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Father son incest

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For the longest time i had wanted to be fucked by my dad. My dad was tall,handsome,lean and muscular with thick dark hair he wore military length and always had a five o'clock shadow. He had his old biker tattoos on his arms from when he was younger and still wore military fatigue pants from his service days when he was working around the house. I loved watching him work shirtless. There was a hole above the bathroom where he was working on the ceiling where if i sat in the hall closet I could see him shower and I got to see his long thick cock on several occasions. I got really brave a few times when he would black out from the ambien he took. I'd sneak in his room and rub his bulge through his briefs and as time went on I would tug them down so i could touch his cock and lick it. I sucked it once till it got hard but left to jerk off. I wanted that dick in me so badly. I still do. Anyone else got some Father son stories? Either real or fantasy?
You need psychiatric help.
Welcome to 4chan.
Great story, OP. No stories from me however.
Yeah buddy but it makes me hate myself
you must be new here
piss off newfag
Go back to 9gag
>Be me
>Be 15 about to be 16
>my dad take me to a camp trip with my little brother after my birth day
>Men trip he said
>in the woods without showers
>he have never had any problem with nudity but never have seen him naked since puberty.
>We were next to a lake on a camping spot
>i sleept with my brother on a tent and my dad on a smaller tend
>my little brother fell asleep outside of the tent
>dad carry him inside of the tent
>is a mess inside, the bags all opened and clothing all over the tent
>brother barely fit in
>you'll sleep with me tonight
>i go to the lake yo swim on mid of the night and clean myself a little bit.
>walk back to the camp.
>hear soft moans
>i know what its going on so go to the back of the tent
>dad's jercking off
>i start jerking off
>he can't see me, but i can see only his dick sticking out of his pants
>he's cut so spit on his dick a lot
>he starts moaning harder
>i cum and my jizz hits the tend
>i finish cumming and put my pants back on
>he's watching me throug the same hole i was using to spy on him
>What are you doing there? he asked
>Peeing i answered
>don't belive shit but don't give a shit either
>tells me to go swim for fime more minutes he's "Praying"
>i walk awayand say "weird noises you do to get god's attention

Never spoked about that ever again, and i like to jerk of to the memory.
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>>i walk awayand say "weird noises you do to get god's attention
Hot story tho
> repressed gay and got married to a mormon
> sexless marriage but have money
> decide to adopt underprivileged kids, 6 total, rainbow family
> 2 are black siblings, boy and girl
> cleaning up and find Aaron's phone and go to turn off
> see camera app with obvious naked picture
> he's only 15, tallish and really skinny
> then see dick, he's hung, very hung
> can't not look
> film reel has a couple of mirror shots full erect
> i'd guess easily over 8", almost comical on his skinny frame
> quickly check to make sure he hasn't sent them out
> run to shower and fap
> feel like worlds worst father
> give "random" scare talk to the teens about sending/saving nudes
> check the next week, no pictures
> feel slightly better
Mr Garrison, mmk
>sexless marriage
How does that even work? Surely your wife must need her share of sex too? Do each of you just go do your own thing with other people and don't talk about it or is this a legit celibacy lifestyle?
Probably severely damaged by that retarded religion to the point that she cant enjoy or doesnt know how to enjoy sex.

I hope your fairytales are worth it to you buddy, you're missing out on a lot.
This thread is so beautiful.
Post pics of your dad or gtfo
>tfw father/son incest is your #1 fetish but your own dad is ugly

Life is suffering.
My father molested me when I was 5 and now I have father fantasies. Don't really dwell on it. Happy he's dead though.
I know man... The feels...

Thanks. I have a few more if you want.
More please
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my dad was pretty hot when he was young.
File: pop.jpg (102KB, 500x496px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oops wrong pic
>tfw father/son incest is your #1 fetish and your husband is 10 years older than you and Daddy as fuck

Life is good
File: daddys home.jpg (82KB, 478x581px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
daddys home.jpg
82KB, 478x581px
I had a boyfriend, who was 15 years older than me. Those years were the best sex I ever had.
My father used to spank me quite a lot when i was a kid and would do it right up to when I moved out to go to college. He would make me strip completely nude, bend me over his knee - then force me to hold still by squeezing my cock and balls in one hand while he would spank me hard with his other hand or a paddle.
It's my #1 fetish and all I have are nifty stories to jack off to. ;_;
>tfw not my dad's sex slave
Sauce on pic please?
My dad would always walk around the house naked from the waist down while I was growing up. The summer of 2003, I woke up one morning to the sight of his hairy beefy ass no more than 20 feet away from me while he was trying to work the central air. This was a normal sight to see for me, but this time it got me horny as fuck. I immediately went to my room, ripped my pants off and rubbed my hard 13 year old cock raw against my blanket. I started doing this a few years prior, and never jerked off my dick. I'd just hump basically whatever I could. One morning not long after, I woke up particularly horny to an empty house except for my brother sleeping in his room. My mom worked a lot, so I knew she wouldn't be home for a while. my dad was more of an unstable bipolar introvert that stopped working after his cousin fired him from his business for his unprofessional attitude and anger problems, so he was unemployed at the time. I knew he would be home eventually, so I decided I was gonna hang out downstairs naked and let my dad "catch" me. First I was like, oh I'll just be in my underwear. That would be hot. Then after a while of waiting on the couch watching TV in my underwear, the anticipation got me hornier and hornier. Eventually, I decided to be naked from the waist own just like dad. I get the bright idea to pretend that I fell asleep. I was so happy and excited, my 13 year old self came up with this genius plan. I lie on my stomach and pull my shirt up so that my ass is on full display. He takes forever, but finally comes back. I hear him walk in, and just stop. I felt his stare. Then he sort of lets out a chuckle, and goes to the kitchen. I hear him go upstairs, so I follow and go to the bathroom. He catches me in the hallway, and we're both naked from the waist down.
I spent that entire summer naked from the waist down. So much so, that my brother caught me more than once which I never found to be hot, only in retrospect. I kinda wish my mind wasn't so fixated on my dad, cause I probably could have had some interesting experiences with my brother as well.

There were a lot of pretty hot stories of me and my dad being naked from the waist down around each other. These experiences are my go-to thoughts when I need a quick wank. We would never really acknowledged it, and it never got sexual at all. I think for him, he found it amusing more than anything. The hottest was when he made breakfast for me wearing just a t-shirt that covered maybe 5% of his ass, if that. I was in the same outfit at the table, watching him cook eggs and fry bacon with his ass on full display. We both ate and talked casually about our upcoming trip to my uncles place. I was stiff as a rock, and never made no effort to hide my t-shirt tent. If anyone really wants more stories/info I'd be glad to post but that's basically the gist of it. This went on for the entire summer, and died down a lot once I got back to school. Once I turned 16, it stopped completely and my dad wouldn't even walk around naked anymore.
hot got kik>? is he a boxers or briefs guy
Can We get more stories of your dad naked from the waist down? Thanks
this has so many image reverse sources. not sure if fake or not. you have any other pics?
I had a few experiences with my dad growing up that I finally have the courage to share.

>Be me roughly 14 and starting to explore my feelings about men.
>My dad, late 30s, construction worker, alchoholic, buff and salt&pepper hair that covered most of his body.
>Mom left when I was 7. Landed in jail when I was 12.
>Live with just my dad but mostly aline since he worked a lot.
>My favorite fapping hobby was stealing his briefs and sniffing them while jerking furiously.
>Eventually this turned into jerking into his briefs and putting them back in his room.
>The more curious I got the more risky I got.
>Walking around in just my underwear or just a shirt never even trying to hide my boner.
>My advances went seemingly unnoticed cuz dad and I did the whole "we're both dudes so it's no big deal" thing.
>Sometimes when he came home late from the bars I'd find him passed out mostly or completely nude.
>First saw his mighty erection was when I found him passed out nude on the livingroom couch.
>Easily 9 inches, cut and very thick.
>Temptation took over and I lightly started touching hos cock.
>He seemed like he was still out cold so I began stroking.
>After a few minutes I worked up the courage and decided to try to suck him.
>Very gently I did my best but I'm sure I was mistly teeth because of how big it was in comparison to my mouth.
>Dad started to moan a bit so I freaked and immedietly pulled off.
>Before I could even get up I felt the back of his hand grab me by the back of my head, forcing my mouth back onto his cock.
>The next thing I know he's guiding my head while face-fucking me and forcing his cock down my throat.
>Whithin like two minutes I feel his body tense up before he shot load after load of cum into my mouth.
>I gagged a bit but made sure not to spit any out and left a little bit for taste in my mouth.
>Dad let me go and relaxed back into the couch seemingly unresponsive.
>I ran into the bathroom to fap furiously while I could still taste his cum.
moar pls
File: go_on_peter.jpg (54KB, 419x376px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's so fucking hot! Moar pls.
I shot buckets.

That was just the ice breaker

>Next day I wake up for school, he's still out cold, naked on the couch.
>Gently nudge him to let him know I was leaving, tell him not to miss work again.
>Still half asleep he mumbles something along the lines of "don't work, goodbye"
>I get home that afternoon, dad is still at work.
>Thoughts of last night still racing through my head. Can't take it anymore. Must jack off.
>Go into dad's room, start going through his laundry for more of his underwear.
>Find a jockstrap I didn't know he had. Smells like him and has been worn to the point where it was no longer "white" but more of an off-yellow.
>Jackpot! Sniffed it, played with it and took it into the bathroom to jerk off into.
>Came buckets into it and tossed it onto the sink so I could jump in the shower.
>Not even a couple minutes pass before I hear the door open. Shit! Dad's home early!
>He takes a seat on the toilet (one bathroom between two guys so it wasn't uncommon for us both to be in there)
>My heart jumps to my throat as he starts up casual conversation, how was school, work sucks, it's gunna rain today type nonsense.
>Almost as if he's purposely ignoring his cum filled jock right across from him.
>He finishes up and leaves, telling me not to use all the hot water.
>As soon as I hear the door shut I burst the shower curtain open. Shit! He took his jock with him! Caught red handed!
>A few more minutes pass and I hear the door open again.
>This time dad is opening the shower curtain.
>He's naked and covered in filth and sweat.
>Clearly he doesn't trust that I'll save him some hot water.
>I immediately stare at his buff arms and hairy chest before my eyes go south to stare at his huge cock (intimidating even when soft) and freshly trimmed pubes. He must have just buzzed them.
>"Move over anon and hand me the soap. I'll get your back so you can head out" -Oh....okay dad.
>Hand him the soap and he starts lathering my shoulders.


I didn't think much about us showering together since we used to shower together a lot when I was little but I was now 14 and as hot as it was having such a big, masculine man naked with me in there I felt subconscious because I was skinny, very smooth except for the beginning of a patch of pubes and even soft my dad's cock was larger than mine was with an erection. Anyway...

>Dad is rubbing soap onto my shoulders.
>"So anon, I think we should talk about last night."
>Ohfuckohfuckohfuckofuck he does remember!
>"Why? What was last night?" -my really bad attempt at playing stupid.
>"You know what I mean. Don't act like I didn't just find my underwear in the sink either."
>I swear my heart stopped at that moment and all I could do was skittishly respond "Yea.....?"
>"I'm not mad at you. I just need you to know son; you cannot tell ANYBODY what you did. EVER! You hear me?" His voice was very stern and a little scary.
>"Y-yes sir! I won't tell anyone about it ever! I promise!" I whimpered, on the verge of tears.
>"Good! You better keep your promise. If you ever tell anybody we'll both get in trouble and they'll take you away from me. You'll live in foster care, I'll go to jail and we'll never see each other again. I can't lose you anon and I won't!"
>His voice starts to sound softer and he leans in and hugs me from behind.
>"I love you and you're the most important thing in my life." -"I love you too dad"
>My dad has never been big on sharing his emotions and it felt that much more special to me.
>Dad turned me around and pulls me in for a regular hug. My boner touches his cock and I can feel it starting to get hard until I can feel poking against my stomach.
>He pulls away and turns me around to finish washing my back.
>"I know you're just exploring your body anon and it's completely natural for you to be curious"
>At this point he was washing my butt cheeks very thoroughly almost to the point of groping.

Stop teasing me anon! Carry on!!!!

This is where things heat up.

>It's not my imagination. Dad isn't just groping my ass, he's grabbing it and lathering my crack.
>From there he starts teasing my hole. Next thing I know he's gently pushing his index finger in there.
>Before he even got past the first joint I started to tense up. I've played with my hole before but never tried insertion.
>Dad kissed the back of my neck and told me to breathe and relax to which I did.
>Two or three minutes pass and his finger is all the way in. Still hurt but the pleasure outweighed the pain.
>When I got used to it and he was freely fingering me he reached around and started jacking my cock from behind while keeping the rhythm of his finger.
>Just when I felt I was about to cum I noticed the water starting to go cold.
>He told me to go wait in his room while he finished washing.
>I dry off, go to his room still naked and assume the position on his bed with my back up and ass in the air for him.
>He comes in a few minutes later with just a towel on.
>He comes up behind me and lightly spanks my butt cheek.
>I can feel him grabbing my ass and separating my cheeks to get a good view of my virgin hole.
>Next thing I know I can feel his beard on my ass and the warm, wet sensation of his tongue on my hole.
>I had no idea what was going on, all I knew was that it was the greatest feeling if ever felt.
>He rimmed my hole like a pro, teasing me with his beard and getting his tongue in pretty deep. Occasionally using his fingers to spread my hole open more.
>This lasted for what felt like an eternity but was probably only 20 minutes.
>Dad rolled me onto my back and put my legs on his shoulders before sucking my cock for .02 seconds and getting back to my hole.
>I was beside myself with pleasure as he licked my hole and occasionally kissed or nibbled on my cheek all the while gently stroking my cock.

getting your first rimjob is heavenly

Last one for now and the last of our first sexual encounter.

>Dad was making sure my hole was nice and wet for him.
>I wasn't gunna try to stop him even if I could. I was too stunned by the pure ecstasy of getting rimmed for the first time.
>The next thing I know he's standing up, keeping my feet on his shoulders and guiding his cock to my hole.
>He spit on his cock and rubbed it a bit before gently pressing his large head in me.
>When he let go of his cock he used the remaining spit to lightly tease the head of my cock while he started pushing in deeper.
>The first maybe four inches of his nine inch his cock went in no problem but after that I felt overwhelming pain and began to gasp and moan.
>Instead of pulling out dad just used the hand that was on my cock to cover my mouth and muffle my moan.
>"I'm almost all the way in anon just try to relax and you'll get used to it."
>I nod in agreement, dad removes his hand and uses it to spread my cheeks.
>"Just take a deep breath anon and it'll feel better."
>I inhale and he shoves himself the rest of the way in. I wail in pain to which he shoves his middle and ring finger into my mouth while going "shhhhhhh"
>The pain subsided quickly as dad began to pick up a steady rhythm while fucking my ass.
>It didn't take long before he started fucking me aggressively and I was enjoying it too much to stop him.
>After about 30 minutes of pounding my ass with everything he's got I can't hold back anymore and I blow my load all over my stomach, some onto him and a little in his beard.
>Dad starts to tense up and lets out a loud moan while I can feel him shoot his thick load into me. It was so warm and so fulfilling.
>He rolled onto the bed, pulled me into his arms and we fell asleep like that for the night.

Things really escalated later that summer when school wasn't an issue. I'm glad I gathered the courage to share. I might considering sharing more later if anyone has any questions.
share all of it pls
how delightful

but dont be a cunt anon, share it all xx
this is making me diamonds pls share more
This is the holy grail of threads.
bump for moar
Wooo we have the same experience with my dad.
leave this board already you fucking retard... nobody cares about you
thats what they said about me, and im everyones favorite namefag :^)
>and im everyones favorite namefag :^)
uhhh favorite namefags? that's like having a favorite STD
for me its hep C because its like hiv but a lot less known about, like a cool hipster
odd choice because i see you more as the AIDS of this board but thats fair
i guess i am slowly killing this board, but then again wasnt this board already dead within a month?
Who cares. MORE STORIES!
>>1233319 #
Who are they!!
Hot as fuck but so fake.
Yeah, I have a question: what happened during summer?
I don't want this thread to die so I'll bamp with an anecdote of my own--
Not actual incest, but I was regularly hooking up with a hot dad (white tie from DC, late 40s, lean, salt and pepper hair, green eyes) in freshman year of college. I just turned 18 and I wanted to go wild since it was the first time no parentals were around to supervise my every move (from the west coast). Anyway, I met him on a field trip to the Capitol in a café and he would drive up to Baltimore to see me every weekend or so. He insisted on calling me by his son's name whose picture he later showed me. Turns out he was pretty much my double but with freckles and green eyes. It was a pretty hot fantasy but I pulled out of that relationshit when he insisted on breath play.
when i was 13
>find dads cum tissue in waste bin
>use his loads as lube, cum hard
>learn his jack off habits
>figure out when to get the freshest loads
>dad comes home from work, jacks off, takes a shower almost every day
>start learning all sorts of things about my dads sex life
Yes more!
Yes pls
these are better than my Cody stories
> Using it as lube
> Not eating it

Anon pls
First I want to let you know that I'm only fucking daddy-types. I'm only attracted to older men, but if they look anywhere near like my dad, it turns me off immediately.
So to my story: One time when I was around 10-12 years old, I was playing with my dad before bedtime. He was only wearing briefs, big worker type of guy. I suggested we should wrestle and that he couldn't pin me. He was up for the challange and we ended up rough-housing on the bed. When we got exhauset I somehow ended up on top of his back. That time I usually masturbated with a blanket tucked under my crotch and rocking back and forth on it. This time, feeling my dad's firm ass under me clad only in some skimpy briefs, I suddenly had the urge to do just that. Dad let me for a while, but then he realized what was going on and brushed me off and stood up wit a shocked expression on his face. He sent me to sleep and we never talked about this.
Now, he's the only one in my close family I haven't came out to yet, and I'm kind of terrified what he'd think of me when he learns that I am in fact gay and I do enjoy fucking older men quite much.
MFW I tried to fuck my dad when I was 10.
Itty bitty baby, itty bitty boat
lol I have a similar story, my dad asked me to give him an oil massage when I was 15 and he laid naked on the bed. I started massaging him and I eventually got hard because of my crotch pushing against his ass. He got asleep and I kept massaging him, but started grinding a bit and when I could take it anymore, I grabbed my cock, put it in his ass and fucked his buttcheeks. I used my cum to end the massage and left. He didn't even notice.
I think you forgot about queen lolhitler.
>He didn't even notice

Well, you see, that summer was when my dad and I were the closest we've ever been. I remember every detail of our first time with fondness and use it as my go-to when fapping.

>Be the following day after that night.
>Wake up and dad's gone already.
>Saturday, no school, thank goodness because I was sore! Dad wasn't as gentile as I would've liked him to be.
>Fap more than a few times to last night.
>Fast forward to the next morning.
>Dad comes home smelling like the bar but he's obviously hung over, not still drunk.
>He acts like nothing ever happened. Asked about school and my weekend and went to bed.
>Fast forward to June. Dad gets fired from his construction job and goes on unemployment for a while.
>Dad's day drinking becomes his main source of entertainment but he's home spending time with me so I didn't mind.
>Still pretending like nothing happened. Just normal father and son deadbeats spending their days inside watching t.v.
>Come 4th of July, We go to a bbq at one of his friend's house.
>Dad lets me drink beer for the first time and I quickly get drunk.
>He's too drunk to drive so we get a taxi.
>The entire way home dad drunkenly bitched about how hot it was even with the a/c on.
>We pay the driver and head in the house. Not feeling so great after being in a car.
>To be very honest I was too drunk to remember the full details but I know as soon as we got inside dad stripped all his clothes off and plopped on the couch.
>I followed his lead, stripped naked and plopped basically on top of him.
>We stayed like that for a few minutes before I got the bright idea to go right into blowing him.
>I got into position and started sucking away. Since he was still soft I managed to get it all into my mouth this time.
>Dad didn't protest but did slur something aling the lines of "careful you'll end up puking"
>A warning I wish I got the message from before he got rock hard down my throat causing me to choke and gag.


>Dad starts to laugh at me and pulls his cock away. He knew I wasn't gunna give up without trying.
>He goes into his room and comes back with a little bottle in his hand.
>He drunkenly explains to me what lube is.
>He sits in the couch and pulls me into his lap to the point where our cocks are touching.
>He squits some lube onto our cocks and starts jacking them together.
>Like five minutes of the best thing I've ever felt dad stands up and positions me on my knees on the couch hunched over the back of it uo against the wall.
>He takes position behing me and I could feel his girthy cockhead slip into my hole with ease.
>No warm up, not being gentle in the least he just forced his entire cock in, right down to his base.
>Such a force that his balls clap into mine and I can feel the base of his stomach on my backside.
>I yelled out in agony at furst but he didn't even hesitate. All I could hear was him grunting like an animal and the sound of his thighs slamming into mine.
>I eased into enjoy the pounding and evtually he was gliding in and out with ease, switching positions till he was laying in the couch and I was basically riding his cock.
>We fucked like that for over an hour before he started yelling "oh fuck" and filling me hole with his cum.
>Still on his cock I jacked furiously until I unloaded all over his chest/beard and a little on his mouth.

The next morning I woke up to him telling me to jump in the shower before we go out for breakfast. We became very active that summer. Mostly just because we were both home and always horny but I felt like we got really close. He even gave me an enticing birthday present at the end if the sunner before he found a new job.
Hottttttt. Post a pic of him
Hot! Please don't tease us and share more stories

Last one for now

>Be hot day in the middle of July.
>Dad suggests we go to nearby lake and go skinnydipping.
>I'm all for it and we arrive at the lake by noon.
>Strip down and jump in the water.
>We horse around dunking each other and playing tag.
>Eventually things get pretty intimate and we're basically grinding our fully erect cocks together.
>This was one of the rare times we passionately started making out (he taught me how to tongue kiss but wasn't a usual part of our banter)
>Too horny to wait to get home we exit the lake and with just our shoes head up a nearby trail til we find a nice place to go at it.
>This is the first time we ever fooled around out side of the house and the excitement was practically intoxicating.
>We had a small routine at this point where he would kiss my neck and I would inturn tease his nipples then get into our 69 position with him laying down eating my ass while I suck his cock.
>We did this for maybe ten minutes before he put me on all fours and starting easing his way into my ass.
>At this point taking his cock was getting much easier so he slipped in with ease.
>No more gentle dad as he fucked me on the forest floor.
>After a few minutes we changed positions. Dad sat on a nearby rock and I jumped on his lap facing him.
>It was hot, we were still kinda wet and now dripping in sweat. At this point dad wasn't even trying to contain his grunts and moans.
>Dad lifted me up, still fucking me and manged to pin my back against a tree.
>Each thrust was so intense I barely had to touch my cock to cum as intensely as I did.
>Covered in my cum dad fucked me relentlessly for about two more minutes then pulled out and pretty much shoved it in my mouth to unload his sack.
>Not even thinking about it I happily swallowed dad's cum like a good boy.
>Ass-to-mouth wasn't something we had ever tried before but I always preferred swallowing his cum so no objections here.
>We get up and venture back to the lake, wash up and head home.
File: OjosPlatos.jpg (38KB, 736x587px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 736x587px
>My dad was a handsome man
>Looked like the love child of Robert Conrad and a young Tony Curtis
>Eyes so light blue they were almost silver in the right light
>Always had a military cut and kept his military figure
>Kind of alpha looking but the most gentle, patient man I ever knew
>After ma died, he used to have nightmares, tossing and turning in bed, crying in his sleep
>Used to break my heart
>Put him on stuff for sleep apnea and depression
>Dad started sleepwalking
>Would wake up and not really be awake sometimes in the mornings, too
>Scary shit
>Sometimes he'd come in my room in the middle of the night, shake me awake and try to tell me we had to 'get to the cellar' before the storm hit
>I was twelve and we lived in Southern California, wtf, no tornados here, Dorothy
>He'd get a little rough and hustle me to the basement
>He was not awake and seemed to hear different things than what I was saying
>Sometimes he'd lay me flat out on the basement floor and throw his muscled body over the top of me, pinning me to the floor, to like protect me
>tfw he was wearing his hospital fatigue pants he always wore as sleepwear and nothing else
>He was stiff as a stick of dynamite
>Confused and aroused and frightened me
>Repeat once or twice a week for a couple years until they switched his meds and he got better
>I never ever told him about it, he was going through enough shit
>Wanted him bad and fantasized about him all the time
>Glad I never took advantage of the situation
>When he died when I was in High School, I fucking took it out on everyone around me
>Hooked up with daddy types for the next ten years
>Even found a guy who had his same eyes once
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stari 1.jpg
86KB, 1152x864px
I dont have a story but I do have a few pictures taken from my dads phone
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stari 2.jpg
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photo (4).jpg
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this can't be the last one, so hot... more please
>now i know my dads jack off routine
>ramp up the spying
>listen to him fap through the bahtroom every day
>play with my dick while he plays with his
>find his porn mags in his dresser
>find his dirty cum towel under his bed
>start adding my own loads
this goes on for a couple of months before
>come home from school
>find a fresh load in MY cum rag
>dad's been snooping on me
>not in a rush to get off
>really play with his jizz this time
>smell it, taste it, rub it into my nips and dick
>best cum i'd had up till then
>know that dad is also a perv
>decide to try to get him to jack off with me
"taken" from your "dads" "phone"
like I care what you think
Ok, cause I think that those are just pictures of your old, fat ass and unimpressive dick
so what i can be a dad
so you admit that it's you
Fuck you guys, get back to posting stories and pics!
That's just creepy and nasty.
>>be 16
>>wanted dad in me for years
>>Christmas, he's drunk, goes to bed at 10pm bc he's wasted
>>Sneak away from everyone else to his room
>>Enter room "dad?"
>>Turn light on "dad?"
>>No response
>>Pulls the covers back "dad!"
>>Out cold
>>He sleeps naked so he's already all out there
>>Bigger guy, 6'3", 250lbs, not gym fit but labor strong, big belly
>>Smell him a lot
>>man smell and whiskey, and I get so hard
>>start stroking him, 5" uncut soft
>>he grows
>>take it in my mouth while making sure he's sedated
>>grows to like 6'5" hard, shower not a grower
>>he's at full mast now, very hard but still out
>>spend a lot of time silently making out with his cock
>>so much precum
>>he's moaning softly
>>want to straddle him so much but resist
>>get nervous, steal his ripe underwear and jerk off 34 times

Next evening, he comes to talk to me...
lmao. busted
i dont really care if this is true or made up, just keep going. i mean my dick is already leaking so why not?
>grows to like 6'5" hard

Holy shit, his dick is as long as I am tall.
are you bosnian/croation/serbian?
What are you doing in an incest thread, then?
Back to work people. Where are the "most likely fake but it's ok I'll assume it's real" incest stories of father and son???????
pretty impressive that your dad's back elongates by two inches when sexually aroused m8

He doesn't know his units of measurement. It completely destroyed his story.

I'm not surprised.
His story had nothing to do with converting units, boiling water, or specifying dates. What a weird infographic to roll out.

Looks more like a brain fart where he started to write the cock measurement as if it were the height of a human body.

But yeah, bloody Americans and their rebel measurements! How do they maths at all?!
File: hrm.gif (2MB, 500x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 500x280px

he meant it grows to 6.5 inches.
anybody with half a brain can see that.
jesus you people are retarded cunts sometimes.
Everyone knows what he meant. They're just heckling him. Welcome to the internet.
I agree with everything except for the temperature. Celsius is just as arbitrary as Fahrenheit and I prefer Fahrenheit while cooking due to smaller difference between degrees.

That said the best unit system is Kelvin hands down for temperature.
>I prefer Fahrenheit [over celsius]
>Best unit system is Kelvin

You do realise that celsius and Kelvin are the same scale right? 1 degree celsius difference = 1 Kelvin
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