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Why is Romanian so far away from the other Romance languages

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Why is Romanian so far away from the other Romance languages and Hungarian so far away from the other Uralic languages? Coincidence that they're right next to each other? what happened senpai
There was a romance continuum in the parts of the roman empire where greek was not well established enough as a lingua franca to prevent it.

With the arrival of people from the north-east, the area of eastern europe was mostly slavified. This happaned even in places where the rulers were altaic, not slavic, like bulgaria. I don't know why in eastern europe slavic languages became dominant while germanic languages didn't in the west (except in Britain). I don't know either why in romania and other areas romance survived.

The case of hungarian is just because the magyars were steppe nomads. The area of modern hungary is good for this kind of people, with huns and avars also chosing this land to become the center of their empires. While mainly turkic in this time period and afterwards, the confederations of the steppes also included peoples from other origins and different language.
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Do they really speak english in Uganda though? Or is it a meme official language chosen for a meme country with no national unity?
i'm currently rolling on the floor keking
that's barely similar to my question and you know it
No problem. I'll add that latin survived in romania because, while they were invaded constantly, it was always by pechenegs and other nomads that never established stable states with a prestigious bureaucracy or hierarchy that could be used to aculturize the locals. But that's conjecture based on the few things I know about romanian history.
>that's barely similar to my question
>a group of people moves from A to B
>teach the locals their language, they end up speaking it even centuries later

It's exactly the same situation and you know it. Especially if you consider the nomadic character of ancient Magyars.
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Romania is only apparently far. Dalmatians spoke a romance dialect up until late middle ages, and there are still many romance islands in the Balkans (Aromanians). Ex-Roman Pannonia also had sizeable romance inclusions until the 800s.

From what I understand, Hungarians or that is their ancestor Ugric folks got separated from Finnics about 2-3 thousand years ago, because while Finns followed the retreating taiga, Ugrics adapted to steppe and were also contacted by Iranian and Turkic tribes.

The rest is pretty usual, they followed the same path other semi nomads like huns and avars did. The difference is Hungarian converted to christianity and became a fedual kingdom, the others just vanished.
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Also I read a Hungarian hypothesis that during one of their raiding campaigns the troops stayed for winter in the Po valley which was unusual asthey never done it before or after, despite sometimes going as far out as the Atlantic,.

The idea is that they surveyed the place if its good to be next 'home'. The what if is quite intriguing if you ask me.
I don't know much about Uganda but I do know they have a lot of small ethnic groups that speak their own languages, English isn't really used and it was already a well developed language when it got there anyway. Uralic and Romance language families are both native to Europe, Romanian and Hungarian developed in those areas and weren't just languages brought there from somewhere else
Well basically:

>Hungarians are a nomadic steppe people
>they are pushed further west by another nomadic steppe group, the Pechenegs
>eventually they settle in the Carpathian basin, adopting Christianity and the feudal system
>Pechenegs meanwhile stay tribal and nomadic and get swallowed by another tribal and nomadic group and eventually buttfucked by the Christian principalities and assimilated into Russians/Ukrainians, thus severing the geographic link between Hungarians and other nomadic people

Also, Finnish and Hungarian languages aren't really THAT close. They're both Uralic sure, but the difference between them is like the difference between say, Serbian and English.

Romanians got cut off when Slavs BTFO the Latin balkans.

Hungarians simply conquered the Panonnian plains which they liked due to the flat lands suitable for horse-riding. They kept their language because they were numerous enough unlike the Bulgars who became Slavic. Compare that with the Manchus who conquered China.
>Romance Britain and North Africa

I wonder what would have sounded like.
Latvian language is not uralic, pleb
I know, I didn't realized I clicked it

and thanks for the info everyone
Probably better than the clusterfuck that is modern english t.b.h.
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>Why is Romanian so far away from the other Romance languages
resist all barbarian influence

>Hungarian so far away from the other Uralic languages
Uralic peoples are nomads by nature, they get everywhere
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