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Straight guys getting seduced (legitimate only)

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I often seduce straight guys. One way is video related. Can we get a tread of videos or stories of this happening?


The above method is easiest with Orientals because they are already curious about big cock. Then they want to feel what it's like.. then you have them.
Thanks for sharing! Much appreciated.
OP here. I have some stories like op pic related I can share. If there is enough demand in this thread by the time my exam is over I will type and share a few.


It's so sad that cruising is a dying art.
pls share stories
I'm into it, send us some vids of you doing it. Like on omegle/chatroulette?
>Like on omegle/chatroulette?
What a fucking beta. No I mean in real life.
Do you tape that though?
OP here.

>Be me living in China a few years back
>Attend the Shanghai expo
>Some middle eastern countries have their own pavilions, others don't, just have a corridor with large rooms, one country per room
>Visit a country's pavilion who would shall remain unknown
>One side of the room consists of tables with Arabs dressed in pic related (if I say the name it would be lost on you guys)
>He gives me the eye gesture which is used by arabs to signal an interest
>Before I knew it he folded his clothes up in front of everyone and casually rubbed his body.
>Sexy hairy body underneath with hot bulge (balls and cock going up and to the right, I remember it like yesterday).
>Casually speak in Arabic so none of the chinese around us can understand (though his friends/colleagues standing next to him can).
>Later go to the living quarters for shanghai expo staff and fuck like bunnies
do you have more videos like this?
Dead thread. Sexy but dead
This is /hm/ and this thread was posted today... how is this a dead thread
oh wow.. please more stories or videos. this makes me insanely horny.
Are you from the middle east OP?
Post some pics of you.
>Post some pics of you.
no, this is not soc.
Who the fuck cares. This is a place for masturbating to pics/text. Self pics are perfectly relevant.
So post your pics then.
unfortunately nobody wants to see a 27 year old skinnyfat w/ a 4 1/2 inch dick
>Be me, OP in hostel in Malaysia
>Come out of the shower wearing boxers and t shirt
>Me an another guy in room
>Room has a setup that the door to it leads to another room, but door can not close fully
>Start exchanging small talk
>Sit on my bed, bottom bunk facing him, siting on his bed, bottom bunk
>Assume that the guy is just making friendly traveller talk
>Suddenly, 10 mins later he says "you have a really thick cock"
>S-sorry?? I was caught off guard so much by this, especially considering how masculine and manly that guy was
>He was brave and just put his hand out, yes I wanted it but I was in shock
>Turns out that my fat cock was hanging out my boxer leg the whole time
>He sucked my dick nice and wet, with people in the other room who may or may not have been able to see what was happening and could have walked in any moment
>Quickly cum in his mouth and go on our separate ways.
I have some really hot stories, butI am terrible at greentext
>butI am terrible at greentext
my boner would like to disagree. more stories! can you also post a pic of your body (w/ face cropped out if that's better)
I've accidentally on purpose shown my dick to two hot straight asian guys, this method didn't work for me! Any success stories with this method on Asians?
>Be back in China
>Chinese friend asks me to proof his postgrad personal statement for UCL, LSE or somewhere like that
>He is fuerdai (rich) but not spoilt
>Ensuit room
>Be sitting at the desk, correcting his shit English writing skills. His speaking is excellent btw
>W-would you like a beer?
>Gives me the Chinese equivalent of grey goose in beer form.
>After a while he gets up to piss, leaves door open
>I don't look because I am not an attention seeking gay I mean out gay and I don't want him to tell his friends I was perving on him
>Keep retyping his work
>He pisses again
>"Haha don't look"
>Door cracked open, saying something for me to turn around, I think he wants me to look
>Get up, say I need to go too as he zips up and walks out
>I get a glimpse of his tiny cock
>I go to the toilet and say "I don't care if you look, mine is huge"
>TFW he looks
>Blah black compare sizes, he is nervous shaking.. "d-do you want to hold it"
>ended with him badly sucking my dick

I'm too busy to write loads of stories, but here are some titles for later
- Hostel Shower
- Hong Kong indian guy
- shall we do it together?
- Taxi driver
- when I was 15 and ran away from home and bumped into that polish man
- Egyption at my friend's halloween party about 1 or 2 years ago

One of those will be my next story
- Korea hostel owner

Lol these all involve hostels. Kind of the theme from the video. I'm a cruiser, the thrill is in the chase. It's a shame that grindr and the websites have killed cruising for sex - and cruising isn't just in toilets and parks after dark, you know, it is every day situations too.
OP please dont stop those. pure gold. when you have time. I vote for Egyption at halloween party next ... or maybe hostel shower. thanks in advance. my dick will approve
OP please deliver, these stories are some of the hottest I've read on here. And if anyone has more vids like these please share
the polish man one please
so much bumppppp
anyone know any other vids like the one in OP?
NEED MORE VIDS LIKE THESE! I wish cruising wasn't dead, it was something I looked forward to when I got to college. But shit all these straight guys are so up tight here
Other stories

- Malaysian in Amsterdam hostel
>"Y-you've got an erection"
>"N-no, it's just that big, see" *flops fat flaccid cock in half to prove it's not hard

- Walking to the cruising park at 10pm one night whilst at uni and bumping into a hot persian on the way.

- The two Egyptian opposits from one cruise story
bump; need more links to good vids
Need a PIN to access.



thank you, anon!


I know it's studio shit, but this kind of video is so hard to find... Sorrry anons, I'll try to contribute as much as I can to no let this thread die
View it on myvidster not xtube you noob
How can I convince my straight roommate to let me suck his dick?
does he drink? why don't you get him drunk? go to a local bar or bring booze of his preference in your dorm.
Hurr durr get him drunk

Bump to keep hope alive..
You don't have to bump porn threads lol
... So basically rape him, then?
OP here
Sex on the Singapore beach with the Australian
Internet cafe malaysia with the fem guy

Two more notes for me to remember to write stories about later.
I don't know. I don't want to get charged with rape either.



lol probably not. i mean he'll enjoy the head and most likely will be embarrassed to report anything. he'd most likely confront you the next day haha.
Currently in korea so I'm interested in the Korean hostel owner
Just get him drunk and horned up. He doesn't need to be completely passed out anon,
bump !
i watched the entire thing and saw nothing. just a skinny-fat dude trying to seduce an ugly asian guy for nothing. why is this thread being commented on. are people that desperate.
OP here. In Itewon there is a glory hole and at least when I was there, there was one Korean guy with a huge (8") cock. He was straight too, just liked to get his cock sucked whilst looking at dirty Magazines. It's across from McDonalds, if it still exists.

There is also a very good - straight - Japanese Sauna in the other side of Itewon, there wasn't a time I went that I didn't have very discrete action there.
If it's not your thing, then find a thread that is and post there. Dick.
Wow, OP has lived!
Thread posts: 50
Thread images: 2

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