna get inside me without a fight.
>'lay on your stomach, boy' he tells me then slaps my face really hard with his free hand while choking me with the other.
>'roll over.'
>he grabs my arm and tries to flip me over onto my stomach. surprised at myself i roll over and stick my ass up. 'you better not have any diseases' i say into the pillow but loud enough for him to hear me.
>he is holding the back of my neck with one hand, pushing my face into the bed while guiding his cock into my asshole with his other hand. he is pushing really hard and i am clenching really hard. i'm terrified if i relax it will pop in and tear my ass in two. the first time i ever got fucked i bled and this guy's cock is a lot thicker. but i've had a lot more practice since then.
>'relax, fucker!' he yells at me trying to force his cock into my butthole.
>'dude. it's not gonna fit' i tell him.
>'it will fit' he says 'we just need more lube'
>he releases his hold on me and i hear him squeezing more lube onto his cock then feel the cold as he squeezes more onto my ass. he starts fucking me with a finger, then two, then three, opening me up with his rough hands.
>i lay there like i'm drugged as he penetrates my hole. he is in control. he is going to fuck me. this man owns my ass. there is nothing i can do. there is nothing i want to do but lay there and let him violate me.
File: bfass.png (165KB, 400x291px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165KB, 400x291px
>'relax your ass, fag' he is breathing in my ear
>i can feel his cock head pushing against my stretched hole. laying on top of me, he is trying to force it in.
>'it's not gonna fit' i say
>'it's gonna fit, fag' he says grabbing a fistful of hair and yanking my head back so he can see my face.
>'i wanna see your face when i put it in'
>he is pushing hard now. his dick is incredibly thick but it is also incredibly hard and my ass is incredibly lubed up. he is starting to make progress and i'm worried. i'm worried it is going to pop and rip something. i need my ass to shit. i can't be having it torn up and wrecked, left for dead. i need to think fast.
>'do you want to smoke some pot?' i ask
>he stops trying to force his cock into me and his ragged breathing slows while he thinks about this.
>'yeah, maybe we should take a break'
>relieved, i wait for him to climb off me, then i get up, find the bong and a couple of dank buds and load a bowl. my ass is wet with sweat and lube, so i put a towel on the bed and sit on it. he is sitting on the bed with a hardon watching me.
>'i like you, faggot' he says to me 'you're pretty cool'
>i inhale a deep lungfull through the bubbler and pass the bong to him. 'no thanks,' he says 'i don't smoke weed.' caught off guard i don't know what to do, so i take another couple of hits. by this time i am feeling amazing. this amazing man is in my house and he wants to tear my ass up. i love life!
>'put that shit away and open a window' he commands.
>i do as he says then he pulls me on the bed and starts roughly kissing me, squeezing me in his strong arms. 'you taste like ass' he says to me 'so you're gonna lick my ass.'
>he rolls over and pulls up a leg exposing his tiny furry asshole. 'lick my hole, faggot. you know you want to.'
>now i don't know about you but i've only licked an asshole once before and it wasn't really my thing.
>'lick my asshole!' he yells and grabs my hair forcing my face into his butt.
>'okay, jesus!' i mumble into his ass. it is sweaty and hairy but clean and smells like irish spring. i gingerly extend my tongue and tenderly lick his hole. it tastes kind of metallic and i think 'what the fuck, just do it' so i force my tongue into his hole.
>'fuck yeah!' he moans, pushing on the back of my head, smothering me in his ass. 'eat my ass, faggot!'
>i'm pretty stoned at this point and i feel like i'm floating surrounded by his beautiful ass. i'm really tonguing him now, excited by his groans of pleasure i'm burying my face into his butt, forcing my tongue into his hole.
>then he farts in my face.
>i'm disgusted. he clearly did this on purpose and it stinks. bad. what an asshole.
>he pretends like nothing happened but holds my face there so i can't move, forcing me to breath his fumes. i know he is humiliating me. showing me he's boss. he's the alpha. he owns me. i'm the beta. i won't fight back. he could do whatever he wants with me and i would let him.
>we lay still like that for a few minutes while he asserts his control, my face in his ass, his hand on my head holding me down. my dick is diamonds. i've never been owned like this before.
>finally he moves, standing on the floor next to the bed.
>'come suck my dick, fag' he orders me and i crawl over the bed and start sucking like the fag that i am.
>he is still hard. in fact, i've never seen his cock soft and he's been here at my house now for over an hour.
>he's groping my ass while i slobber on the end of his fat cock, wondering if i can make him come this way.
>'watch your teeth!' he yelps jumping back and cracking me on the jaw 'or i'll know them out'
>that hurt. he is getting rougher now and there is sweat streaming down his sides from his densely furry armpits. he smells like a man and i know what i have to do.
>'i want you to fuck me' i mumble.
>'what?' he yells at me grabbing a handful of hair and jerking my head up.
>'i want you to fuck me, ...sir' i say, my cheeks flushing red with embarrassment.
>'i know you do, fagboy' he says with a smile 'i know you do.'
>he slaps my ass. 'lay on your stomach' he says 'and relax your ass. i'm gonna fuck you.'
>i feel the weight of his body pressing down on me, his strong arms on either side of me, his thick cock between my ass cheeks pressing down against my backdoor and i concentrate on relaxing. he is warm and comforting, he surrounds me with his manly smell, he overpowers me with his manly strength, he owns me with his manly cock.
>he is pushing in and i am relaxing, relaxing, relaxing and i feel my hole stretching and stretching and stretching then i feel a pop and incredible pain like getting kicked in the gut or kneed in the balls only in my ass. he's got the head in.
>he's breathing heavily on the back of my neck pulling my head back looking at my face as i'm grimacing with pain.
>'good boy' he hisses 'we're almost there. relax your ass' and he pushes and i can feel him slowly entering me, opening me up, stretching my hole wider than it's ever been stretched. he is owning my ass and it will never be the same.
File: fuckyou.gif (730KB, 500x494px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
730KB, 500x494px
>he's going deeper.
>'i'm not gonna be able to shit after this' i think, but then decide to just go with it. the pain is slowly throbbing in my ass, but diminishing.
>i don't think i'm bleeding, thank god.
>he is still thrusting. 'jesus, how fucking long is his cock' i'm thinking as he keeps sliding in deeper and then he hits bottom and i feel a sharp pain deep in my gut like when i got my appendix out.
>'is it in man?' i ask sounding more worried than i had intended.
>'not quite' he says 'i think i hit something'
>he thrusts his hips and the sharp pain returns
>'wait!' i scream 'don't tear anything'
>he laughs but doesn't stop thrusting
>'we just gotta work through it' he says slowly flexing his cockhead deep in my bowels so that i feel like a pig on a stick.
>'there's a bend in your colon' he groans and thrusts and then he's in up to the hilt, i can feel his huge balls laying on mine and his warm furry crotch on my ass cheeks.
>i'm pinned to the bed, his weight holding me down, his cock controlling me, i couldn't move if i wanted to, but i don't.
>i just want to lay here like his fucktoy, completely controlled by him...
>and then he started fucking.
>pulling out of me seemed to take forever, draining me, leaving me empty and then
>slowly thrusting back into me, his hard cock taking ownership and pinning me down under his weight.
>in and out
>in and out
>his thrusts were hypnotizing.
>i was fully under his power.
>he held me down and piston fucked me into a pool of jelly.
>my ass was his fleshjack.
>he had turned me into his personal fagboy fucktoy.
>the pain had worn away to a dull throbbing and a slight pinch when he hit the bend in my colon and forced his huge head through and around it into my lower intestine.
>i thought surely i would never have a normal size shit again in my life. he had wrecked my hole so thoroughly. but what else mattered? i couldn't remember anything before that meant half as much as this man owning my hole.
>my life was meaningless until he filled me up with his enormous dong.
>'you like my big cock?' he asked breathlessly as he pounded it deep inside me. 'is this what you needed, fagboy?'
>'yessir, i love your huge cock sir!' i moaned as he stretched my asshole with his girth.
>then he really started to deep-dick me.
File: asleep.jpg (120KB, 944x1233px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120KB, 944x1233px
>he was pistoning in and out of me now in a push-up position.
>i could hear his breathing rapidly increasing as his thrusts got quicker and deeper.
>'are you ready for me boy? are you ready for my load?' he cried out to me and i could tell he was getting close to cumming.
>personally, i never let anyone cum in my ass because i didn't want to catch a disease.
>'pull out and shot on my face!' i moaned into the pillow.
>'what?' he yelled.
>'cum on my face please sir!' i yelled but i could tell he wasn't listening.
>'do you want my load in your ass boy? do you want me to breed you?'
>'cum on my face man!' i said as he held me down by the neck and deep-dicked me furiously.
>'you want me to cum on your face?' he yelled
>'yeah, cum on my face! please! sir!' i cried as his cock swelled up inside me. i was going to feel this tomorrow.
>'oh god, your ass is so tight!' he yelled pushing my face deeper into the mattress 'i wanna cum in your ass boy!'
>'no, don't cmmmmmmfffffwwnnnnmmm' i yelled my mouth full of pillow.
>'i'm gonna cum in your ass, faggot!' he yelled and i could feel him tense up and yell 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!' as his cock started pulsing deep in my asshole and i knew he was dumping his load inside me, holding me down with his strong arms. i struggled to pull away to roll out from under him but i was pinned to the bed as he held his huge dick deep inside me, his heavy body heaving with one final thrust as he dumped all his man juice inside me.
>i couldn't get away. he was breeding me. he owned me now. i was his cumdumpster. he had planted his seed inside me and staked his claim.
>as his cock slowly stopped throbbing and his breathing gradually returned to normal he lay on top of me and inside me. i was his fucktoy. i was his fagboy. i was his cumdump. he owned my ass.
>finally he rolled off me and pushed me away as his long thick dick slowly pulled out of me for what seemed like an eternity leaving me feel so empty
>then he started gently snoring.
>he was breathing quieter now.
>he had rolled over and was spooning me in his sleep. i could feel his warm furry chest on my back and his huge thick cock in the crack of my ass. it was still semi-hard. this man never got soft.
>his gentle breathing in my ear was comforting but i couldn't sleep.
>i was worried i might have aids. or syphilis. or gonorrhea. i hope he would have told me if he had a disease or something but you never know. thank god we weren't in san francisco or somewhere. he seemed healthy. still, i was worried. my asshole was tender and i could feel it leaking. i knew he had cum a lot. and now it seemed to be wanting to get out.
>i didn't want to wake him, but i knew i needed to try and shit his cum out. before it forced its way out. i was worried i would fall asleep and awake in a bed filled with shit and cum. it felt like i had lost all bowel control. i was worried he had wrecked me for life. would i have to wear a colostomy bag? would i need surgery?
>i had to get in the bathroom and inspect my hole for damage. i had to know the worst.
>quietly i tried to lift his heavy arm off of me so i could sneak out of bed. his forearms were so hairy. i realized i still had an erection. i had ejaculated into the mattress at the very moment he was cumming inside me. but i felt like i hadn't cum yet. my balls were blue as though i had a two-weeks load still in them.
>maybe i should jerk off in the bathroom too.
>i tried to lift his hairy arm.
>he moaned and squeezed me tighter.
>'i love you' he said.
>'what? did he just say what i think he said?' i thought
>he had said 'i love you' plain as day
>he had said he loved me.
>this man was fucking with my head.
>and then i felt his hard cock push up against my devastated asshole.
>'you ready for some more?' he mumbled in my ear
>'you want this dick again boy?'
>his rough hand was on my ass and a thick finger was inside my asshole.
>'you're fucking wet fagboy' he moaned in my ear and i felt his him guide his huge cock head toward my poor stretched asshole and start pushing inside.
>this time it went in easier. a push and a thrust and a groan and he was inside me again.
>he was the big spoon. i was the little spoon, with a broomstick up my ass.
>he put his hand on my hip and started guiding me back and forth on his cock, rocking me.
>every now and then he would pull all the way out and my wet hole would slurp and -pop- on his giant cock head.
>'fuck your ass feels good' he moaned as he used my hole half asleep.
>he reached around and grabbed my hard cock in his rough hand.
>'i want you to cum on my dick' he commanded as he rubbed the slick precum from my head down my shaft and fucked me from behind. he owned my ass and now he owned my cock. a few more thrusts of his huge cock into my ass and his rough grip on my cock made me explode into the sheets as he came a second time inside my ass.
>we lay there connected for hours as he slept, his cock inside me and his hand wrapped around my cock and balls. he wasn't going to let me get away.
>at 7:30 my alarm went off waking me from a restful sleep. his huge cock was still inside me. it had never gotten small enough to slip out of me. his hand was still wrapped around my junk.
>he woke up when i reached to shut off the alarm and he kissed the back of my neck and gradually pulled his schlong out of my ass with a long belch and a splatter of wet cum. my ass was a gaping hole.
>'i-i have to go to work' i stuttered.
>he looked at me like i was talking crazy talk.
>'i have to be to work by nine' i said and he groaned and rolled over and went back to sleep.
>i snuck quietly into the bathroom and tried to get a look at my ass in the full length mirror. it was loose all right. but it didn't look ripped or torn. i sat on the toilet and emptied myself of the two loads he had planted in me.
>it was a lot of cum. this man had more cum than any man i had ever seen. there was at least a half a cup of cum floating in the bowl. thank god i hadn't had anything to eat last night.
>his cum had long since turned watery but it was still milky and viscous. it hung in the water in the bowl like a smack of jellyfish. i was fascinated by his virility. thank god i couldn't get pregnant!
>i was going to be late for work.
>when i got home from work he was gone.
>but there were flowers in a box from a local florist with a note and his phone number.
>he's back with his ex-boyfriend but he still fucks me on the side several times a week.
>i think he fucks other boys too.
>i have tried several times to surprise him but he is never around and has a strict schedule that prevents me from getting close to him.
>i am his cum-dumpster. that's how he likes it.
>he knows i will do anything just to be able to take his load at his convenience. sometimes he won't return my call for several weeks and i go wild wondering who he is fucking.
>then he'll show up on my doorstep and force me to my knees and all is forgiven.
>i'm just a hole that lives to be filled with his huge cock.
Holy fucking shit anon.


Best fap i've had in days.
Amazing story!!! I feel sad now. I thought you two would date. Like wake up and cuddle the whole day. Btw, where did you move? And have you ever gone back to the bar and he's there? Describe yourself and him a bit.
File: Travis.Stevens.02.jpg (110KB, 704x1056px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i went back to the bar one afternoon when i was really horny and i hadn't seen him in two and a half weeks and he hadn't responded to any of my texts asking for a hookup.

i walk into the bar and get a drunk. afternoon around 3pm on a Thursday (took the afternoon off cuz horny). Nobody there but two drunk gay guys talking loudly in the corner. Bored bartender gives me a beer and then goes to talk on his cellphone with his boyfriend or someone, they are arguing for like a half hour.

Sitting alone at the bar hoping someone hot will show up.

The Man walks in. Comes in from the hallway to the bathroom. Not sure if there is another entrance from there. Not sure how he got there, didn't see his truck when I drove up.

He walks over to me. "hey, what's up" he says "what are you doing here?"

I'm totally freaked out that he is there after not seeing or hearing from him for nearly 3 weeks.

i stutter something about "had the afternoon off and was bored...did you get my text?"

"nah, didn't get your text" he says to me then goes to the other side of the bar and sits at alone at a table.

i follow him over. "what are YOU doing here?" i ask him. "just out for a drink" he says kind of ignoring me.

i am freaking out. how did he know i was here? did he stop by my house and see me leaving and follow me? did he put a tracking device on my truck? is he somehow tracking my cell phone?

"so, you wanna come by my house?" i ask him.

"nah, that's cool" he says acting like he wishes i would please go.

i'm now wondering if he was already at the bar when i got there and he thinks i'm stalking him? what was he doing in the bathroom? there is nobody here. isn't he supposed to be at work at this hour?

a cute young blond kid about 22 walks out of the bathroom, looks around, sees The Man and nods, then leaves the bar. The Man ignores him.

now i'm freaking out. that kid was in the bathroom with him? what the fuck were they doing? how do they know each other?
File: Travis.Stevens.04.jpg (68KB, 1056x704px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i go back and sit at the bar.

The Man ignores me and is playing on his phone.

he obviously is not interested in me.

i can't pick anyone else up if he's there because i don't want anyone but him. all i can think about now is his cock ramming in me.

i have another beer hoping he will come over and talk to me again but he doesn't. finally i decide to leave thinking that maybe he will follow me out or stop by my house.

i walk by his table and say "hey i'm leaving, you sure you don't wanna come over?" in my friendliest most non-freaked out voice i can manage. "no thanks" he says not looking up from his phone.

i walk out and drive home. i sit at home with a hardon waiting for him to drive up. he never arrives. i'm too scared to go back to the bar. what if he is stil there, or worse is hitting on someone else. what if he fucked that kid in the bathroom? i am sick thinking of the possibilities. i decide to get stoned and watch porn. if he comes over he can fuck me. he never comes over. i pass out after edging for 4 hours and finally coming.

next day i go to work. he texts me in the afternoon. "you want my cock faggot" no question mark. it is more of a statement. should i respond "please come over"? should i beg for forgiveness for going out to the bar? should i ignore him? i'm pissed and so i ignore him.

that evening while i'm cooking dinner he knocks on my door. i drop everything and let him unload in my ass. he leaves. neither of us mentions meeting at the bar the day before. two days later he texts me and fucks me again. things gradually return to normal. we never speak of any of it. i'm still freaked out but too scared to say anything.

i'm pretty sure he fucked the blond kid in the bathroom and thought i was stalking him. i never go to the bar again for fear of rocking the boat.
a similar thing happened another time. i guess i should green text:

>stoned and horny one afternoon in the summer.

>haven't heard from The Man in more than a week.

>decide to head up a canyon to a place where people go nude sunbathing near a small river.

>take a backpack with weed and beers and sunscreen: the necessities.

>hoping i will meet a new guy to take my mind off of wanting The Stud's huge cock.

>nice warm day. lot's of cars parked off the side of the road near the trail down the canyon.

>head down into the canyon hiking toward the area where there are usually more men than women. see a hot guy laying on a towel naked. great ass.

>more guys laying naked under trees, mostly college age. starting to get hard. decide to get naked and keep hiking.

>feeling the air on my dick and balls hiking with nothing but my backpack on. guys are checking out my big semi-excited cock swinging in the breeze.

>really cute mexican kid sees me coming and rolls over on his back showing me his nice brown hardon. 'hey' he says to me. 'hey' i say and keep walking.

>find a nice secluded spot next to the creek and spread out my towel then kick back with a cold beer naked in the sun.

>the gurgling sound of the water and the beer make me sleepy and i doze off.

>i'm having an amazing dream about The Man. he is standing over me with his huge hard cock dripping on my face.

>i wake up and the cute mexican kid is standing over me. 'you were snoring' he says with a laugh 'and you have a hardon' he says pointing at my hard cock laying on my belly. 'i wanna suck it'

>'what?' i say groggily. 'lemme suck your cock' he says kneeling next to me and taking the head in his mouth. i let him blow me. there is nobody around. we are outside. his mouth feels amazing. this is just what i needed.

>he sucks me for a while and long story short i end up fucking him doggy style on my towel without a rubber.
File: IMG_0169.jpg (113KB, 951x634px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>i'm thrusting in his tight little brown ass when i hear a small rockslide and i look up to the side of the canyon on the other side of the creek and see a dude clamoring up the rocks between the trees.

>i keep fucking the kid but i'm watching this dude on the hill out of the corner of my eye. he stops and is watching us from behind some bushes.

>i keep fucking the kid and he is loving it. this is what i needed to get me out of my funk. i'm not the cumdumpster this time, somebody else is. i'm a stud not a faggot. i'm fucking this little faggots ass and he loves my cock.

>just as i'm about to cum, i look up and see the guy on the hill standing there jerking off. he is too far away to tell what he looks like. he has his clothes on but his cock sticking out of his fly. it looks pretty big but i can't see much and i'm more focused on the kid's ass to be honest.

>i pull out and shoot my load all over the kids ass as he jerks himself off on my towel. the dude on the hill seems to be cumminig too. hot.

>the kid leaves and i crack another beer and fall asleep again.
>when i wake up the sun has moved considerably west and i am getting kind of sunburnt. i pack up my shit and head back to my truck. this was a perfect day.

>i get home and The Man is parked in my driveway waiting for me in his truck. 'where the fuck have you been, faggot?' he yells at me the minute i step out of my truck.

>'i went hiking' i lie and he slaps me hard across the face. 'don't lie to me faggot!' he yells and then grabs my throat squeezing tight enough to leave a bruise then he pushes me down onto the cement and spits on my face.

>'i can smell beer, faggot' he growls 'you shouldn't drink and drive' then he walks to my front door and waits for me to get up and walk over and put my key in the lock.

>i go in my house and he follows me in.
>i'm kinda worried but really turned on. if he comes in my house it means he's gonna fuck me. this is going to be the PERFECT day!

>he slaps me again. a little lighter this time and i can tell he is pissed. 'you went up to the canyon' he tells me.

>'i uh ... yeah, i went up the canyon' i say wondering how the fuck he knew that. 'how did you know?' 'i have spies everywhere faggot, don't fuck with me' he growls in my face then pushes me down to my knees and smashes my face into his crotch against his always hard always huge cock.
>i pull his cock out and suck on the end getting it wet for what i know is coming.

>he bend me over the coffee table and hate-fucks me like a fiend trying to make it hurt, i can tell, but i've learned how to relax and let him all the way in without all the pain that occurred the first few weeks after i met him. finally he dumps his load way up inside me somewhere past my liver, pushes me down on the floor, buttons up his jeans and leaves without another word.

>i dont' see him for a two months after that and i think he is through with me until one night he is on my doorstep with a bottle of wine, kissing me, acting as if nothing had happened, acting like we are an old married couple. he wants to watch netflix and spoon, and of course he fucks me.

>i think i'm in love.
This happened a couple years ago.

>be 17 y/o me

>getting bad grades because of laziness

>in chemistry I'm always hanging out with my friends talking, almost never doing work

>chem teacher fucking HATES us, me in particular

>he's always saying snide shit to me, but I pretty much deserved it

>still goof in his class but I realized I need to get good grades to go to college so I start trying

>he still fucking hates my guts

>first semester is almost over. The grades aren't in yet but I'm definitely getting an f or d

>it's important to note that I have chem for the last period of the day

>bell rings, everyone is out the door but me. I'm still packing my shit up

>"anon, I need to speak with you."

>fuck, what does he want

>"anon, I know you've been trying this last couple weeks, but you're still not going to pass this semester."

>"So listen here, I don't like you or your attitude, but I'm willing to let you pass if you do me a favor."

>i think I know what he was implying. There were rumors of me being gay, but I never confirmed them

>"What do you want me to do?"

>he walks to the door and locks it, pulls the blinds down. "get on your fucking knees."

>i'm pretty stunned, but he just walks over to me and pushes me down on the ground

>"aren't there cameras?" i asked

>"Shut the fuck up."

>he unzip his pants and unleashes his cock

>i should also mention that he's in his late 30's/early 40's, brownish hair and scruffy beard.

>i'm flabbergasted, don't know what to fucking do

>"suck on it."

>cock is about 6-7 inches, pretty thick

>i start to lick the tip, but i don't really know what I'm doing

>"For christ's sake." He grabs the back of my head and jams his cock down my throat

>i gag like crazy and tears are streaming down my face

>he moans as he keeps my head still

>i feel bile start to rise. I can't breath

>i rip my head away and throw up in the trash

>he's glaring at me the entire time. "Ok, break over."

Will post more, just reached the limit.
>he grabs my head again and stuffs his meat down my throat

>he actually starts humping, not just going in as deep as possible

>i still can't breathe well, but I'm starting to manage it.

>every once in a while he will tense up and stops humping for a while, but then continues

>he's moaning like crazy. "I'm gonna make this last as long as possible, anon."

>his dick is a little raunchy, and i'm starting to feel bile rising again

>i try tear my head away to barf but he keeps my head still

>"You fucking swallow it, you little bitch."

>he stops humping as I swallow my stomach acid

>continues to face fuck me for a couple more minutes

>accidentally graze his cock with my teeth a couple times

>"Do that again and I'll slap the shit out of you."

>accidentally graze his cock again

>rips his cock out and smacks me across the face

>i'm crying now

>start up again because I need those grades

>a few more minutes pass and he starts to tense up, but he isn't stopping

>he starts growling, "Oh fuck, holy fucking shit"

>his cock is pulsating

>gallons of cum, all down my throat

>he pulls out, I vomit cum/vomit mixture all over the floor

>"This is one of the main reasons I fucking despise you, anon. You make this huge mess, and don't clean up after yourself. I'm not gonna let the custodians clean this up."

>"How am I-I supposed to clean this up?" I could barely talk, my throat felt like complete shit

>"lick all of this shit clean. I better see my face in the floor when you are done."

>i'm not just doing this for the grades anymore, I'm just completely terrified of him.

>i start to lick the cum/vomit off the floor

>he's watching the entire time, just slowly jacking off his cock as it slowly deflates

>i'm crying like a toddler while I clean the floor. It's so fucking demeaning

>I finish, he tells me I did a good job, then calls me over to his desk. He orders me to get on his lap while he changed the grades of a bunch of my assignments.

Will post more
>i can feel he has a raging boner again

>he stops grading my stuff. I'm confused

>he feels my cock. It's hard.

>"I know you enjoyed this, anon. There are still a few days till I have to send your report card. Come here early tomorrow, and we'll work on the rest of your assignments."

>we get up, he smacks my ass, and leads me out.

I will post more if anyone is interested, I have a couple more experiences with my chem teacher.
If anyone doesn't know what Les Minets Sauvages is, it's fucking hot. Here's the link:
There's more? Yes, please!
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Alright, here's what happened next.

>when I got home, I immediately went to the bathroom to jack off. I came in 3 minutes.
>i was never so aroused and traumatized in my entire life
>i spend all night fantasizing about tomorrow
>wake up at around 5 and get ready
>get to school at 6 a.m.
>chem teacher is waiting by the door, looking at papers
>"Good, anon, you're here. I just got here ten minutes ago."
>he unlocks the front door of the school and we go to his class.
>he locks the door and closes the blinds like the day before
>"Alright, pants and undies down. I have to check if you're clean."
>i'm fucking stupid and don't know what he means, but I do what he says
>"Bend over." I did.
>he lubes up his finger with his spit and enters my ass
>it feels like fucking fire
>i'm begging him to stop, but he tells me to shut the fuck up or he'll tell everyone what we did yesterday
>again, i'm fucking stupid so I put a sock in it
>he feels around for a couple minutes, loosens me up, and takes his finger out
>"Good, you're clean. Now blow me, you little brat."
>i turn around and suck on the tip. He forces his cock in my mouth again.
>i'm gagging, he keeps face fucking me for a couple minutes, then turns me around and fingers me again
>i'm groaning because of the pain, but I let out a few moans of pleasure
>"You're loose enough."
>he gets out some scotch he kept in his drawer and pours some over my hole
>holy shit this is going to burn so fucking bad
>tells me to take a swig, and I do
>puts his cock against my hole
>he rubs it in between my crack then slowly starts to enter
>"Oh fuuuuck"
>the scotch and his cock is making me start to tear up, the pain is so fucking bad
>he get the tip in, I can feel a pop and a wave of pain
>another inch is in, then another, and another
>he is holding his hands over my mouth to muffle my cries
>it's all the way in
>i've never been in so much pain
>he pulls back, and enters with more force
>he fucks me for about 10 minutes before we hear a knock at the door, then a jingle of keys

>oh shit

>he scrambles to get his clothes on while I hide inside a cabinet near the class sink

>door opens and it's the janitor

>i'm looking through a crack in the cabinet door

>the janitor is this mexican guy with long greasy hair

>teacher still has a raging hard on, and it's even more noticeable with tight black slacks

>the janitor notices his hard on and is trying to avoid looking at it while he empties the trash

>my asshole is still on fire, and I'm trying my best not to whimper. I rub my hole to sooth it, but then I notice my clothes are still on the floor

>i think the janitor noticed

>"uh, see ya later."

>"Yeah" my teacher said

>after he leaves teacher locks the door again and I get out of the cabinet

>teacher came up to me and smacked me on the back of the head

>"You fucking idiot, you left your goddamn clothes!"

>he forces me to the ground and penetrates me with extreme force

>i'm now sobbing and whimpering as he uses me like a fleshlight

>he's going so fast and hard I black out for a minute, but he keeps going

>he tenses up

>"UUUuuuuggghh, FUCK"

>i cum hands free while he dumps his load in me

>cum is seeping out of my ass while I just lay there, numb

>he noticed I came, laughed, then made me lick it up

>i sat on his lap like yesterday, but I was still naked. He changed my grades but periodically
stopped to feel up my ass and stroke my cock

>i came on my underwear as he smirked at me

>"Alright, your off the hook. For this semester. Now get dressed and get the fuck out of my classroom."

>for the rest of the day cum leaked out of my asshole

>he kept my cum stained underwear

For the rest of the year, I blew him and let him fuck me a couple times to make up for missed work.
I would work at his house over the summer, and we fucked like rabbits when his wife was gone. I haven't seen him since, but I now have a huge rape fetish.
File: cam.jpg (75KB, 500x663px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75KB, 500x663px
Alright, that's my story. I'll post a couple links for you guys who read it :)




>Be me, 17 year old scrawny faggot.
>Wanna go to the gym to bulk up a bit.
>See this guy working the benchpress. Looks like he's in his early/mid thirties. 6'2 at least, and built like a god.
>He's shirtless, with sweat dripping down his bulging pecs and arms. His nips are rock hard.
>Love at first boner.
>Kind of wander my way over to him, trying not to let him catch me staring.
>Start lifting weights nearby.
>My heart's pounding, and I turn to look over at him. "Y-Yeah?"
>He's sitting manspread on the bench, looking up at me with his sea-green eyes. Have to keep focused on his handsome face and not the massive bulge in his gym shorts.
>"You're new here, right? What's you're name, kid?"
>He smirks, walking over to me. He grabs my hand to shake, squeezing almost painfully hard.
>"Well I'm Danny. Nice to meet you, A-A-Anon."
>I know he's making fun of me, but just the fact this hunk is talking to me has got me squeeling like a little girl inside.
>We start talking about this and that while we work out next to eachother.
>His musky mansmell in constantly in my nose.
>He finishes his workout and heads to the locker room.
>I follow, eyes locked on to his ass.
>He's almost naked when I walk in, just in his filthy-looking jockstrap.
>He looks right at me as he pulls it off.
>Unf. He's uncut, and fucking huge.
>Try not to stare too hard.
>He smirks at me, throws his jockstrap in his locker without shutting the door, and saunters off towards the showers.
File: eal.jpg (164KB, 1000x665px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164KB, 1000x665px
Holy shit, share the rest of your story
>Holy shit. Perfect opportunity.
>I make sure no one is around.
>Locker room is deserted.
>Grab his smelly, stained jockstrap and shove it into my face.
>Absolute heaven.
>Feel someone grab my shoulder and slam me against the lockers.
>It's Danny.
>He grabs his jockstrap out of my hands.
>"What the fuck do you think you're doin', you little queer?"
>I whimper and sob as he grabs my throat.
>"You like smelling used jockstraps faggot? Well here, take a whiff."
>He shoves his rank jockstrap in my face, rubbing it against my nose and pushing it into my mouth.
>I can taste his sweat and piss.
>He presses his hips against my hard cock.
>"Yeah, that's got you real horny, faggot. Never been washed, you know?"
>I stare up at him with watery eyes as I suck the filth out of the fabric of his jock.
>He suddenly rips the jock out of my mouth and pulls me into a bear hug.
>I'm reeling and confused as he grinds his hard cock against my stomach.
>He's leaking like a faucet, and staining the front of my shirt.
>"How old are you, kid?"
>The fuck is this, Jekyll and Hyde? Whatever.
>Really want his cock, and don't want him to know I'm underage.
>He slaps my face, then grabs it roughly.
>"Don't lie to me, little faggot.
>He pulls me into a rough kiss. I'm practically choking on his tongue, and his goatee is scraping my face.
>He finally pulls away, and I'm left gasping and panting.
>"How old are you?"
>"No bullshit?"
>I just shake my head.
>He pushes me away, and I slam into the lockers again.
>When I look back up at him, he's sitting on the bench with his legs spread and cock sticking straight up.
>"On your knees, little faggot."
>Oh shit, this is it.
>I kneel down and crawl towards him, desperate for his leaking cock.
>He shoves his foot in my face, rubbing the ball of it over my lips.
>My nose is filled with his footstink. I sniff, and practically faint from how badly it reeks.
>"Ah ah, little faggot. You gotta earn it."
>"Let me see what you can do with that mouth of yours."
>I stick my tongue out to run it up the sole of his foot.
>It tastes disgusting, but my dick is rock hard in my pants.
>Force myself to lick all over his foot and suck his toes.
>I clean all his sweat and foot-gunk off, and then he makes me do the same with his other foot.
>All I can smell is his feet. All I can taste is his feet.
>"Nice, faggot. Now get on over here."
>He grabs my hair and pulls me forward, straight into his crotch.
>His sweaty bull-balls are mashed against my face, and I grab onto his hips as I revel in his smell.
>He strokes the back of my head as I lick and slurp all over his ballsack. Pushing me lower.
>I whimper when he lifts one leg to show off his greasy, reddened asshole.
>The smell hits me like a mack truck, and I start to struggle as he pushed on the back of my head.
>"Lick it you little queer."
>His fist strikes the back of my skull, and I start lapping at his asshole.
>It's dirty, and greasy, and smelly. My tongue burns at the spicy, bitter flavor of his ass.
>I can't get enough of it.
>I shove my nose into his asshole, inhaling his stink. Then I lick over it desperately, my hand rubbing my cock through my shorts.
>"Oh, fuck. Eat my hole, you little faggot! Fucking shit-eating queer!"
>I'm desperately tonguing his hole, trying to shove my tongue inside.
>Suddenly he grabs my hair and lowers his leg.
>I whimper and squirm in his grip as he shoves the hooded head of his dick right under my nose.
>The stench of it makes my eyes roll in my head, and I let my mouth hang open.
>"Hah! Want it so bad, little faggot? Go on, you've earned it."
he's a closet homo
>I slowly lap over his leaking piss-slit, getting my first taste of him.
>Better than I ever dreamed.
>I stick my tongue under his hood to get every bit of musky flavor there. I suck down every shot of pre-cum as I roll his foreskin back with my lips. I tongue his frenulum, and he starts groaning.
>Then he grabs the back of my head with both hands.
>"Today, little faggot."
>His hips slam forward, forcing every inch of his cock down my throat.
>My face is buried in his thick, musky pubes. The smell fills my burning nose.
>I gag, and barely stop myself from vomiting all over his dick.
>He holds me down, moaning as I choke on his cock.
>I finally get used to having his cock stretching my throat, and start bobbing up and down a bit.
>He laughs at me.
>"You that desperate to start, faggot?"
>He starts fucking my face. His balls slap against my chin with every thrust.
>He facefucks me for what feels like half and hour. I work up the courage to fondle his balls, and he pats and rubs my head in appreciation.
>As I look up at him, I feel myself falling in love all over again.
>He finally pulls me off of his dick and into his lap.
>His hands are all over me as we kiss. He pulls my clothes off.
>He jerks my cock.
>"Hah, what the fuck is this little thing?"
>He squeezes my dick, and I squirm against him. My penis looks tiny compared to his thick, veiny monster cock.
>"Little baby-dicked faggot wanted to go to the gym to become a real man. Is that it.?"
>He flips me over onto my stomach and slaps my ass. I groan as he needs and gropes my asscheeks.
>"Or did you wanna find a real man to fuck you? Is that what you wanted, little faggot?"
>He sniffs along my asscrack, and I push back against his face. I can feel his tongue running up and down my cleft.
>"Mmf. Ripe little boypussy. Tasty cunt."
>He spreads my ass and starts rimming me roughly. I bite my lip to muffle my screams of pleasure as his tongue laps at my clenching, needy hole.
moar stories/pics slut?
>I'm leaking all over his cock. He grabs his and mine and grinds them together.
>Finally, he puts me on my hands and knees on the bench.
>My heart stops in my chest as I feel him push against my asshole.
>He laughs, grinding his cock against my hole.
>"Please what, faggot?"
>"Fuck me, Danny."
>He leans down to lick the back of my neck. I can feel every inch of his sweaty, sculpted chest against my back.
>The head of his cock teases my boycunt, and I whimper with desperation.
>Because I'm a dirty little queer. I need a real man to fuck my pussy like the little faggot slut I am."
>My breath hitches with anticipation as he grips my hips.
>He slams himself balls-deep into my ass in one thrust, and I scream.
>He forces his fingers into my mouth to muffle me, but he can't stop my sobbing.
>It hurts like a motherfucker, but at the same time it feels right. I'm a little bitch that belongs here, speared on my man's cock.
>He stays still for a few moments while I adjust to being filled. Meanwhile he licks and kisses the side of my neck, giving me the occasional nibble.
>I start to push back against him, and he pulls out and thrusts back in.
>The second thrust is just a little less painful than the first one.
>He starts moving in and out of me, and I start feeling the pleasure through the pain.
>"You, unf, don't have a comdom on, do you?"
>"Nope. I 'm clean. You a virgin?"
>"Good, 'cause the only cock going up your ass from now on is mine."
>My heart flutters. I throw my head back as he suckles at the hollow of my throat.
>He grabs my cock and starts pumping me.
>"Gettin' close. How 'bout you?"
>I don't get to answer, because I'm already cumming. I clench around him, and he slams into me.
>I can feel him explode inside me, filling me up with warm cum.
>His dick is like a fire hose. I can feel some of his seed leaking out of my stretched asshole and running down the back of my ballsack.
>He pulls out, and makes me lap up our cum off the bench. Then he makes me clean his filthy cock.
>Afterwards he drags me into the showers.
>While we're cleaning each other, he starts hugging and kissing me again.
>"You doin' anything after this, kid?"
>"W-well, I--"
>"Wrong answer, little faggot."
>He kisses me again.
>After we're done and dressed, he takes me back to his house where he fucks me again. And again.
>I end up sleeping in his bed, and in the morning he fucks me again.
>We continue hooking up at the gym, working out together and then fucking like rabbits afterwards.
>He's my man, and I'm his little faggot.
[spoiler]And that, kids, is the story of how I met your father. :^)[/spoiler]
I found it cause I wanted to see how deep the bullshit went. And it looks like it's all bullshit.

I'm not helping you get fap material though, it's not hard or anything. I'm not not gonna help
Dom here
I really depends on the personalities in my experience. Some people have issues when their partner is the 'dom' in everything, and want to keep the dom/sub-play to a stricktly sexual level. I have never managed a good relationship with those subs because the segregation always seem false. Luckily I have a well trained puppy now. He is my bitch, always.

When you find the right sub, pets are for life;)
My bitch is a smallish muscle-twink who has been crushing on me for over a decade.
He le'ts me get away with everything, and I mean everything. He likes pain and to be punished, humiliated and used. Whatever I say is law. My best example is when I ordered him to eat shards of glass. He tried, I stopped him. Cut his tongue pretty bad though.
He has had a pretty violent childhood, has no confidence, few friends, and I'm a bit worried that our dom/sub play is just a repeat of his bad experiences.
Is a safeword enough when he himself doesn't know when to stop? At what point is the dom just a violent fucker taking advantage of someone? Asking advice from self-declared sub-bitches of this thread.
Don't fucking make him eat glass shards. That is just fucked up man. And the sub has had a pretty shitty life.
>I ordered him to eat shards of glass
I'd order you to eat cyanide you moron
OP source vid???
File: 1256774yu75.jpg (108KB, 960x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108KB, 960x960px
>Dom here

I'm a sub and I would love to hear about the things you do with your pup, Sir.

He is so lucky to have you. How did you meet?
What did you do together on your first meeting? Has he ever rebelled or questioned your superiority? If so, how did you deal with it?

I hope to be owned by a Dominant Stud so i can worship Him one day.

I have tried looking on websites like Fetlife but all the dominant men live too far away or are straight.

Anyone know of any good online websites/apps for finding an owner?
Don't get your panties all twisted

It was just a test, and I stopped him. Was trying to get used to being the dom. Still am, to be honest. I tried to find out just how far I could push him, and it freaked me out that he just went along with it. Trying to find a middle ground now.

He's fine, he says. Doing the dishes now, like a good little sub.
No, I'm lucky to have him. Good pups are hard to find.
We met at a party. He is the shy quiet type, so he sat in the corner until I caught him looking at me.
He blushed slightly and looked away. Puppy eyes.
Spent most of the party feeding him whiskey from my fingers, before we took off and went skinny dipping up on the hill, just the two of us.
The rule still stands: he shall only have alcohol if I feed it to him. This makes us look naughty during dinners with friends, but I don't care, and he doesn't have a say in it.
He wears a chastity belt at work, always. I have the key. I also have a remote controlled vibrating egg that he uses in public. I have the remote.
Most of our sub/dom relationship is in the little things; he makes me The Perfect Coffee in the morning, followed by a blowjob and resting on my feet while I read the news. If he is well behaved he has slept on the bed, if not he stays in the puppy bed on the floor. If he is naughty he gets spankings and facefucks.

He's rarely naughty though. I don't have patience for it, and if he gets too pissy and doesn't do what he's told I just let him go a couple of days without sex. It makes him insecure and clingy as hell, and then he apologizes and tries to be the best puppy he can be for a while. Insert rewards through proper poundings and creampies and everything is good again.

As for him testing me or rebelling against me, he has gotten drunk/high with certain acquaintances on occasions, which I don't approve of. He knows when he crosses the line. The silent treatment usually breaks him within hours. I don't react to rebellion with physical punishment as he is seeking confrontation when doing said rebellion. The silent treatment reminds him how quickly he can lose me and become a homeless puppy again.

Don't worry, handsome. Your stud will find you one day, and take you kome.
>Your stud will find you one day

Thank you, Sir!
I hope so.

Holy crap, you're handsome as fuck. Kinda makes me wish I were more of a dom, hah.
pretty cute, where do you live?
There is usually a shortage of doms. I recommend getting into the bdsm clubs where you live.
So I started dating this hot black guy in college. He wasn't the usual gangster and stuff everyone expected him to be. He was a smart professional classy guy, with a sexy muscley body mmmm....Anywho, I guess I have a twink body, except I am in no way a smooth little bitch like most gay twinks so idk Im an otter? What ever. We start dating, go out for a while and hit it off. Then once things start getting physical, turns out hes pretty dominating. He does the usual stuff like slapping my ass, verbal abuse, fucking me really hard. What a turn on! I had never been treated that way! Things slowly progressed to us fucking in stalls at stores, making glory holes for him to watch me suck random guys' cocks or let them fuck me in the ass while he taunted me. It was intense. Probably about four months into the relationship (we werent just fuck buddies, we went on dates (which usually ended up with him fucking the shit out of me in public places... Like a movie theater down in front of the seats where you couldnt see us) and hung out and boyfriend stuff) he decided that I should meet his parents. Well damn. He plans a nice dinner out at a restaurant and invites his parents to town. About few hours before dinner he strips me down and gives me a damn hard fucking. He made sure that I wasnt allowed to cum I take a shower with him and then as I am getting dressed he tells me to stop. He says bend over, and I obey. Next thing I know hes shoving something up my ass... all the way inside my ass. Then all I hear is the sound of duct tape and before I can do anything hes got a piece of it over my hole. And I am like wtf are you doing? And hes like oh this is going to be the best. He forces me to dress and get ready and we go off to dinner while I have this fucking thing up my ass. >continued>
>Continued> I meet his parents and we are having dinner and out of no where I see him with a big smile and then it starts vibrating. Fucker shoved a vibrator up my ass. I jump up and gasp, his parents are like wtf? I played it off with something like oh stubbed my toe. It keeps vibrating and I am rock hard in moments. I am trying to hold a conversation with his parents and it keeps changing speed which is making me squirm a bit and sound like i am just hitting puberty again. Hes got a big smile on his face the whole time. That ass had a remote for the vibrator. And he keeps cranking it up more and more till I am getting close to blowing my load and his parents now hear it vibrating inside me. They starting asking what the noise is and I quickly say its my phone and excuse myself to go answer it. I rush to the bathroom and have to wait for 1 of the 3 stalls for a guy to leave. I rush in, strip down and my pants are soaked in precum. I try taking off the tape but my ass is pretty hairy and it was so painful I couldn't take it off. He starts cranking up the power and I feel like a total slut, my legs spreading from the pleasure. >Continued>
>continued> Then out of no where ... electroshock to the prostate... I grabbed the handrails in the toilet and struggled as my little prostate was overstimulated. I felt my balls clench up and my body tense, and I couldnt help but moan like a little whore as my cock started spraying jizz all over the stall walls, the toilet, the floor, and I never even had to touch my cock. After a minute he turned off the vibrator and I sat there panting and trembling. I could hear the guys in the stall on either side of me breathing harder and the soft slap of their hand against their thigh as they jerked off. I tried to clean up some of the cum as fast as I could and rushed backed out to the dinner and apologized for taking so long on the fake call. That shit eating grin on his face knowing what he had done to me was probably the biggest turn on I have ever had. We are still dating 3 years later now. And that bastard still uses that fucking vibrator on me when we go out in public just to mess with me and humiliate me. He once made me cum while having dinner at my parents house with it.
Holy fuck. That was hot.
Official thread music:

Drug Addix - Gay Boys In Bondage.mp3

what happens when you get hard in a chastity cage. doesn't that just hurt like fuck and there's nothing you can do about it?
My dream are coming true!!! how have I never foun out about this I love to play hard to get and I like to be surprised....... Ready???? go! (815) 590 9739
My dream are coming true!!! how have I never foun out about this I love to play hard to get and I like to be surprised....... Ready???? go! (815) 590 9735
Tell us the story when he met your parents and made you cum!?!?

I would love to have a masculine daddy drug me and have his way with me when I will have no memory of the event. He also video tapes me being treated like the piece of meat that I am, and sends me a copy of the tape afterward so that I can fap to it.
What's the most fucked up thing you've made him do that he fully followed through with? If he was willing to eat glass it's safe to say you've pretty much got total control over him.
You can't get hard, it just feels kinda uncomfortable.
>There is usually a shortage of doms
Interesting. Why?
.... This can be arranged
In my experience more people want to be controlled rather than be in control. There are more male doms than female in general, but the female are more sought after, since the hetero marked is bigger and the straight boys are looking for a substitute mommy. Still, any dom will have no problem finding (or taking) any slaves he or she wants.
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2MB, 386x263px
Long story short, there's this lad I know/like.

He's told me to rape him twice.

I was on meds which killed my libido but now it's back and, yeah, I'm fighting the urge to just turn up at his.

I told him that, after shit went down because of my mood on the meds, and his response was 'Don't think my mum would like thta haha".

Didn't say he wouldnt...
But he did say he never told me to rape him.
But he says things like that all the time.

Fuck I want to pin him down, have my sweaty hairy body on his smooth body and spit in his mouth while making fun of his hot little dick.

i remember an old movie called 'Forced Entry Club' that had some hot rape scenes. Basically this guy was stalking gay guys and then sneaking in their houses at night wearing a ski mask while his buddy filmed him raping the guys. pretty hot. can't seem to find the best scenes, but here are a few clips:




anyone else have the full video or the better scenes?

here is a playlist somebody made with some hot vids:


There used to be a hot website called Gay War Games that had a lot of rape scenes but I guess it is gone now. Here is one of my favorite scenes:



Found a playlist with more:

File: my suit.jpg (85KB, 627x740px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
my suit.jpg
85KB, 627x740px
I’m a happily married man but lately I’ve had this fantasy of having sex with another man. I’m not attracted to men, but the thought of a hard cock is driving me wild. I want to relate my fantasy to you readers to see if any of you have the same thoughts.

It all starts when I’m sent out of town on a business trip. I meet up with two other guys that I will be working with for the next three days. After a long day we all head back to our room which is a really upscale place complete with a huge hot tub in the room. We sit in the tub drinking beer and talking about the day’s work. One of the guys, whose name is Greg, flips on the TV to a porn channel and the other guy Tom says the guy in the movie sure has a huge cock. I tell him I have never seen one that big before. Tom smiles and stands up and pulls his trunks down. When his cock drops out I gasp, he was huge.

As I stare at it Tom moves closer and asks me if I’d like to touch it. I’ve never done anything like this but I reach out and take hold of his massive cock. As I stroke it it begins to grow to full size which is over 10 inches. Tom puts his hand on the back of my head and pulls it toward his cock. As if in a trance, I open my mouth and let him feed his huge tool into my mouth. I take as much as I can but he is just too big to take all of him. I really start getting into it, sucking the head and tasting the precum that flows from it. I had almost forgotten about Greg when I felt him sticking his cock in my face for me to suck. His cock is just as big as Tom. I sucked them both back and forth till Greg suggested we get out and go into the bedroom.
Once there Greg lays back on the bed and I crawl between his legs and went back to sucking his cock. I can’t get enough. I love the feeling of it throbbing in my mouth. My own cock is rock hard and all shiny and wet on the tip. Suddenly I feel Tom behind me. He has a tube of lube and is smearing it all in my tight virgin asshole. He fingers me for several minutes till I feel him move up onto the bed and line his cock up with my asshole. He pushes forward and finally I feel his massive head enter my tight ass for the first time in my life. He starts a slow back and forth motion till finally I feel his heavy hanging balls resting on my ass. I have never felt anything like it before. It triggers something deep in me and my cock erupts and I shoot my cum all over the bed. I almost pass out as I continued to suck on the cock in my mouth while another is stretching my virgin ass to the max. It is the most amazing feeling I have ever had.

This went on for several minutes till suddenly I feel Greg tense up and then fill my mouth with my first taste of another man’s cum. I swallow several large shots of his hot sticky juice. I can’t believe how much cum came out of him. I did my best but still cum ran from both corners of my hungry mouth. Tom, seeing me swallow the cum, grabs my ass cheeks and really starts pounding the fuck out of my ass. He fucks me for a good 15 minutes before he pulls hard on my ass and buries his cock as deep in my asshole as he can get, letting go with a flood of cum that feels like it will never stop. Finally, both guys stop moving as I feel both their cocks starting to soften. Tom pulls his cock from my stretched out asshole and I can feel the cum flowing out like a river. I lay out across the bed, cum all over my face and leaking from my ass. Dang, what a totally satisfied feeling I have.

Yes, this is just a fantasy. But who knows, maybe someday it could actually happen.
File: smokerdick.jpg (42KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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“Bryant, can you hear me?”” I asked.

“Yeah,” he mumbled, his expression still completely vacant.

“Good,” I continued. “You want to listen to me very carefully. What I’m about to say is the most important thing you’ve ever heard. Every word is the absolute truth, more true than anything else you’ve ever known.”

Bryant looked directly at me, his still somewhat vacant expression somehow also showing rapt attention.

“Your weed was laced with a drug that makes you completely programmable.”

“Programmable?” He tilted his head in slight confusion.

“Being programmed is good,” I clarified. “You enjoy being programmed by me.”

“Enjoy being programmed.” A goofy smile spread across his face.

“You are my property,” I told him. “I own you, mind, body, and soul. This is right and good. You love being my slave. When we’re alone or with other slaves, you’ll call me master or sir.”

“Love being your slave.” Bryant’s eyes were full of adoration.

“A slave’s purpose is to serve his master. Your most important and well-loved duty is to service your master sexually. You’re not attracted to women anymore. Instead, you’re very attracted to men, especially your master and any other slaves.”

“Service master sexually. Attracted to men, especially master.” It was hard to tell under the cargo shorts, especially sitting down, but I was pretty sure Bryant was starting to pitch a tent.

“You will be horny and ready for me at all times, and your cock will never be soft again.” His sex drive would be constant, though not painfully so, and they’d help him maintain a raging hard-on at all times. “You will cum exactly when I tell you to, and only when I tell you to.” His balls would always be full, and Bryant would literally cum on command.
File: smokin.jpg (45KB, 399x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 399x600px
“In fact,” I continued, “you love cum. The smell, taste, and feel of it turns you on beyond belief.” What good was programming a slave if you couldn’t put some fetishes in there, after all? “You also love dirty talk, and swear like a sailor.”

“Fucking love cum,” he mumbled. “Swear like a fucking sailor.”

“You don’t want to wear baggy clothing or boxers anymore. When we’re alone or with other slaves, you prefer to be naked or wearing just a jock strap.” I know a jock strap on a stoner probably seems weird, but so did chocolate and peanut butter until someone tried it. “When you have to go out in public, you’ll wear the tightest clothing possible. You also hate that facial hair, and will remain clean shaven at all times.”

“Finally,” I concluded, “You’ll act like your old self around anyone not controlled by me. You’re also very interested in helping me acquire more hot slaves.”

I went over everything one more time, and had him repeat it all back to me. It was interesting (and more than a bit of a turn on) to hear it with all the extra swears. I was running out of time, so it was time to wrap things up.

“When I snap my fingers, you’ll fall asleep. When I wake you up, you’ll remember everything, and know you’ve been changed.” As I snapped my fingers, Bryant’s head fell immediately onto his chest. As I let him sleep off the effects of the drug, I went into his bathroom and jerked off, keeping the door open and watching him as I did so. I was so turned on that it only took a few strokes, which was exactly why I’d taken care of it now.
>It was interesting (and more than a bit of a turn on) to hear it with all the extra swears.
Be less ancient, grandpa.
File: trapznigga.png (449KB, 473x602px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
449KB, 473x602px
i am daryl. i am always the top during.
You'd be surprised. Try finding a sub who isn't fucking insane and emotionally weird to the point of being dangerous.

Subs tend to go from 0 to "can I cut my fingers off for You, Sir?" in about 10 seconds, and completely unexpectedly.
File: wabbit.jpg (67KB, 480x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67KB, 480x720px
>Try finding a sub who isn't fucking insane

This tbh
See, I've had some trouble finding doms that are able to handle the job without dipping into "too clingy" territory. Every dom guy I've ever met that seemed to nail the right balance was only in town for a visit we would only play once or twice. Maybe the people where I live just suck at this.

There was one guy I had a lot of fun with. No real humiliation or but it was solid conventional rough domination style fun and his dick was huge so it did feel rape-ish on some level. Problem was that he lived about 50 minutes away and the only way we could enjoy time was if I came by late and spent the night...which is great except I worked nights and lived at home at the time (closeted) so between most days at work and trying to stay out of the spotlight, I could only go by every 3 weeks when he would have liked 1-3 times a week.

I don't think I was able to be there often enough for what he would have liked and he got pretty butthurt about it. In person he'd be a gentleman (until it was time to be his slutboy of course) but in texts he would quickly get whiny I didn't answer within 7 minutes (because work or any number of reasons). And he's always give a lot of grief about the frequency of visits even though he said he understood the situation on my end.

I don't hold it against him because he was taking care of his dying mother at the time and growing to resent where he lived. He mentioned barely having people he knew in the area anymore and wanting to move back to where he used to live so he was probably lonely too. Still, it got to be too much. Eventually he just said "I'm done with you" and this time I didn't try to reason with him and let it end. Now that I typed this out though, I kinda wonder how he's doing.

>>1236994 Is him (and me) btw.
File: piss 2~169.jpg (225KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
piss 2~169.jpg
225KB, 1280x720px
I met a guy at a levi bar who looked like the latino dude in pic related.

he worked as a waiter and took a lot of shit from racist white people so he had a lot of anger about it that he used to take out on me (skinny white boy) in the bedroom.

first time i met him he made me strip naked for him and then lay down in the bathtub and he pissed on me and made me open my mouth and he pissed in it. then he face fucked me and slapped me around before fucking me hard, almost rape.

he had a really thick cock probably 8x7 that he loved to make me choke on.

he was always saying shit like 'you love that big mexican weiner don't you white boy?' and then slap me hard if i didn't say 'yes sir, i love your huge mexican cock sir!' and he would talk in spanish while he was fucking me i can still remember some of it but i don't speak much spanish.

shit like

'te gusta mi verga puto?'

i still get hard when i see the mexicans outside mowing our lawn lol.

Are you me?
File: njstud.gif (2MB, 266x166px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 266x166px
>Are you me?

I'm not sure. I would need more info to be certain. Post pics.

I used to have a bf who was pretty aggressive sexually. We would set a time to meet in a local park after work, usually about sunset. I would be jogging and he would stalk me. I never knew when he was going to leap out of the bushes and attack me, drag me back into the underbrush and rape me. It got to be really hot, the anticipation. I would always try to wear something really sexy, just a little pair of onion skin shorts with nothing underneath (freeball) and I would lube my ass up beforehand so I didn't get torn and bleed (he was really thick). He was pretty strong and he could usually catch me off guard. He would just tackle me to the ground and put his hand over my mouth so I couldn't yell. Then he would pull my shorts down and penetrate me and cum in my ass then leave me there to jerk off alone. He would go home and shower and pretend like nothing happened and I would finally come home all bruised and dirty and scratched up and he would help me take a bath and finger my abused asshole. Usually we would have sex again. The hottest time was when another jogger saw us having sex and stopped and watched. I don't think my bf saw him. After my bf left the jogger came over and pulled his cock out and jerked off on my ass. I never told my bf about that part because we were monogamous but technically I didn't have sex with the jogger. It was still fucking hot though.
That's really really hot, especially that afterwords the "comfort" portion of the domination still had him handling your body sexually, but more subtle. I love being comforted after being dominated, and it's best when the dom makes it still clear physically that you're still his sub even while hugging/rubbing you. Things like grinding into your ass while spooning, or pinching your nipples, or making you suck your fingers.
I like them fucking insane. It makes for very entertaining evenings.

My slave told me about his severe claustrophobia, so naturally I used this info the next time he was naughty, tied him up and put him in the bomb shelter in the basement of my apartement building.
Then I went to work for ten hours and when I came back he was in tears and had pissed himself. 'Please please don't leave me in the dark, sir. I'll be good, sir'. I gave him a golden shower and left him there overnight smelling of piss. Came back the next morning; 'thank you for teaching me this lesson, sir. I'll be good sir', while still crying. Completely broken.
Hosed him down and made him thank me properly by tending to my cock.
Have also gotten into the habit of power fucking him then leaving him in the closet to lick his wounds. He absolutely hates it, but haven't used the safety word yet so no plans on stopping yet.

confining only his head also works, so have invested in dark cloth bags to put over his head. used my (dirty) underwear for this the last time while spanking him. It makes him shake in a different way. Very interesting.

And it never occurred to you to take pictures? I'd very much like to see.
Very well. Show me a pic of your naughty place and I'll serve sauce.
File: 117797535534.jpg (160KB, 540x699px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160KB, 540x699px
I make my sub detail my car naked. He is kept at home naked most of the day since he doesn't have a job. I don't put a chastity lock on him because I can usually tell if he masturbates and I like to punish him when he does. He also gets punished if he goes doesn't clean or goes online. He's basically my slave and I've got him conditioned to fear me so he does pretty much whatever I tell him to do. He's a trained chef so he cooks sometimes too but mostly we order out because I don't like him going to the store alone.
File: 2015-10-30 18.46.16.jpg (94KB, 1200x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2015-10-30 18.46.16.jpg
94KB, 1200x1600px

Y-yes, Sir.
This pic is from friday. Not acceptable.

I demand a fresh pic, my little cumslut.
You're disappointing me, Anon....
i have the same underwear
Prove it
lol why does this guy smell so bad LOL im fucking dying reading this LOL why are you lusting over someone who has such a uniqe powerfull smell to individual parts of his body lol
File: image.jpg (1MB, 2448x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2448x2448px
See look

congratulations, Anon.
I hope you for horribly from AIDS. You worthless cheating faggot scumfuck
Reminds me of a video where two guys are doing stomach exercises, then one "rapes" him while he continues saying stop. Anyone has that video?
>my girl

don't worry. cum dumpsters don't count:D
A-a-are you a porn star?
Rapist scum. I know youre just a fat loser that has never touched anyone else, so at least the story is fake.
I'm so into torture I've thought about enlisting into my country's elite troop to go through their hazing/torture/beating.
I know a guy who did it and it was so hot to hear him talk about it. Of course it's all fantasy, I'd probably quit on day one.
Holy shit I've been facefucked by a cock that looks just like that before.
If you've ever fucked your sister's best friend's throat in the past, it might be me, and I've been wanking over the memory for almost 2 years.
Do you have the physique to do this? If you do then post pic pls.
Does enlisting entail further obligations like year long contracts or can you just quit like that? If you can just quit then go for it. Even if you quit on day one you still get to be their little bitch that day. If you're lucky the commander will 'punish' you properly;)

I also have this fetish but the army didn't agree with me. I talked back, and instead of punishing me they just let me go:(
Don't like 97% of guys have Hanes undies?
File: image.jpg (77KB, 960x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 960x720px
I'm in decent shape but probably nowhere near what those guys want. And yeah there's a 3 year contract that's the downside. I'd say I'm not fit enough for the job atm but talking and thinking about it got me hard
>I'm in decent shape
.... yes... yes you are anon. I wish you were a dom. I could serve you well:(

Three years is too long for fetishplay. There will be regrets. Unless you have more than horny reasons to do this.

I recommend hooking up with someone who can play out the scene with you. How about that guy you know? Is there any chance he will help you out if you wiggle that butt in his direction?

Holy shit. I'd love to dominate the fuck out of you.
File: image.jpg (485KB, 1901x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
485KB, 1901x2448px
The age limit is 32, I'm 21 now so still got a very long time to make up my mind.
>How about that guy you know?
not a chance, he is definitely straight and married now.

thanks anon, I'd love that. Been hitting the gym and training more consistently lately, but I still feel I have a long way for my goal body
>Go to leatherclub
>Find yourself a daddy (with military fetish)
>Be a naughty boy

Do this
i always wanted to be waken up with a rape. you know, i'm asleep, then i wake up with the cock inside me. i woudl scream/cry, but it would be interesing to be fucked like this.
I'd definitely Dom you over cam. Make you do drills...naked
File: image.jpg (180KB, 960x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
180KB, 960x960px
Thank you
Uh no
Probably, I'll go check the polls
Nice looking wang there, anon. Sauce?
It's mine
B-b-but 4chan is for sharing
No, I mean I took it
...Away from someone?
It is my penis in the photograph

Does he want to come out and play?
Thank you
N-no not really
File: image.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3264x2448px
Ok ok ok here's one I took last week
Hey, I kinda know this guy
Sir, you have been blessed with a porn tier dick
What the fuck are you talking about faggot? That dick is as average as average gets. What the fuck is wrong with this board?
is that a dildo or did you airbrush it in ps
I want to be with a cute short twink who actually has a huge fucking cock and worship him all day long.
File: image.jpg (1MB, 2448x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2448x2448px
no it's my penis, and I didn't ps it. I guess it looks weird because I was sitting down and the lighting or something
Nice socks, anon.
That is a nice cock anon
Hey, my boyfriend is one of those:)
We can share if you want.
Thanks guys, I appreciate it
Can you dress your cock with a sock pls?
>I would finally come home all bruised and dirty and scratched up and he would help me take a bath and finger my abused asshole.

The comfort after rape (or just very rough sex) is a bit of a weird fetish of mine. Anyone have porn?
File: image.jpg (1MB, 2448x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2448x2448px
There's always a first time for everything I guess
Look at him. He's adorable.
Thank you
(: shucks
Yea no problem
i fucking came with this
File: image.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x2448px
I want to get banged like that someday, damn
Nice balls
Are you sub or dom? I think sub?
Up for adoption?
File: image.jpg (298KB, 960x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
298KB, 960x1280px

Thnx, wanna play with them?>>1253319
>Anonymous 11/07/15(Sat)06:10:47 No.1253301
>File: image.jpg (1.03 MB, 3264x2448)
>I want to get banged like that someday, damn
Most definitely
bumping for interest
>Fasten collar.
We're going to my place, naughty. Bring the sock.
Y-yes sir
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