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Unwarrented Searches In The Digital Age: One anon's story

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CH1: Intro

have you ever thought they call certain people 'terrorists' as an excuse to examine every detail about that person without needing to get an actual warrant or ever nee to prove to an impartial judge that there is indeed a need for said warrant?

Lets suppose that there is a government's quasi-secret intelligence contractor; one that has known access to the PRISM system which collects information on everyone in America; we'll call this fictional entity Cyveillance Inc., a subsidiary of the also fictional LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, from the fictional country of Arlington, Virginia.

Lets suppose this totally fictional entity is following a somewhat poor lead, but investigating it like they do any other, assuming its real.

Lets suppose that this intelligence contractor already has a bit of a bad reputation and a known history of abusing their powers and hacking into peoples personal pc's, devices, etc...

Lets now suppose that they happen to hack into a totally fictional person's social media accounts, dropbox, etc... looking for information. This person begins to notice something is amiss, but doesn't know who to blame.

Lets now suppose that this totally fictional person decides to set a trap for whatever totally fictional entity that has been hacking into his personal accounts.

This totally fictional person gets an idea: a link directing anyone who clicks on it to a blank website who's only purpose is to log's IP and device information of those who visit it... a totally secluded website freshly created only hours before and only accessible by means of a direct link..

He names this website "www.ijustfiguredoutwhoyouare.info"... but since that is a little too obvious the story's protagonist runs it through a link shortener to change is to something like short.lnk/AF0D3C4A
So suppose the employees of this fictional contractor happen to click on it using their personal cellular devices, and while viewing a blank webpage they notive something is amiss themselves and forward the link to their headquarters in the totally fictional county of Arlington, Virginia, where the employees there use the work PCs to access the website to better investigate what is going on.

If this were to happen this totally fictional person would gain not only the employee's personal cellular MEIDs, makes, and models belonging to the phones used to access said hyperlink, but also several IP addresses which happened to be owned by the aforementioned contractor, Cyveillance Inc....

Now suppose that this person calls this contractor and puts them on the spot. At first they deny. After some explanation of what has just occurred this totally fictional person is told "We cant discuss this with someone who is not our client" and abruptly is hung up on.
CH2: Shit Gets Good:

Within about 2 days of this person confronting this contractor, a neighbor is paid to install a WiFi repeater in their home which is then used by said Intelligence contractor to hack into this person's home Internet. It serves as an access point which is close enough to the protagonist's home internet that it can connect. They not only access the protagonist's home WiFi internet but begin to run exploits on every windows machine in the house, gaining remote administrative rights.

This fictional person notices that there are active VPN tunnels on his machine, and begins running a Network Monitor tool, which logs all internet traffic to a file. After beginning to log all network traffic this person begins doing the best he can to fight off whoever the currently unknown hacker is.

After about two days of booting devices off of the network, closing attacker's VPN tunnels, etc... is has become painfully obvious to Cyveillance Inc that this currently inexperienced network security professional, and this story's protagonist, is fully aware of an intruder's presence on the network and is actively fighting them off to the best of his novice abilities.

Then, he sees something quite astounding: thousands upon thousands of IP addresses connect to his computer simultaneously, making it nearly impossible to discern who is doing what on the machine.

A literal bot-net has connected with the protagonist's home PC. IP's from all over the world. Malaysia, Sweden, UK, Austalia, Germany... All the data on the computer starts getting sent somewhere else. The disk audibly drive spins up at 100% usage, the network activity is maxed out. Worse yet, somehow, the command line terminal stops working; windows commands the protagonist had just been using like 'netstat' begin to return 'unknown command'. Anything this person tries to save locally is instead saved to a network location somewhere else.
Not knowing what to do, this person unplugs the ethernet cable from his computer. In the last few minutes alone over 700MB of information had been taken from the computer and sent somewhere. But where? He can only tell that it was sent to the other side of a VPN tunnel.

This person decides to burn every network log he had captured over the previous two days onto a DVD. In fact, he burns several copies of it. The protagonist then distributes them everywhere he can so that should anything suddenly happen to the person he could be assured there will be at least one surviving copy to tell what had really happened. People this person had not talked to in years unknowingly received copies. Even the local newspaper received one.

So this totally fictional person contacts lawyers and tries to build a case,but there's a problem: The IP addresses and cellular information is intriguing, but the real damning evidence, the network logs may as well be in a different language.. indeed, they are in a different language: binary.

These network logs are not at all user friendly or easily understandable as they are a capture of all of the raw network data which has been transmitted. Literally a collection of binary packets. Even with the assistance of modern software analysis tools they require a literal computer scientist to make sense of, which the protagonist at the time was definitely not, and didn't personally know any.

In the end this fictional person couldn't quite make a damning case for something this radically unheard of, the suing of a nearly-secret government contractor with hard network evidence that may as well be written in Sumerian due to the difficulty of understanding it.

So instead this fictional person begins to spread word about the aforementioned contractor (Cyveillance Inc) all over social media and begins to air their dirty laundry the best this person knows how.
Abort your mission, Ahmed.
have you ever thought that as recourse the embarrassed intelligence contractor (as well as the agencies they represent, now worried that there is damning proof of them overstepping their boundries) would now find it in their best interest to now brand this fictional individual as a possible 'terrorist', allowing them investigate as such by leveraging the power of the patriot act and begin monitoring every detail of that persons life they can trying to find something, anything they can use to make him stop.

Imagine this goes on for over 3 years, and this person watches, amused as they scramble to find all of the copies of this DVD but fail. They know they dont have every copy and so this person stays number one on their shit list because they know the potential problems a single DVD can bring to them.

So what does this intelligence contractor and their associated parent agencies do? They dont give up; they keep looking for something, anything. They continue hiding behind their knowingly false pretense of branding the person a terrorist in order to continue their unhindered investigation of the individual without ever needing to justify it to an impartial judge.

The End?
Cut it out, Khalid.
Please don't do it, Muhammad.
If you're white, you should sue.

If you're brown, leave the country before they send you to Gitmo.
totally white I just talk shit about the govt online. Nothing threatening or illegal, just general disgruntlement.

Its about 3 years old now.
I had network logs of it but I didnt know how to actually discern what they meant at the time. and I didnt have the money to pay a lawyer to hire a computer scientist to analyze the logs.
Dump the logs online?
This. Or send to wikileaks.
Just imagine what the wealthiest(trillionaires) must be like in person to consider monitoring every Americans communications.

Have anything to hide? Could it be the trail of blood leading to your monopolies and giant pile of scheckles?

How fucking coked up would a trillionaire have to be to even consider the lengths the USA gov has been pressured and manipulated to deliver the details on such a scale, proxied no less.

Can you say guilty and paranoid mr.1%?
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Op send me the data
[email protected]
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 2

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