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Continuation of the other thread that did not bump for some reason.

If there's one thing ancient Muslims perfected it was architecture. Which when perfected in collaboration with Christians led to the birth of the longest lived architectural style in the CE (in Europe (I think)).
Look at that, isn't it beautiful? It both looks robust while also being completely open.
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Also Gothic architecture really needs to make a second comeback. Just imagine a modern building made with modern materials in that style.

What are your favorite historical buildings?
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The Koln cathedral is one of my fetish, by the way.
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Needs more pointy arches and edgy points
Some historians have advanced the hypothesis that pointy arches originated from muslims too, but this is a controversial subject.
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>architecture thread
I never knew I wanted this until now.

This is one of my favorites, the Duomo di Firenze.
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good thread
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>A modern understanding of physical laws and the mathematical tools for calculating stresses were centuries in the future. Brunelleschi, like all cathedral builders, had to rely on intuition and whatever he could learn from the large scale models he built. To lift 37,000 tons of material, including over 4 million bricks, he invented hoisting machines and lewissons for hoisting large stones.
It always amazes me how everyone back then just pretty much eyeballed everything and it just worked.

Damn reds and their delusions of grandeur
>it just worked
Lolno, most times it ended in death
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>You'll never go back in time to visit all the the Expositions Universelles in Paris.

I meant that as in most cathedrals still exist today.
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And just across the road
Exciting times.
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And on the subject of fascist architecture
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>that feel when nobody will ever give Wim Delvoye the budget to build a full-scale version of one of his neo-gothic towers
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If these were made today they would probably still be left mostly unchanged in a hundred years. Gothic is timeless and just goes with everything.
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I read this book about the giant conundrum the architects from both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany uncovered when they realized they had basically designed the same building.

Imagine the stress on both sides

>"nyet, that cannot pozzibly be comrade"
>"oh mein gott, zey built an identical one?"
>muh ideological differences
>If there's one thing ancient Muslims perfected it was architecture

Nothing beats Gothic. Gothic is the highest you can possibly go.

Profane whimsical meditteranoid architecture needs not apply.
Besides Muslim architecture is fucking garbage once you go sufficiently away from Spain or Byzantium. It becomes Brutish, cold and lifeless.
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But muh tile patterns and geometry, domes to 11 and spacious volumes opened on the outside for airflow

Look at this, that tile fetishist from /v/ would probably cum liters if he saw that.
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on my /his/?

It looks like a toilet decoration
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Ottoman mosques are the most beautiful structures in existence. A shame Turks make it so frustrating to go full turkboo over their country.

>Copy the Byzantines
>add 4 penises around the structure
>Architectural genius

I swear the only flag that should be on /his/ is the turkey one to out all you towelheads.
>getting this defensive
stay mad jew
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speyer cathedral.jpg
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Romanesque time
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limburg cathedral.jpg
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>godless commies building a literal Tower of Babel
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