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Portable Tv Help

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>be me, go to goodwill, find old portable tv and think "this could be a cool little monitor"
>buy for 4 dollars, bring home and search for how to connect this thing to my computer
>discover that google has no answers and most people want to know how to connect it to a cable box
>turn to /g/ for wisdom and help
the back has an external antenna input and so I bought a 3.5mm jack to RCA cables, where do I go from here?
>pic related
here is the back
and the 3.5mm to RCA cables
no helpful advice?
You need to buy something called an digital to analog converter, made for video. They're on eBay for about 15$.

stupid millennial cunt
you need to convert the signal and it's not worth it
should have just picked up an old CRT
Helpful advice: throw it away. I hope you wasted less than 10 bucks in that.

Now to the tech part: CRT TVs are usually 480 lines max, you wouldn't be able to see shit. CRT TVs use interlaced frames, which means it draws even lines for one frame and odd lines for the next one, which makes them useless for anything other than TV and DVD - you can't read shit. It doesn't have any jacks except for external antenna, and I guess this just extends the internal one; this means the only way to input anything to it requires a modulator to convert from RCA to RF if it's analog only (you'd also need to convert from digital HDMI, DVI, DP to analog RCA), or a really expensive digital modulator if it's digital only.
Good start but you still need to convert the signal to an antenna signal, im pretty sure you cant just stick RCA cables to an antenna port.
Throw that away and invest in a comparably sized Trinitron if you want a functional CRT display.
My bad, only now noticed that although the jack is labeled EXT ANT, it comes with a RCA cable. In that case, you'll need a HDMI/DVI/VGA/DP to RCA converter. But I'd still forget it, the image quality would be unacceptable for anything other than oldschool console games if it's CRT and not just mimicking.
Just noticed that the RCA cable has a P1 plug, while the jack is P2... If it came with the thing, you've been gimmicked. If it didn't, you've acted stupidly. In both cases, forget the previous post and take in consideration only my first one.
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If you're not a "millennial" then you're either max 18 years old or as old as pic related.
I'd only use that if you want to watch movies and pretend its the 90s.
Im 21, am I a millenial?
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there used to be several ways to connect TV's to monitors. mostly it was used to watch movies, because like others point it out, the resolution is only 480i, which is basically 640x480, but interlaced! I'd say the only OSes that can fit anything into such a small space would be prior to windows XP. (XP works with 640x480, but you really want 800x600 or better). anyways movies aren't affected, and it's sometimes desirable to project them on that 35" CRT TV when you have a 15" monitor!

some late 90s and early 2000s graphics cards tended to have an extra output just for analog TV. it could be anything from S-video to component, but I think composite was the most common for cheaper cards.
see what they look like here
your TV seems to have an RF (radio frequency) plug (that's for coaxial cables, like from cable TV). what are your graphics card's outputs?
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Thank you all so much, I thought it might just be a simple converter but it does seem the problem is far larger than I expected.
I guess at this point the question becomes what I can do with it (if anything). I know it's most likely trash at this point but I'm curious to see what you all would recommend for this tv's future.
>pic related
16 replies nd not a single good answer.
You need an RF modulator, OP. You need to convert whatever signal's coming out of your computer into composite, and then modulate it. You can use an old VCR with a coax to TRS adapter connected to the external antenna input of the TV.
>some late 90s and early 2000s graphics cards tended to have an extra output just for analog TV.
Dude wtf?
I have a 1900xtx and a 4870 and both have s-video out... And those are 2006 and 2010 cards respectively.
yes, anyone who was a kid or teenager at the beginning of the millenium is a millenial

the term doesn't mean people born in early 2000s or whatever meaning retards on 4chan attach to it
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do you have cable TV, OP? if yes, plug it into the cable from there

the other option is to get a digital TV converter box. back in the obama days, there was a program for a government coupon to buy those. the government coupon (really a card like a credit card) was like 20 bucks off for up to 2 boxes. I bought one of those boxes (30 bucks) with the coupon and it was just 10 bucks. then you just need an antenna (free on craigslist) and you're good. optimally, you'll probably want one antenna for VHS and the other one for UHS, and you'll want to move them when tuning to different stations, because the waves come from different directions. if you have a great big vintage antenna still on your roof, you won't need one of those small rabbit ear antennas.

P.S: I remember scanning for TV stations was a fun thing to do as a kid. sometimes a new station will pop up (usually a high number). as a kid you're always tuned in for lewd material (rare in the united states of prudistan, usually foreign films late at night) if you're too poor to get cable. I notice now there's a lot of oldies TV shows (50s and 60s). seems targeted to people who haven't moved to the internet age.
I dunno where you're at, but when they phased out analog TV for digital TV, the analog slots were disappearing on the cards being sold. S-video, composite, RF, all gave way to DVI or HDMI, in addition to the VGA.
If you go the RF modulator route, make sure its output is compatible with the tv - NTSC, PAL, SECAM...
get a VCR/decoder with antenna video output and video inputs, then connect any video input to the video-in of the vcr/decoder.
you'll still need a way to connect the video card to the vcr/decoder, i hope you have component/composite out on your video card, or you must get a signal converter.
also i see you have a meme EXT.Antenna connector so you may need some horrible hacked together solution... or attaches.
even if you manage to do that, it'll be barely readable.

sauce: i have a similiar setup, but i have a presenter with composite-in
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 7

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