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Surface Pro 3 Peripherals

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Hey /g/uys,

Last year I got my girlfriend a Surface Pro 3 in an attempt to move her away from Apple Products.

It was very successful and she sold both of her shit-books and has an inspired dislike of the company as a whole.

To commemorate her movement away from iPoop I'm getting her a case for her Surface and most likely a keyboard too.

After shopping around on Newegg I found a few different items but nothing that really shook me.

In any case, /g/ive me your recommendations for a case and keyboard.

One that is affordable as well as sensible and the other that is best in show, money is no object.

I'll reward the kind anon who shows me the peripheral that I intend to buy with a picture of her feet, since why not.
Just get the docking station. Cases almost all ruin the portability and kick stand.

As for keyboard, just buy the pro 4 type cover. Track pad is huge upgrade.
Don't buy the keyboard cover. It's an overpriced piece of shit.
The docking station would be nice if it were my SP3 as I'm a desk jockey, but she is a college student and has it in her backpack.

Is the Track pad the only difference?

The Microsoft one I'm sure is, but what about any 3rd-Party Hardware?
Just get a nice pok3r and connect it via USB.
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A Keyboard with out a trackpad would be preferred.

I can see it now...


During a university lecture.
Docking station should always stay home. The second screen is just a great add along with full keyboard use, charging in one step.

But maybe just a second screen. If she's not familiar with how much easier it is to work with two screens her mind will be blown. Research papers, notes, keeping an eye on Facebook but not putting away your tasks. Way to go.

The typing on the new keyboard is essentially the same. Quieter.
Why would you be typing during a university lecture? You should be taking notes.
just get the MS type keyboard for SP4. It is pretty good. If you don't need the fingerprint scanner get the SP3 version. The key are a but different but there is not much difference otherwise.
The new SP4 keyboard works on the SP3.

My mouse is the Microsoft Designer mouse. It's been absolutely brilliant. I've used it for about 9 months now and only chang2d batteries this week for the second time. https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2015/03/10/announcing-the-microsoft-designer-bluetooth-desktop/
Some people type faster than they can write you know. :)
I'm tempted, but I know for a fact that she doesn't need a touch pad at all what so ever. I'd rather get just a keyboard cover/case.

This just looks too good to be true though:

>he doesn't have to draw diagrams and graphs nor formulas and equations

Confirmed for shitty libarts major
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1. It's not for me.

2. That's the purpose of touchscreen tablet you dolt, to draw diagrams and graphs, formulas and equations while typing in text box notes adjacent to said digital drawings.

Confirmed for close-minded shitposter.

[spoiler]Oh and she's in Dental school btw.[/spoiler]
I hope by shitbooks you don't mean macbooks cause it's better than surface at basically everything but rare cases of needing touch input (never).
liberal arts faggot detected
Yes, I would like fries with that :^)
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I do.

>shitbooks are better

How is that so?

Hers is cheaper, has the same storage capacity, the same RAM, is an older model AND has a touch screen and that's compared to a 2015 ShitBook Pro.


How is a touch screen useful you ask?

For when she has to draw chemical structures and polarity points for her pathology class or motor-protein differences in in her cell mechanisms course.

Pearls to swine, though.

Here's your (You).
Thanks, but where are my fries?

Oh they're there sir, just check under your pile of shitposting awards.

I upgraded you for free because you're such a loyal customer.
Better than your pile of useless degrees.
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 4

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