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Those people never existed, the kikes made them up.
Oh, so it's like the Falklands?

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Why haven't white people apologized to black people for slavery? Why hasn't the US paid reparations to black people yet?
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It's called affirmative action.
Why havent modern day Romans apologized to europe for conquest? Why hasn't Italy paid reparations to germans?

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What really happened?
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Undersea aliums came back to take back their alium magick tech.

A mix-up with a time machine, a vodka gimlet, and a copy of "Mein Kampf".
The sea people!

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>there will be a day when we achieve all possible knowledge
>we gather everything from the entire universe
>we know every planet, dimension, all reality's history, etc
What now? What happens when we know everything?

What's the purpose of life after everything has been discovered?

>inb4 we'll never know everything
It's a supposition. What would happen if that were the case
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>What would happen if that were the case
We become Gods, and set about creating a new universe and unknowables.

>"Companions the Creator seeks, not corpses, herds or believers. Fellow creators the Creator seeks - Those who write new values on new tablets. Companions the Creator seeks, and fellow harvesters, for everything about Him is ripe for the harvest."
-- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra
>every man a kang = failed
>every man a god...
I don't think that's gonna end well
We still won't understand females though

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What possible egotistical motive could a bee have for sacrificing itself for the betterment of the hive? Does altruism exist in the animal kingdom?
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Bees don't have egotistical motives or personal desires. They evolved to sacrifice themselves for the survival of the queen, it's in their DNA.
bees are almost pure hedonists and following their instincts makes them feel good
Where do we draw the line? Is it possible that humans are also slaves to their biology?

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So we can all agree that Trasymachus did nothing wrong, right? He proved eloquently and clearly that justice is nothing more than arbitary decisions of the one in charge. Meanwhile Socrates just kept applying mental gymnastics and spouting complete baseless nonsense.
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Seriously no one here has read the Republic? No wonder this board is so shit
>complaining about mental gymnastics
>In a book about philosophy
3 posts later
>I was only pretending to be retarded guys, seriously
Maieutics isn't supposed to be just mental gymnastics. It's based on logical patterns and pointing out contradictions in one's argument. However Socrates seems really unconvincing when answering Thrasymachus, and this guy is supposed to be some infamous sophist.

All the time during debate Socrates argues about the idealized concept of Justice per se, and is unable to refute the basic argument of Thrasymachus, and that is practical usage of this concept in reality. He didn't explain how can an ideal work in real life as an ideal, without being distorted by human flaws.

What do you know about Thracians, /his/?
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Coming from a Slav -- wrong.

So what you know is one, incorrect, fact? You literally know less than nothing about them, gratz.

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Every history lover know how hard it can be in certain social situations as there are very few people who actually like history.

But would it be possible to convert a pleb into a history lover?
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History is plebbeian as it gets. Just look at 90% of posts on this board.
History is a vast topic. Don't try to get people into the specific part you're interested in. This happens way too often with autists who are into military history, the most pleb of history.

>destroys your holy tree
>subdues your entire culture
Phhsst, nothing personal Saxon
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t. LARPus Maximus

>ywn shed the blood of the saxon men
Geez he's looking old here
How long until he dies

Hello /his/

I need some help!

I'm in the process of writing my senior thesis, however I'm considering scrapping it because it's boring, I can't find enough sources, and the topic is not interesting enough for me to get motivated.

I instead decided to focus on WWI, however as most of you scholars out there know, a question for a thesis needs to be asked, addressed, and proved using respectable sources.
I need help finding a question about WWI to ask in a "why" or "how" form. The topic needs to be searchable from America and it also needs to be somewhat original.

Really need some opinions! Thanks!
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Can't you just ask your proffessor for help?
Why were G*rmans so fucking retarded that they thought enlisting the aid of M*xicans would help them?

It should be easy to find sources about German autism and M*xican cockroachism.

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