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The Fall of the Roman Republic

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Who did it ?

I mean, it's obviously something that Rome couldn't avoid, as a long process which took end with Augustus. But why did it collapse, and (and it's my main question), who is responsible ?

Marius ? Sulla ? Pompeius ? Caesar ? Marcus Antonius ?

I know they are all responsible, but still, who wanted to be a king ?
My thoughts are for Tiberius Gracchus, who fucked up the tribunus plebus, creating a real political power from something that was meant to be really useful, and not used as a step in a political career.
I think too about Marius as responsible for the death of the Republic : he had seven consulate and was the very first "imperator" (first century style).

About Sylla, I may be naive but I think that the dude really tried to save the Republic. Maybe that he was a dictator, but he left his charge voluntarily and really tried to make the cursus honorum OK (Gracchus brothers and Marius completely fucked it up). What do you think of him ?

Sorry for the bad english
But like Sulla, Marius and the Gracchi were trying to save the Republic. They saw different problems than did Sulla, obviously, but I think all those people still had more or less benevolent motivations. It's in the next generation that people are really trying to take advantage of the disorder caused by the first Civil War. Crassus grasped for power, Pompey for glory, and Caesar for both. I think the first Triumvirate is where personal gain became more important than the public good. By the time of Augustus's generation it was more a question of who would rule the republic rather than how it would be restored.
Marcus Aurelius jinxed it with his son becoming emperor
Augustus ultimately felled it. He's the one who finally became a true emperor. Caesar may have been working to it but while he was alive the senate still had its power.

After him it was a road of no return.
>Who did it ?

The transition from a minor regional power to a major power ment that the empire required a single ruler.
but Marius was a power hungry egomaniac who bypassed tons of laws to repeatedly make himself consul
the first senator who tried to pass an agrarian bill to win the favor of the plebs and make himself consul/dictator/king

can't remember his name right now though, fug
"The Punic wars were a mistake" - Scipio Nasica
Scipio Africanus.

The soldiers were more loyal to him than to Rome (with good reason, might I add).
foreigners and its own women
It was the Marian military reform that made it so that citizens no longer had to pay for their own war equipment, it could have been done in a better way, but it ended with that the super rich could pay for private armies that they could field in wars and earn even more money to field even bigger armies.

The plebs that were able to join wars because of these super rich men ended up being loyal as hell to these warlords.

Before military power had been evenly distributed between the senatorial class, now it was tied to private wealth, and those that had wealth got astronomically richer than the other senators, astronomically richer = astronomically more military power. It was like if the USA let Trump, Bill Gates and the Koch brothers to personally pay for their own divisions of the US army and lead them in battle.

The military reforms could have been done better, by for example, letting the army only be paid for by public funds gathered from new taxes and loot.
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I see you applying your modern politics here, you snake jew

this, good post family
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