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Orthodoxy - Someone Put Together a Copypasta Edition

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You know the drill by now, /his/
Catholic with deep respect for the Orthodox faith here. How do you all feel about the quickening talks of communion once again between our faiths? I, for one, am very excited. This could really be a unifying force between East and West Europe. If Pope St. John Paul II was able to help end the Cold War (which he did, in my opinion), the end to this conflict will bring peace and the furthering of us true followers of Christendom, as opposed to the heathens, heretics, and unbelievers of this world.
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How do I into mysticism?

What exactly is mysticism?

What's the purpose of it?

It depends, really. The Catholic Church views Orthodox Sacraments as legitimate and valid, and most Orthodox (with the exception of some conservatives) likewise, and the Orthodox Church still recognizes the Bishop of Rome as the First among Equals, so the Church's aren't as far out of communion with each other as one would think. The problem is just that in Orthodoxy, doctrine and dogma cannot be changed, for any reason, ever. Therefore, the idea of a "Doctrinal compromise" or a Doctrinal "halfway point" where the two can meet is simply out of the question. There's no easy way around this point, but it's not an unsolvable issue, as long as both sides recognize each other's doctrine.

In Orthodoxy, mysticism = Theology. All Theology is Mystical in nature; it is an experential art, not a scholarly one. You can into Theology through humility, obedience, and living a saintly life.
How often do you read the bible?
I try to read 2-3 chapters a day
What version do you read?
I have an NIV Bible just because that's what most people where I live read. But I've only really been a Christian for about 3 months so I don't know what most Christians suggest.

I use The Bible and Holy Fathers for Orthodox. It's a daily lectionary with Commentary from the Church Fathers for each reading, mostly Chrysostom.
>haven't read bible
>hear about the fall of man
>expect it to be a huge tale about adam and eve and their relationship with this evil snake
>is literally just "adam is born, eve is born, god says don't eat, snake says eat, they eat, god mad"
kind of disappointing t b h

I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject of Orthodoxy or unchanging Dogma in it but what about Nikon's reforms in Russian and the situation surrounding that, or Iconoclasm for that matter?
Good now you have thousands of pages of literature on the subject to read from orthodox tradition.
It's the same Holy spirit that influenced man to write the bible that influenced saints to write their literature works.
Iconoclasm was a heresy pushed by the emperor and few bishops, the Church never acquiesce to it as dogma.

Nikkon's reforms didn't change any Church doctrine, they were just some bullshit to make Russian Orthodox align with Greek Orthodox so there would be more of a continuity between the Byzantine Empire and Russia as the heir. It was stupid, pointless, only now getting worked out, but it was never a change on dogma, just custom specific to a national Church.
My uncle is a fairly large greek orthodox priest in new york. I don't know much details about it. But he wrote a book and it seemed like a really pretty religion.

I don't remember much about the plot of the book (Visionary by Michael Hallford if you want to know), but its portrayal of the religion made it seem really beautiful.

So yeah, idk. Where do I start to learn more? I'm not religious but it seems like a fun thing to study
>How do I into mysticism?

Practices akin to meditation

>What exactly is mysticism?

Placing experience above reason and rationality when it comes to understanding the divine.

>What's the purpose of it?

To experience the divine [spoiler](or pleasure if you are an egoist)[/spoiler]

Read the cloud of unknowing and go from there, Catholicism has a decent mystical tradition within it.

Can you tell us more about your fall and return to the faith?

How long and what drugs have you been consuming? + how recently was this done before your demonic episodes?

Mental illness both naturally occouring and that triggered from drug abuse and trauma is often confused with the works of devils.
Why do you think asking posters on Burmese Water Puppet Forum is a better idea than asking your uncle?
The post from >>299296 got janitored/lossed here is a repost of it

>To orthodox fellows here...
I recently returned in full glory to the orthodox faith, I was really lost but never lost total connection with the Creator..
As strange as it is I approached orthodoxy while consuming huge amounts of drugs and in my introspection I started to contemplate God from there a chain of events led me to a priest that was truly blessed and changed my life.
Basically God reveled Himself in my life and I know for sure His presence is real.
But in my journey something else happened... The other side also revealed itself to me.. in few episodes.. full demonic attacks, the last one last week happened while I was awake. Ever since then I haven't prayed one day because I was scared, I haven't slept a single night I could only sleep during day time..I don't even want to describe the attacks it's not even fear.. it's pure TERROR that's what you experience, like the opposite of anything good.
I deleted it because I felt like I shouldn't share this although this became a real problem.
I am able to sense the presence and the manifestation of evil force ever since the attacks, it's usually when I feel fear I can feel them manifest in my body.
Every time I put my head in bed I get pushed and experience lots of creepy stuff.
One of the strangest experiences was when I wanted to sleep I felt a huge force spiraling from my head and I also heard a strong boom.
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I'm worried how misinformed Catholics are on the Orthodox opinion.
They seem to think we will compromise, which is simply not happening without the old believers growing massively, especially in the New World.
Orthodox want the Schism to end, but the Pope to come back into our fold.
Simplified, have a short video.
Ironically even these goys who are Lutherans get it!
LCMS and Eastern Orthodox are massively similar theologically. If you take that one denomination test, if you score LCMS or Orthodox, the #2 is always the other.
It's no surprise they understand the Orthodox viewpoint on the schism.
>LCMS and Eastern Orthodox are massively similar theologically

I never knew that. I do know some Finnish Lutherans can be quite close given how they interpret Luther as advocating theosis.
Because it's a pretty shitty test. There may be similarities, but no where near close enough to be considered similar.
LCMS are fundamentalists and don't believe in Apostolic succession or marriage as a sacrament, they're hardcore sola scriptura, whereas Orthodox is even more into Sacred Tradition than Catholicism is, in that they see the Bible itself as part of Sacred Tradition. Lutheranism is ultra Augustinian too. The Orthodox veneration of Mary is also way beyond what any Lutheran would be okay with, the Orthodox burn candles for her and kiss her hand and bow to the icon.
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 3

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