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WW2 pics

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The utterly failed attempt to build a tracked vehicle that could jump via the use of rockets.

There was apparently a similar version on a Valentine tank, though I haven't found any images of it.
The Great Panjandrum, which was a device intended to summon the devil to kill Germans

Instead it just chased after the nearest person until it ran out of rockets or they were pancaked.
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WW2 4.gif
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It w... what?
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It was actually a device meant to breach the Atlantic wall. Imagine two Catherine Wheels tied together with a ton of explosives between.

It was a complete failure as the rockets all burnt a slightly different rates/power, so it would never travel in a straight line

During what was meant to be a secret wartime test, where several hundred locals turned up somehow it ended up flying towards a crowd of military observers before falling on it's side flailing wildly.
christ - was it commisioned to Amce?

Naa, after the incident with it almost killing the observers it was canned

Sidetracking, the group behind it, The Department of Miscellaneous Weapons Development made tons of useless shit in the war, it's well worth looking up. Some of it actually worked too

Another worthy mention of there's was a project to hide bodies of water from aircraft using soot. It largely failed as the moving water washed away the soot, but on the few occasions it did work from the ground the soot covered water looked like tarmac, causing some fun for those who drove into it.
Dogs don't fuck wit panjandrums
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Not the WW2 pic but still interesting picture of P-47 turbosupercharger.
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Stop posting this toy picture
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ash fight.jpg
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nigga that's a war thunder screenshot
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That's why that thing was so huge. They had to make room for the ducts to connect with the engine.
is that a monoplane chaika?
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nazi rally.jpg
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Bulgarian Bf 109 E
Pretty sure they are the IRL acme
looks more like a Portuguese T-6
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PZL P11.jpg
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Polish fighter. One of the PZL gull-wings.

Funny enough - they were considered some of the best fighters in the world when they entered service in the early 30's.
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Bulgarian Arado ar 65
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German Paratroopers over Crete
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How about this instead?
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Enough for now
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I visited the air museum in palm springs and they had a really cool weapons display showing all the primaries and secondaries and blades and shit
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Just gonna post what I have sorry about the quality
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Hahaha what the fuck, I'd never seen a fat nazi before
And it allowed P-47 to go sanic fast very high.
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check again mate, it's Canadian soldier.
that explains it
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here's a real fat nazi, Hermann Goring
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What is this shit anon?
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just genuine ww2 pics anon...
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Don't bring this evil here.
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Hm. Is this /k/, /his/, or either?
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Hiryu Damage.jpg
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gee, I wonder why they don't show this pictures at school
Well considering Slavs were on Hitler's extermination list they weren't going to be happy for long.
Because no one cares about Latvia?

story behind? did the kamikaze hit it? that must be a hell of an armor
they are nords
balts are balts
A proper hit from a Kamikaze attack would have at least made a bigger scorch mark, they loaded the Kamikaze planes up with explosives before flying them into ships so there should have been marks from an explosion at least, most likely either simply a shot down plane, or the Kamikaze ricocheted off the surface of the sea and lost its under slung payload prior to impact.
Those are Yak-9s. The Yak 3 didn't have the oil cooler under the nose like that. They also had a different canopy.
Ah, I'm sorry. Will pay more attention.
That's what I'm thinking too. Although it could have been a direct hit. They did hit the belt armor, which can be pretty thick.
Belt on the County Class was 3.5" thick, so not all that much
Not too thick at all. Yeah, probably lost the bomb in the water or by some other way before hitting the ship.
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Nice filename desu
Ship log states:

>Under KAMIKAZE attacks during which two aircraft were destroyed. Sustained slight structural damage above waterline by the wreckage of a Japanese aircraft.


>On 26 July 1945 her Task Force was attacked by two Aichi D3A “Val” dive-bombers acting as “Kamikaze” suicide weapons. One was shot down by escort carrier HMS Ameer and the second by Sussex. However, this latter one bounced on the surface of the sea and impacted the cruiser's hull above the waterline, causing a 2½ metre dent.
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kek didn't even notice that
looks like some kind of fucked up porn
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