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Who is your favorite queen in history?

Mine is Gaius Julius Caesar, Queen of Bithynia
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Are Empresses allowed?
t. Cato
t. butthurt gaul

I need some ideas for a documentary I'm making in school pertaining to American history, I want to do World War II. The topic is conflict and compromise and has to be really sepcific, any ideas? Thinking about doing the battle for Castle Itter but unsure if I can scrape up enough stuff for 10 minutes on that.
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WWII is way over done

Do the slave trade instead. Amerifats need to come to terms with their fucked up past.
I rather you do the war against the tree fuckers
eat shit, arabic slave trade was 1 million times worse than America

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So whats the history of this place?
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The most important part of their history involves four zoo animals.
Hi, I've been making Malagasy history threads for the past few months with few bits.

They cunt down every tree they could, what was left is on that picture. Muh butiful forests of strong&proud&smart madagascar pplz.

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>Objective: Survive
Were they successful?
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These guys were such a fucking meme.
>Dude, let's be Cavemen well into the second millennium AD
Europe was playing Pandemic on easy mode and they were the AI.

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>The only way to survive after death, in the most realistic way, is telepathically/emphatically/through brain electromagnetism
>You have to be conscious
>And brain must be intact
>When you die the brain overloads (fact) and bursts out magic hormones of many kinds
>Ergo your consciousness is "transported" away
>You won't survive death if you're unconscious or brain is destroyed
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>Ergo your consciousness is "transported" away
nigga no
As in imprinted onto the electromagnetic fields of the universe.
You won't be able to make choices, remember or anything lasting; except your constant self experiencing all of existence.
Greeks said that the fundamental fabric of universe is impersonal and you should strive trough spiritual exercises to become impersonal so you dissolve into that.

Also now it's scientifically known that your memories die with the decay of the brain as they are meat entirely, even your personality matrix is meat entirely.

Only way to live forever is to be inside meat which lives forever.

It's sort of confusing to me cause I haven't read a lot about it... they were all Semitic people living in that part of the world, I guess, but what were the relationships between them?
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They were all Canaanites. Hebrew & Phoenician were mutually intelligible Canaanite dialects.

Am reading about Phoenicia now...
>Sometime between 1075 and 1060 BC an Egyptian envoy by the name of Wen-Amon visited Phoenicia and secured seven great cedar logs in exchange for a mixed cargo including "4 crocks and 1 kak-men of gold; 5 silver jugs; 10 garments of royal linen; 10 kherd of good linen from Upper Egypt; 500 rolls of finished papyrus; 500 cows' hides; 500 ropes; 20 bags of lentils and 30 baskets of fish."
Man, the Egyptians really wanted those logs.
Aww yiss cedar m8

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polish soviet war.png
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After the end of WWI Great Britain was one of the main political opponents of Poland seeing it as a problem that would disturb the balance in Europe. They refused any kind of help in their war with the Bolsheviks in years 1919-1920.
This article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish%E2%80%93Soviet_War
lists UK as one of Polish supporters together with France. This is not factual and the article itself supports the idea that Great Britain did jack shit and they only sent a few observers including general De Wiart. He was an awesome dude and took active part in the fighting but one guy and hostile government doesn't really explain their inclusion. Especially next to the French who provided great help together with Hungarians (who are nowhere to be seen on the list) or at least Americans who provided an entire squadron of volunteers.

Why is that? The British were mostly idle during the most dangerous communist campaign of expansion and now they're trying to make it look as if they took part in its suppression
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It's not like wikipedia is owned by the British government.
If you think listing them as a supporter of the Polish is false then remove it and state why you did so to the other editors.
Well look at that it's not even semi-protected.
Looks like the British are there because of their... support for the Whites in the Russian Civil War? It's either that or I don't know. But their inclussion instead of Hungary which provided great support of supplies and volunteers as a part of official governmental policy and next to the French who did the same is a disgrace.

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What can you tell me about Samaritans /his/?
Are they the true branch of Judaism?
What have they been up to for the last 2000 years?
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>calling Samaritans a branch of judaism
That's like saying Orthodoxy is a branch of Lutheranism
>What can you tell me about Samaritans /his/?
The Assyrians conquered the Israelites in the North, renamed it Samaria. The Israelite inhabitants became known as Samaritans. When the Assyrian occupation ended, the Israelites in the South, the Jews, basically accused the Northern Hebrews of being Assyrian frauds. They beefed for a while but got along better than either did with any of the occupiers.
>Are they the true branch of Judaism?
They have a more accurate alphabet, but it can't be considered Judaism. It's Samaritanism, both were branches from Yahwism, but it's much different. They still do the same rituals they did thousands of years ago. They have their own Torah which is slightly different from the Jewish version. It's pretty interesting to read.
>What have they been up to for the last 2000 years?
Living under the thumb of whoever was ruling them. The Christians were brutal to them for the most part (except the Crusaders who liked them because of the Good Samaritan story), and Arabs were even worse to them. They have always described Arab rule as the worst part of their history because they weren't considered People of the Book because the Quran never mentions them. They were outright slaughtered many times.
>Are they the true branch of Judaism?

Sort of. They maintained their old customs and were mostly replaced when the others returned from the Babylonian Captivity.

Then later we get Rabbinical Judaism, the modern dominant form, and... it's not older than Christianity.

Inb4 "25 year rule faggot"
Is his work really that respected in Russia?

The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia

The Fourth Political Theory

Or is it just clichéd meme on the internet. Btw I don't support Russia and I don't support or love Putin or the Russian government at all.
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Dugin is Alex Jones-tier.

If Putin is even following his ideas, they're obviously not working too well.
The Putinbot continues to deny on here how influential Dugin is in Russian society and politics.
Ordinary people don't know him. Even on most popular Russian imageboard he is little-known and nothing more than just a meme, I have never seen even a single discussion about his political views.

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I've always heard the 4chan joke "was it autism?" and wondered- what are some examples of acts in history that we know for certain were actually conceived through mental illness and retardation?

> pic semi related
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Joan of Arc
Have you been described as 'perfidious' before?

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