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Why are there so many jews in some countries and so little in others? (Holocaust aside)
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>why do merchants flock to countries with high GDP
>why does a population that dispersed with the Roman Empire follow European immigration trends
they live in their homelands and popular destinations for immigration in the 20th and 19th century

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Can we just ban all threads having to do with the following subjects?

>Civil Rights

All they do is attract /pol/tards. I know it's going to be annoying to ban large swathes of history, but if it means we can have a board with less right wing mouthbreathers, I think it's worth it, at least temporarily.
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get out leftycuck
quads confirm lefties must leave
Africa posting should be banned.
Rome posting should stay.
WWI and II should be moved to /k/
The history of the movement and civil rights through history is fine.
All "what race were X" threads should also be deleted.

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>Justinian's Plague
>Black Plague
>Spanish Influenza
>Avian Flu
>Swine Flu
Why has every potentially world-threatening pandemic originated in China?
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who would have guessed that a place with a lot of people packed densely together, a relatively high standard of economic complexity, and abundant animals, that disease might be a result from it
millions of people living together in crowded filth with animals.
It's like one gigantic bacterial culture

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Why should I remember the Alamo?
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Cuz ur ghey lol
The what now?
>Why should I remember the people who fought to liberate Texas from the tyrannical Mexicans?

Clearly bed never had Texas BBQ.

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How did they do it?
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What? Die? The IRA had a good informant network
against the biggest network of all time?
Muh guerrilla warfare
Muh local aid\informants
Muh foreign ex-pat covert support

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Which was THE single most defining moment of WW2?
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Little boy
Is that your last google search?
My first thoughts for your thread.

Cum Catoblepas Salvator profundam Sapientiae excellentiam egisset, perspicue vidit vanos esse quinque acervos ac cunctas aerumnas periculaque transgressus est.

Sarides, species a vano non differt, vanum a specie non differt; species ipsa est vanitas, vanitas ipsa est species.

Et perceptio, notio, confectio, conscientia quoque tales.

Sarides,id vanum firmaminum signum non nascitur neque perit, non inquinatur nec mundatur, non augetur nec minuitur.

Idcirco medio in vano abest species,absunt perceptio, notio, confectio, conscientia ; absunt oculi, aures, nasus, lingua, corpus, mens; absunt species, vox, odor, sapor, tactus, firmamina.

Abest oculorum plaga deinceps abest conscientiae plaga.

Abest ignorantia, deinceps abest ignorantiae exhaustio.

Absunt aerumna, conjunctio, deletio, via.

Abest sapientia, abest etiam adeptio.

Propter adeptionis absentiam,salvatoribus evigilaturis sapientiae excellentiae nisis corde absunt obstacula.

Eo quod absunt obstacula, abest pavor; a cunctis somniosis notionibus procul exempti exstinctionem perficiunt.

Tritemporales Evigilati Sapientiae excellentiae nisi eximiam rectam aequam evigilationem adipiscuntur.

Idcirco scitur sapientiae excellentiam valde divinum esse carmen, valde clarum esse carmen, supremum esse carmen, inaequiperabile esse carmen, valens cunctas aerumnas amovere.

Eo quod ale thinum est neque inane, effetur sapientiae excellentiae carmen, quod carmen sic effatur:

Gêthei gêthei paragêthei parasyngêthei Bodie esbeka

(Ita ita transita omnino transita laus expergefactionis)
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Why made you choose vanitas over vacuitas?
Not mine though. Found it here:

The final part (ita ita transita...) is from wikipedia though

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How could an imbecile like him become Emperor of Russia?
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Being the Emperors heir.
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charlie two.jpg
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get a better example of a retarded monarch desu.

nice try, anti-monarchist. We all know that he was just pretending to be retarded to throw off other powers, and actually was planning the 2nd rise of the Spanish empire if he wasn't hindered by his court.

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Is proto-indo-european in any way close to what IE peoples spoke or is it just a complete guess? I fail to grasp what "reconstruction" actually means.
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Proto Indo European spoke OOGA BOOGA
It's an educated guess. Obviously we have no idea what the language was really like, otherwise we wouldn't need to reconstruct it. But by comparing modern IE languages and studying their evolution, we can come up with reasonable assumptions on what their actual vocabulary and grammar were like.

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I don't know if this is the right board for this but what does /his/ know about African folklore and fantasy? We see a lot of European inspired stuff in the media, does Africa have myths and cultural things that can be retooled to make fantasy stories?
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I'm not too sure about traditional African fantasy, but The Vorrh is a great "colonial" fantasy set in Africa.
Of course if we mean Africa the continent, you can't go wrong with the Ancient Egyptians. Ancient Evenings is a good fictional introduction to their history and mythology.
>hollywood is so desperate that they are asking /his/ for movie ideas

Africans tended to not write things down, and relied on oral tradition for preserving their histories and folklore. Which is bad because means that if your culture experiences a significant disruption, such as say, getting conquered by somebody else, you have no way to recover lost knowledge afterwards.

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