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hey, I just recently discovered that there's this thing

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hey, I just recently discovered that there's this thing where guys tap their feet or something and then do "understall" sex and it's a major turn on for me
share your understall stories please, and teach me the signals while you're at it!
sounds like aids to me but it's hot as fuck as long as it's just a jerk off sess
I was in spain recently and i went into a bathroom and saw a guy jerking off, i went to the urinal besides him and started jerking off too, soon, another guy came out from a stall and was talking to the first guy, i was afraid they would leave or something but then he joined us too, we jerked off for a while and then they left, i noticed a fourth guy on the last urinal jerking off too, he was fat and old but i was horny so i went into a stall with him and fucked his ass raw and came inside
the first two guys had huge cocks though, wish they would have fucked me
Never done but would like to, pretty similar to a gloryhole
>tfw stomach is too big and dick is too small to fuck
>heard about it once from a guy on grindr
>went to local Macy's to try it
>sat down at big stall and another dude comes to the one next to mine
>tap my foot he gets up and tried to open my stall
>let him in suck him off a bit
>another man opens our stall
>"oh shit woops sorry "
>ask anon "are u high?"
Tell him to leave, I go home, never doing it again. The idea of it is so hot, to suck a s potentially straight man that just wants to use your mouth, and I also wanna try a gloryhole; but the risk for STDs is too scary for me.
This is something I found when I was in college, and despite being written in 1994, it remains remarkably accurate, and quite comprehensive.


samefag here

I would love to add a few comments of my own on the subject:

>Grindr has changed the game.

Grindr and Hornet and A4A and the myriad of digital choices have steered the younger (and older) generation onto their smartphones. It's less risky, and you can swap dick pics on the bus. That said, cruising the teahouse has two major advantages over Grindr. First, it's more of a sure bet. Grindr boys flake all the time, cumming to your pics, choosing a hotter guy or just deciding they don't wanna come through. In the teahouse, they're there to actually fuck. Second, it's more real. Even if you don't hook up, there's a thrill in discreetly jerking off, knowing men and their penises are all around you, peeking under stall, trying to guess their age, looks, physique from their shoes and ankles. It's not for everyone, but you know who you are. My advice is to use the technology to your advantage. Post a Craigslist ad for understall, saying what area (or even the particular tearoom if you're brave) you'll be cruising before you leave. When you get there, set your Grindr name to "Understall" or something. Luckily, Grindr has remained a huge mystery to straight people, so use it. If you walk into a bathroom, someone is looking suspicious in the stall and you hear that Grindr message sound, what would you think?
>Learn the environment and use it to your advantage.

One of my first stall thrills started the day I realized that peeking through the joint in the stall divider in my high school's busiest bathroom, I could actually see the entire mirror at the sinks, which ran perpendicular to the bank of urinals with no dividers at all, meaning you could see guys peeing, and if they held it out enough, even their cocks. Another favorite cruisy bathroom of mine has polished white floors (it's a suburban mall). Most people don't pay close enough attention to realize the reflections are clear enough to make out a boner at a urinal or a head nod. Always study the environment. How and where do your shadows fall? What about when you lean forward far enough to peek under a divider? All of these things are clues.

>Colleges are awesome.

Tearooms of the old variety have gotten much rarer. Especially since the AIDS epidemic, there is much less tolerance for trashy bathrooms. In our parents' twenties, most people knew of one gloryhole, and probably a dozen bathrooms with broken stall latches. Today, these are repaired promptly, and cops tend to patrol the seediest places like rest stops. Some of the cruisiest bathrooms today are the ones that keep it low-key, looking presentable and harmless. The article's author is still 100% correct, however, when he says that every college has a cruisy bathroom. This is partly because every college has a few buildings that are older and less-used than they were when they were designed, and their bathrooms don't see much traditional use. It's also partly because old trolls keep those bathrooms cruisey in an attempt to hook up with 18 year old twinks. And finally, it's also partly because every college has horny teen boys who aren't looking to date, but want to stick their dick in something warm. The website Squirt.org used to be my favorite resource for cruisey bathrooms, but they've started charging for membership I would highly recommend signing up for the free trial just to go check out their listings of local cruising spots. There's a ton of detail and even photos. ALWAYS check your local college.

These last two pearls of wisdom are slightly related, but it merits saying. Hope someone has found this info useful.

>Tearoom cruising is all about reading people.

This is true of all cruising, but especially in understall. Sometimes, you'll meet people too scared to use the standard signals, or who hasn't learned them yet. Or sometimes you can't tell if that's a foot tap or not. Learn to read people. Pay attention every time you're in a bathroom to what people do and how they act. How do the legs next to you look when he's popping a deuce. Now look down at yours. Can you see the difference? Different people sit to shit differently, but with practice you can tell by their stance, how much they fidget and how relaxed they are enough to guess whether they're shitting, just sitting there or jerking off. Often, the most calm guy in the bathroom is the most suspicious, because most guys sigh, stretch, flex and otherwise go about their business, while guys cruising are usually trying to appear normal and collected. Listen for the sounds of going the bathroom. If someone has been sitting in the next stall for 5 minutes without a sound, they're not using the restroom. They might be doing something other than cruising, mind you, but it's worth investigating.
>Trust your instincts.

The hardest thing about your first understall is getting up the courage to do it. The risk is also the biggest thrill. At the end of the day, you never know 100% that you've read the signs correctly until you actually try to engage in sex. So don't be a pussy and do it. Most of the hookups you score will be because you "just knew". Trust that feeling. If you're wrong, the guy will be startled and maybe mad, but even if he was going to chase you, which most guys wouldn't (no one wants to tell the story to their friends about how some dude thought you were gay in a bathroom and stuck their cock under the stall), he still has to wipe his ass and get his pants on, so you have time to get away.

some of the countries in europe are fucking weird, dude

like ordinary joes jerk off together in the pissers and nobody thinks nothing of it

i think their attitude is 'we're not really gay; we're just horned up and nothing could be more natural that to have a good ole' wank with some other guys in the public head'

this happened several times to me, so i don't think i'm just 'lucky' or anything: this is just the way a lot of young and middle aged guys think in southern europe
cruising for sex is better than squirt since it doesn't require a membership.


also has international listings but you have to click through an age verification twice (and choose "take me to the listings") before you can get in. helps to have ad block installed.


the interface is old and kind of screwy but the listings are pretty good and most are fairly recent. you can add your own comments about cruisy locations if you want.
All the places where I am were last updated in like 2004 or 2003 is that also for everyone else? Would they still be relevant 12 years after?
I've beat off to the full version of this movie. It's hot and on a lot of torrent sites.

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im about to go meet a dude from craigslist for some understall stuff, what should I do/expect?

This will be the first time ive done anything with a guy.

I plan on wearing a rubber while getting jerked just to be safe.
I agree with the other guy. The idea sounds hot as fuck but then STDs are a thing
How'd that go anon? If I were into this kind of thing I'd take a rubber to mean you want to try and fuck under the stall. I don't quite get how that would work though. I have never jerked or sucked a guy while he was wearing a condom. Condoms are for fucking in my mind, and I believe in many others.

>be me

>go to the understall

>there's a guy that offers his hand to you

>tfw get on my knees

>tfw 6''2

>too tall, my dick almost reachest the rim of the toilet
squirt.org then choose cruising it will list the places where this is active.

London public toilets are all clusterfucks for this shit.
Send dick pic
Is losing your virginity like this a bad idea?
I don't know.
Can you repeat the question?
You're not the boss of me now!
I was in a cubicle and i tapped my foot then i saw the person in the next cubicle tap their foot so i tapped mine again and then they stuck their hand under the partition i wasnt expecting it so i quickly ran out lol
>be travelling
>stop at airport in Minneapolis
>go into restroom
>see stall occupied
>go into next stall
>wait a few minutes
>tap my foot to get guys attention
>keep tapping
>put hand under divider
>guy gets up and arrests me
>tell him I have a wide stance so pants wont hit the floor
>not buying it
>plead guilty
>resign from congress
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when i was in college i had sex in the library all the time. just go to the gay section (HQ) and look at some of the books about being gay. soon a horny guy will come along. you can go in the bathroom but on quiet days or late at night i have gotten sucked in the stacks.
dem veins
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Source please
I need sauce to this stat, Google search ain't helping
Personally, I don't typically do "understall" in the purest sense. I cruise the stalls, and when I'm ready to seal the deal, I just head right over into the other stall. I think this is a more common approach than actually trying to stick your cock under the divider, and it's much easier to recover from if someone walks in.
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reminds me of what happened MANY years ago

>going to local college
>campus is sort of scattered around town, building here, building three blocks away, another a few more blocks away
>one older building not many classes held in
>need to take a shit one day and go to the mens room
>go in, drop trou and sit down
>in front of me on the door is a beautiful pencil sketch of two guys having sex. one bent over the bed, the other guy fucking him
>it was REALLY well done (not ironically the local art school was next door to this building)
>start going to that bathroom just for the picture
>one day sitting there and someone else comes in and goes to the stall next to mine
>sit there for a minute
>hear "that's a nice picture, isn't it?"
>kind of shocked but say it is
>next thing I know the guy's knees and cock slide under the divider
>never been in this situation before
>not sure what to do s just reach down and start jerking the guy off
>takes about 5 minutes before he blows his load on the floor (and my shoes)
>he gets up and leave
>I wait 10 minutes, get up, wipe my shoe off and leave
>decided to avoid that bathroom in the future
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Colleges are always the best. Don't miss out, because your best shot at action is when you're student age.

>Be a sophomore at a large state school.
>Learn about cruisy bathrooms.
>Find the active ones.
>Lots of trolls, but a consistent stream of fellow students cruising.
>Best action is at the stalls.
>Either jerk/suck with guys there, or make eyes and go to another location to fuck.
>Once sucked a hot, fit hipster to completion.
>Jerking at the stalls and he gestures for me to suck him.
>Look around, only another cruiser in the bathroom, go for it.
>after like 45 seconds he just shoots down my throat.
>"Thanks man."
>He zips up and bolts.

Also met a guy on grindr who would suck me off in a tiny abandoned admin building bathroom. He had a bf and rode my city bus some times so was awkward, but he loved to slurp down my loads.
I like bars with trough urinals. Always drunk guys checking out my cock. It curves down when it gets hard so you can't really tell I have a hardon, it just looks really big. I catch a dude checking me out and I motion him to follow me into a stall and he always sucks me off. Most people just think we're doing coke or something.
>sucked a hipster

hang your head in shame!
Same, asap
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I work in a major business district and many of the toilets around are very cruisy. I used to go all the time, usually before work or at lunch, I get turned on by guys in suits so it was heaven for me. Noticed who many of the regulars were. Most of the time I just got / gave hand jobs. Sucked a few dicks sometimes tho
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>Sucked a few dicks sometimes tho

If you don't mind my asking, how exactly? Wouldn't that involve practically laying on the floor to get his cock in your mouth properly, considering how low the dividers in most stalls go? That'd be about midcalf height, right? Same goes for assfucking; I ain't exactly saying it's impossible or anything, but wouldn't it get uncomfortable as hell after a minute or two?

related content:
>gloryholesandunderstall tumblr com/post/89656200330/gloryholes-and-understalls-because-we-all-like

>pic not related to the video but related to the thread, mostly
>tfw theres a video of you on this tumblr
which one fgt
i wont tell
Then why say anything at all pussy
come oooon
Kneel or lie on your stomach, it's not that bad.
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jesus. youre the fucking jedi master of cruising. thanks for all the info.
The stalls I went to were actually pretty high, so I didn't have to bend down as much. You're on your knees anyway so bending down more isn't to much of an ask. Though sometimes they'd come to my stall and I'd suck it that way. One guy did try to get me to fuck him from understall, my dick ain't big so I was not successful.
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