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History Podcasts Recommendations

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It's time to give back to your favorite podcasters! Share with /his/ the best history-related podcasts out there and help expand their audience!

Let's start with the heavyweights

1. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History (Part free)
>Grand in scope and length, expect series lasting more than 12 hours. (IMPORTANT: Only the later episodes are free, the earlier ones can be bought on his website/iTunes)

good starter picks: Wrath of the Khans (Rise of the Mongol Empire), Death Throes of the Republic (Rise of the Gracchi to the assasination of Julius Caesar), Blueprint for Armageddon (WWI)

>Average episode time (on the later ones) is probably around ~3 hours


2. Mike Duncan - The History of Rome (Completely free)
>The only (and most comprehensive) retelling of the history of Rome, from its mythical origins to the Western Empire's fall in 476. 179 episodes long. (IMPORTANT: Please bear the first few episodes, Mike was still finding his own pace and his microphone sucked. Quality will improve later on.)

>Average episode time is around 30 mins, barring the earlier episodes which average around 15 mins.


3. Robin Pierson - The History of Byzantium (Free, ongoing)

>Free except for 1 non-free episode (the justinian plague iirc?), The History of Byzantium continues the Roman story where the History of Rome left off.

>Average episode time is around 30 mins.


4. Mike Duncan - Revolutions (Free, ongoing but on hiatus)
>Mike Duncan of History of Rome fame returns to tackle revolutions around the world. Currently the series has 3 complete parts: The English, American, and French revolutions. Mike's currently on hiatus and will return in December for the Haitian Revolution

>Average episode time is around 30 mins.


Don't forget to give podcasts you like iTunes reviews! (maybe contribute to their patreon too if they have one)
In Our Time is also a heavyweight.
My personal picks

5. Futility Closet
>Hosted by husband and wife team Greg and Sharon Ross, the podcast explores historical curiosities and oddities from Greg's research and eponymous blog.

>Average episode time is around 30 mins


6. Nate Di Meo - The Memory Palace
>Ethereal, beautiful, and sentimental, The Memory Palace extols various stories from American history. Nate's narration is elegant, and the stories sometimes bittersweet.


starter episodes:
>Episode 12 (These Words, Forever)
>Episode 30 (Nee Weinberg)
>Episode 44 (Distance)
I listened to Dan Carlin's Wrath of the Khans a few weeks ago and it got me interested in Chinese history. Any suggestions?
I haven't really looked into it yet, but there's When Diplomacy Fails
British History Podcast, It is trying to cover the entirety of British history.


>In Our Time

My Nigga. BBC Radio 4 Best Radio
My personal picks continued

7. Sharyn Eastaugh- History of the Crusades (ongoing)
>Tells the story of the crusades, from the first to the fifth, with side episodes about famous characters and groups such as Eleanor of Aquitaine, The Knights Templar, The Assassins, etc

>The current series of episodes is about the crusades against the Cathars


>>78122 i can vouch for this so ill add
8. When Diplomacy Fails
>Basically an irish guy talking about mostly european wars. Episodes usually run above 45 mins.

last of my favorites. >>78086 this is for you

9. Jon Zhu - Romance of the Three Kingdoms podcast (ongoing)
>Part /his/, part /lit/ John retells the classic Chinese novel with a western audience in mind.


and although i haven't listened to it yet, try the China History Podcast by Laszlo Montgomery

>Romance of the Three Kingdoms podcast
I completely changed as a person when I read that when I was 19

I can't think of another book that has done that to me to such a high extent
OP here, forgot to add this gem

10. David Apelzin - The Podcast of Doom

>David unpacks the situations that lead to history's great disasters. As he puts it, this podcast is about "Epic failure analysis" in history

I enjoy Lars Brownworth's podcasts. They cover a few topics like the Normans and the Byzantines.

i can vouch for this

his other podcast is 12 Byzantine Rules

Based, thanks man.
11. Stuff You Missed in History Class


12. The History of English Podcast (ongoing)

>Forgot to add this to the heavyweights, now I feel bad.

>Basically this podcast explores the Story of English, from its Indo-European origins to the present day. Expect to learn a lot of etymology!

>The latest episode is about the Domesday book

Is it still better to read the actual book first? Probably, yeah? I'm just thinking I probably won't understand much of it.
Is there anything on more obscure history like south east Asian or sub Saharan?
Probably covered by the British history podcast ;)
I tried listening to this but got bored after like the 50th roman invasion or battle
Thanks for making this thread, OP, I was thinking about getting back into history podcasts and History of Rome is totally sick
I want to listen to the China History Podcast but Laszlo has no real order of things and he'll jump from the Han in one set of episodes to the Communist Revolution in the next then to the Song and back to the Han and etc.

It triggers my autism something fierce so I've never been able to bring myself to listen to it.

I was thinking of giving that one a try but given that it's the Crusades I'd worry it'll go one of two ways: /pol/-esque "Crusaders Good, Muslims Bad" shit or revisionist liberal "Crusaders Bad, Muslims Good" shit.

There's a podcast on the Italian Unification called Talking History: Italian Unification. Only just started so I'm on the prologue episodes that very quickly go through Italian history through up to the 1790s.

Any good medieval podcasts though?

This. I don't have any additional recommendations since everything I would have posted is already ITT. Thanks, though.
history of philosophy
ottoman history podcast
History of World War Two Podcast by Ray Harris Jr.
ill bump for futility closet, it's really good. you'll learn about land deeds in Quaker Oats boxes, 18th century garden hermits, animals on trial, and a lot more

plus there are lateral thinking puzzles at the end of each episode (although the earlier episodes have challenges with listener participation instead) to exercise your brain
Can anyone point me to Dan's book lists for older episodes?
dont know if this is correct

thanks, that's it
Sawbones on maximum fun is a medical history podcast I like
Any body recommend a good history of vikings podcast?
I live this show. It's not as heavy as the others, but it is fun.
Yeah. They like to have fun. They take requests too
The Dollop

Two comedians talk about interesting stories from American history
I've stuck with this, although I think it's gotten less interesting as it's gone forward and things have generally speeded up.

The episodes about Dunkirk were fucking great though. Pretty much hour by hour, you can really imagine what it was like.
I wish this show was twice as long. They're constantly constantly rushing to try and cover everything.
I'm about ten episodes past Dunkirk but they are indeed superb. I just wish he would get a nice microphone or anything to stop the feedback when he records.
Holy shit this, Melvyn Bragg comes off as such a cunt.
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Thread images: 1

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