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So, /g/... what's one of the better prebuilt PCs out there

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So, /g/... what's one of the better prebuilt PCs out there for gaming?

>inb4 prebuilt

Look, I'm not talking about shit like a Compaq Presario, or an HP or Dell or what have you, but PCs designed specifically for gaming purposes. Something that can run shit like Fallout 4 or Skyrim around the 60 FPS benchmark with no problems.

Is there anything like that out on the open market, or am I gonna have to suck it up and start building a PC myself?
>that case
rip in piece XClio :(
building a PC is extremely easy I promise. Just do it.
Oh fuck off

Get a 4690k, 1080p monitor, r9 280x, 8gb of ram and some stupid gigabyte Micro ATX board and get it over with. Ibuypower and shit brands like that are OVERPRICED. I can't stress it enough.
what is the name of this seamen demon
So... something along the lines of this?


I currently have an Asus Essentio M11BB-B07, which is a pretty okay general purpose machine, but it's crap at running high end games. What sucks is that I had to shell out 800 fucking dollars for it, too.

Of course, that's what I get for being MAXIMUM OVERPLEB and buying from Best Buy.

I can get myself an External HD, save my documents, videos and pictures and what have you onto it, and then put them into a new PC.

I'll probably also take the Essentio's Wireless networking card, sound card, and disc drive as well, and put them into a new PC once I've made sure to transfer everything I want to keep onto an external HD or flash drive.

I have a monitor and speakers as well, in addition to the keyboard and mouse included with the ASUS, so no need to buy new peripherals.

Although the monitor is an HP Pavillion 22bw, and those only have a 60Hz refresh rate. Going off of the benchmarks provided by Logical Increments, a rig like this should run a game like Fallout 4 or Skyrim at 60 FPS -minimum-, so I'm not sure if I should stick with it, or get a monitor with a 120Hz refresh rate so I can enjoy video over 60 FPS without screen tearing or jittering.
yeah good enough. you could also try reading the fucking sticky, although given the amount of these threads may as well be invisible.
Fair enough.

Still, should I stick with the Pavillion monitor, or get a monitor with a 120Hz refresh rate, since the card I'm wanting should be able to run games at 60+ FPS?
You have time to dick around on /g/. you have time to build your PC the way you want it:

Just go to digital storm. :^)
Legit, I have hyperhidrosis and I sweat like fucking shit when I'm nervous

I know how to build a PC in theory, I probably watched about a dozen of videos already in detail

but just the thought of picking up a $300 piece or $150 piece of hardware makes me sweat like shit
That's got to suck, mate.

But like others in this thread have been saying, it's easy when you know what to do; it's almost like building with legos, really.
There's a startup that hasn't even incorporated somewhere that does a pretty good job. Thing is, I'm not an advertiser so I'm not telling you who!

But really why a prebuilt? You're literally paying too much for too little.
I just wanted to consider my options, is all. But yeah, if I can just build shit comparable to high end Alienware PCs at a lower price, then I guess there's no point, right?
anyway, screw OP and his 'prebuilt' notion, what do you guys think about this build
i would encourage you to build your own.
Not only is it cheaper, but you also get to pick exactly what you want for every single part including the case, and it's a rewarding experience, especially the first time.

It's understandably scary if you've never done it, but everything you need can be found on youtube. For the most-part everything just slots into place. There are no places you can put things that are "wrong", so you don't have to worry about that.
The only slightly challenging part is probably applying thermal paste but again you can youtube it.
Just give it a go, you'll be really glad you did, and it gives you a bit more of an appreciation for how all the parts of a PC interact
Exactly, there is quite literally no point at all.
As someone who has no fucking idea what they are talking about and hasn't followed hardware in a long time, I will give you my opinion.

Damn son, why u no skylake? There are new ones out innit
>cpu cooler
Surely you can get something just as good with air cooling for like 1/5 of the price?
Who the fuck knows let's be honest. Mobos are confusing as fuck
>16gb of ram 2400hz ddr4
Sounds pretty good. Fast and you'll never run out with that much
>500gb ssd
sounds good man
>gtx 980
I don't even know what this means. Sounds good?
>that case
Seems pretty good but wouldn't be my choice
>that psu
Yeah alright innit

I am sure this has not helped at all.
You are welcome.
Fair enough. As I've said, I'be been putting together a list, and thus far, I've actually come up with two; one's more of a budget build that incorporates more parts from the Asus Essentio I already own, such as the mobo, sound card, network cards, optical drive, and hard drive. The other, I've already linked, and is basically a whole new PC with only a few parts from the Essentio rather than a straight upgrade.

The budget upgrade:
>inb4 ">APUs ever"

For whatever reason, they're not listing prices for the X4 760K, which is the only decent non-Integrated Graphics FM2 socket CPU comparable to the stock A10-6700 speed-wise. So that tells me that most sellers are either low on stock or out of stock on them, or something like that. Besides that, the Essentio's stock mobo only supports FM2 socket processors, so my options are decidedly more limited. If it was an FN2+ Socket mobo, that'd be different, because from what I understand, FM2+ Mobos can use both FM2 and FM2+ Processors, but FM2+ Processors don't work on FM2 mobos.

The "whole new PC" option can be found here:

So /g/, which is the better option?
>tfw way out of your depth.

I have no idea, sorry.

Because fuck all of you, that's why!
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A+ case Twin engine.
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 2

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