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I'm out of ideas, what types of work do i include in a Portfolio for Print and Web?
What do you have in your portfolio?
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>If you're just starting out:
10 of your best pieces (a student should easily have this many)
a page with contact info, your resume and portfolio in pdf format.

>If you have some client work:
a section for that work (only display the projects you're proud of and willing to discuss if they're ever brought up)
a section for past work (you can include some school projects if they're really good, but be very selective about them)

If you lack paid work, you can always bullshit some... this should be easy to do because you're a designer. Take some of those school projects, and present them as client work.

>What do you have in your portfolio?
I have a section for client work and an archive section, divided up by year. My contact info/bio is on its own page.
>only display the projects you're proud of
The stuff i have from school isn't very good, most of what i have was rushed.

When i asked "What do you have in your portfolio?" i meant what kind off projects, like flyers, posters, websites, etc.
I'm just out of ideas on what to create.
Re-do those school projects then.

You have to start somewhere... you can't expect to have an amazing portfolio right from the start.

Rate my latest t shirt design :^)
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There might be a little too much going on, maybe remove the "x"
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Go back to paper and sketch it. You need to treat it like a 3D character. Start with a sphere then add on.

File: Untitled-1.jpg (1MB, 1728x2592px)Image search: [Google]
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This is my first real thing I've made. I'm trying to make a poster for the TV Show House and i'm planning on printing it out and hanging it up and shit on some nice ass glossy paper. Can anyone give me any improvements I can make to this? I don't think it's worth the $20 to print yet.
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that vector stuff its too much work for an average result, but yours looks good, make something with those eyes
File: Untitled-1.jpg (6MB, 1728x2592px)Image search: [Google]
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I'll see if I can make the eyes look any better. Just came up with this.
Get rid of the black outline around the irises. I don't like the addition of the text; it looks better with a cleaner design. Also, maybe clean up around his mouth. He looks a bit like he just ate a lemon.

Otherwise, good job. Would frame.

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I've been developing an add-on for Firefox that involves a browser and notification system for Twitch.tv. Recently I received a review by one user whose only complaint was that he didn't like the icon. The original icon was quickly thrown together by me and was meant to emphasize the alarm feature, which used to be the central focus point of the add-on but is now somewhat of a secondary feature. Brand image has never really concerned me but I feel that I could gather more users and appeal to a wider audience by improving my image.

The main focus of the icon should be Twitch as the add-on has everything to do with it. I think that another focus to consider is Firefox, because many Firefox users pride themselves on Firefox-exclusive content and overall like their own community. The most popular Twitch-related extension for Chrome, Twitch Now, uses its own design for a logo but incorporates Twitch's white and purple colors.

On the left end is my current design and on the right end is a concept design I just came up with. It's by no means professional and I don't really think it needs to be, but the message that is sent by the imagery is the most important thing I think. What do you guys think is the best way to approach designing a logo for this? Am I on the right track or maybe I should approach it differently?
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oh, are you the guy that made Twitch Alarm?
You have my thanks.
The thick black border on the bell in the first logo is really the only major flaw, if you changed it to a dark yellow or something it would be a marginally better logo.

What does the rightmost logo look like when it's an icon on the Firefox top bar? Because that's how people will see it 99% of the time.
File: Taco_bell_logo-9[1].png (110KB, 1600x1067px)Image search: [Google]
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change the round thing to the firefox logo and you'll have all the elements you need

joking aside, maybe replace the quotation marks in the chat bubble with a bell that matches the style, aka flat and no outline
File: logo_idea.png (20KB, 315x311px)Image search: [Google]
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Maybe use the firefox colors, but remove all the details.

if any professionals could answer me a couple of questions I'd greatly appreciate it.

1. do graphic designers still need to present printed portfolios or is just a portfolio website enough?

2. is it a steady work flow if you work for an agency? are you still allowed to freelance?

3. after graduating whats the best route to take? I live in new york so I assumed my best option would be to apply to places in the city. is a good portfolio with an associates in commercial arts and a certificate in website design enough? should I go to more school?

appreciate any feedback, thanks for looking. pic unrelated.
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1. It would be a plus to show you have design skills in general. Just digital may suffice for digital jobs.

2. Steady work but it has its busy and chill times. You should be allowed to freelance.

3. Depends what you want to do and how good you are.

That's a solid answer, I think, although of course there are always exceptions.

I really just want a digital design job at an agency that pays decently. I'm not sure what title that should be but my ideal salary for it would be like 40-60k. I'm not trying to be senior art director or anything like that.

I appreciate the insight. I know my questions are all pretty vague and depend on the situation.

also do you think an internship would pay off? Id rather skip that if possible but id do one if it was beneficial enough.
1. Honestly, I think it's personal preference at this point. Having a printed portfolio sure as hell doesn't hurt though, and if there's ever a time to go the extra mile, it's when you're applying to jobs. Obviously doesn't make sense if your work is mostly digital though.

2. What >>240705 said. Work ebbs and flows in most kinds of office jobs though, I think. It's very standard practice to allow employees to freelance as long as they're not working on shit that could be seen as competition for your day job's clients.

3. As far as prospects go, if you're already in NY then the world is your oyster. I'm from Kansas; holding down a relatively good design job, but I'm gonna jet as soon as my gf graduates, and we'll have to find jobs in some city far away. Gonna be a risky pain in the ass.

A lot of places that post job listings ask for a minimum of a BFA or equivalent degree, but I'm not really acquainted with getting hired in NY so I can't tell you how hard it'll be. Generally speaking though, portfolio is king. If your work stands out and you bust your ass looking for jobs and finding ways to network, you should get hired somewhere.

An internship would absolutely be helpful and increase your prospects of getting hired because maybe you're great at the art of design, but people also want to know that you've dipped your toes into the art of working for a living and being a decent coworker. If you can afford to, take one. If at all possible, keep your dignity and don't take an unpaid one. But again, if you can afford it, do it.

File: fingergungameslogo2-large-720.jpg (109KB, 720x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Figured since this is paid work, I'd ask here. Looking for someone to redesign my video game studio's logo. Didn't want to do any of the freelance websites cause no one speaks english there or understands what I want. They just keep giving me stock answers.

I made the logo here. I was following mostly Nintendo's logo design with the red colors and simple design, but I don't mind what colors or design you use for this.

Email is name field. Send portfolio.
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Hi sir my name Ahmed I do good graphic design for you sir. are you want make logo?
File: 1375597302794.png (108KB, 480x480px)Image search: [Google]
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You get a chuckle
File: logo.jpg (135KB, 972x600px)Image search: [Google]
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and probably a ticket to hell for racism, eh

but the truth is, language barrier aside, I've seen some damn talented people on these freelance websites, especially logo designers.

I'm a graphic designer but I'll admit logo design is my weakness. Trying to man it up. I'm off to bed for now and I'll work on it more tomorrow. Leaving my contact info in email field.

File: 2000px-Apple_logo_black.svg.png (52KB, 2000x2000px)Image search: [Google]
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Post something you think is overrated.

>Image related.
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I dont think its overrated, as much as overpriced
Please elaborate on the overratedness so we can conclude that it's based on you wanting one and not being able to afford it.
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I hate this guy!

File: vs.jpg (123KB, 743x433px)Image search: [Google]
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Howdy /gd/

I need some help.
First off... I might as well mention that I have been a freelance graphic artist for two years now and I still have a lot to learn.

My girlfriend's father is starting his own business and asked me to create a logo for him for free.
Naturally I said I’d do it because I’m dating the man's daughter. But doing the logo free is not the problem... I care about my girlfriend's father and want his business to succeed so I agreed to do the logo.
The problem arises when he was describing what he wanted as a logo… as it turns out….He had already went to a local design firm and had a logo designed for him.
The logo they designed was a literal copy paste job of the logo on the right (except they replaced “golf cart zone” with “York Custom Golf Carts”). He hadn’t paid for this logo yet and he wanted me to simply duplicate it for him. As easy as that was I felt compelled to create a logo from scratch (on the left) …I wanted to help his business succeed and copy pasting the same logo dozens of golf cart places have used would only hinder his business. I’m not saying my logo is perfect, but at least it’s original.
Long story short, I showed him the logo on the left and he hated it and DEMANDS that I create a logo like the one on the right.

What do /gd/? Do I just cave in or stick to my guns?

>Girlfriend’s dad wants me to copy a logo for his business

>I thought it was too cliché and created my own

>Girlfriend’s Dad really wants to be cliché


PS: If you have any suggestions on making my logo better please let me know!
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Your logo is a stearing wheel? Its pretty nice, but maybe you can make it more define. Its a bit too abstract. The logo on the right is just too boring. And the name dont even match that boring golf cart.

Maybe put two golf clubs behind the stearing wheel?

Tell him that his company name doesn't match the logo on the right.
Thanks for the quick response! /gd/ is normally pretty dead.

I understand the argument about it being too abstract.
The only problem I see with the golf club idea is that he makes really suped up carts that are really just for cruising around, they likely won't ever see a golf course.

Also here are some extra rough drafts of the logo, just for kicks
ya its always takes a while to get reply(ies) but I'm a nice guy :D

he only make golf carts for anything else but on a golf court. When he modify the golf cart, what does he focus on? speed? durability? long distance?

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What happened? pls help
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just to clarify a bit,

It was .eps (left), I just dragged it in my untitled-1.ai and something goes wrong (right)...

Soo what happened? Any ideas? Fixes? Clues? Anything ?
idk but it was shit to begin with
Try to change the blending mode of your objects in illustrator.

Does anyone here use dribbble?

I recently started getting into /gd/ and I have no idea how to get invite.
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>I recently started getting into /gd/
>I have no idea how to get invite

I think you might pick up something here op
After 2 years of registering I added a link to my shitty portfolio and in a week or so community moderator sent me an invite.
That'd be awesome but I also have no idea if I'm good enough to post my work. :(

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How often do you use layer comps. Is it even worth the effort.
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I haven't ever.
If I need multiple mockups, I just duplicate the layers and create different bins for each mock-up
Often, it's an easy way to have multiple states of something says you're working on a UI.

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Post anything cool that's /gēdē/ related.
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The great illustrator RO Blechman.

Stefan Sagmeister
File: 4494365548_89482444d4_o.jpg (366KB, 1024x1024px)Image search: [Google]
366KB, 1024x1024px
David Carson

File: Adobe-Illustrator-Logo.jpg (107KB, 1740x1700px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey /gd/, I just bought Illustrator and I want to learn how to use it. I have some experience in Photoshop, but nothing pro level, and I want to switch to Illustrator. Can you guys give me some basic tips and techniques? Or a link to good a tutorial.
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And vector basic training.
mate i watched "space monkey tutorial" on youtube thats all i needed x

File: harold.jpg (29KB, 300x450px)Image search: [Google]
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Really wanna get Photoshop and start into my own graphics design, Can't find any promising youtube tutorials on how to DL 4 free cause im poor. Any suggestions or programs?
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the internet is vast
you won't be spoonfed
Look for Linda tutorials they're in depth
I literally downloaded photoshop CC 2015 about an hour ago from kickass torrents. I'm a mac but there was windows ones there too. Super simple

File: Glitch.jpg (774KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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So I was just experimenting with the glitch effect and made this... with my skill I'm actually pretty proud of this xD. Tell me what you think ;)
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>unironic xD

Where do these fucking guys come from I don't get it
hey that's pretty cool, and kinda close to something I wanted to do. Mind sharing a bit how to do said glitchy thingy?

don't have to go crazy, just curious.
all links to tuts i've followed haven't really helped.
Looks nothing like a glitch.

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