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Craigslist Stories

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This happened a couple of years ago, but i finally managed to type this greentext. Don't forget to share yours!

>be 16
>more or less 5'8 and 155 lbs
>early justin bieber hairstyle
>a sexually frustrated teen
>spending most of my time edging and discovering new fetishes
>pretty used to things like selfsuck and piss by 17
>not to mention anal masturbation
>discover craigslist and immediately post an ad
>lie about my age of course
>get tons of replies
>sort of self-conscious
>choose two guys, tell the rest I'm not interested
>1st one is an extremely hairy bear-type guy,
>turned me on because I used to shave every single body hair at the time
>things that repelled me a bit were his face and him being almost obese
>still, his very thick ~6 inch cock and incest fetish made up for it
>lives in a different part of city and doesn't have his own apartment
>agree to meet downtown in a public toilet of the mall
>say I'm down for a hj, frot, maybe more
>fast forward to the moment I enter the place
>the pressure has been increasing but now my heart is pounding like I'm on drugs
File: gay-toilet-blowjob.jpg (26KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 500x333px
>open the door, look him in the face, say hi
>in a blink of an eye our pants are down
>stroking his meaty uncut log fast, feel it stiffen in my palm
>so far so good
>he takes my hand off his cock and grabs them both in one hand
>my face is red, dick rock hard
>don't want to cum yet, time to take the initiative
>go down on him licking his hairy belly
>the moment of truth lol
>barely put it in my mouth because of how thick it is
>going up and down on it he starts stroking my hair
>someone else get into a stall besides ours
>huge fucking rush of adrenaline but keep going
>the stranger takes a quick piss
>accidentally let out a loud slurping sound
>the guy says something like 'fucking fags'
>he storms out of the there
>no longer shy, kind of slut mode activated
>start teasing and sucking on the bear's bulky balls
>lay his dick on my face
>he says 'please let me cum already'
>dick in mouth again, tongue goes around it
>now he puts his other hand on my head and starts thrusting very lightly
>that log can't stop cumming
>suddenly my mouth is full and I spill a bit on my t-shirt
>a couple of last drops lands on my face and chest again
>"Thanks, we should do it again sometime" he says
>reply "we will" after spitting a mouthful in the can
>he leaves and so do I after cleaning up
>come home
>parents ask how I stained my new tee
>"someone told a joke when I was drinking soda" lol
>>parents ask how I stained my new tee
>>"someone told a joke when I was drinking soda" lol
Your mom knows what a cumstain looks like. She knew.
not many hot ones, mostly sad. except

>met guy on cl while I was out of state in college
>really looking for someone to get me booze or pot
>he was in his 40s, a gym/teacher coach, bald (not my type) but had a nice looking shaved cock
>brought me to the liquor store and ran in for a handle of vodka. i had my backpack to stash it
>back to his house. small cramped place and I wasn't sure if no one was home
>into his bedroom, he sits on his bed and starts groping me
>kneeled down and took out his cock
>nice and thick
>when i went down on him his balls had a strong musky smell. fetish activated
>he gave me a nice load in my mouth after a bit of inexperienced sucking
>drove me back to dorms with cum taste on my tongue
>proudly drank from my vodka stash when the weekend came around. told no one how i got it
also had my most adventurous sexual experience with him when I sucked his cock and took a facial in a church basement
Well Ive had quite a few CL hook ups...Some of the most memorable

- I was 16, met a college kid. Told me he liked playing rough. I was like OK? Told him I wanted to suck him and bottom. That I was open to anything really. We met up at baseball dug outs of local HS. And thats where lots of my fetishes began. He eventually came in my mouth, only after fucking my face until I puked. I told him I wasnt use to this and if he was grossed out we didnt have to. I wasnt into puke either and I was grossed out. Just wanted him to cum. Shortly after I realized he didnt have a puke fetish, but liked seeing me struggle and yak. Puked three more times in future meet with him. His dick was 9" and totally destroyed my ass the one and only time we fucked. Couldnt shit right for 3 days after. Blood and everything.
he offered to pay me to "use your ass again". When I asked how much he offered $50 and a sack of weed. I said sorry your dicks too big. He upped to $100. I still turned him down. He told me if I ever decided to let him fuck me again that he would fuck me hard, but pay me way more

---be me, considering it years later
>years later

Sorry but your no longer an under-age and vulnerable boy naively selling your body on the cheap. He is not interested.
A4a story.

>19, have the house to myself for the week
>Horny af start browsing a4a
>Not many profiles were turning me on
>Get one message from a profile w/ no pic
>Guy says he's driving from Indiana and rolling through my area, wants to get off on the way
>His profile says he's 41, he says he's often told he looks like Tony Stweart. I ask him if he's dom / verbal and he just replies "yea"
>Usually like guys to have a pic and to be more enthusiastic before I meet them but say fuck it and give him my address
>Wait maybe an hour before I see a truck pull up in my driveway, he gets out. Huge burly redneck type, hot as fuck
>I answer the door, his face is dead serious, he says "get in that room, boy"
>Enter the bedroom, he unzips his pants. He's wearing a jockstrap, whips out his cock and says "Get on your knees and suck it bitch."
>I instantly get hard, he facefucks me for a good while before commanding me to lay on the bed with my head hanging off the end so he can "fuck my boy throat."
>Throatfucks me, sweaty balls slapping against my face, he explodes in my mouth
dam thats hot
>see ad for hookup near my area
>he is qt scruffy hipster twink
>all things are good
>decide to meet at his apartment around 6 in the afternoon
>small apartment with a lot of clutter everywhere
>we get straight to business and he starts sucking my dick
>all things are good til he starts tickling my leg
>thought it was weird so I looked down
>it was a huge ass brown fucking spider crawling up my leg
>I screamed like a bitch and kicked my leg up
>accidentally knee him in the nose and he starts bleeding profusely
>he starts crying and says he's getting light headed
>asks him if I can take him to the hospital
>pull up my pants and carry him to my car
>on the way there his nose was like a fucking faucet
>I ran out of napkins so I gave him my shirt
>says he has to puke so I pull over
>he pukes
>gets back in the car
>not even 20 seconds and he has to puke again
>says he can puke out the window
>bloody puke all over the side of my car
>finally get to the hospital
>wait for like 30 minutes then go back into the room
>found out I broke his fucking nose lol
>he started crying so I tried to comfort him
>somehow his parents instantly knew about it so they came in
>he comes up with this story that he hit his nose on the counter or something and that I was his from college
>his parents fucking left within the first 5 minutes of getting there so I stayed with him until they put the little cast thing on his nose
>I left the room and waited outside
>after a while we got in my car and he told me to just take him home
>he was obviously so embarrassed, I felt so bad for him
>cause yknow I kinda broke his fucking nose
>"just take me home, anon"
>>you sure? you could stay at my place
>he looks over and smiles at me and asks me if I don't mind
>>>apparently his parents didnt give a shit that he broke his nose???? lmao all they did was give the doctor their insurance info then left
>it was around 9 when we got home and the pain killers werewearing off so we just went to sleep
we've been together ever since tho lmao, amazingly he didn't have any kinda bumps or crookedness to it. but u bet ur ass he keeps his place clean and spider free
>see ad on craigslist from a 30 yer old coming through my area
>been wanting to do it for a while, so went ahead with it
>meet him at his house
>we kiss, get on his bed
>give him a blowjob for about 10 minutes until he came on my face
>tells me to bend over
>he fingers me, puts on condom and enters me
>lasts for about 30 seconds

He messaged me a couple times the day after to hook up again but I didn't go through with it.

Been wanting to do it again, posted an ad on craigslist and seeing who responds.
aw, good for you providing this is true.
that's a beautiful story, anon
A spider got you a boyfriend. You now owe a great debt to the spider king.
>Post an ad on CL asking for mutual bjs.
>Get some replies, choose the youngest one.
>Meet in a mall and he told me his home was alone.
>We go straight into his room.
>Weird vibe since we just met and we are about to put our cocks in our mouths.
>I sucked his dick and he sucked mine.
>He said he can get hard again in like 5 minutes.
>I suck his dick again after 5 awkward minutes and leave.
>It was ok.

We did it a few times and they were all ok too.

How the fuck do you guys even have passionate casual encounters? That makes no sense to me, I honestly think 99% of all these threads are made up bullshit.
Tfw my first guy from Craigslist was yesterday
>be me 19yr blk guy
>feeling horny gf no where to be found
>smoked some weed really high now
>post an ad on craigslist
>blk 19yr looking for firstime top
>guy called Ian replies
>he calls me a cab
>we go upstairs into his flat we smoke some weed
>Best sex ever had.
>he sucked my dick and I fucked him
>tfw I loved his ass
>tfw I'm meeting him today later on
One of my best encounters was immediately passionate. He was a young security guard at a car dealership, let me into the place late at night, took me upstairs, and proceeded to fuck my brains out in the break room, where there were giant windows overlooking the lot below. I'm sure no one could actually see us from outside, but it was hot as all hell, and I'll probably never have an encounter quite like it again.
>see hot bearish guy posting about hosting in my area
>we exchange pics and he's interested, and also pretty hot
>text him while closing up store
>he's not free till 1 am and I have to get up for work at 6 the that day
>pussy out

I've seen him post a few other times after that, but I dunno if he'd want to after I wasted his time like that :/
>20 years old
>Get my own place
>Decide to indulge in all the fantasties I've wanted to do while living with parents
>Put up an ad looking for someone who is in to the receiving end of rapeplay
>Hundred responses
>One QT 18 year old catches my eye in particular
>He's at my place 2 hours later after exchanging a few e-mails including outlining what rapeplay is, what he's in to, and that the safeword is "safeword"
>Is obvious nervous, and is one of my first times, so I offer him a drink
>We watch TV, talk a bit, I repeat the safe word and tell him he's safe
>We have just one too many drinks
>Realize I better make a move before he passes out
>Tell him to follow me upstairs, he does
>Tell him to undress for me, he does
>He dances for me a little, sucks my cock, then I tell him to lay down on the bed and I tie him up on his stomach
>Go to lick his ass, he tells me no
>Rim his ass, telling him there's nothing he can do to stop me
>Slide a finger up in there, he tells me again to stop
>Eventually climb on top of him and slide my cock inside him while he keeps begging me to stop, and I keep telling him to suck it up
>Fuck him for maybe two minutes before his cute begging of me to stop turns into "Please, dude, just stop, I don't want this any more"
>Did this kid forget the safe word
>"I'm not enjoying this any more, please stop"
>Pull out, ask if he is serious
>Untie him, we both get dressed without saying a word
>He says he's too drunk to drive home
>I make him coffee and we watch family guy in silence until he says he's sorry and is ready to leave

He later e-mailed me asking me if I was up for doing it again but I felt seriously shitty about it the whole time and said no.
>>Fuck him for maybe two minutes before his cute begging of me to stop turns into "Please, dude, just stop, I don't want this any more"
>>Did this kid forget the safe word
>>"I'm not enjoying this any more, please stop"
>>Pull out, ask if he is serious
u fucked up. he was just testing you. of course he remembered the safeword

i did rapeplay once with my gf, was pretty fucking hot, especially the part where you have to pin them down while they fight to get away
No, you are suppressed to ask what the safe word is. Then if they say it you release. Also, get into it more. Once played where I went to his place he opened the door and the first thing I did was reach for his throat, slammed the door behind me, and pined him to a wall and it began with resistance immediately. Good times.
Best cl hookup I've had in while yesterday
>be me, 19
>on vacation with family in the middle of nowhere. Closest guy on grindr is 15 miles away
>super horny and step bro won't suck my dick since he's straight
>post ad on CL and get about 3 responses. Only one sent a pic and stats
>agree to meet up at midnight
> sneak out (I'm allowed to go out, just trying to be quiet since people are sleeping).
> find anon in parking lot where I'm staying and enter his car
> offers me a blunt. Fuckyes.jpg haven't had weed all vacation
> he takes off his shorts and tells me to start sucking
> his dick is way bigger than it looked in the pic. At least 7 inches and really fucking thick
> I love sucking a thick cock so I start deepthroating on his cock and he starts moaning
> security drives by. I get nervous since the car is completely hotboxed and steamy. The guy leaves and I go back to business
>big dick anon is really vocal and shoving my head down forcing me to choke on his dick
> bout 20 min of blowing him and he cums down my throat. Didn't taste that great but I was super horny at that point so think fuck it and swallow.
>agrees to meet up following morning (today) but he flakes
> mfw he was supposed to fuck me this time
Still hoping he emails me before my family leaves. His dick was the best dick I've sucked ever, felt great in my throat
Enjoy your aids.
> enjoy your aids
> from a blow job
Do you know how unlikely that is to happen?
Should have asked if he remembered the safe word, if he said he does then it was false, if he said he doesn't then you stop.
Give it a shot, he just might. Now, if you flake out on him a second time, not a chance.
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2MB, 206x206px
>His dick was the best dick I've sucked


if you want something too much you won't get it. -law of the universe
File: ApprovedByCupidOK.jpg (6KB, 210x239px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 210x239px

nailed it, anon

dude's probably still trawling high-school boys and waving cash in front of them

Report back, please.
Kik JokerKing787. Anyone want some fun
first and only time hooking up with a guy

>be me in college
>friend introduces me to some girl who is willing to sell her entire prescription of xanax and klonopin
>buy it all
>roommate and I eat them like candy for 3 days straight
>get horny one night and have 0 inhibitions, so I take a pic in the communal bathroom and post it on CL
>get a bunch of replies
>one sexy spanish dude replies
>figure fuck it, let's do this
>about 30 minutes later he picks me up in this red mercedes
>guy is about 25
>we roll around the area for a bit trying to find a place to hook up
>find a place and pull over
>we are in NYC, so there are people everywhere
>he has tinted windows so fuck it
>we both get in the back seat
>don't kiss
>we agreed to mutual BJs
>he tells me to pull my pants down
>do so
>he starts sucking me
>cum in probably 30 seconds - probably from the excitement of me getting my dick sucked by a guy for the first time
>my turn
>he pulls down his pants
>probably about 6" uncut
>going to town on his dick as best I can
>try and deepthroat him, gag and almost puke
>he tells me to stop, that it's ok
>drive home in what would have been an awkward situation had it not been for the xanax

that was that
>be 24
>gf ain't providing and I'm horny
>post ad and sexy asian twink from college replies
>20 with a hot shaved ass and curly thick hair
>kinda nervous so agree to hang have a drink play some video games and see what happens
>he takes metro and I meet him and walk him to my apartment
>play some shadow of the colossus, f-zero gx
>have a beer and smoke some weed
>he's so cute hadn't smoked much before
>inhale from bong hold it in and kiss and pass the smoke to him
>full on make out
>I am a verbal top so immediately rub his face on my crotch
>his eyes are closed and he moans as I take my pants off and shove his face into my musk
>he pulls off my underwear
>I face fuck him and call him my personal slut
>he's loving it and begging for me
>slap him for being a thirsty bitch
>continue to throat fuck him
>have him lick my balls as I slap my cock against his face
>after a few more thrusts in his throat I cum and he swallows

He stayed the night and came another time where he also stayed the night. He was fun, cute and we would fuck and cum 5 or 6 times per visit. Haven't hooked up with anyone in a long time though sometimes I miss it.
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>agree to meet downtown in a public toilet of the mall.

Am I the only one who only hooks up at a reasonable place?
Im in san diego, new at this, always looking for older guys....well im not 20 anymore haha, whats a safe site. Not shy but i cant host, is craidlist a safe site i use squirt ans its a nice site but everybody tells me to be careful, its really that dangerous? If he ask me to go to a motel its that safer???
Jesus fucking Christ. Please learn how to type before posting anywhere.
spitters are quitters
>Am I the only one who only hooks up at a reasonable place?

I've done a few public hook-ups (parking garages, woods) but those days are long gone.
> talking to same guy on and off for a while
> he has a hotel room for a few days, decide to go there
> on the way, find out another guy I've been talking to is going to be there
> super nervous, but decide to go in
> The dudes are pretty chill, The older guy tells the younger guy to get naked and tells me to suck his dick
> first time sucking dudes dick, other dude start playing with my ass
> The younger dude fucks me while the older guy watches suck my dick on and off
>messaged a guy on craigslist
>agree to meet up on the soccer fields at a local park
>late afternoon, loads of people, teams practicing soccer, hot dads
>really horny
>he texts me
>he is there
>tell him my location
>he shows up
>cuter than his bad online pics (he's dl)
>walk around looking for a place to ...
>bathrooms too busy
>electricity in the air
>we both need it so bad
>walk toward the back of the park (big park in Tucson called Udall field)
>maybe under the baseball field bleachers?
>play around a little, show each other our hard cocks, he bends and sucks my cock head
>some people
>we move toward the dry river bed
>trails through the cactus
>it is nearly sundown
>lights on the fields come on
>we head into the dark trails by the riverbed
>standing in the dark near a large shrub
>he's sucking me
>he fingers my ass
>he wants to fuck me
>suck his dick and get it wet
>bend over, hands in the dirt
>he is fucking me with my shorts around my ankles
>suddenly a jogger goes by, we freeze
>appears not to notice us
>continue fucking
>the jogger returns and pauses
>we freeze, caught
>he approaches, shirtless and sweating in tiny silky running shorts, obvious bulge
>"mind if i join you?"
>we don't say a word
>he stands in front of me, pulls his shorts down and starts rubbing his huge hard cock on my face
>guy resumes fucking my ass
>runner forces cock in my mouth
>i am in heaven.jpg
>taking it from both ends like a slut
>they both cum buckets all over me
>jogger says thanks and leaves
>craigslist dude pulls up his shorts and says thanks and leaves
>i'm covered in cum, lying in the dirt
>the crowd in the well-lit stadium cheers a baseball home-run
Thank You Based God
>be me 19
>first year away from home at university
>hear about a popular swimming hole on the river on craigslist and decide to go there
>walking upstream to get away from all the drunk girls laying out
>fewer and fewer people
>dense undergrowth
>many trails
>follow a trail near the water's edge
>see a couple with their clothes off
>keep walking
>pass more nude people in groups and alone
>keep walking
>getting horny from all the hot men with their cocks out
>keep walking
>find a place that is sunny but far enough away from other people that i'm not visible to them
>decide to get naked
>the breeze on my balls is amazing
>instant hard-on, realize my cock is oozing a long thin thread of precum that sticks to my leg
>have a beer and enjoy the sun
>smoke a joint
>have another beer
>lay on my stomach to get an even tan
>fall asleep from the warm sun and the beer
>having an amazing dream
>suddenly i'm awake
>there is someone standing right next to me
>look up to see a pair of long hairy legs, then a long swinging dick then a fit hairy chest on top of which are broad shoulders and a handsome face
>"Hey" the tall man says "You were snoring"
>"Yeah, I must have fallen asleep" I say
>"Nice day for it" he says
>I turn over then realize too late I have morning wood
>The tall man pretends not to notice
>"You got another beer?" he asks nodding at the empty beer cans next to my towel
>"Uh, sure" i say and pull my bag onto my lap to cover my boner while I look in it for a beer
>He spreads out his towel next to me and takes the beer from me
>I ask him if he wants to get stoned and of course he does
>I crack open another beer and before I can finish it he is rubbing my thigh and looking in my eyes
>His cock is hard and throbbing slightly with his heartbeat
>I nod in the direction of my hard cock and he takes the hint and starts sucking me
>Long story short he swallows my load
We have been together ever since, 5 years now.
Okay that sounds like a lie but okay
File: runner.jpg (810KB, 673x1010px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
810KB, 673x1010px
>a jogger goes by
>in tiny silky running shorts
I just gave a guy a blowjob in the shower.
It's been great but fuck, cum tastes awfully bitter. I didn't remember it being this bad.
The guy probably doesn't have a great diet, so his cum is a bit manky. Too much dairy and meat and not enough fruit.
File: aaaa.jpg (67KB, 620x930px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just posted this on /b/ too

>Be me 25 yo
>Been horny decide to check out CL
>sexy older gray fox type
>feel uncomfortable as I have a gf (but she never blows me)
>ask to meet at neighborhood bar
>funny guy
>go home
>get high
>he's getting more comfortable
>asks to suck my cock
>look him in the eyes
>do it slut
>he goes down on it like a typical slut
>nuh-uh nona that shit
>face fuck him and talk dirty
>tell him how much I love fucking his slut mouth
>tell him I'm treating him like the cock-thirsty daddy he is
>the whole time he's moaning and thanking me
>wanted to take a pic but he wasn't having it
>told him had to keep track of if gf would call but insisted I put my phone on the table
>slap him and continue to ask him how much daddy loves choking on his son's balls
>tell him to let loose and be the daddy slave he is
>cum on his face twice
>takes him like 20 minutes to leave cuz he keeps stroking and worshipping my still hard cock
>feel guilty but so good

Pic somewhat related he kinda looked like the daddy but I am a skinny latino
Sauce on the guy!!
>be me
>21, bi, horny and post-breakup with gf
>desperate for blowjob from anyone
>post ad looking for blowjobs
>"Young, athletic, straight/bi, and fit boys only"
>(this is me, I want similar body types)
>Literally dozens of replies from old fat men, dirty old men willing to pay me, etc.
>Not thank you
>One replier sounds super-bro alpha male bodybuilding.com miscer
>Just my type
>Turned on just by reading his email
>"Looking for another fit brah. 6'0, discreet, straight acting, muscular, constantly pumped from going to the gym everyday and playing sports."
>Want to see more of him
>Sends him picture of me
>"Hot man"
>Asks for one from him
>"Nah man, super discreet, I have a GF"
>Okay whatever.
>Too hot and bothered
>He sounds good-looking
>Agree to meetup behind some train station parking lot
>Drive by slowly to park and look at his face
>See fat asian sitting in a Toyota Corolla
>Oh fuck no....
>What the fuck do I do
>Already here
>Still horny
>Can't be that bad, right?
>Park next to him
>He walks over
>Double chin staring at me
>Magnitude 8 tremors
>Gets inside my backseat and proceed to backseat
>"Can you move the passenger seat up? I can barely move back here"
>Accidentally trapped a whale
>Fucking lol
>Whale is taking his pants off
>What the fuck am i doing
>He unzips my pants and gives me a blowjob
>6 shitty-blowjob seconds go by
>How do I get out of here
>Too much of a nice guy to say "You're a fat fuck. Fuck off"
>Contemplating life choices
>See two guys in dark clothing in a distance walking towards us
>Not security
>"Oh shit its security we have to go."
>"But cmon I'll give you a good blowjob"
>Won't get in trouble
>"No fuck this I'm not getting in trouble. Get out"
>He waddles towards his car,I turn my car on
>...Waiting for his fatass to get out of my way
>Speed back home and shower 6 times
I don't like Craigslist
File: 1.jpg (77KB, 547x729px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 547x729px
>20 and horny while studying abroad in Paris
>post ad looking for a top
>Lots of ugly old hogs reply (this is what i get for being skinny and latino...)
>40ish married dude replies, decent looking, nice body and 7.5 dick
>Best thing i've seen for the past 2 days, agree to meet up in a metro station
>We meet and we talk, hit up pretty nice but he's got a weird briefcase
>Decide it's time to go to my place, get the feeling he either has a massive dildo in the bag or knives to kill me
>Tells me he doesn't kiss, doesn't suck, doesn't do anything apart from sticking it in
>I do all the work
>We have boring vanilla sex, until the last 3 mins, when i decide to kiss the fucker
>Finally begins to pound me
>he cums, takes a shower and tells me I was his first male kiss
>Takes his mysterious unopened suit case with him
>An hour later he emails me "I know you thought i was a serial killer with the bag thing, sorry about that"
>Erase email
>Craiglist fantasy never fulfills my hornyness, never use it again
>Bonus: his penis, half flaccid and bored like i was
>I sucked his cock and took a facial in a church basement
We've all been there.
why don't you fags just use grindr? xD
I haven't :(
File: gloryhole.jpg (171KB, 640x1136px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171KB, 640x1136px
grindr makes it hard to talk about sex in your profile. also they don't allow nude pics so everyone has to pretend to be looking for relationships and shit before finally sending a cock pic and hoping they don't get reported. also, it is hard to be d/l on grindr because it is tied to your phone number and nobody will talk to you without a face pic.
>I haven't :(
Well, next church basement, you can blow me and I'll return the favor.
No big grindr fan but they do not require a phone number? In the USA anyways
>pretend to be looking for relationships and shit before finally sending a cock pic

lol, what? literally everyone on grindr is looking for sex
but you have to do it on your phone so the NSA/local law enforcement get all your nude pics.
That was a sweet story :)
>I honestly think 99% of all these threads are made up bullshit.

or maybe you just ain't a very passionate individual and sex just doesn't do it fer ya' ?

some of the wildest sex i ever had was from cl ads or from chance encounters on or off base

get out more

obviously, trading bjs with a guy you met online a few times with so-so results shouldn't be the entire basis of your 'sage' and sweeping pronouncement ?

if you're in fucking san diego surrounded by horny latinos and marines and can't figure out how to get laid, then you'd better shoot yourself

san diego prolly has more glory-holes per square mile than anyplace on earth outside of nyc
>get out more
>get aids more
I'm too afraid to hook up on CL. I feel like the first ad l respond to and decide to go through with meeting up would be the guy that murders me and puts me in a freezer.

I also feel like all the nice pics that get posted on there are not of the actual poster.
>be 18
>go on craigslist as why the fuck not
>start to message guy in my area for a NSA BJ
>asks my age
>tell him 18
>too young
First time I've ever heard of someone getting rejected for being 18.
it is pretty simple to not get aids.
just don't let anyone cum inside your asshole.
don't let anyone fuck you without a condom.

you don't have to live in fear of aids.
just be careful that anything that goes in your ass is wrapped.

you will only be young once.
young men are ALL beautiful.
enjoy being young.
it was made even worse when his add said "16-25 preferred" i was quite annoyed
File: 1433468340400.png (399KB, 431x413px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
399KB, 431x413px
You win the gayest post of the thread
>60 year old craving twink butthole detected
>it is pretty simple to not get aids.
>just don't let anyone cum inside your asshole.
>don't let anyone fuck you without a condom.

Oh boy. You don't need a condom. Just cut your foreskin off. You can't get AIDS when you're circumcised. You also don't have to wash your dick anymore. Don't have sex with uncircumcised men, they are dirty and have AIDS.
Bye, it's time for mass and then over to Walmart to buy some guns.
I don't understand the rage. Are you guys mad because aids infection isn't that simple?
I don't know if you're serious. If you're then you're a f**king dumba**!
File: 1390249883229.jpg (25KB, 382x308px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 382x308px

>censoring yourself like a cunt.
where do you live, just curious?
meant for
>censoring self on porn board.
You don't belong here.
>Be 21 totes hawt jocker
>Meet up with 9 foot tall blk gay
>he proceeds to finger mee
>Slowly inserts rest of hand, arm, head, torso and legs
>I finish by giving birth to him

We've lived as father and son since then
>be me
>live in a small town
>hungry for cock
>no gay bars
>go on craigslist
>hot ad
>hairy chest, no face
>"D/L dad seeks son for hot session"
>nothing else even looks close
>scared, heart pounding, boner in pants, decide to reply
>burner email
>send note with phone number and body pic
>no response
>two days later receive a text on my phone
>"hey it's me are you down?"
>still horny "ok, sure"
>meet at library
>he is mid thirties, muscular, hairy, straight looking
>-instant wood-
>we go for a walk in the woods behind the library
>he grabs me and pushes me up against a tree and kisses me, feels my cock
>i feel his cock, he is hard
>my parents are still at work
>we go back to my house
>he parks around the corner
>we go in through the basement entrance
>start fucking
>he is thick as fuck
>takes a while to get it in me
>finally he is in and is pounding me hard, choking me with one hand
>this is what i have needed my whole life
>i start stroking my cock while he is fucking me matching his rhythm
>we are cumming
>footsteps on the floor above
>my mother is home early
>hurriedly dress and exit out the basement door
>walk him to his car
>sit in his car and smoke a joint
>he is still trying to decide if he is gay
>he wants to fuck me again
>we are meeting up this weekend.
>not sure if i should tell my parents
nothing compare to my first CL hookup. it was the best fuck ever.

>be 19
>be me, chubby closet bi fag
>playing with dildos and stuff
>i want to try a real guy
>head to craigslist
>ad says "horny and keen for whatever"
>reply for the hell of it
>have a small chat, seems like a chill dude
>invites me over to his place
>get there
>he is chill as fuck, kinda daddy ish but hot with a goatee
>mid 40's
>hes cool with it being my first time with a guy
>move to bedroom
>he starts to undress me
>insta hard
>touch his chest
>start undressing him
>in moments were both naked
>his shlong was easily 8 inches
>thick, uncut, meaty beauty of a cock.
>'oh wow, youre bigger than my toys'
>i'll be gentle, youre not my first virgin
>he lies on the bed, i start to suck him off
>it barely fits in my mouth
>fuck real cock tastes good
>we go 69
>best blow job ever
>i get on my knees
>he lubes up his finger and starts to play with my ass hole
>"relax, otherwise its just going to hurt"
>starts rimming me
>soon 2 fingers are in
>"fuck my ass. now"
>he lubes up, and slides in slowly
>definitely bigger than my toys
>tells me im tight
>starts to get faster, builds a rhythm
>tell him i want him to cum in mu mouth
>he pulls out, spins me around
>i take that big creamy load like the little slut i am
>i never knew cum tasted so good
>he finishes me off
>we thank each other
>he lights up a joint while i get dressed and leave

my first time with a guy could not have been better. and off CL of all things.

i have one horrible CL story if anyone wants it
>>not sure if i should tell my parents

Why would you tell your parents? Assuming you are of legal age, it is really none of their business at this point (except the part where you hooked up in their house - that isn't ideal. Why didn't you go back to his ffs?)

Good story though, you should fuck again.
>met this guy on CL
>had on his ad to message him my favorite >alcoholic beverage
>I reply vodka
>head over his place were he comes just gets
>back from the gym shows me the kirkland brand
>tells me to sit down
>starts showing me his ass, stripping, and >teasing
>tells me to kneel
>starts pouring all the vodka down his back which goes >down his ass crack
>and butt cheeks
>while I'm rimming and eating and sucking
>ass cheecks
> pull dick out
>tells me to put my dick between ass cheeks and
>ass cheek fuck him
> ass cheek fuck him while occassionally
>sucking the vodka off ass cheeks
>cum on his ass cheeks
>sucks me off
>goes to restroom hands me towel
>and condom
> comes back from restroom
>and I start fucking the shit out of him
>he continues sucking my dick after I cummed in his ass >with condom
> when we finished he goes into restroom and is there
>for 15 mins
>comes out and starts changing in front of me
>get so turned on when I see him walking around
>in his underwear while rushing to go to dinner with gf
>I go closer start massaging his ass
>he starts to get turned on again
> i tear his underwear slide my dick in and start
>fucking again
>I eventually tear off all his clothes and get the >remaining vodka and start pouring it on him and
>along his back so it slides down his ass crack again
>while I’m fucking him
>we both share in drinking the last drop of vodka while
>cum in his ass, again, with a condom
>stay the night at his place
>next morning we both head to Denny’s for breakfast
>but before we head into the restaurant
>well you can guess….
>be in dry spell
>see ad for guy who lives in the city
>generally prefer not to go into the city... parking issues, not the best area, etc...
>but horny so...
>head over
>drive around the block for 15 minutes trying to find a parking space
>find one about 3 blocks away
>walk to his in the pouring rain
>he's texted me twice because I'm late
>get there and soaked
>he's an older guy, married, wife is out
>takes my clothes off and throws them in the dryer
>standing there naked
>we start making out
>get on my knees and he puss his pants down
>nice cock. about 6" with a wicked upward curve
>blowing him, he's face fucking me
>leads me to the bedroom
>more fooling around
>asks if I like it in the ass
>I've done it before and it was meh... too much pain, not enough pleasure
>tell him I'll try
>he lays me on my back
>fingers my ass with lube
>slips on a condom
>lifts my legs up to his shoulders
>slowly slides in
>a little pain but then that glorious curve hits my prostate
>proceeds to fuck me like a rockstar
>pre is leaking out of my cock like a hose
>finally cums
>pulls out and kneels over my face
>slips condom off and proceeds to push his cock in my mouth telling me to clean him off
>"don't want my wife smelling cum on my cock"
>tells me to jerk off while licking him clean
>blow my load on my stomach
>he starts scooping it up and feeds it to me
>gets my clothes and sends me home

well worth it and did more with him

>put an ad saying i need to be fucked
>a couple of responses, pick the best one
>he comes over
>a little heavier than i hoped but not bad
>he's balding ... okay
>he's an archaeologist ... cool
>we get stoned
>getting stoned makes him horny, he says
>he tells me to unbutton his shirt
>nice hairy chest
>he tells me to unbutton his levis
>big thick cock probably 8"
>he tells me to suck it .. yes sir!
>he smells amazing. he is groaning and feeling my ass
>he starts getting real aggressive
>he throws me on the bed and tears my clothes off
>he asks for condoms and lube
>he is on me forcing it in
>big thick fucker won't go in
>asks me if i have any toys
>pull out my little dildo
>he lubes it and sticks it in my ass
>slaps my face and calls me a faggot
>jamming my hole with the dildo
>he asks me if i'm ready to get fucked? ... y-yessir!
>he proceeds to wreck my hole with his thick cock
>tears the condom off and cums on my face
>we text for the next week
>he invites me to his place
>he has 7 cats
>leave immediately, ignore all his texts and never see him again
So I have been curious about hooking up with a guy for a while now and browsing cl I have found a guy near where I live looking to hook up. Any tips for a first time hook up?
>Any tips for a first time hook up?
Try to meet first in a neutral location. That way if he doesn't look like his pics or for any reason you are weirded out you can just leave.
Don't feel pressured or committed into doing anything. You may freely walk away any time you like.
Try to let someone know where you will be and what time you expect to be done. If you don't have any trusted friend like that, write down where you are going and with whom and leave the note in your room as insurance.
Never (that's NEVER) let someone stick their dick inside your ass without a condom. It doesn't matter how many clean tests they claim to have or can't find the condoms or allergic to latex or, or, or. Don't risk it.
Remember 99+% of encounters are fine. Have fun and enjoy yourself. And post back in one of these threads with your story
>>he has 7 cats

so...apparently pussy is the deal-breaker for you then....
File: FullBodyCondom.png (491KB, 853x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
491KB, 853x480px
>Never (that's NEVER) let someone stick their dick inside your ass without a condom

good advice and one more bit of salient information:

in the heat of the moment, some guys will try to 'slip off' the rubber and do you bareback without you knowing, sometimes even halfway into the 'proceedings'

when i was a younger guy fresh out of the military, i'd do this sometimes do one of the guys i was plugging, then pull out just before i came

stopped doing it when i realized it was a pretty shitty--and risky--thing to do, but the point is some guys do it and sometimes even the 'nice' fuckers pull this trick, so...protect yourself and keep your eyes open

also be sure to carry around your own condoms, even if you're the one on the receiving end of things
Thanks for the advice. So I messaged the guy and we are starting to make plans for the meet up, should I tell him it's my first time with a guy?
>why didn't you go back to his place?
Didn't you read D/L?
Fucking hot story bro. Is the pic of him? It's a nice ass

> well worth it and did more with him


>he invites me to his place
>he has 7 cats
>leave immediately, ignore all his texts and never see him again

shit, man. just get him to fuck you at your place. sounded like you had a fun time. and, it's not like you found chainsaws and hockey masks there. it's just a fuck. or, was. but youre missing his thick cock now, right?
This is what I'm scared of. If I do get replies it's either catfish or old guys. Or this:

>post ad
>wade through fake pics and old guys trying to scam on young college guys
>get pic from guy
>actually has abs, nice jaw, a little bit of stubble
>fuckin finally
>decide to meet up
>go to place on campus, look around for him
>aw fuck
>awkward fruit cup comes stumbling in
>like 5' 5", the complete opposite of my type
>starts talking, has that weird gay guy voice
>fuck my life
>walk around for like five minutes trying to find a place, delaying as long as I can
>finally say "I'm not comfortable with this" and leave
>make random turns and zig zags on my way home so he doesnt follow me
>delete number

maybe im too picky
Supposed to meet someone at 5 today
>No show, no text, no email.
Setting up meet up for Wednesday
>No reply back after 18 back and forth.. Hoping he just fell asleep because fuck the meet up sounds hot.

>enjoyed myself so decide to try to meet again
>again, fucking city traffic and parking
>he texts on night and says to come over
>says he'll meet me outside
>drive over. lucky this time find spot a couple of doors down
>says his wife is home but we can go into the basement storage
>go down these stairs into basement of building
>it's about 120 degrees in there. water heaters, no air, stuffy
>he opens a 6x6 storage locker and we step inside
>he immediately has me pushed up against the wall
>tells me to pull my pants down
>do it while he pulls his pants down
>feel him fingering my ass with lube
>he wraps up and tries to push his cock into my ass
>curve makes it difficult but eventually gets it in
>starts fucking me while up against the wall
>it's not doing anything for me. curve facing the wrong way. just uncomfortable
>just stand there and take it while jerking off
>I cum way before he does
>fucks me for 20 minutes and finally blows his load
>tells me to kneel and clean him off. actually pours his cum out of the condom and into my mouth
>notices I shot my load on the plywood walls of the storage unit
>tells me to lick it off so no one sees it
>sends me on my way

What about when sucking dick?
You mean condom for BJ?
No that's just weird.
Technically you take a risk but it's not as big a risk as anal. The chances of getting AIDS from oral are not zero, but they're not much higher than zero. You would be more at risk of contracting another STI like gonorrhoea but that's still (just) treatable with antibiotics at the moment.

So I won't pretend there aren't risks involved, but like a lot of pleasurable activities, we weigh up the risks against the rewards and take our chances.
Literally just moments ago
>post to craigslist looking to get fucked
>never get any replies cause middle of nowhere
>some people finally start replying
>most hop out
>one guy is interested
>but only if today
>seems weird but w/e horny af
>tell him my address and he shows up
>tall burly redneck boy
>my dick hard as rocks
>take him back to my room and take his cock in my mouth
>suck him and deepthroat for a bit
>tells me to get on the bed so he can fuck me
>spit as lube because nothing else
>fucks me hard and cums in my ass
>wish i could lick is cock clean
>he gets dressed and leaves
>look him up on facebook like a creeper
>he's married and has a kid

It was okay. 4/10
File: sausage.jpg (413KB, 960x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
413KB, 960x1280px
anyone ever sucked a dick like this?
what am i getting into?
besides the ridiculously large ring, looks like he has some crazy circumcision scars. If he can take out the ring it'll be like sucking dick.
This happened yesterday

>Was curious about what it would be like with another man
>Surfing Craigslist for someone similar. Find a dude 20 years older than me that is curious and looking for someone younger and curious too
>Start chatting, exchange dick pics and whatnot. Agree to meet just for a little to chat, show each other our dicks and do some touching
>We meet up at a park and head down a nature path
>Get far in where nobody could see us, and we whip our dicks out
>His dick was warm, and it felt interesting to feel it grow harder. He's rubbing me and we're rubbing our dicks together
>Ask him if he wants to do anything. He says yes but he's not sure
>I offer to suck his dick. He's okay with it
>Holy shit it's much bigger than I thought it was. Didn't really have a taste but felt interesting on my tongue
>He's softly moaning and I'm jacking myself off furiously
>He stops me because he was gonna cum. I jack him off and he cums all over the ground
>He starts stroking me. Asked him if he wanted to try but he was too nervous
>I cum in his hand and over his cum on the ground

Still not sure how I feel about it. I think it was hot but I still prefer women.
my fantasy is to meet a man like this on craigslist
This is actually not a craiglist storie but something from a gay chat site...

I was like 19 years old.. had a few experiences with blowjobs thats it... one day I went on the chat site horny as f trying to find someone with a larger then normal sized penis and this guy started talking to me telling me he has one for me.. I asked for a picture he doesnt have it... im thinking is this guy for real or not I go fuck it..

He picks me up from a location near my house.. okay looking guy but I didnt care to much I just wanted to suck a big one..
We then found a parking lot and he started touching me I was getting hard... at the same time I was touching him didnt feel that big..
He then asked me to pull my pants down and I did he started to give me a really nice blowjob
After that he pulled his pants down it was semi hard... I started to touch it it grew freaking big like 20-21 cm and thick... I was sucking and loving it... we went on for a while enjoying every moment until... damn police went up to the car we quickly pulled up our pants and just calmly drove away.. men that was the biggest mtherfcking scare ever! But we drove away police just drove off and we stopped close to my house and being to freaking scared I went home
And I never spoke to the dude again...

His dick was amazing.....

similar "police" story

>meet up with a guy from some gay/bi site I belonged to
>have coffee, decide to hook up
>neither of us have a place
>decide to drive to local hotel parking garage
>nice and secluded corner
>garage is pretty full since it's about 8 at night
>get down to business
>sometime stop because car pulls in, sees no space and leaves
>he has me bent over the back seat and is fucking me when another car pulls in
>we duck down, car pulls up and sits for a few seconds
>I can hear the police radio coming from the car
>car backs out and leaves
>we finish

apparently local kids knew how secluded the garage was and had been holding drinking parties in there so cops making routine swings through the garage.
Did you ever find out what was inside the briefcase?
What gay chat site was it?
>be me, 35, married curious guy about a year ago
>go on CL, looking for a beefier guy to fuck find a guy around same size
>meet at his place, he is a few years older, blonde blue
>tell him it's first time, he is cool says relax and starts to suck my cock
>feels good, start to get up the nerve to try more
> he asks me to face fuck him, I got 8" of thick cock choking the life outta him
>he asks me to sit on his face, he proceeds to tongue my ass forever
> I stroke my cock and am ready to cum, he swallows every drop, them says "I want to drink from your tap"
>full blown gay mode activated
> I feed him a steady stream of piss, holy shit this is hot
>he bends over and spreads, so I say fuck it and start to rim him.
>felt weird at first but was so turned on by the kink of the whole thing
>I'm hard again, so I rubber up and fuck him with pure kink rage
> he says he is going to cum, so I pull out and start sucking him
>he cums in my mouth and I'm not really digging it, but when in Rome, swallow load
>I fuck him until I cum in the condom, he says "pour it in my mouth" sure why not
>feed him from the rubber, I say "let me drink your piss"
>he gives me a golden shower and I drink a few gulps, I fucking love it.
>proceed to see him regularly for the last year
That's how I became a cum and piss loving whore. I have met up with him and a few of his friends for bukkake and piss parties. Had full blown orgies, have done DP, fisted, piss enema you name it. Boys will be boys.
Are you still married while doing this?
Nah, I got a divorce shorty after. I'm not a dick. I have a new GF that is into it and loves to watch. She participates sometimes as well, brings home girls and is into loys of nasty stuff too, we have a very open sex life.
Please never show your penis to the Internet.
>That's how I became a cum and piss loving whore. I have met up with him and a few of his friends for bukkake and piss parties. Had full blown orgies, have done DP, fisted, piss enema you name it.

This is what happens after you turn 30, boys. This is the life you have to look forward to.
File: 853405808.jpg (5KB, 186x271px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 186x271px

>guy answers my ad on cl
>sends pic
>do search, find out its not him
>blow him off
>keeps emailing me through the system
>'inform' him his pic was fake
>he apologizes
>scaredy cat dude
>sends his phone number
>call the fucker from secure line
>chat for awhile, seems sane
>still want his pic
>finally sends it, it checks out
>agree to meet in library parking lot
>no show
>start leaving nasty gram
>guy approaches me
>doesn't match pic
>i fucking hate games, but he's ok looking
>he lives nearby, but scared
>talk awhile in parking lot
>make a casual crotch grab or two
>fucker licks his lips
>go to his place
>won't go to his bedroom
>end up having sex in hallway and kitchen
>fuck him over his kitchen table a really long time
>kind of rough
>perhaps a little too forcefully
>ok...i hatefucked him
>wiped my dick off with his kitchen towel and left my cum-flooded rubber on the kitchen table
>pulled up trou and stuffed it all back inside
>grabbed a beer from his refrigerator (helped myself i mean why not)
>walked out with him still rubbing his ass
>i hate fuckers who play games, you know
File: 0176.jpg (206KB, 960x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206KB, 960x960px
Yep thats the pic of him. Here's another pic he just sent me.
>What gay chat site was it?

It was a bi/gay group on yahoo. think it's dead now.
>tfw had CL quickie 3 days ago, was ok but I didn't want a repeat performance
>tfw the fucking cunt won't stop blowing up my phone, and is offering money as if it will change my mind
>is offering money as if it will change my mind

give me his number.
You hussy
swallowing it is still almost 50/50. it can get in through your intestines. getting a blowjob from someone with aids is 99.9% safe.
been talking to this older guy on there and really want to go meet him but i am to big of a bitch to ever go.
you don't ever play the hand you got, then you're never going to win the pot

all anyone can ever do is play the odds, take precautions, not bet too much and realize sometimes no matter what you're going to get dealt a joker, that's the nature of the game

don't throw caution to the wind, but you can't live under a rock and expect to get a suntan
I would spank that.
File: gaypawn.jpg (41KB, 598x365px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 598x365px
File: cucked.jpg (80KB, 499x539px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80KB, 499x539px
met a guy with a huge dick on craigslist
Your novel is better than the 50 shades of shit by that whore
this so fucking this.
i live in tucson and you just convinced me to try craigslist
Been a little curious lately, post an ad looking for first time bj, receive, possible recip.
Get a few responses, reply to one guy who is intereted.
Email back n forth, not really sure if I will go through withe it. Turns out he can't meet up, he makes my decision for me.
I hit him up 2 weeks later, fuck it, you only live once.
He can meet in 20 minutes at a park with nice secluded locking bathrooms.
I head up there, and too nervous to get hard. Watching porn on my phone and jerking off and still not into it
He's late, but I decide to wait.
15 minutes late and fuck it I'm outta here. I hear footsteps coming to the door. Heart is pounding.
A pull on the handle, but I locked it.
I open the door, he walks in.
Older guy, kinda fat but I'm here so, fuck it.
My semi hard cock is out and he sees it.
Drops to his knees and sucks me deep. Feels ok, but still can't get hard. Horny as fuck and starting to get into it as hes working my cock. Start cumming before I know it. I tell him, but a little late and he pulls his mouth off and says sorry he doesn't swallow. I stroke out the biggest load in front of him and onto the floor. He cleans up and leaves.
Maybe next time I'll nut up and get on my knees for him too.
this is so true (I learned it the hard way)
File: library.gif (2MB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 500x375px
Greasewood Park at Greasewood and Speedway West of the freeway a couple of miles can be cruisy around dusk or weekends. Mostly older men but I have sucked some super hot students from Pima College (on Anklam Road nearby) in the riverbed. Look for cars in the parking lot.

Tanque Verde / Redington Pass can also be good on the weekends, Sunday is best. After a rainfall in the summer is ideal. A lot of University of Arizona students getting drunk and swimming in the creek. Upstream is gays cruising.

Either place is good to rendezvous with craigslist hookups if you don't want them to know where you live.

Reid Park and Udall Park have a lot of hot men jogging in the evenings or playing soccer, but there aren't very many places to hook up without getting caught.

There are hot men at UofAZ and the bathrooms on the bottom floor of BearDown Gym used to be really cruisy but I think they covered over the glory holes and fixed the squeaky door that let you know when people were coming in so it is harder to do anything there.

The bathroom on the third floor of the library on UofAZ campus can get really cruisy late evenings and early weekend mornings.


That's really racist to Quarians, anon. You need to check your human privilege.

das nasty
anything decent in toronto? cl people seem creepy..
>Searching for some action on grindr
>Find this guy with a hot body
>Lives near so he invites me to fuck
>Arrive at his house
>I know who he is, we tried to fuck before but he is a power bottom and didn't get hard
>"hey you're the guy from before"
>"Hahaha yeah..."
>I'm horny so I don't care
>Says he is only top and wants my ass
>Starts rimming me like a pro
>We suck each other, kisses over there, nipple fun, doesn't let me rim him
>He starts to bite my lip
>"please stop it hurts"
>"Ok, sorry anon"
>He continue to bite like a fucking dog
>I get mad so I turn him over and finger him
>"Anon, no"
>I don't give a shit and start to fuck him
>Fuck him hard and violently
>Revenge fuck
>He starts to moan and scream saying that I'm the best fuck of his life
>Cum all over his body and face
>Get dressed
>"Well, I'm gona close the door, bye"
>Leave him without knowing if he came or not
>My lip hurts and he left me a mark...

This fucking bitch...
fuck do share your stories.
>just a few nights ago
>be 21 5'4, 110lbs horny and bored
>decide to post craigslist ad at night to asking to get fucked
>this 40 ish, good looking big muscular guy is the best candidate
>picks me up and drives back to his place
>sees that he has a sling set up in a hallway with wall mirrors on both sides and on the ceiling area
>sees that I'm shy and nervous so we smoke some pot
>get really baked
>sucks my cock pretty good and rims my ass for a long while on the bed
>suggests to move me into the sling
>says yes
>sling has straps to hold my legs and arms up
>he starts to lube my ass and his rock hard cock
>has trouble getting it in though
>tells me to sniff a small bottle
>feeling woozy but awesome
>his massive cock just slides right in no problem
>fucks me hard for a bit while I keep on sniffing
>puts a blind fold on me tells me it's gonna be fucking sexy
>tells me to smoke some more and I do
>immediately feel weird/nausea/really hot/horny but really just weird/spacey
>continues to thrusting his huge cock in my hole
>I'm begging for his cum
>he shoots deep inside of me doesnt pull out leaving his cock inside
>he then takes my blindfold off
>it's 2 in the afternoon the next day I better get home
>he lets me shower and offers me a ride home
>get home and took a nap

Felt amazing. Will probably do again
File: securedownload (1).jpg (33KB, 480x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
securedownload (1).jpg
33KB, 480x640px
>just turned 18
>total virgin
>go on craigslist
>tons of nasty weirdos
>one guy messages me he is 25
>went to good college is an engineer
>pretty toned has what looks to be a big cock
>chat for a few days sends pics and is begging
>for me to go over
>tell parents " I am going to the mall"
>drive to his house its huge go to the door
>he meets me is a total college bro
> go inside total empty except his room
> oh shit I am going to die
>tells me he just bought it
>oh ok?
> we go take a shower I suck his dick and tries >to put it in I am like " no get a condom"
> his dick is massively thick we get on his bed
> lubes me up barely gets it in
>feels so good
>I cum he cums
>I go clean up . . . I am bleeding
> I leave
>he is super straight acting in closet
> never talk to him again
>only guy to make me bleed thickest cock I've
>ever had still fantasize about it.
>goddamn pics to follow
File: securedownload (2).jpg (65KB, 717x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
securedownload (2).jpg
65KB, 717x960px
File: unnamed.jpg (17KB, 639x479px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 639x479px
Sounds like a guy I know. What area are you in?
This happened about a year ago, l've never shared this with anyone because it's disgusting.

>respond to an ad on CL asking for oral; anal maybe
>pics are legit; 22yo
>solid 6/10; hwp
>whatever, it won't be a regular thing
>meet at his apartment
>watch TV for a bit
>he starts feeling me up
>unzips my pants and pulls them down
>semi at this point
>starts sucking me off for a bit
>move to bedroom
>lay down on bed and ask to rim him
>basically sits on my face
>rimming for a couple minutes; tastes/ feels weird but whatever
>he randomly asks if l'm into scat
>hell no
>30 seconds later; still rimming
>l feel his ass tensing up and flexing
>feel something soft pushing against my tongue
>realize what's happening and pull my head back
>at this point, l see a log of shit being pushed out of his asshole
>push him up and out of the way
>a piece of shit falls on my chest in the process of pushing him off me
>l get up, grab clothes off the floor, put my pants on without any underwear or shirt
>he gets up and puts his shorts on
>"anon, wait!"
>don't even care, too disgusted
>walk out door and to my car; leave without a word

I never heard anything from him after that; l really hope he killed himself or something. I got home, washed my mouth out, took a shower, and went to sleep. I'll never meet up with someone on CL again.
sounds like a pretty standard CL meet up. thats why i try to avoid CL altogether
Be me
>15, super horny
>Virgin, but beta af so decide to lose it on grindr
>get like 50 messages instantly because of cute boy aestethic
>lie and say i am 18
>chat to older guy, 50 yo, 6'3, 7 inch uncut cock
>decide to meet in public toilet
>im waiting in the toilet fully naked
>he knocks, i open up and he immediately pins me down
>start sucking his dick
>start to sit on his lap and feel his cock between my cheeks
>he starts to cheek fuck me, before deciding to fuck me
>he can only get the tip in, but it felt so good
>suck his dick before he cums on my asshole
>scoops it up and feeds it to me
>swallow like the good slut i am.
Shit, i wish i could fuck him again
just a plain weird story

>browsing craigslist m4m
>see posting. some guy telling someone to leave them alone
>"you've done your damage"
>you outed me to my employer"
>"you win"
>since I was almost outed by someone I'm curious
>write to him and ask what is going on
>says someone outed him to former employer, had to resign/retire
>talk for a few weeks and suggest we meet
>he gives me his phone number
>look up number. he's a priest (retired?)
>never call him out on it. none of my business
>have to reschedule meet
>he writes and says he's not longer interested in meeting
>fast forward about 6 months
>see an ad I like
>write to the guy
>he says he's interested. sends his number
>it's the retired priest
>arrange to meet
>meet up. it's at his house (says it was his mother's before she passed away)
>have a nice afternoon in bed
>seems like a nice guy
>following week email him to get together again
>his emails start getting weird
>says his emails are being hacked, use this other email address
>try that one, he responds with a different one
>goes back and forth for a week.
>finally arrange to meet
>fool around with him then lay in bed talking
>says his computer is constantly being hacked, email screwed with, can't trust anyone
>I'm confused. no one else in the house, no one has access to his computer or phone
>seems increasingly paranoid
>send email a week letter. admits he's a retired priest
>sends another email saying all his emails and phone calls are being monitored by the diocese. don't call or email
>I like him but it's too weird for me.
BTW - If you have any advice or thoughts on this just let me know.
so much this.
u dun goofed op
the spider king demands it
He's paranoid and self-shaming. Honestly, I'd just move on. Too much damage man
Thanks. I think so too.
>He's self-shaming.
Who gives a fuck about that, those guys are good for a good fuck now and then, especially if they're a bottom. I'd be more creeped about the fact that he's a retired priest who thinks hes being watched by the govnerment

Yesterday he sent another email saying he didn't send the "don't call or email" email. Just crazy.
File: 1439976108568.jpg (25KB, 540x542px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 540x542px
Not really a story but:

>find hot video of bear online
>video has his email address in it
>use that email address to find profiles on bear/leather/breading/fisting sites
>he actually lives 100+ miles away from me
>find him on Growlr
>start talking
>he's really slutty, totally open to being fisted (always wanted to fist a guy)
>look at his profile again
>he's HIV+

I mean he's hot but I don't know. If I wear a glove while fisting him I should be fine right so long as there are no exposed cuts right?

I'm not very educated when it comes to other people with HIV. I just always ran the other way when people on all the hookup apps I use said they were.
Anyone ever do any good on growlr? Just got the app but seems most of the hottest guys are a thousand miles away
Well, if he has the tratement you has more chance of get VIH with anyone on grindr without knowing their status than with him.
Yeah don't stick your dick in crazy isn't just a good rule for straight people

I mean do what you want but you don't want that kind of nuts following you around
Confirmed, if he's undetectable he's basically totally safe. Fisting with a glove is even better regardless of whether he's undetectable or not

I asked him about wearing a condom and he stopped talking to me.

Now that I'm out of horniness-induced fog I was in when I looked him up he seems like one of those super pig bottoms who got HIV intentionally just so he could bareback forever.
NJ cl is a joke... never able to find a real person into what im wanting..
sauce of pic?
File: 2cc.png (47KB, 358x543px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47KB, 358x543px
What are you looking for?
fuckbuddy to bottom for. Most are bots, creepers or psychos.
this was cute af
>Just finished grad school
>respond to ad on CL from freshman
>curious he wants to try things out
>we meet up
>me: bearish him: twinky
>stroll around campus shooting the shit
>pull him into stairway and we make out for a bit
>ask if he wants more
>find nearest restroom
>last stall, we deboxer
>grab his ass and finger as we make out, frot. He cums.
>make him lick us clean, he's still into it
>he sucks me for a good 15 minutes before I decide to throatfuck him
>shoot load, he swallows it all
>cleaning staff can be heard outside
>get out act together.
>next week his roommate was gone
>make him my bottom bitch
>last until end of semester and then he transferred schools
Bad story time.

>be 17
>hook up pretty regularly on craigslist, deepsouth
>find an older guy, doesn't look too bad
>drives me all the way to his neighborhood close to the airport (airports are few and far between in the bible belt)
>he mixes some drinks, we vape nice weed together, he's showing off this rad house and its furnishings that he designed himself
>grew up so poor my parents couldn't even feed me during summers, so this was insane to see
>gave me a long story about a boy he was with who tried to run away from his parents and move in with him
>holy shit hell yes, I'm not like this boy
>finally he turns off the lights and starts playing some lame music
>holds me and makes me rock side to side in the dark
>this is getting really weird
>reach down for dick
>tiniest dick on earth
>literally cannot stop my reaction of "oh god what the fuck"
>he "fucks" me by plopping it in and then violently convulsing all over my back
>tries to get me to sleep in bed with him, I tell him I can't wake up with a person near me or I'll freak out (has some truth to it)
>wake up with him on top of me
>have my initial morning ritual of "OH GOD WHERE AM I IS EVERYONE OKAY DID WE DIE" (watched my friend and her family get murdered while I choked her little sister out because she was making too much noise and almost got us killed)
>he's naked and all over me while I'm freaking out, end up pushing him off of me
>he says he's gonna vomit
>I get him to drive me home immediately and he gives me 300 bucks without knowing anything about my situation
>grocery money
File: Scream.jpg (86KB, 533x440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86KB, 533x440px

there is fucked up and there is fucked UP

this is FUCKED UP

and this is just plain fucking WHAT THE FUCK >have my initial morning ritual of "OH GOD WHERE AM I IS EVERYONE OKAY DID WE DIE" (watched my friend and her family get murdered while I choked her little sister out because she was making too much noise and almost got us killed)

File: 1434636390696.jpg (46KB, 557x628px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 557x628px
So here's my story all about how...
I'm 20, bi, already met a guy off of CL and sucked his cock (That big meaty uncut 8inch cock...), had a great time
Now I have a gf, but I need a good dicking.
Do I meet up with 2 tops 16/44 and let them rim and fuck my arse?
Make my choice, I'll post the story if it happens.
taking two at the same sitting (so to speak) may be a bit much for a first time. I did and thought it was too much

>be horny 18 year old
>ass virgin
>meet up with 20-year old, exchange BJ's
>talk a little and he mentions he's always wanted to double team a guy and has a friend who could join us
>tell him not interested
>go home and jerk off thinking about two guys using me
>call him up and say OK
>he makes arrangements
>bring my own lube and condoms just in case
>sit around and chat and drink
>start making out with one guy as the other blows me
>get up on bed and one guy fucks my ass, the other gets a bj (yay spitroast)
>they switch ends
>more fucking and sucking
>first guy blow his load in my ass, takes off the condom and comes up to my mouth to clean him
>second guys starts fucking my ass
>10 minutes later he cums
>they switch places... I'm cleaning off the guy who just came and the first guy to fuck me is back there fucking me again
>he takes forever to cum, finally pulls out and comes up and jerks on my face
>second guy went back there, fucked me again and came a second time in my ass
>everyone (except me) is spent
>realize my asshole is killing me
>go in and wipe my ass. blood and lube on the toilet paper
>ass burned for about two weeks

got checked. no STD's but won't do a double team again.
File: 1435803761975.gif (240KB, 250x140px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
240KB, 250x140px
They want to rim me too, so I think they're looking for my pleasure too, sounds like you were just used (not that that's always a bad thing)
Never say never again and all that.

um. I can't help but feel like you have told us the wrong story here. Or at least we need some kind of follow-up.
I've got 2 bad ones from cl
Already posted this in another thread

> be 18 hi cur
>urge to suck first dick
> chat with chub, nice guy so fuck it
> drive to his place
> spend at least 10 minutes trying to suck this guy off
> he never achieved boner
> jaw pain, say just fucked me
> "cool anon"
> spends another 10 min rubbing his lil' softie up and down my ass crack
> "ready when you are chub"
> "let me just take a viagra, I'll be diamonds in bout 20"
> fuck you, I'm going back to being straight.
FF a couple weeks.

> still bi cur
> how about I get my dick sucked instead of sucking
> put up add
"Twink needs his sweaty cock sucked "
> literally 15+ responses in half an hour
> go with guy who seems like he wants it most
> get there, guy is thin and older, hit of flamer, but not too flaming
> get nude and lay on his bed.
> sucks me off, nottobad.jpeg
> begs be to fuck his "tight man pussy"
>sure, why not
> like a hot dog being thrown down a hallway, but he still moans like a pornstar
> finish again, say I have to go
> starts kissing me as I'm walking towards the door
>no kissing, I'm about to bail and not my thing
> giant man pussy starts crying
> get the hell out if there
Why do you bleed though!?!?! I'm confused.
>censoring yourself on 4chan

Don't want to offend any of the 12 year old lurkers!
File: 1435030772784.jpg (771KB, 2272x1704px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
771KB, 2272x1704px
Taking your advice and found someone else who wants to fuck me, on his own, wants to get a hotel, buy me clothes and toys, the works.
Do I?
>be me
>want to suck a cock so much
>look at craigslist
>never post or reply because I'm scared of getting AIDS/murdered
you're probably gone, but lets hear the bad one
be me
18 years old first year in college
not out yet and still in (somewhat in) denial
told roommates I was staying at a friends house for the night.
find and meet cute, tall asian guy, pretty fit who will also buy alcohol.
Go over and plan to sleep over.
We begin to watch the movie rent and he goes down to blow me. Im rock hard.
uses teeth
makes up a story how I am an RA on duty at college and leaves without doing a single thing to him.
texts me later and says it was great.
PS def took the alcohol with me. little regret 4 years later.
Wear and tear.

Guys were probably using too little lube for how rough they were being. Plus going repeatedly on his ass with no break.
I'm about to have my first CL meet

What advice should I take in
Have fun being a skag addict in a year or two

This is officially the weirdest story I've ever read on /hm/
moar stories plox
File: J - Buttttt.jpg (229KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
J - Buttttt.jpg
229KB, 1024x768px
I've actually got an ad posted to Craigslist right now. Cincinnati, Ohio area.

I'm looking for older men to pick me up and use my boihole to their heart's desire.

Got about 45 minutes to wait while one of the dudes who replied gets off of work. He can't host for me, but I'm still looking forward to sucking his dick in his car.

There's a bunch of idiots on CL, but damn if the site hasn't helped me get laid in the past.

Pic related, by the way. That's muh ass.
It's right up until those last few lines too. I'm reading it thinking, "Well, this isn't too weird."

Then it gets weirder.

Grocery money.
can i find a guy that looks like this on craigslist?
what do i say?
Post an ad for a disgusting hairy out of shape piecashit I guess?
Everyone sounds like a fucking guy you know. Shut up dickhead.
from last Friday

>see ad from older guy
>looking to get a blow job from younger guy
>like older guys so why not?
>head over to his place after work
>older guy is old, like 70
>decent shape
>sits in chair and opens his pants
>kneel between his legs
>maybe 5-6" cock
>start blowing him
>pretty normal at the beginning
>he starts getting rougher
>pulling my ears forward and tries to bury his cock in my mouth
>several attempts to get it all in but fail
>has hands on back of my head
>pulling my head onto his cock
>it's right at the top of my throat
>suddenly it just slides into my throat
>he lets out a groan and holds me there as I gag
>I pull off trailing saliva all over the place
>go back to sucking his cock and wrap my hand around the base
>he slaps my hand away. "no hands"
>pushing his cock again into my mouth
>sits at the top of my throat again, then slides all the say in
>start gagging and pull off
>he's telling me I'm his little bitch while he's doing this
>go back to blowing him and meanwhile he's slapping my ass, especially when he's in my throat
>horny as a bastard now and reach down to my own cock while I'm blowing him
>he reaches down and slaps my hand away. "leave yourself alone"
>repeatedly asks if I like daddy's cock
>all I can do is mumble yes
>this goes on for about 30 minutes. jaw aching, chest covered with saliva
>gives one last thrust and lodges in my throat
>unloads in my throat. don't think he had much of a load. just kept swallowing to avoid gagging again
>just kneel there with his cock in my mouth, face buried in his pubes
>tells me not to move
>another 10 minutes of just kneeling there with his soft cock in my mouth
>tells me to get dressed and leave
>trying to set up another time with him.
>go on craigslist
>See "bottom wants anon top"
>see details
>23, twink and the pic of him in a thong
>talk for a bit
>says he always wanted to be a cumdump and since his family is out for the weekend he has the house to himself
>exchange some pics
>he gives me address
>as i head to his house i start noticing familiar stuff
>arrive at house
>tfw its my friend
>decide to park my car around the corner incase he takes a peek out the window after i leave, i dont want him to know its me
>i head inside
>mfw he has an amazing ass, its no booty but its perky as fuck and its barely hidden in that thong
>pluck the thong string a bit just to hear him moan
>finger it a bit
>tfw his moans are so hot
>plant my face right into that tight hole
>he begs me to top him
>slide my dick into his hole
>he starts backing it into me before i can even start fucking him
>spank his cheeks while i pound him in all kinds of doggy positions
>let out the biggest load of my life
>continue to fuck him a bit before i go totally soft
>put my pants on and head for the door
>"thanks for the load sir"

>meet up with him a couple of days later for lunch
>ask him what he did on the weekend
>"oh nothing much, just stayed at home"

im a virgin and can pass for a teen and i always post ads looking for hot guys to fuck me, they always answer the ad, some even want to pay to be my first but im scared if i go through with it they might discover that im not a teen like i say i am.

before you ask why i want to lie about my age, i have the biggest fantasy of being a dirty slutty teen bottom.
Met guy on manhunt, been talking for a few days. Sent me this pic. Suck or No?
>Suck or No?
why are you even asking?
If it looks like an attractive suckable dick to you and you're in the mood then go for it.
If not, don't
>before you ask why i want to lie about my age, i have the biggest fantasy of being a dirty slutty teen bottom

so do what some guys do, post an ad for a cum dump bottom all arse-up and ready to fuck, put on a ski mask and be waiting for when they enter

for some dudes, it's way hotter when you're just a nameless, faceless hole and they might never know you're not really a teen, right, i mean your body and arse will say twink teen cumslut, right?
Fuck craigslist. Just went on there yesterday because I was curious.

Set up to blow this black guy in a public place. He fucking raped me and came inside of me. Then left. He said he had been tested 2 months prior when we were discussing meeting up but I don't know what to do. Man. Fuck craigslist.
Talk to a doctor right away, do not wait, get PreP, will reduce the risk of HIV infection if taken 72 hours after exposure.
Also risk from infection with a HIV pos guy if you are recieving anal is 1.38%.
If he was clean 2 months ago, you probably dont have anyrhing to aorry about, but still, go to a dr and get prep, right now. Put down your phone, and go.

...then give us more details of what happened cause it honestly sounds a bit hot. You know, emotional trauma notwithstanding
Wasn't on Craiglist but Grindr. This is like earlier this day.

>This dude has been messaging me for quite some time, probably months to a year but never replied.
>Saw his pic, wasn't impressed so never bothered. He's like 5/10.
>Received text message from an unknown number, asks for his pic, says he has it on Grindr.
>Saw the pic that I kept ignoring.
>Wondered how he got my number, he probably catfished me with some other account.
>Really horny and his place is near so planned to meet up.
>Decided to meet up at a gas station.
>Called his phone and told me to keep walking till I saw a black car.
>tfw I had no idea he has a car. (I don't have my own anyways)
>Got inside his car, talked a bit.
>Told him I may not get a hard on (I'm pure top), still fondles my dick.
>He's really loaded, he lives in a gated community. (I live in a 3rd world country and living in that sort of place is a luxury)
>saw 4 car keys hanging on the wall.
>Get to his house, proceeds to bed.
>Asks if he can do poppers, k.jpg.
>Sucks me really good, he has this sort of technique with his tongue while my dick is inside his mouth.
>Proceeds to fucking
>I got worried my willy won't get hard.
>Fucks him...
>awful smell.
>willy fainted.
>got cleaned up. He then proceeds.
>He took like 15-25 mins cleaning and I had no idea why he's taking so long.
>"round 2"
>kept saying I don't get hard anymore (cuz it fucking stinked and it fucking break my horniness.)
>tried really hard to get hard(lol), I just wanna be done and go home.
>he made a cock ring out of condom.
>take some lube and I don't have any idea what that lube is, it smells bad and I think it's saliva(?)
>fucked him again.
>felt thoroughly disgusted.
>it still smells.
>I felt some "rough" grains on my dick.
>pulls out and I begged that I can't do this.
>took a shower.
>he cleaned his room, and for some reason he's rushing and being frantic, say's he needs to go to work.

Anyone got stories with bondage? I am thinking of trying it sometime but I'm not really comfortable with a stranger tieing me up.
did some bondage stuff about 6 months ago. guy was into it more than me so never did it again

>see ad from guy on craigslist
>says he's a top. dom, verbal
>the old "mild to wild" line
>arrange to meet up
>do it
>yep, he's a top, verbal
>actually enjoyed myself
>meet with him three times, each time pretty good
>start feeling comfortable
>brings up bondage by looking at porn
>mfw all his porn is man-on-man bondage
>talks about us doing it
>comfortable enough with him that I know he isn't a serial killer but still worried how far it may go
>agree on safe word in case I feel over my head
>that night head over to his house
>he has what can only be described as a warehouse of bondage shit in his house set up for me
>cuffs, gags, rope, chains, leashes, hoods. takes me into his basement and he has a St. Stephen cross set up
>mfw this guy is really into it
>starts by having me lay on bed naked
>starts binding me with rope
>no quick ties... this is fancy arms-behind-the-back, genitals knotted, very restricted type of shit
>gag in mouth once tied
>hood over head
>vibrator lubed and up my ass (held in with a fancy knot)
>tells me he'll be back shortly
>seems like an hour goes by
>i've already cum from the vibrator
>comes back says we'll have some fun
>not in the mood anymore since already got off
>shaking my head but gag still in my mouth so can't say anything (really didn't think this whole "safe word" thing out
>brings me downstairs, unties me and lashes me to cross
>spanks me for about 15 minutes
>by the time he's finished he's naked (maybe he started before the spanking. just don't know)
>little more lube, french-tickler condom slipped on
>fucks me for god knows how long
>takes me off cross, cuffs hands behind my back and makes me kneel
>face fucks me until he blows his load on my face
>have rope burns on my hands and arms for about a week
>decide bondage isn't for me.
>On Grindr
>asian guy messages me
>exchange pics, still wants to do something
>He comes over
>awkwardly guide him to my room
>say Im nervous I've never done something like this before
>tells me to lay down and takes off my shorts
>starts jerking me off obviously checking my dick for anything
>puts dick in front of my face and asks me to suck it
>suck my very first dick its tiny so i easily fit it all in my mouth
>puts a condom on me and lubes up
>lowers himself on my dick can only get the head in
>grabs more lube and starts shoving my dick in
>finally in he moans like a bitch
>he cums pretty quick
>we fuck in various positions for about half an hour
>both sweaty we start fucking doggy style
>hes really moaning now
>sharp moan unsure if hes in pain pull out
>he moves over and reveals a fucking puddle of cum on my bed
>"holy shit hang on"
>go get toilet paper and clean up
>he heads home and I jerk off to 4chan stories
File: PenisFoot2.jpg (7KB, 269x188px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 269x188px
>Met guy on manhunt, been talking for a few days. Sent me this pic. Suck or No?
This just happened a couple of hours ago
>yesterday on grindr
>first time on this kind of thing, so i'm just accepting everybody. profile pic is of my face
>guy whose profile pic shows only from clothed torso down to naked legs, clearly firm legs starts a convo
>hey where do you live blah blah blah
>sends a face pic
>holy fucking shit i need him now
>says what about some hot pics?
>first my face
>"what about hotter pics?"
>i send a pic of me laying down on my back, showing torso and bulge in boxers
>he sends his gorgeous thick dick and slight abs
>says "so.. wanna come over?"
>i couldn't go with him yesterday so i invented up an excuse of me hosting a meetup at my house
>"alright" move on for the night
next day, that is today
>around afternoon
>message him "hey, so i'm free now"
>him:"when do you wanna meet up"
>me:"i've got until 7:30"
>h:"alright come to <location> at 6:30"
>m:"i'll see ya there"
>arrive at 6:20 because i was so excited i left earlier
>m:"hey i'm here, do you want me to wait outside?"
>h:"yeah i'll be there"
>i calmly wait to see him on his bike cause according to his profile he rides
>15min later i ask him if he's coming
>h:"fuck, i'll be there in 20. flat tire"
>m:"okay i'll be here"
>30 minutes later he arrives and he's definitely the guy in the pics. so fucking hot
>i raise my eyebrows to him to make sure he notices me
>shake hands, little talk, wait for him to open the door, etc
>go inside, hey so my house, this is my dog, lets go into my room
>his house is so dark and slightly messy that it's perfectly sane to say he could be a druggy, but i've cleared any judging from my mind
>we go inside really small talk, not a druggy not a murderer, just a messy house
>out of nowhere he stops and he's approaching me sensually
>we start kissing, slightly taller than me
>he really knows how to kiss so that's a plus. nothing better than face to face contact, except for fucking of course
>i put my hands under his shirt and feel his abs
>he puts one hand behind my neck and the other in my back, puts me closer to him to kiss him passionately
>take his shirt off, lots of eye to eye contact to show passion (pro tip)
>unbuttons his pants and takes out his cock
>little bit thicker than i thought in the pics
>sit down on his bed, lick under his head and grab his balls with one hand and his ass cheek with the other
>start sucking on it, can barely go 3 inches down on him cause he's so thick, but clearly 6 inches long
>keep sucking for 5 minutes, he's stroking my hair, and he's really enjoying it
>he takes my jacket and shirt off
>keep sucking for like 2 min
>"do you have a condom?"
>i don't so he goes to the hall to get one
>comes back, drops pants and boxers. i do too
>i lay down on my back for missionary
>he puts his condom on
at this point i'm thinking how he'll get it in, if i can luckily get an inch thick candle inside my ass without any pain
>he puts a pillow behind my head, what a gentleman
>can't stop looking at him, he's so handsome
>he opens up my legs to the sides
>start feeling his head touching my ass ready to get in
>he pushes in and starts going slowly. doesn't hurt yet because it's just the head
>he's fully in me and starts going slowly. doesn't hurt, that's surprising
>i start moaning silently to show him i'm enjoying it
>he takes my legs up while fucking me
>i grab my pillow behind me not because it's hurting, but to show him open space so he can approach me
>he gets closer to me, direct eye contact while fucking my ass
>both enjoying it so much
>he gets to my lips and shoves his tongue inside me, i respond back with us making out like crazy
>keeps fucking me increasing tempo very slowly, still kissing
>i grab his head to push his lips as close i can to mine
>he takes my neck and pushes me inside his mouth, this is fucking wild
>he lifts his head, spits on his right hand and starts stroking my cock
>goes back to me, i put my legs around his back and he starts rubbing my legs up and down
>we keep on kissing and after around 5 minutes of the same thing he strokes my dick faster
>right when im about to cum he jumps to my lips and kisses the fuck out of me
>as i cum i shove his face into mine kissing lik crazy
>he raises and cums in the condom while still fucking me, sexiest and manliest orgasm i've ever seen from a guy
>we are catching our breaths and he comes back to kiss me, while his cock is still inside me
>after like 2 minutes of making out he gets up and takes my hand into the bathroom to clean ourselves
>we go back to his room, he puts on his boxers and lays on his bed facing me who i'm standing in front of him
>we compliment each other, i dress up and he walks me out while still in his boxers
>we kiss cheeks and goodbyes and take-care's
>walking back home, only 30 seconds out and i notice he blocked me because his chat disappeared out of nowhere and i can't find him on the main screen.

Nice story.
Why do you think he blocked you?
I just want an "insight" on these kind of things, nothing personal.
No problem, I personally understand the interest.
While I haven't given it much importance, I have come up with a couple of theories.
Inside all this "small talk" he mentioned political related things inside our conversations, like "sad that you can't do that in this piece of shit liberal state" and things like that for a few times, and since I was focused on getting to his room and analyzing my surroundings, I didn't pay much attention to those comments nor I did understand them. He could've thought I either didn't care or I had a different political view. But this theory seems far off.
Another more possible theory is that I am 19yo, and my profile says that too, but maybe my face/height don't, even though I almost never shave and I enjoy my slight beard. Maybe after I left he was scared that he might have fucked a minor so he decided to erase any traces? Probably, and I can understand.
if he's anything like me, it's purely because if you meet someone more than once it becomes a thing and it's more pressure, so more than once with grindr guys isn't my thing.
Good to know then, thanks

And people wonder why gay men seem utterly incapable of sustaining any meaningful relationships.

It's okay because I didn't want more than a fuck and neither did he. What I found strange is how quickly he blocked me
Whats sad to me is that most gay guys nowadays really seem completely uninterested in a real relationship.

I like reading sex/hookup stories as much as the next guy, but I'd much rather have a real relationship myself, y'know? To each his own, though.

It just surprises me how few guys there are that actually prefer relationships over hookups.

Fair enough. I've had guys in my life that were purely friends with benefits. I did the random hook up thing for awhile in my late teens/early twenties, but quickly realized it didn't work for me. Always felt weird about having a stranger over. Definitely preferred the FWB scenario when it was mutually established.

But Grindr (and our society in general) is a throwaway culture- feel weird about something? Block. Didn't like it? Block.

I just turned 29 and its exhausting so I legit don't bother anymore. If something happens, great. If not, I'm content.


Fucking preach. My friends always got on my ass about it because I showed little to no interest in sex or picking up guys in the bar (even though it was never hard).

Everyone's different and that's fine, but hook up culture and the ease of it now compared to before Grindr, is not helping gay men in the long run. If all you do is have meaningless, random sex with strangers, you become desensitized and lose the ability to empathize to anyone else's needs but your own - which is why so many guys I've tried dating end up being selfish asswipes. That, or the first sign of true intimacy and they lose their damn minds and run away because they literally don't know how to process it.

I read the book "The Velvet Rage" - turned my gay life upside down. It should be required reading by every queer out there.
I used to mostly bottom until I got confidence to become a top and use my large cock which was going to waste since I didn't feel bottoming was my thing, so anyway here's my story of first time topping

>meet guy on craigslist
>he's very fat but whatever I'm desperate and need to practice
>He comes over, stares at me like sheep in headlights from my fence
>I tell him to come in
>He does, goes to my bedroom
>I tell him "So how do you wanna do this?" *nervous laughter*
>He gets on my bed on all my bed on all fours and lowers pants, exposes his ass
>I ask if he wants me to use a condom, he shrugs so I just decide to go raw
>Line up my penis to the hole in his massive, massive ass (he was like 500 pounds I swear)
>Literally instantly cum the second I go in
>Nearly die of embarrassment
>S-sorry, I'm not used to this...
>He leaves with my load inside of him
File: zz42.jpg (21KB, 389x293px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 389x293px
Anon help,
All my friends are whores(guys and gals), and I try my best to not be like that,
But this year of uni has been so stressful that I've really let my inhibition fly.
I've slept with more people in the past 2 months than I have in my entire life...

What should I do, I feel so confused.
> Be me, 19 at uni
> Arrange meeting with sexy older guy, he's in 40s
> He wants to fuck me
> Get picked up at local supermarket at night, drives to a secluded area in the countryside
> Park up and get out of car, he puts a blanket down
> We both strip off (warm night) and I go to suck his cock but he tells me to lie down
> I get down and he is lubing his cock, tell him to put on a condom, he says "I didn't bring one"
> I brought one just in case, give it to him and watch him put it on
> He lubes me up and starts to fuck me
> Really great fuck, first slow then harder
> Fucking me real hard and his cock slips out a few times
> Feels different, put my hand down and feel his cock, it's bare
> I don't care anymore, he starts to moan and fills me with cum
> Keeps his dick in me and kisses me, for about 5 or 10 mins, then goes at it again, using his cum as lube
> Slightly awkward ride home after but when I get home I finger myself and feel all his cum inside me

I got stealthed, and I loved it.

(Checkout out clean after, probably lucky escape)

There's a difference between being a whore with a lot of guys or finding a fuck buddy and having a lot of sex with that one person.

I'm a serial monogamous person. One guy for as long as we mesh, then find another guy. I make it clear that I want the other guy to be exclusive to me. You'd be surprised how many guys want that kind of relationship. But to make it work you need to be very compatible... likes, dislikes, schedules, etc...
I want a real relationship, I just dont want one with someone from grindr...
who cares
>product of the American education system
this is one of the hotest things I've ever read.. need to try it out >>1201379

S-should I?
Is your friend blind? This sounds like a retarded fanfic.
brb, need to hand wash my t-shirt
Do tell
sounds kind of boring/not really worth it, but if that's what you're into. I mean i guess you have nothing to lose but half an hour
Mah nigga.
Fuck cats.
File: unnamed (1).jpg (40KB, 454x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
unnamed (1).jpg
40KB, 454x640px
>be 19
>college sophomore, horny as fuck
>cl since I am on break
>trolling posts to find the perfect fit
>guy wants to draw me, nude. Promises he’s professional
>picture titanic moment
>email him and wait
>he's 50+
>lives in apartment on his own
>really excellent artist, does this ton of times
>send me some pics of his sketches, really good, much talent
>asks if another guy can join?
>fast forward
>at apartment, other guy is already nude, being drawn
>he's ~35, fit, farmer type, 6-7in cut, firm body
>”a wild boner has appeared”
>strip and sit next to him on couch
>make small talk and have ourselves drawn by the host
>try out a few positions
>I am laying on back, head in his lap
>trying to be professional, don't know if this guy is into more
>he hasn't had a boner yet
>meanwhile I’m throbbing to my heartbeat
>switch positions, sitting in his lap, face to face
>he starts kissing my neck
File: unnamed.jpg (49KB, 466x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 466x640px
>kiss his neck
>we’re making out, feeling eachother
>host is still drawing, voiced his approval a few times
>I’m really getting into this
>realize, I like voyeur situations
>feel his dick get hard
>switch positions
>he lays on top of me, missionary
>host pulls out camera
>mind you, im fairly shy… but fuck, this is hot
>guy is grinding on me, rock hard, host taking pics
>feel host start lubing and fingering my ass
>realize he’s fingering us both
>Magically, a dildo appears
>we’re both making out, being fucked by dildos
>super turned on now
>guy starts to rub his dick, lubing it up
>host goes back to pics/drawing/watching
>feel his dick tease my hole
>getting fucked deep now
>more pics
File: unnamed (3).jpg (51KB, 498x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
unnamed (3).jpg
51KB, 498x640px
>hard fucking now
>I’m overcome with pleasure
>really deep thrusts
>he groans and cums deep in me
>feel close to cumming
>stroke like I’m 13 and home alone, rapid as fuck
>explode cum all over my chest and face
>guy licks it off of me, host says he’s impressed
>make out with guy, says he has to go
>he puts on wedding ring
>shit, feel kind of guilty, but also turned on by what just happened
>guy leaves, I stay with host for a little while longer
>takes a few more pics, fingers my ass and rims me
>cleaning up, pleasant small talk
>says he’ll send me the pics and drawings
>I’ve used these for jacking material ever since
>best fuck I’ve ever had
>tbh I want to do it again soon

the pics added were drawn buy him during our session, enjoy anons
File: unnamed (2).jpg (28KB, 640x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
unnamed (2).jpg
28KB, 640x388px
Another pic
File: unnamed (4).jpg (31KB, 442x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
unnamed (4).jpg
31KB, 442x640px
last one i'll share ;)
was making me hard part of your plan?
Probably, I still get turned on just thinking about that experience too
i wanna see you dick now. post em
lets see your large cock
A pic, for reference
Of coursh!
(314)Let's(763) hang out!?!?(5226)
bump bump bump, keep this shit going
>be looking around for a hook-up
>see ad from married guy
>nurse in psych hospital
>wants to get fucked
>arrange to meet him
>sunday morning... no doctors around, no visitors
>go through layers of security with him
>thinking if this goes wrong I'll never get out
>go up to his office (he's supervisor)
>chat for a few minutes
>let's get to it
>he sucks my cock for a few minutes until I'm hard
>put on condom, finger his ass with lube
>we're good to go
>he bends over desk

now... I'm 5'7" and he's over 6' tall. I've got an average cock

>need to stand on toes to get my cock into his hole
>fucking him as best as I can, legs tire, slip out
>he's spreading his legs to get lower
>finally get it right, fuck him hard
>last about 10 minutes
>meanwhile he either jerked off or hands-free since his load is all over the front of the desk
>blow my load in condom
>clean-up and he walks me out

Fuck this sounds incredible. I have a friend who's an artist and now I want to ask him to do this while my gf and I fuck. Share more!
have you met again?
Just had my first experience and it was terrible. For all those guys like me out there who are straight, but fantasize about being the girl just once, don't try it in real life. It's not the same. You are straight. Feel free to experiment if you want, but it's not going to be for you. Just going to save you all a lot of time, worry, and uncomfortableness.
Yeah, cause you represent every single curious man on earth.
>have you met again?
no. schedules didnt work out
I agree with this dude. If you are straight but fantasize about being with guys, just spend a good long time imagining how another guy is gonna feel and how its gonna feel to get sexual with a man.

I thought i was bi for a while. Met up with a few dudes; I'm definitely straight.
>i'm straight and I browse /hm/
That is the cutest fucking story ever, anon
Recently posted then reposted the same ad on CL looking for a top, had alluring body pics in it and asked people to send face pics, had like 30 responses, 4 with pics, only 1 of them was a face pic.

CL is literally the worst..
>only 1 of them was a face pic.
>CL is literally the worst..

CL is literally full of closeted straight dudes.
You don't get face pics there.
It is a game of roulette.
That's why you meet in a public place and don't give them your address.
If they are ugly you leave.
If they are hot you take them home.

If you want face pics then try Grindr.
Grindr is the worst piece of shit I've had the displeasure of using. Especially on Android.

>meet up with dude
>a bit anxious
>things go well until he wants to rim me
>feels weird
>go to fuck him
>goes ass to mouth immediately after
>almost vomit, get my clothes on and leave

>Meet up
>Guy says he offers massages
>Decide to go for it
>Half way in starts teasing my dick and nipples
>Finished me off and came so hard that my vision blurred
>Both of us freaked out about how much I came, I got dressed and left
File: aha4eg64ga64g1.png (387KB, 338x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
387KB, 338x600px
Picture related thats his dick
I have two to post
>being 19
>Posted an ad looking to suck on a big dick
>Got a reply from a guy who was in the Army
>Said that we had to be Discreet
>So he didnt send a Facepic
>"oh god should i go fuck it im horny"
>I get into the SUV and its a tall black guy
>with nothing but army short shorts and a shirt
>that says ARMY.
> as we speed away i glance at his crotch
>one huge bulge that bounces with ever bump
>we hit on the road.
>He asks if i have 10bucks i say yes.
>so we drive to the mall. im thinking
>"why he asked if i have 10bucks oh shit are >going to the movies"
>In a movies already started
>Sit in a corner in the back
>strips me of my clothes and commands me
>makes me suck him off 4times as we watch.
>after movies guy takes me home
>gives me his number
>Had a few more encounters w/ this guy
>at the end of them all IDK his name
>cal him "Army Guy"
File: dick.jpg (92KB, 540x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92KB, 540x720px
PIC RELATED. took it after i clean his cock off
heres two more
>being a fresh 20 y/o
>recently got a job at wally world
>worked me so much never had time for shit
>posted an ad to suck dick in the bathroom.
>Got one reply not on the phone but in person
>guy walks up i stare at his crotch see his huge
>cock semi hard and grow as he sees me >looking
>i see him reading my ad and taking time to >look at me
>comes up and ask if i want some cock.
>tell him yes run to clock out we meet back
>In Family bathroom only single in store.
>drops his pants huge at least 10in cock.
> i get to work sucking it.
>about 10mins of work my throat is open
>at this point im taking all 10ins of cock
>deepthorating for 10mins until he shoots
>swallow the cum and sucks his cock clean
>pulls up and walks out.
>more to come
Continuation of last post
>So he walks out first then I walk out and go to the normal bathroom i see i missed a text and call did reply. instead i when to the public bathroom and started jacking off to what just happen. as im jacking off i notice someone in the stall next to me. its a black guy jacking off so as i had to balls to suck cock where i work another wouldnt hurt my chances of getting caught. I get my sharpie and my clock out paper and write "do u want your cock sucked"
"(yes) (no) circle one" slide it to him
he trys to circle yes but just points at it.
i was in shock that he said yes and didnt get mad and wanted to kill me.
so i tell him to come to my stall. with it being the bigger one.
guy opens the stall door and he is dressed in a full marines outfit. my mind"what is it with me and military guys".
quickly unbuckle his pants and his big dick at least 9ins flops out.
Suck him and swallows his cum. Tried to get his number but he said i already had it.
He was the missed text and call.
Because I shifted to the US from a shitty middle eastern hell-hole recently I decided to fulfill some of my fantasies. Very hesitant.
Seeing this thread was the tipping point.
Wanted to know how it feels to get my dick sucked so posted an ad on CL.
Got lots of replies but most of them were shady.
Got reply from a 49 yo dude who was right near my house.
Didn't show interest because I thought he was too old.
One night, got crazy horny, decided to reply to him and set something up at his place.
Nervous as fuck, get my cock out on his bed.
He starts playing with my balls, then sucking them gently. Has my balls in his mouth now.
Get sensitive as fuck, moan.
He proceeds to gently lick up my shaft.
Picks up my cock, slowly puts tip in his mouth.
Starts crazy tongue action, like swirling it at 200 mph.
Extremely sensitive, moaning, want him to slow down.
Reach point of no return after like 15 seconds.
Hold his head down, cum ropes after ropes.
He deep-throats me and swallows every drop.
Exhausted and embarrassed as fuck because I couldn't even last a minute.
Leave in a flash.
He messages me saying he wants to suck me again.
Too embarrassed to go back because I finished in a jiffy.
Horny as fuck tonight as well, should I message him?
How the fuck do I last longer?

DAMN! That sounds hot af!
Did you get back with him??? MOAR!

He can slow down and edge you for a long time. Just tell him that he's fucking amazing, and you really enjoy his talent and want to make it last a lot longer next time. Honest feedback about how great he is will help him do even better next time. This works.
Yeah...messaged him. Will update he gets back to me.

The tongue thing knocks me over the edge. Can't anticipate that shit from watching porn.

My first time with a guy, didn't want to do anything with anyone I knew so I posted an ad.

Been alone home before several times and "practiced" using a dildo. Finally had the courage to do the real thing.

I had my room set up for this. Condoms, air freshener (so it didn't stink), lube. Everything I thought I needed.

Several replies, but only one that I liked. He was older and said we would go as fast as I liked. He showed up and we went to my room. We both got naked and he said "Let's just start with stroking each other"

It felt strange and exciting at the same time. His hands worked me till i was hard, and i played with his balls til he was hard, then i stroked him.

He told me to lay on the bed, and proceeded to wrap his lips around me. It felt good. At first. But he just couldn't seem to get me very excited. I was getting a bit impatient and asked him to turn a little so i could stroke while he sucked.

It felt less weird now and i was listening to his moans on my cock. Now was my time. I told him to switch places.

I nervously looked at it, stuck my tongue out and licked his tip. I thought "just go slow, lick the shaft first" and went up and down like that for a good half minute.

Moment of truth. I wrapped my lips, kissed it gently, and let him enter my mouth.

I heard him gasp a bit and thought to all the things i read on blowjobs and all the times I practiced. My tongue was moving a mile a minute on him while i bobbed up and down.

I looked up at him, thought "this is kinda fun, i see why pornstars say they like giving head". I watched him tilt his head back and feel like i was doing it right.

Went for a couple minutes like this, then SURPRISE!!!! he came. I didn't know what to do, i thought he would at least moan louder when he got close.

I had a mouth ful of cum and didn't know what to do. I grabbed a cumrag and spat it out.

He sits up and said "that was your first time? that was one of the fastest blowjobs i ever had that made me cum.

he then tells me to lie down and goes down on me.

Again, it starts out nice, but then it becomes 'meh'.

I tell him to stop, he's not getting anywhere with my cock.

He looks at the condoms, asks if I want to fuck him. I say no, I'm not feeling it. Also, was hoping to pop MY cherry but he was not doing it for me anymore. Thanked him for his time and letting me try sucking cock for the first time.
July this year I had to spend a weekend in another city, and since I was getting a hotel room I figured I'd post an ad for a short, cute guy in the city to spend the two days with me. I asked for someone who could cook and I wanted company w/ cuddles, sex being a maybe. I made arrangements with a guy who fit the specs well and also said he'd never fooled around with anyone before. Got to the room, he arrives halfway through me unpacking wearing a raincoat for a disguise. Turned out he was smaller than he looked in the photos, not complaining, he was around 5'1. Slim figure, with a little plumpness in the right places. White hair, too.
First thing I have him do is put my things away, then we cuddle watching the tv until dinner when it's time for him to fix something up. After, the clothes come off and we cuddle into bed. He reveals his actual age and it begins to heat up when he starts kissing my abs, so I let him move at his pace for a while, then ask if he's going to suck my cock or not. (cont)
File: IMG_5703.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3264x2448px
>post ad saying im looking to chat with the possibility of hooking up
>tons of reply's, not really come to fruition except one
>black guy, 6'5, muscle fat my favorite, 8 inch cock
>be 5'8 white boy with 5 inch cock and loving this
>make plans to go over to his house
>in preparation I wax my asshole, douche, and shower. over all 100% clean down there
>get to his house, fuck he's tall, but he's super chill. we smoke weed, and talk for about half an hour before i suggest we get started.
>he's been putting his hand on my leg the entire time and it's gettin to me
He goes slow at first, with some kissing, ball sucking and worship before he starts sucking me. I ease him into it and before long, he's sucking well and going pretty deep, good because I'm almost 8 when I'm really into it. He gets tired after like thirty minutes, so I tell him to finish me off, and swallow. He brings me to peak and takes me in as much as he can with his last few sucks. I let it blow and pull out enough that he gets most of the load in his mouth, and swallows it down. We cuddle in silence until he's settled down, then go to the shower to wash each other off. The rest of the night is spent cuddling in bed while we talk.
Day two begins with him sucking my cock again, and we shower again before I go out. This time, I hand him the sponge and soap, and tell him I want every inch of me cleaned. He gets to work and helps me dry off before I dress and leave. (cont)
I get back to the room late afternoon, and we eat. More tv, and we discuss possibly meeting again in the future. He sucks my cock again. When we hit the bed, he massages me until he gets tired, then I let him cool down before we continue. While he's relaxing, I take notice of his feet. Not usually a foot guy, but something about his drew me in. I took one in my hand and slowly began massaging it, and when I knew he liked what I was doing I decided to try something else, just on impulse. I take a toe into my mouth, and suck it. He enjoys that, so I keep going until he can't hold off and starts masturbating while I'm sucking on his toes. It doesn't last long, and he's pretty tired when he gets done, so we call it a night. When morning comes, he makes breakfast, then worships the D some more, then jerks me off. I blow my load onto my abs, and make him eat it. We spend like an hour washing each other then he packs my stuff and we cuddle before it's time to leave.

We're going to meet up again in december.
>want dick sucked but super nervous
>hadn't had gay experience since about 13. be 20 at this point
>find guy on craigslist
>he comes to my college apartment while my friends are at the bar
>he's ugly as sin. way different than he looks in his pics
>instnat regret
>can't turn around now, invite him in
>tell him i'm nervous and want to just get started
>sit on edge of my bed
>feels good as fuck
>just don't look at his face
>i cum in like 5 minutes
>tell him he has to leave because my friends are coming home

felt good man
im sorry this happened to you
<3 take care
www dot neverhappened dot com
I put up an ad looking for a mutual bj and this guy send me his number. I facebook the number and its an old coworker... im currently debating going or not. As far as i knew he was straight so its kinda surprising and tempting but idk its also kinda weird

talk about co-workers

>see ad on craigslist
>older guy wants smaller younger guy for hook up
>I'm younger and smaller and like older guys so why not?
>tell him the area of the city where I work. he's in the same area
>he tells me to go to the hotel in the square and he'll be standing at a pillar to the right of the registration desk
>watch the clock until 5:00
>head out
>in a hurry so walking fast
>fuck... my boss is about 20 meters in front of me
>don't want to catch up and get into a conversation with him
>walk slower and watch him
>he turns into the hotel
>worried because I think the bar is withing sight of that place I'm supposed to meet this guy
>slow down and enter the hotel
>see my boss standing at the pillar
>turn around and nope out of there
Continue! And if that's your ass, DAMN!
>you are now aware that the reason your boss was looking for a younger/ smaller guy is because he wants to fuck you whenever he sees you at work, but he thinks he can't, so he posted an add looking for a replacement fuck. He'll be thinking of you when he's fucking whoever he finds.

Aren't you afraid of STD/STIs from sucking random dicks?

Absolutely. A few days later his ad was back up and a few days after that I saw him leave work right at 5 (he never does that). So I left and followed him and he went to the hotel and I saw him meet up with another younger guy.

And yeah, I'd let him fuck me if he wasn't my boss and always fucking with me at work.
People like you always put me in the best mood
File: image.jpg (691KB, 1522x1342px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know where that park is.
I'm gonna have to try evenings.
I jog the indoor track there in the winter.
The outdoor track is usually just moms with strollers during the day.
I'll try it at sunset and maybe back near the river.
Do you ever go there?
Bump, saw the guy again. This time it lasted around 20 minutes. Let me know if anybody wants to hear the story of pt 2.
I want to hear part 2 pls
Part 2 - Decide to get a BJ again
> Horned up as hell
> Message the guy to tell him I'm coming over
> When I arrive, let the dude know that I am the one in control this time.
> Let him pull down my underwear.
> Cock is visibly throbbing.
> Let him play with my balls. Sensitive again.
> Stand up, slowly push it deeper and deeper into his mouth..
> He tries working his head/tongue - too difficult for me not to cum so I stop him.
> Control the pelvic thrusts into his mouth, nice and slow.
> Really get into it, be able to enjoy it for at least 5 mins
> Asks to change position, lays with his head on bed edge so I can throat fuck him
> Can really shove my cock deep down his throat - no gag reflex!
> Smear my drool covered cock all over his face

More to follow if anyone wants to hear the rest..
>be me 18 y/o kinda big
>meet up with guy on the first day of uni
>he is 140lbs with a7.5 inch dick
> days he wants me to suck him off but he can't host because of roommate, and neither can I.
>so we meet up at the uni music building and I start sucking him off.
>he starts to say that he won't cum by only blow jobs.
>so I bend over with my face against a brick wall while he starts smashing my ass hole
>then he tells me he going to cum. And asks where I want it
>as I am telling him he busts a fat ass nut right in my ass.
>have the cum shits for two days

> we now meet up every few days so he can release his present up loads in my ass


And, you know that if you just wait a few minutes you'll likely be ready to go for round 2, right?

Back in the day, I once got off 4 times in about 90 minutes to an expert cocksucker.

That's how ppl get HIV baka
Damn this gets me hard anyone want to trade dick pics?! 9096383462
>was 15 at the time
>constantly looking at craigslist for thrills and jealous that guys are getting off together but not me
>decided to answer a few ads
>tell them I'm 15 and they say no thanks
>start telling them I'm 16 and get some interest but no one local enough to meet up with
>one guy said he's in my area
>we chat and he sent me a picture
>fat/muscular with a lot of hair. no face picture but can see a beard
>I got hard just looking at the picture
>no cock shot but said he's 7.5". wearing shorts so I assume that's 7.5 internet inches
>arranged to meet
>ended up he's the maintenance manager of our apartment complex (big place so I never ran into him)
>arranged to meet in his office
>when he sees me he asked if I'm really 16
>told him I was
>we sat on the couch in his office and started making out
>beard tickled me but try to keep straight face
>hands wandered
>he opened his pants, took my hand and slid it in
>still kind of soft but felt great
>he pulled his pants down and pushed my head towards his cock
>could tell he was right. it's already long while still semi hard
>bobbed up and down on his cock for about 10 minutes
>few times he pushed me down hard and I gagged. he'd say "sorry baby"
>by now he cock was hard. full 7.5" and lots of big veins. Like the kind you see on dildos. hard, raised veins
>he pulled me up and says he wants to fuck me
>told him it was my first time and he says he'll be gentle
>he cleared off one end of his desk and bent me over
>he pulled out some hand lotion and a condom from his desk
>lubed me up nicely. no rush. just worked me with his fingers
>put the condom on, lined his cock up with my asshole and started pushing in
>he had done a nice job opening me up so there wasn't any pain
>but I felt every vein in his cock running past my asshole
>fucks me slowly for about 2 minutes then started going faster and faster
>he was leaning over me whispering in my ear about how good he felt and how good I was being
>tells me that when he's about to cum he wants me on my knees in front of him
>I just grunt
>keeps fucking me
>can tell he was getting close as his thrusts were getting quicker
>suddenly he told me to get on my knees and he pulled out
>pulled off his condom and starts jerking his cock with one hand and holding my head in place with the other
>he let out a grunt and blew his load into my mouth and on my face
>when he stopped cumming he just slid his cock back in my mouth and told me to suck it
>it tasted like latex but I didn't care
>few minutes later he told me to sit on the couch
>opened my pants and he started sucking my cock
>took about 15 seconds before I blew my load into his mouth
>told me to wash my face in his bathroom
>came back out and he gives me a hug
>asked if I'm really 16. told him I'm 15
>"we'll just keep this to ourselves then"
File: lordosis.jpg (3MB, 3340x2504px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 3340x2504px

met a guy on craigslist, had unprotected oral+ protected anal sex, what is the likelihood of me contracting an STD from this encounter? I'm shitting bricks here guys, can anyone help out?
File: hiv.png (315KB, 2984x1850px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
315KB, 2984x1850px

depends on where you live.

here is a chart:
I'm in the uk
are these statistics in the graph on the link without condom or no?
>without condom

condom use lowers risk by 80%
so there's a 0.124% chance that I could have contracted HIV from the encounter. Would want to get tested, but I have relatives who work in the medical profession and I know several of their colleagues. Super awkward if they find out I'm gay and I have aids.

As opposed to living with an expensive, incurable, life-threatening disease for being stupid the rest of your life.

Yeah, sound logic.
is he attractive?
>taking the bait
it's fine, I don't think anyone, even if they knew any of my relatives, would be at liberty to disclose that sort of information anyway. Can I use a fake name when I go to the clinic?
met this guy on craigslist.
he let me fuck him and cum in his ass.
hot older bottom hipster slut.
9/10 would bang again.
>be cocksucker
>don't have a cock to suck
>post craigslist ad asking if daddy needs sucked
>shitload of responses
>eenie meenie minee moe, which cock do I want to blow?
>pick 50yo, 6', 165#, 8"cut
>2 miles from my house
>Pull up, door is open, dude is waiting at open door
>Perhaps his stats are accurate
>walk in. "where should we do this?"
>be slightly confused "umm, wherever you want."
>walk upstairs to bedroom
>drop to my knees, pull down his pants
>3" soft dick, tiny balls
>Meh, could be a grower, time to get to work
>start sucking
>hands on the back of my head
>dude starts pulling my head down
>gagging, trying to pull back
>There is a cock in my throat
>coughing, drool running out of my mouth
>he lets go of my head
>pull back out of my throat to reveal all the cock I was promised
>dude shoves a bottle of poppers in my left nostril
>get back on that dick
>start deepthroating while dude hits the poppers
>poppers capped, bottle set down, dude grabs his phone
>"awe yeah, suck that cock faggot"
>dude grabs my head again, starts to fuck my throat
>I can't breath, there is a large cock lodged in my throat
>pull off his cock
>dude cockslaps me repeatedly
>"Get your mouth back on my dick faggot"
>There is a phone pointed right at me
>"Are you recording this?"
>"Yeah, keep sucking"
>I keep sucking
>suck for awhile
>then dude grabs my head and fucks my throat
>dude shoves is dick in my throat 'till I nearly pass out
>pulls out, spit trail from his dick to my mouth
>half hour passes
>"I'm gonna cum"
>Phone is still in my face
>dude starts to jack off
>"open your mouth. Stick out your tongue."
>open my mouth, stick out my tongue
>Stare into the camera as the first spurt lands on my tongue
>more cum
>6 thick ropes hit my face and mouth
>there is cum in my eyes
>I have a mouthful
>dude grabs my head and pulls me back on his dick
>suck out the last of his cum
>dude pulls out of my mouth
>dude goes to the bathroom, puts his phone on his dresser
>grab phone
>pull out simcard, turn off phone
>drive to park
>smash the phone, then throw it into the lake
>go home
>4 hours later
>get email
>"Hey, did you see what I did with my phone"
Don't fucking record people who are sucking your dick without permission you inconsiderate fucks
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