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Personal opinions and visualizations
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The rise of internet trained designers.
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AI will kill us all

Hi, I wanted to do something with my life, bought a fine sketch notebook and pencils. Do you know any really good tutorial websites, especially for drawing naturalistic portraits and animals?
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Also, you should find some cheap/free community classes on sketching and fine art.

I'll list for you my first drawing lesson.
>Get 10 pieces of printer paper
>Two pages each, front and back (no rulers)
>Straight lines traveling across the page
>One inch circles (aprox. 88 per page side)
>One inch squares (aprox. 88 per side)
>One inch triangles (same)
>One inch cylinders (same)

Once you have all 20 sides done you will have a good base to start working off.
I think I got lines and circles after geometric analisys, but thanks, I'll go ask /ic/

About finding cheap/free classes I'm more interested about web ones, I don't really like people in person
my answer is up there, I didn't click reply, sorry

(inches are disturbing really)

Not sure about these leafs on that package...
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>use on your own risk

the leafs are the only good thing about that packaging
What is worng with it?
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I've been playing with designs for a tattoo I want to get, but I'm undecided as to how to go with it.

I want it to be a symbol of both love and power of dogs over women, without it being so explicit anyone would know without a doubt what it is about.

These are the two I like the best. Looking for critique on them as well as new ideas.
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This is the other one.
this. is. ridiculous.

>> do it
yes. please update.

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Hi /gd/,

I'm currently trying to git gud at this, but all the tutorials are shite. Sticky is shite. Lynda is to expensive for me. Can't find any books worthwhile (just ordered "know your onions, we'll see how that turns out). No tutorial/exercise threads, like on /ic/.

Honestly don't know what to do, and I bet that I'm not the only one.

Please /gd/, help a brother out.
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Would love anything from books, to seminars, to tutorials, to exercises, to YT playlists, to whatever!
what field?

This plus vector basic training book and you're good.

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I have about 6 active projects right now and someone close to me passed away. How do I put these projects on hold in the most professional way. I don't want to do anything anymore.
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listen to some radiohead and deal w/ it
Shit happens. Your clients would take a couple days off for it, so they'll understand if you do.

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Complete novice here; I made this logo for my "soon-to-be" game company and I would like some critique.

Let me know how you guys feel and how I can go about improving. Thanks.
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I like it but the tie doesn't really work well as an 'L' especially with that font. It seems like it would almost work better as the 'U'.
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I see what you mean, do you have any possible font suggestions? (free fonts)

I made a super-fast edit by flipping the image and swapping the U and L; I can't say I am too fond of this change as I am way too used to the original orientation of the image and this version just looks awkward to me.
This is a little bit better. Try fixing e tracking on COLLAR so it's uniform with the other lines. You're getting way too friendly with those margins.

Sorry, /gd/, I know this will hurt.

I'm getting started with illustrator, and graphic design. PDF related, is my first infographic. I know it has a lot of issues both in content, design and color. Is it too terrible, as in should I be ashamed of it.

What changes are a MUST and what stylistic differences would you point out.

This is supposed to be paired with a longer article explaining a concept for a business-management blog.
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too much text.
Agreed. I'll try to remove some. The thing is that there is a lot to explain, and the subject isn't too visual.
La fuente no es precisamente la mejor. Hay demasiado texto y está muy junto; opta por reducir el tamaño un poco y que así quede más espacio libre, para quitarle algo de carga visual.

Las líneas que usas (punteadas o los recuadros con guiones, o las que se encuentran en el título) son demasiado gruesas para mi gusto; intenta hacerla algo más finas.

¿El fondo tiene un degradado? No me disgusta, pero no creo que ese color naranja y amarillo combinen precisamente bien con el fondo. Es decir, sí, son colores complementarios, pero... a mí personalmente no me gusta.

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Heeeelp, what letter is it ?
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Nigga what
what letter is it ?
In order of appearance

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Rate my logo lads (For a twitch streamer)
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Bland, but gets the job done at least. Maybe try to make the outer circle slightly thicker.
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And center the monogram optically.
Or match the spaces between the up-left corner / bottom-right corner and the circle

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Ok /gd/
I'm in high school, and I'm majoring in graphic design. What I want to know is, does it make enough money to sustain me? I want a house, not apartment. I want a new car, not a pre-owned. How much do you make in a month?
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Lol not gunna happen. Good luck even finding a job.
Depends on a few things. Where do you live? Are you willing to move? Show us a portfolio of some of your work, chances are you won't be sustaining yourself off graphic design atleast for the first few years unless your work really is something special.
I live in a small town, south Texas. My uncle does Graphic design and makes quite a buck. He's told me he's starting up some business of his own and needs some graphic designers like me. Should I take it?

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When was the last time you turned down a client and why?
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Four years ago, the job wasn't doable within the timescale and they didn't have a clue what they wanted.

Wouldn't have taken my current but it was a good go between. Looking for a new one because they have me doing SEO work.
>seo work
I'm so sorry
A few months ago.

>Emailed me about a contract.
>Wanted it done in a week.
>I told them the rush job would cost 3x the standard rate
>They said no way
>Three days pass
>They email me again saying they would pay the adjusted rate
>Reply, "Nah."

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hey /gd/. i'd like to know what you think is the best way to track down an image that has been used elsewhere online, using a reverse image search or another tool. i figured some of you must be pretty experienced with this.

all of the following can be accessed using ImgOps (pic related)

google · bing · tineye · reddit · yandex · baidu

are they any others, or more "underground" tools that are also effective?
what has been your experience with using tools like these?

i'd recommend checking out http://imgops.com/, which has a bunch of tools that you can use to search for, edit, modify, and check over images.

imageraider might also be of interest and worth a try.

(note: asked this on /b/ but without luck. i'm hoping that some of you guys will have some insights)
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honestly fam, there's no need for this becuse google
ay man i'm just a regular guy. but often i can't find an image just searching google, so need to search elsewhere, more extensively.

i'm just saying that if you upload to imgops you can then simultaneously search six different databases, including google. so why settle for one when you can try six? lmao

was wondering if anyone had any tips on locating images elsewhere on the web e.g. across blogs, instagram, and everywhere really

tysm for the help tho xxxxxxx
Google already does that.

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Post lectures.

>David Carson

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Stefan Sagmeister - Design and Happiness

Stefan Sagmeister - Toyota Lecture

Massimo Vignelli - Offset 2009

Wim Crouwel - About the Swiss style
>Jessica Hische, work philosophies and being on the internet

>Erik Speikermann, type on screens

>Ellen Lupton, 'making' in the field of graphic design

>Cooper Hewitt's design dictionary (this is more informative tutorial, but very useful to know about these specialized processes if you don't have access to them)

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are gimp inkscape and scribus good enough for professional work?
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actually you can do everything using word/excel/paint.
now go make money from open source softs
oh you
yes, but you have to expect to work twice as hard for the same results (and hence probably same amount of money) as your peers. Especially inkscape makes you take a huge productivity hit over illustrator, which is more streamlined, powerful and faster in almost every regard.

Also, you wouldn't use GIMP, you would use krita.

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