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World War II thread. Discuss WWII movies, books, and dump WWII pics/gifs/webms.
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t-34 was the best tank during the world war 2
I've always been interested in the Mediterranean theater. Care to provide me with some movies, books, pictures, ect. related to that?
I believe Das Boot falls under that category. GOAT wwii film
Is Inglorious Basterds the dumbest movie based on World War II ever?
it's clearly not meant to be a historical account, unless you're commenting on the quality of it in general. it was a decent flick as far as mainstream films go.

also nice name
At least it had some entertainment value. Enemy at the Gates is the most disgraceful WWII "film" I've ever wasted my time on. What a heaping pile of shit.
It was an okay movie, but not amazing even for Tarantino standards. Like the theater scene though, that was hilarious.

also thanks anon. you get the reference or what
all strong movements, political ideologies had a strong and cohesive look to them. it seems we all used to care about good design, not that it's lacking in todays age. It just seems it's not attached to anything political
yeah that's probably my favorite song from them.
I do agree on it not being amazing even for Tarantino, his best probably Jackie Brown but that's because it had great source material to work of.
War films tend to bore me because they quickly become wanky stories of heroism and propaganda about 'heroes' and this is why I only really like Apocolypse Now and a few others
>War films tend to bore me because they quickly become wanky stories of heroism and propaganda
>I only like Apocalypse Now
confirmed for not really watching war films outside of the American mainstream
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The first two Brothers in Arms games are awesome.
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The creation of this board is the best thing that's happened to me today tbqh
I watched it with my grandfather (fought in the Eastern theater to the day the Russians conquered Berlin) and we were expecting a movie along the lines of Saving Private Ryan.

Instead we got a sick Jewish revenge story. I now have watched Tarentino movies and I understand him but, that wasn't a good idea and my grandfather did not enjoy it past the first scene in the movie.
This is one of my favorite documentaries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvqUlnrqPes
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>watching Anglo subhuman propaganda

We should have killed all those Anglo cockroaches
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I like Deerhunter, Das Boot, Come and See as well. I know I'm missing a few, any reccomendations?
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>tfw no 50 sec timer
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A Bridge Too Far
Battle of the Bulge
Stalingrad (must watch)
Into the White
and Fury which is surprisingly good for an American WWII film. The ending is a little too heroic and unrealistic but for entertainment value you won't be disappointed at all

Honestly WWII films are hit or miss. Most are just laughably bad but many of them are very good.
Why did the North African front keep reversing directions at El Alamein?
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that is ww1 pic
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They may have removed flags, but I still know what country you're from.
So wait, is /hist/ an imagedump board or a discussion board?
thanks. meaning to watch a Bridge to Far.
is an imageboard. take that as you will
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