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What caused the Roman Empire to fall?

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What caused the Roman Empire to fall?
>shit nigga its a surprise it didnt fall sooner
-edward gibbon
the jews
It was a combination of different factors.

Firstly it was the political corruption that went rampant as well as a number of incompetent emperors who even killed generals due to paranoia.

The mass influx of barbarians in the army is also accounted for since there is a less Roman influence on the legions. Also, Rome couldn't pay there army their sum.

The introduction of Christianity caused political upheavals that eventually caused the split.

Oh, and Rome got sacked like three times.
army was spread to thin, relentless assault by the barbarians
Not to mention the terrible climate change/huns which forced the mass migrations which Romes weakened legions were not in a position to deal with.
The simple and short answer is that their values eroded over time and they lost their vigor. Losing to barbarians is merely a symptom of decline, not the cause.
Or more elegantly

>‘The decline of Rome was the natural and inevitable effect of immoderate greatness. Prosperity repined the principle of decay; the causes of destruction multiplied with the extent of conquest; and as soon as time or accident had removed the artificial supports, the stupendous fabric yielded to the pressure of its own weight. The story of its ruin is simple and obvious; and instead of inquiring why the Roman empire was destroyed, we should rather be surprised that it lasted so long.’ – Edward Gibbon
To quote my Roman history professor:
>A concatenation of misfortunes.
Where would you pinpoint the moment of the fall?
When did the road to ruin truly begin?
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massive gains ( territorial )
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It began when men stopped walking in their father's footsteps and turned their back on everything that made their culture thrive in the first place.
Crisis of the Third Century would be the big one. But really, you could pinpoint it all the way back to the Roman Republic if you digged around enough.

When Caesar fucked the republic and turned it into a dictatorship shithole. It destroyed the union of nobles for the great good and started the plots for power and corruption.
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Looks familiar.
The question isn't 'why did it fall?' it's 'why did it stay around as long as it did?'

The Roman Empire was unstable, corrupt, overpopulated, and mismanaged on every conceivable level.

Maybe we should try that as a thread topic next time for a breath of fresh air.
It started before that. Greed and corruption had already taken root in the hearts of Roman consuls before Caesar and Octavian's rise to power.
>only 8

Hardly. You're describing the Roman Empire on its deathbed. If you only looked at the the last century or two that might have been accurate (apart from the overpopulation part, they suffered a fertility crisis just like we're doing right now) but at the Republic/Empire's peak it wasn't any of those: it was a powerhouse.

One thing is two or three corrupts plotingto get place in a higher rank, other thing is all the senators fighting each other for the absolute throne, who will lead to feudalism in consequence.
What chapter was this in?
The Marian reforms.

Prior to that Rome had an army of short term enlisted landowners whose primary motivation was civic duty. After that you had an army of long term enlisted landless poor, whose primary motivation was money and land. And therefore they proved completely loyal to the generals who could provide that, not to the state.

In the 600 years prior to that point, the worst Roman on Roman violence was street clashes. From that point almost immediately you have legions fighting other legions which becomes both common and never stops until the very end of the Empire.

The final terminal step is when even the landless poor can't be incentivized or coerced into the army, and you end up a situation like after Adrianople an Empire an order of magnitude as populous as the Republic after Cannae has a harder time dealing with a defeat a third the size.
Thanks for demonstrating you have no idea what you're talking about. A consistent theme from the 2nd century onwards is underpopulated areas as a result of war and disease.

Good point.
The Marian reforms were a necessarily evil, though. Rome was in a bad spot at the time they were enacted but their efficiency ensured Rome's survival, but you are correct in saying that it helped pave the way to the centralizing of power to the Roman generals.
>pessimism, materialism, frivolity, a weakening of religion, selfishness, love of money, and the loss of a sense of duty

Yea, the US is pretty much fucked then tbqh
Volume 3 Chapter 38. Might be different based on editions. Here's one online version with it:
I'm sure someone has come up with a theoretical system that would have dealt with the strains the traditional system was under without unleashing the side effects of the Marian reforms, but that's just hypothetical history.
The simple answer is "the empire did not die of natural causes, it was assasinated".

All the "degeneracy"/"corruption"/"christianity" things are just ahistorical projections that have been trendy at some point as a way of framing it.

It was really just a series of blunders and the perfect shitstorm of the Migration Period.

"Bad Luck" isn't a satisfying answer, but that is a big part of it too. There were multiple times when shrewd governmentship might have turned things around, but by the time they had lost Carthage there was no possible way back, the networks that defined the Western Empire were gone for good and they had been dismantled piecemeal to the point where there was no possibility to put it back together again.


>actually fucking quoting Gibbon as a reliable source on this

this is garbage
A high birth rate coupled with patriotism and a sense of duty to one's people should be enough to generate a steady stream of soldiers, no? I don't think you need an advanced scheme or system for it to work. Sometimes the simple answers are the way to go.

>When did the road to ruin truly begin?

When the Julio-Claudian dynasty ended.

It set the stage for continual bribery of the military to keep their loyalty which led to a system where civil war was common and imbalanced the economy.

Ha, that's the list my professor used.
[spoiler]hook 'em horns[/spoiler]

That's the point.
I still don't understand why they ran out of troops, as in #8. Did they run out of able-bodied men? Or did they just not want to fight anymore? For centuries Rome always seemed to draw on plenty of soldiers, like in the Punic Wars.
Christianity led to the decline in the martial nature of Romans, since a big part of the doctrine is about peace etc. But they were still rich as fuck, so they just hired barbarians to fight for them, since the seemed to like doing it.
This guy, at least for the west
Marcus Aurelius not adopting a successor like the other good emperors and placing Commudus in the throne.
>But they were still rich as fuck
The empire was in a sharp economic decline. Who are the "they" you're referring to?

Some times things make an empire stronger like a powerful army, some things make it weaker like barbarian invasions. There are infinite positive and negative values that are fluctuating with the progress of time. After a few centuries the negatives outweigh the positives and the empire goes into decline. Once its declined enough it hits critical mass and collapses.

It was literally nothing but the product of chance. There was no "mistake" that caused it all to go wrong, it was more like a million micro-mistakes that would have been to much for anybody to understand.
Nobles, the church. How do you think they paid the foederati?
back to >>>/reddit/
he's not wrong
Rome fell? Coulda fooled me.
Immigration and sympathy for refugees. seriously.
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The answer is literally, "White people."
Are Italians not white now?
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Don't you mean asians
Spaghettiniggers have never been white
Now, yes.
because ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam.
Huns drove the Visigoths and Vandals who sacked Rome. Attila was turned away with gold by the pope.
The lack of a proper succession method made it hard for rulers to establish legitimacy, especially if the previous emperor did not name his successor. This ensured that civil war was frequent, especially with troop loyalties to their generals.
>that thick uncircumcised penis near the horses neck
That's exactly what I mean, the Huns and climate change forced a migration of german tribes into Roman lands and thus caused the fall of Rome
Snow beaners
Gracchi brothers which started the death of the Republic, Marius was an expediter, and officially executed by Caesar

Once the Republic died it was just another kingdom that happened to have a lot land
What you're saying is that white people were too cowardly to fight the Huns? So it's still their fault.
- Romes armies by the end were basically foreign mercenary tier that when werent paid decided to sack the city

-Christanity hated the fact that pagans existed, to them THEIR religion is the ONE TRUE religion and if you arent one of them you either are converted or you are killed. Pagans didnt give a fuck what religion you were as long as you didnt push it.

-literal Back stabbing politicians
Watch what you say, racist. Mods are swarming this place.
Ah. My bad, I thought you meant the Huns literally sacked Rome.
Mehmed II's cannons. The west not wanting to help drive him back. The usual

All 210.

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Take your pick.
>no obama
>no marxism
>no librulz

bad list
>poly theism
>the official religious stance of Rome when it started out as a cingle city state and grew to encompass 90% of the known world
>reason it failed

oh ya, im sure
You raise an interesting point that leads me to a question

>even the landless poor can't be incentivized or coerced into the army

so this would mean that the state was unable to pay enough to maintain an army?

this would suggest to me that a large portion of the Roman economy slipped out of the government's hands, ie was black. I mean the money was obviously there to pay for those poor fuckers lives but not enough to get them to fight. Is there any literature on this topic?
>who even killed generals due to paranoia.
The generals often killed Caesars when they didn't pay them enough or they did something they didn't like.
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