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>mfw studied Industrial design >hate graphic design (because

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>mfw studied Industrial design
>hate graphic design (because I suck at it)
>best job I found is 50/50 industrial/graphic design
>tfw it's been 8months, the industrial part was bullshit and i'm officially a Graphic Designer (and not even that good at it)

ITT how did you get into GD/illustration?
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>mfw I studied Engineering
>was shit, but might as well finish and at least get a degree
>did Industrial design internships en minors
>first job was a industrial/graphic design combination
>I now work in-house for a major company for 3 years already
Are you one of those guys who basically lays out copy?
Same as you OP. Studied ID but now have part time job doing CAD work and some graphic work. Looking for a product design job still though....
(btw where do ID guys post? I find myself here and on /3/)
Nah. I make basic designs for a glassware company (those cheap looking screenprinted mugs and tumblers), catalogs and packaging.

Same problem. I tried /3/ but it's not exactly what im looking for. Product design it's not all about CAD but tell that to people..
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Forgot the pic. It's the sort of things I do. I'm on my phone so can't crop the img, sry
>switch majors
>graphic design

I regret it every day, but what other option do I have.

What's the hardest part to learning industrial design? Tips?
Took a couple "graphic design" courses in high school that were actually just learning the programs (which is what half of /gd/ thinks graphic design is anyway I guess). Enjoyed it. Needed a college major and didn't want to be one of those kids who just fucked around in general studies for 2 years, plus my local university has a really good design program, so that's what I picked. Got really into it from there.

I could never switch disciplines just for the job prospects, couldn't bear doing something I hated as a career. That's the only reason I haven't gone into UX/UI, them niggas writing their own paychecks. It's tough getting a good graphics job these days, I can't even imagine how hard the job market is for really specialized designers like industrial or informational or color.
>studied ID
>now work at company doing about 50/50 ID & GD
creating products and promoting them afterwards, pretty cool
Moved to Canada to study drafting (babies architecture), Realised I hated it and I found
it hard to move from the metric system to the imperial system.

Quickly looked through other courses provided by the college so I could switch to
something I found interesting.

Chose web design, really enjoyed the communication design classes we did but
didn't really enjoy the technical coding side of it.

Dropped out and moved back to the UK, decided to try and apply to a 3 year graphic
design course at a local college. Showed them small portfolio of work that I had
created in the 3 months of design classes I did in Canada.

They said that my portfolio showcases that I basically already know everything they
will teach anyway so they recommended me to the HND (Higher National Diploma)
department of the college (basically University) to study their HND Graphic Design
course. I'm in my second year now of the HND course and I'm loving it.

Once I finish the course I can stay for an extra year (provided I have the right grades)
to complete a BA Hons and get my bachelors degree which will be awarded by a well
respected university in the UK.
I just had this amazing idea. Kill yourself so someone who enjoys graphic design can take your job and do better than you at it.
>Majored in GIS
>got a job making maps
>Position is "GIS Specialist/Graphic Designer"
I know the basic principles of Cartographic Design, I just need to learn more graphic design stuff and software
And you're proud of this?!
I would be, that mug is dope
Also don't be a self absorbed prick
-ID student
Kill yourself for being jealous over a job you bcan't get
not him but if you're so good why not post mugs you've designed?
these days no need for a degree, google images n 4chan great places to start and end a career in gd.
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 3

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