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Does anyone else start to get spooked the further you look back in history? There seems to be a point for me around the 15th century where human beings take on a certain opaque quality, and I can't really "see" them. It's like trying to comprehend the inner life of an alien.
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My man you can't comprehend people from other countries today
>they are unfamiliar so they are aliums
I kinda always imagine prehistoric to ancient people in mythical mode, like imagining them as having the way of thinking and life as people in old legends, very simple and ritualistic, and the further progress you go the more similar it get to current mindset

I get it though, it'll probably like us today trying to comprehend how Muslim extremists or how North Korean people think

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Why can't medieval europeans conquer each other? The way Greeks and Romans managed to?

Like the great conquests of the Medieval Ages was pretty much.
>Normans in England, Sicily
That was pretty much it.

Its like Euronigs fight for the sake of fighting each other.
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>Its like Euronigs fight for the sake of fighting each other.

Yes... and?

Truth is that almost all medieval wars were glorified inheritance conflicts rather than wars of pure conquest. They'd fight for a while and then conclude the war with a treaty because that is how Christians treated each other most of the time.
Castles. Lots of castles. Castles all over the place. It could take months or years to capture one, that is assuming there isn't another army nearby that can stop you.

Romans and Greeks would capture a city and control a region, in medieval europe you'd need to capture a dozen forts to hold that same region. Decentralised and fortified areas are hard to conquer.
The Church.

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Is there any other language that has changed as dramatically as English has over the years?
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Just about all of them with a few notable exceptions like Icelandic.
Most of them.

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Can anyone give me a rundown on post-modernism?
Is it good?
Is it bad?
A buzzword?
What is it about?
(pic unrelated)
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Deconstructing spooks that get in the way of progress.

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>ywn be able to wear historic clothing without getting weird looks
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join the royal guard if you live in a country with a monarchy
>tfw no American monarchy
The Secret Service should totally wear clothes like the founding fathers wore, instead of black suits.
>tfw can't wear my country's traditional clothes whenever I wish

this isn't fair

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What were the living conditions for the Chinese under the Qing Dynasty?
Somewhere I heard it was like living under Nazi Germany for 300 years, which would make sense since it was a Manchu dynasty but I wasn't sure
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Do it again Ross
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Who was the biggest Gary Stu in history?
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he was the biggest twink in history for sure
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Gary Stu can't exist in real life. They can only exist in a universe where some all powerful creature is creating and driving every aspect

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Worst, most cruel and evil communists of all time.
> ITT cruelest commies
My entry is pic related:
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You are like a little baby.
Beria has got to be no1.

Colonial Sanders?

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she wants the Z.jpg
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thoughts on Zizek?

[spoiler]>I FINK THISH ISH IMPORTANT *sniff*[/spoiler]
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I don't agree with his doctrine but *sniff* I want some fucking juice.
>people keep on getting assblasted because they don't understand critiques of ideology in general
He's right on the nose, just like Haidt in The Righteous Mind.

When /int/ will finally stop treating Turks as sandniggers and foreign invaders?
We are one of the major European civilizations and we deserve respect
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Go being yet another failed Arab state somewhere else, m8.

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I've been reading about the military organization of different mesoamerican cultures and how they resisted the spanish and I can't help but be surprised and a lil' bit proud about the Mapuche.
How could a bunch of tribes without any form of advanced society adapt so well to alien warfare? It took them less than 100 years to integrate firearms and the horse into their tactics and even emulate the tercio formation. How the hell did they suceed where much more advanced and organized civi├▒izations failed?
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>Inb4 fucking phone poster
Decentralised cultures tend to have an easier time adapting to change. You can also see this pattern favor the north American tribes.

Didn't do them much good in the end tho.
350 years of resistance is still exeptional tho

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Anyone else a huge Second Reichaboo?
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Why isn't the Austrian habsburg empire considered one of the Reichs?
>collapses less than 50 years
I'd say because its not German

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WWI was a little relevant in one of my critical analyses of a document which I submitted to university. I criticized the author who claimed that World War 1 could have been avoided without the assassination, for which the marker gave me this comment.

Is he wrong?
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So, like anything else, define your terms.

If by WW1 you mean the alliance of Russia, Britain, and France getting into a war with Germany and Austria-Hungary over the death of the Austrian Archduke from Serbian irridentism then, yes, no assassination means no war. If, however, you define the first world war as a global, albeit primarily European, conflict between involving all of the significant imperial Western states, then no, that ship started sailing years if not decades before Franz Ferdinand's visit to Sarajevo was ever planed.

Personally, I blame Bismarck and I also wrote a paper on it for a 4th year university course a few years back. The tl;dr version is that Bismarck didn't read the tea leaves that Germany would, inevitably, come to blows with Russia and that France was never going to get over losing Alsace & Metz. There are anecdotes from French & Russian ambassadors in the 1830's discussing what would happen if Germany united, and how it would end up with them getting stomped on.
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Austria-Hungary clearly was unstable at this time. Could they have resisted the rising tides of ethno-nationalism? It's definitely hard to say. Archduke Ferdinand was ironically a moderating voice in regard to self-determination. He was somewhat well-received, and was warned again and again by the mayor of Belgrade that something was likely to happen. So maybe he was kind of thick? Maybe in every timeline he dies in some ridiculous way, eventually leading eventually to a civil war.

One cannot discount the hysteria in France about Germany's growing population and influence either. Or Russia's fawning over it's demi-Slavic "brothers" in the Balkans.
>Archduke Ferdinand was ironically a moderating voice in regard to self-determination.
This was the issue. If the "Serbs" in Bosnia and Dalmatia are happy as Austro-Hungarian subjects, they'll never be part of Greater Serbia; Franz Ferdinand was an existential threat to the Serbian nationalist agenda.

>Or Russia's fawning over it's demi-Slavic "brothers" in the Balkans.
Ironically, Germany caused this. While Russia was building their Siberian railway and worrying about Manchuria, A-H needed something to keep busy with, and it was Bismarck who suggested they get their own half of the Balkans as a sphere of influence.

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Okay, this is a specific kind of thread, maybe I'll get lucky here. I'm not /pol/, I just have a hobby of going to military fairs, where I've met a bunch of interesting characters from the Bush War.

I'm planning to travel next year after deployment when I have leave built up, to Zimbabwe. I'm trying to look for sites of historic interest left over from the old country. Things like;

>Pioneer cemeteries
>Monuments in the woods
>Abandoned farms, communities
>Memorials (no matter what state they're in)

I'm particularly interested in trying to visit the site of the Nyadzonya Raid, just over the border. The last Rhodie I spoke to told me about this and how he knew a guy on it. It's a war story that honestly needs a movie, but as far as I can tell nobody has even been back in the last decade.

>TLDR: Post Rhodesia and Bush War stories, I guess
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