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File: 2000px-Tux.svg.png (458KB, 2000x2320px)Image search: [Google]
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Tux is outdated, he looks like a Fischer price logo. Can any of you come up with a better Linux logo?
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File: 1419481868260.jpg (180KB, 1650x1650px)Image search: [Google]
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It's a mascot, fam, and no one can.
But everybody loves tux, even the most devout of windows and mac fags are jealous of our tux

File: Kjz62qj.gif (757KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
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Can someone explain me (with video tutorial maybe) this animation? Is it with SVG or After Effect?
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this is probb done with Cinema4d. I made this years ago but with other colors.
its pretty easy I will type it out.

>mograph cloner
>cube as cloner child
>cloner mode as grid array
>play around with the cube dimentions
>animate the cloner with the sizes.
>for a speed building effect select the cloner
>Mograph>Effector>Step and play around in there

ofc could be done in other programs. this takes about 15 to 25 mins total w/ render and everything,
Thank you! Despite I haven't understand because I didn't worked on Cinema4d before. Have you opened the link http://imgur.com/gallery/1aeYJ? There's more and I'd like to find Tutorials on YouTube
did now. I think only the spring one and the cube are made in c4d and the rest in after effects.

File: fts.png (20KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Use this thread for font shares and requests.
Please search the previous threads before requesting a font.
Try Googling: FONTNAME site:4chanarchive.net

Previous threads: http://pastebin.com/eqmp8PnP

P.S: if anyone can find the lost threads in the pastebin that'd be cool
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File: ihop_logo_detail.png (20KB, 1000x556px)Image search: [Google]
20KB, 1000x556px
Anyone know what font ihop uses for their logo?

I'm taking a guess it's frankfurter but need confirmation.
File: roundedfont.jpg (139KB, 600x800px)Image search: [Google]
139KB, 600x800px
Seems it neither of these… Or modified maybe
I'm pretty sure it's frankerfurter with a stretched H and the P being and added O with a tail.

File: FratFalcons.png (59KB, 693x969px)Image search: [Google]
59KB, 693x969px
I've been lurking this board for the last couple days for a WIP thread. So here is a new Work in Progress Thread, post whatever you're in the middle of working on.
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This is just a shitty logo I threw together for my fantasy football team since all my friends in my fantasy team were throwing together logos for their teams in paint.
File: wbk.jpg (87KB, 1335x1095px)Image search: [Google]
87KB, 1335x1095px
I've been trying to learn illustrator lately and wanted to do some branding for random businesses. One of them is "We Be Knives" a shop in San Francisco that sells knives, what do you guys think?
those roman kind of leaves (laurel?) should be lower. like next to the text and go behind the knifes.
the knifes look funny, specially where the blade meets the handle in the back one.
font-choice-wise, it makes me think of edgy-teen-metalcore which I guess fits the brand?

File: 4chan (56).jpg (17KB, 124x81px)Image search: [Google]
4chan (56).jpg
17KB, 124x81px
I'm currently interested in getting into graphic design as a side job/hobby.
does /gd/ have any advice on how to start?
ie do i need a tablet, can i stick with photoshop, ect.
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File: tukowrejerbz.jpg (100KB, 354x337px)Image search: [Google]
100KB, 354x337px
DON'T you damn mecsicun!
why not?
torrent Ai and Ps
mess about, look at YT vids, etc.
go to the library
torrent some /gd/ books
ur mum
go to school


>what do I do

File: dMOHvnz.jpg (55KB, 898x890px)Image search: [Google]
55KB, 898x890px
Sup /gd/.
I want to make a logo like the OWSLA, Watchdogs or the new Justin Bieber logo, but i can't find any tuturial. So, hoy is this style called, and how can i do this kind of logo?
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File: BLACK_ICON_ONLY.png (71KB, 1500x1500px)Image search: [Google]
71KB, 1500x1500px
Another pic for reference.
theres nothing to really learn... theres no tutorial.
they're just fucking lines.
Stoner rock is the best genre in the world. Reggaeton sucks dicks eat my cucumber in a bowl of soup full of ass spicy spiders with some milk and bubbles full of chocolate horns and i love pussy

File: muti.png (748KB, 1214x1322px)Image search: [Google]
748KB, 1214x1322px
Excuse the stupidity of my question but I have to ask.
Is any of you /gd/ers black? and do you know of famous/succesful black graphic designers?

I'm not biased, just wondering why I've never come across a black graphic designer.

>Pic related: Studio Muti in capetown South African
>not even the cat is black
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I worked with a couple of black GDers. Nothing really interesting, though. Most gravitate towards rap style album art with lots of bling.
Sounds rather cliché. There must be one out there as hipster as me!
of course there are, but a lot of them were influenced from their upbringing

i knew a black GDer that was really good conventionally esp webdesign, but his passion was comicbook art

i'm asian and mostly hung out with black hispanic and white people, basically non-asians. i gravitated towards fine arts and album art the most, with a emphasis on negative space and minimalism. i also loved da-da, robert rauschenberg, pollock, kurt schwitters, joseph cornell, rothko, cy twombly, which all have a big influence on my work

File: CMYK(LogoAnimation).gif (1MB, 1024x1024px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1024x1024px
So I want to get serious about gd. No degree but a decent bit of talent... Thinking about naming my brand cmyk (yes i know how cliché that is). Tell me what you guys think of my gif and give me advice on getting started in this world of design...
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I'd install gentoo if I were you.
gentoo? ill look it up
I'm using ubuntu now... is there any reason i should swap that for gentoo?

File: belabag.png (38KB, 1366x635px)Image search: [Google]
38KB, 1366x635px
Rate my page!
Bear in mind that I'm a programmer and just wanted to make little "portfolio" page for my JS stuff.
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Beta Goatsee
Some guy wearing glasses making a wink face; sideways?

File: ian-02.jpg (199KB, 600x360px)Image search: [Google]
199KB, 600x360px
How should a grafuck designer dress when meeting a client for the first time?

If you dress too boring, will they think your work will be boring and conservative?
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business casual is always safe
moccs polo jeans?


File: no name cover.jpg (109KB, 792x1200px)Image search: [Google]
no name cover.jpg
109KB, 792x1200px
I have just finished writing my first novel. I post my cover in /lit/, asking for opinion. Some said this cover is not good enough. I agree because it was designed by me. Some suggested that I should come here for help. So I come here.
I really don't have the money to hire a professional designer. I don't want to show off, but I used to make $350 a month (standard salary in my country), and I am jobless now. So, could someone give me some simple tips to improve this cover? I am not asking for free work, we all have things to worry about, right?
Thank you.
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Honestly, if it's your book and you don't have money to pay anyone, then it's a good enough cover.

With that said, the font screams amateur design, otherwise it could be a-ok.
What font do you think I should use for the title and/or the pen name?


But should tell us more about your novel if you want help.

File: lemonbitch.jpg (397KB, 2250x1632px)Image search: [Google]
397KB, 2250x1632px
I need some new drawing software for pixel art/animation (specifically for 32-bit video game art)

I've been using MS Paint for too long now and I deserve an upgrade god dammit.

Tried out a few things already: gimp, ProMotion, Ultimate Paint, but none of it fits exactly what I need.

I want a program that I can make pixel art in. With features like layers, a selection tool (and the ability to manipulate the selection. Resize it, stretch it, rotate it, etc.) as well as animation 'tools' like adjusting the speed of the animation, a looping preview

Basically something that's easy to use like MS Paint, has the same features as Paint Tool SAI, able to save with transparency, has animating tools, and supports.png and .bmp files.

The animation feature isn't a necessity... but it would be great to have.

Does anyone have suggestions?

pic not related
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Tried paint.net?
File: OP.png (22KB, 1898x852px)Image search: [Google]
22KB, 1898x852px
Incredible. I'm framing that.

File: image.jpg (27KB, 320x444px)Image search: [Google]
27KB, 320x444px
What do you think about this rare Trump illustration?
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Take the stars off.
I know its trump, I think its the hair tbh.
Its pretty dope but ofcourse there is always room for improvment. Maybe dollar signs instead of the stars?
ik, looks like an anus in his mouth tbh lol

File: 4L_bkeZWf1p.png (183KB, 1115x1010px)Image search: [Google]
183KB, 1115x1010px
Why does every design have to be flat nowadays? Is adding a little bit of detail really so bad?
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I'm glad that gradients are gone. It also makes it easier for beginners to create professional looking logos so that's a plus.
Gradients are not gone
Get out of google once in a while
At least glossy shitty icons/logos are gone

Is it possible to transform something like this to SVG using Illustrator? I want a bigger resolution that scales properly.
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What kind of file is it originally? I'm guessing you're meaning it's lossy, then no. You can't just convert it into SVG and scale forever.

It's a PNG. I was thinking of somehow selecting the paths and create a new SVG file.

... since as you can see it's a wireframe with just a set of lines or paths.

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